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Penny sat at the kitchen table and sipped her morning coffee the cat purred loudly as he circled her feet she reached down and stroked his head. Standing up on its back feet stretching his head up so she could scratch under his chin. She inhaled deeply as his claws dug into her leg; gingerly she lifted him into her lap. As she lightly scratched him she continued reading the paper her eyes caught movement outside the window she looked out and a smile broke out across her face. There outside her window was her next-door-neighbor’s 18 year-old son. His chest bare, his long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, unaware that she was looking at him he continued to mow the lawn the early morning sun not yet unbearable his skin a soft brown from the previous hours spent under the sun.

Her eyes remained locked on him as he walked past her window she had on more than one occasion watched him without his knowledge and then closed her eyes and masturbated imagining it was him fucking her as she worked her pussy over with her vibrator. As he walked from behind the fence her eyes looked between his legs she often found her eyes drifting down to his crotch whenever he was around. On more than one occasion she detected a large bulge in his jeans and wanted so much to see what he hid under them jeans. Lost in her imagination she pushed the cat off her lap lifting her feet up onto the chair across from her she spread her thighs, her short robe parted with her thighs, her hand moved between her legs and she cupped her pussy.

Her panties had become moist as they did so often when she thought of him her fingers moved along her now swollen lips she could feel her clit begin to stiffen as she closed her eyes and imagined it was his hand on her pussy. Her thighs fell outwards her panties drawn up between the lips of her pussy her fingers now moved over her naked pussy lips her index finger dipped between her lips and lightly circled her entrance through her panties. Her tongue moved across her lips her nipples stiffened as she rolled her finger around the rim of her entrance. Looking out the window through half-closed eyes she moaned softly as she watched him bend over to pick up some litter her eyes riveted to his tight ass. God how she wanted to dig her nails into his ass, to feel his ass cheeks tighten as he filled her pussy with his spunk.

As he disappeared from her view she pulled her panties to the side her pussy was dripping wet now her fingers pulled her lips apart her other hand moved between her legs and she ran her finger lightly over the tender flesh. Her head fell back as her finger slipped inside her plunging deep inside her she spread her legs even farther apart and dropped one to the floor. Her other hand tugged at the belt that held her robe around her waist it fell to the floor her robe parting her breasts exposed her nipples erect she couldn’t help but lift a nipple to her mouth and circle it with her tongue.

Her hips now moving back and forth as she fingered herself her eyes shut tight her in her mind it was his finger inside her his tongue on her nipple. She bit down hard on her nipple just as he looked up his eye widened his jaw dropped as he watched her through the window. He watched as she massaged her breast her tongue moving around her nipple he could see her other arm moving and knew she was playing with her pussy he felt his cock grow as he stood there watching her.

He was a virgin and was curious but very shy; he wanted to make love with a lady someone with some practice not a girl but a lady! As he watched her he could not help but rub his cock through his shorts his growing cock filled his shorts he reached inside his shorts and pulled his cock upwards so it could grow fully. She opened her eyes just as he pulled his hand from his shorts her cheeks red with embarrassment but yet she didn’t stop fingering her pussy instead she thrust a second finger inside herself and spun the chair so she faced him. Placing her feet on the windowsill she licked her lips then taking her fingers from her pussy sucked on them as she rolled her nipple between her other fingers.

He watched her as she sucked and licked her fingers his cock throbbing inside his shorts he couldn’t take his eyes off her his hand moved to his cock he ran his palm over it his body shook and he moaned as he came in his pants. Seeing him rub his cock through his shorts, her fingers now on her clit as she squeezed it she felt her pussy begin to rumble deep inside. Her hips rose her fingers releasing her clit she jammed them into her contracting pussy her juices swirled around her fingers as she came her cries echoed through the house her pussy in clear view.

As her ass returned to the seat she looked out the window her eyes scanning the yard he was no where to be seen. Thoroughly nervous that she had scared him off she quickly closed the curtains and pulled her robe tight around her she laughed nervously as she rose from the chair and walked towards the bathroom. As she passed the door she froze in horror as she saw his face in the window, time seemed to güvenilir bahis stand still and when he knocked it seemed so loud her ears rang. He knocked again he could see her standing there he turned the knob and finding it unlocked he opened the door.

Penny stood there unable to move her hand holding the top of her robe closed the bottom of her robe hung just low enough to block her pussy from his view. Her inner thighs were wet from her previous orgasm she smiled as she glanced at his crotch she could see a large wet spot and knew that he had cum also the thought of him cumming in his pants while watching her made her clit twitch. Her eyes met his as each of them scanned the others body. She smiled as his eyes moved over her body again, his eyes travelling the length of her body then stopping on her pussy. His tongue moved across his bottom lip she could see sweat form on his forehead and his cock begin to grow once again.

Feeling his gaze on her pussy her nipples hardened the grip she had on her robe loosened and before she could react her robe opened her body exposed to him. She blushed as he commented on her body, she could feel her pussy moisten as he closed the door behind him. She told him that he also had a beautiful body and was sure that he had his choice of the ladies her eyes once again moved to his crotch his cock must be huge she thought as she watched the bulge grow larger and larger. Feeling bold and wanting his cock she shrugged her shoulders her robe slipped from her body she was scared that he would turn and run but hoping that he would instead stay and fuck her.

“Oh my God you are beautiful! I never dreamed I would be lucky enough to see a naked woman let alone see you.” He said as he smiled at her the sweat on his brow trickled down his face, as he stood motionless in the doorway. She felt her nipples stiffen even further as she let her fingers move across her stomach and up to her breasts she watched his eyes as she moved her hand under her breast and cup it. A moan escaped her mouth as her fingers found her nipple and she rolled I between them his eyes never leaving her finger as she tugged on her nipple her heart racing she watched as his hand moved down and adjusted his growing cock.

“You never seen a naked lady before? Come on now surely you have,” she said, ” I am sure you have been with many ladies.” She then lifted her nipple to her mouth and flicked her tongue over it her legs trembled as she ran her tongue over and around her nipple her eyes watching his hand as he now began to caress his cock through his shorts. ” Mmm, yeah feels good when you rub your cock doesn’t it? Bet the ladies love to rub that cock of yours. It looks so big wish I could see it. Would you let me see your cock? If you let me see your cock I’ll let you see my pussy.”

“I want to see your pussy it would be the first one I have seen other than the ones I have looked at in Dad’s magazines.” He squeaked his cheeks turned red he looked down at the floor waiting for her to start laughing at the fact that he looked at magazines. When he didn’t hear her laugh he looked up at her she smiled at him and said, “So you mean you are a virgin? You? A virgin? I can’t believe that.” She giggled as she watched him shuffle from side to side he looked at the floor his head nodding in the affirmative too embarrassed to look her in the eye.

“Awwww, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I just figured that all of the girls in the neighborhood wanted your cock as much as I have always wanted it. And was jealous when I thought that they all were getting it and I wasn’t.” she said softly as she stepped forward and using her fingers lifted his head. Her eyes met his as she lifted his chin she gently ran her finger across his lower lip her heart skipped a beat as his tongue cautiously slipped from between his lips and touched her fingertip. Stopping inches from him she smiled as her fingers moved along his jaw and through his hair he moaned as his head tilted back her fingers rubbed his scalp. Feeling both bold and horny she leaned forward and kissed his cheek she felt his body tighten as her lips grazed his cheek.

Her lips seemed to seer his flesh as she kissed him his eyes closed as her lips met his and he felt her tongue against his lips. Nervously he parted his lips and felt her tongue move over his teeth opening his mouth his own tongue moved to hers she pulled his head to her and wrapped her tongue around his. They kissed passionately he could fee her nipples against his bare chest could feel her heartbeat his hands reached for her hips. Feeling her soft skin against his fingers he let them slide over her hips her moan filled his mouth as he held her around the waist. Her tongue left his mouth feeling empty as she sucked his bottom lip softly her eyes closed tight as her hand moved to his chest and moved slowly up and down her nails scratching at his skin she felt his grip tighten as her hand moved to his stomach.

Her fingertips moved along the waistband of his shorts she could feel the heat from his cock he inhaled sharply her lips left his güvenilir bahis siteleri her other hand moved through his hair she whispered, ” so can I take a look at this cock of yours?” As she said it her had slid over his cock her fingers moved down his shaft her palm pressed hard against his cock her fingers cupped his balls. She licked his neck her fingers still in his hair she sucked his neck as her hand moved to the top of his shorts and then grabbing the waistband of his shorts she pulled them from his body. Her eyes looked down his chest and she shuddered as she caught a glimpse of the head of his cock.

The head was a deep dark purple and she could see it was covered with his cum from his earlier orgasm. She lifted her head and looked into his eyes, “May I see it? I won’t touch it if you don’t want me to. I just want to look at it please.” She pleaded her panties now soaked with her pussy juice she could smell her pussy and knew he could as well she smiled at him as his hands left her waist and he stepped back from her. Her heart racing she watched as he turned his back to her and he reached for the doorknob she knew she shouldn’t have done what she had. How would his mother react when he told her? Surely she would phone the police, she thought, and then everyone in town would know she had tried to seduce him.

Her blood rushed to her head she felt like crying she wanted to reach out and grab him before he could open the door but she couldn’t she had done enough already and hoped he wouldn’t tell his mother. “Wait please don’t…”her words caught in her throat as she heard the unmistakable sound of the door being locked. His head dropped she could feel her clit rise between the lips of her pussy as she watched his hands move to the top of his shorts and draw them slowly over his hips. He bent over and she watched as his tight ass came into view, his tanned legs slightly apart her eyes widened as she caught a glimpse of his balls. His shorts formed a pool of fabric around his ankles as he straightened up. She could see the shadow of his erect cock on the door his hands moved to cover his cock.

With both hands shielding his cock from her view he turned to face her unable to look into her eyes he slowly moved first one hand then the other from his cock. Her mouth watered as she looked at his magnificent cock she couldn’t believe how large he was his shaft was thick and ringed with thick veins the head of his cock looked like a mushroom top and below his cock hung the largest set of balls she had ever seen. As she opened her mouth to speak she felt her spit drip from the corners of her mouth her fingers moved to catch it she wiped her chin while her tongue moved along her lower lip she swallowed hard.

“Oh baby what a beautiful cock you have. Mmmm I just want to touch it please.” She begged her eyes unable to leave it her hand with a mid of its own hand slipped inside her panties her fingers now caressing her dripping wet pussy. She couldn’t wait for his answer she dropped to her knees her pussy opening up she jammed a finger deep inside herself as her other hand reached for his cock. As she made contact her fingertip rubbing the head of his cock spreading the drop of pre cum all over it then bringing her hand to her mouth she licked her palm and fingers. She now had two fingers inside her and began to bounce slowly her fingers thrusting in and out of her she groaned as her thumb moved over her clit.

She wrapped her wet fingers around his cock and pumped his cock her fingers pulling his foreskin up and over his thick head then stretching it back. His hips began to move with her hand his cock now shining with her saliva he looked down at her his cock twitched in her hand as he saw her hand in her panties and her tiny hand rubbing and stroking his cock. Each time she reached the top of his cock her palm caressed the head of his cock the sensations caused his body to tremble he closed his eyes and let out a growl. She giggled as she heard his growl she knew now that he would let her do just about anything to his cock and that is just what she was gonna do anything and everything.

With a mischievous smile she looked up at him her hand slipping out of her panties the juices from her pussy coated her fingers and hand she let his cock go and pushed against his stomach backing him up till his back was against the door. She ran her one hand up and down his chest shuffling forward her fingers still warm and wet from her pussy traced the length of his cock she avoided touching the head of his cock instead letting her fingers run up one side of his cock and down the other. She looked up at him her eyes filled with lust she licked her full red lips and then said,” can I kiss your cock? I promise I won’t bite it please may I kiss it?” her fingers wrapping around his cock again she pulled it down her eyes moved down his chest and stomach and once again focussed on his prick.

“I’ve never had anyone kiss my cock but then I’ve never let anyone but me touch my cock are you sure you want to kiss it?” he asked then without answering iddaa siteleri him she pushed his cock against his stomach and kissed it. Planting soft kisses along the underside of his cock her tongue then parted her lips and she lowered her lips to his balls and as she looked up at him ran her tongue over his balls. She could feel them move as she licked first one then the other. He couldn’t believe how wonderful her tongue felt his breathing now ragged he wanted her to lick his cock and balls fuck she could do whatever she wanted to him he wanted her to hell needed her to.

Opening her mouth she sucked one of his balls into her mouth her tongue moved around it as she held it in her mouth. He felt his cock jerk and just as she opened her mouth wider and took both his balls inside he felt his balls tighten and once again his cock oozed with his pre cum. She felt the hot sticky fluid as it slid over the head of his cock and over her fingers. She moved her fingers to the thick head of his cock and rubbed it. Pulling her face back from his cock his balls made a popping sound as they were pulled from her mouth. His eyes closed his mouth hung open she took his cock and pulled it down she pursed her lips and blew her hot breath all over it and then holding it between her fingers she licked the head.

“Argggggghhhhh! Fuck that feels incredible! Please don’t stop! Oh yes your tongue is driving me nuts I love it. God I never knew it would feel so good I have seen so many films but never imagined I would have a mouth on my cock.” He mumbled then his whole body shook, he let go a growl that she was sure his mother heard as she let her tongue rim the mushroom shaped head of his cock. Her tongue flicked quickly and wetly under the head of his cock she loved the way it jerked and throbbed against her tongue. She ran her tongue down the side of his cock then back up the other her eyes met his as he watched her lick the length of his cock. She placed her lips against him and ran them up and down her tongue darting out and licking him on occasion she moaned as she reached his head again and opening her mouth she let the head of his cock slip just inside her lips.

She worked his cock into her mouth her lips moving very slowly down the length of his cock her tongue moved back and forth across his cock as she pulled back. Then just as quick moved her mouth lower over his cock her throat relaxing as his cock pushed inside it his cock throbbed and grew even more as she took all of him into her mouth. He could feel the head of his cock stretch her throat walls apart as she buried her nose in his public hair her saliva dripping down his cock and over his balls as she hummed softly to herself the vibrations from her lips sending pulses of pleasure along his cock. He could barley maintain his balance as she pulled back her lips tight around his cock he watched as his glistening cock appear from between her lips.

She watched his face contort with pleasure as she suck hard on his cock her cheeks drawn inwards as she began to slide her mouth up and down his cock her hand reaching for his balls she massaged them gently as her head bobbed up and down on his cock. She twisted her head as she continued to suck his cock her mouth watering her saliva streaming down both his cock and her chin. She wrapped one hand around his cock and stroked him as she sucked him she was surprised at his stamina and even more at how his cock seemed to continue to grow in her mouth. Pulling her lips from his cock she stroked him faster her tongue licking his head he felt his orgasm approaching.

She felt his cock pulsate in her hand and knew that soon she would taste his cream not missing a stroke her lips now once again followed her hand down his cock. Her hand cupping his balls rolling them between her fingers as she held his whole cock in her mouth and gently sucked on him. She sucked hard then stopped only to suck harder again his balls pulled from her fingers and slammed against the base of his cock.

“Fuck I am gonna cum. Oh baby I have never felt anything like this before. Oh God here it comes!” he cried as his hips drove forward then bucked lightly his balls releasing their gold. She felt his cream as it raced along his shaft then felt his head swell and pull back a little before filling her mouth. She felt jet after jet of his thick hot cum spray her mouth and throat filling her mouth. She continued to slide her mouth up and down his cock his hips against the door he had no way of escaping her mouth. She squeezed his balls in her hand forcing the rest of his cum from them. His cum dripped from the corners of her mouth as she sucked his cock her head moving faster and faster his legs trembling his chest heaving as he fought for his breath.

She felt his cock harden in her mouth as it let go a flood of his cream she swallowed as quickly as she could but his load was too much and now flowed freely from her mouth as she sucked him. Letting his cock free from her mouth it slapped up against his stomach she ran her tongue around her lips licking at his cum that coated her lips and chin. She then pressed his cock against his stomach and licked his shaft clean. Then when satisfied that she had cleaned his cock she took it in her hand and scooped up his cum from her chin with the head and fed it to herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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