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“So, what’s the plan, Stan?”

Well, first thing is, CJ wasn’t asking a guy named ‘Stan’. No, she was actually directing her question to her next door neighbor, Julie. They shared a duplex ‘shotgun house’ in one of the older neighborhoods of New Orleans.

The second thing is, neither was involved, married or had a significant other, so on this Friday night-and most other nights, truth be told-it was Julie’s turn to come up with some ideas for a night out for the two of them.

“Oh hell, CJ, does it really matter? We’ll go out, eat too much, drink too much, talk about how we’re going pick up that guy or this guy and we wind up coming home alone and masturbating…well, speaking for myself anyway.”

“So, maybe we’re going about this all wrong, Jules.” Jules was CJ’s nickname for Julie, of course.

“I’m listening.”

“We go to bars or restaurants with bars and look around for some hard-leg to take home to fuck. Don’t know about your latest one-nighters, but mine have been much less than satisfying.”

“Well, If I’m going to be honest….,” the statement left unfinished by Jules as she pour them both another glass of cabernet.

“I know, I know,” CJ responded as she reached to take the offered glass. “Maybe, we ought to consider changing teams.”

Julie arched an eyebrow questioningly as she took a long pull at the cabernet.

“As in munching girl-carpet?” Jules asked, followed by another long pull at the wine.

“That’s not a very flattering description…I much prefer the more delicate description, eating pussy,” CJ said in a serious voice that she could not hold and soon began chuckling.

“I thought you were serious there for a moment,” Jules said after a second or two.

“What makes you think I not?”



“And you have experience with, uh, that?” Julie asked, her tone more curious than accusing.

“Some…not a lot, but a couple of sleepovers in high school combined with some sneaked liquor from a parent’s stash and, well, a couple of times some stuff happened that wasn’t totally terrible.”

The silence was deafening.

Grabbing another bottle of cab, a slow smile, well more of a smirk, began creeping across Jules’ face. Pouring them each another glass, Jules clinked her glass against CJ’s saying, “And I thought I was the only one with secrets.”


“How ’bout we order in and get shit-faced without worrying about getting pulled over.”

“Be okay with me,” CJ answered, her mind trying to fathom where this was going, “sooo, yes.”



“I’ve had a couple of trips into girly-land,” Jules finally said, answering CJ’s unasked question.



Continuing after a heartbeat, Jules further said, “we’ll eat in, get shit-faced, and tell each other about our times playing with other girls.”

“Or women.” CJ added which brought another smirk on Jules’ face.

“Definitely want to hear about that,” laughed Jules……

CJ volunteered to walk to the corner neighborhood eatery and pickup up a couple of shrimp salads for supper while Jules would hit the shower. CJ dropped off the salads at Jules’ place and took a quick casino şirketleri shower at her place, next door.

“Damn, they sure know how to make the best shrimp salad in the world, don’t they,” CJ asked, licking a smear of mayonnaise from the corner of her mouth afterwards.


Salads eaten, they took a quick walk-about the neighborhood, stopped at the liquor store for some more wine and some rolling papers.

They both had a fondness for the herb.

Jules took over the rolling duties since she was the better of the two of them at rolling doobs. CJ would freely admit that she was all thumbs and toes when she tried to roll. CJ topped off their wine and sat down on the other end of the couch.

“So, who goes first?”

“You, of course, bitch, you brought it up,” smirked Jules then lighting the doobie, taking a huge hit and then handing it to CJ for her toke.

“First time, I was fifteen, physically a bit more mature than my friends.” CJ as a mid-twenties adult had a very impressive pair of thirty-six ‘C’s.

“The girl who hosted the sleepover had been trying to cozy up to me a bit more than usual for the few weeks before the sleepover but it didn’t really bother me so I didn’t really think about it. Anyways, she snuck up a bottle of whiskey and we, there was six of us, began drinking and telling stories, you know.”

Jules nodded her head, took a toke and handing it over to CJ.

“Anyway, Betty…that was her name, she wrangled her sleeping bag next to mine in the basement den but sorta’ away from the other four girls. They, the other four girls, crashed quickly and soon, it was just Betty and I that was still awake…she turned off the lights and helped me zip up my bag but only about half-way…she got into hers but didn’t zip hers and we turned towards each other and had ‘whispering conversation’, you know?”

Once again, Jules simply nodded. This new weed was good and between the wine and weed, both gals were fast approaching zone-out land.

“Betty asked if I had ever kissed a boy…when I said I had, she asked me to show her how to do it, to kiss, she said she never had.”

Jules smirked again.

“Looking back on it, she was way too good of a kisser for it being her first time, but, it felt kinda’ good, I was really drunk, so I just went with it…..and when she accidently brushed across my boobs a couple of times, each time a bit harder, for some reason I didn’t stop her.”

“Because it felt good, I’d bet,” Jules remarked.

“Yeah, it did, especially being drunk and all,” CJ admitted, “well, pretty soon we were tongue kissing and she had her hand under my sleep-tee, feeling me up….wasn’t long that my hand found its way under her shirt, feeling her up too.”

“Well, that’s all we did that night but she asked me to stay another night after the other girls had gone home and I agreed to after checking with my parents. The next night, we stayed in her room, finished the liquor and jumped into bed kinda’ early….and sure enough, we began kissing again and neither of us hesitated getting our hands on each other’s boobs….hers were smaller but still felt good in my hands.”

Jules nodded her head slowly, knowingly, a small smile on casino firmaları her lips.

“I remember that I was really, really hot and that I felt my pussy getting wet and before I could stop her, she got her hand into my panties and began rubbing my pussy….I didn’t even think about stopping her after the shock wore off, I opened my legs to her hand. And when she suddenly pulled my sleep-shirt off of me, I let her lay me back down and held her head as she started sucking my boobs.”

CJ paused, a look of whimsy on her face for a second.

“Well, she soon had my panties off and ate me to my very first orgasm, then my second, then my third….we rested, she took off her shirt and pants, placed her hands on my head as she lay on her back, leading me to her pussy.”

“I’ve never…”, I started to say but her pussy muffled my words as she lifted it to my mouth and began grinding on it.”

Silent for a moment, CJ finally said, “Yes, I kinda’ liked it…we had a little thing for a short while but she discovered another girl, I discovered dicks and, you know, we stayed friends but only had sex four or five times.”

They stayed silent, avoiding direct eye contact, both slowly sipping their wine. the smell of ganja heavy in the air.

“Mine was a similar experience,” Jules finally said softly, breaking both the silence and the tension, “but I was deflowered by my next door neighbor’s niece one summer when she had come out to visit…..she was older, eighteen or nineteen, can’t remember which.”

“How old were you?”

“Sixteen but I had already discovered boys and dicks…a senior football player was my first fuck…and my first suck,” laughing afterwards. “Small dick as it turned out but, oh well…”

“And the niece?” prompted CJ.

“Got me stoned and drunk when I stayed over one time and taught me the finer points of eating pussy,” smiling broadly at CJ when she finished.

“Only the one time?”

“Oh hell no, I played a bit in high school with some of the female jocks but when I got to college, my first roomie was a full, blown-out lez and made me her bitch for that first year…kinda’ liked it, actually.”

“A butch?”

“Actually no, in appearance she was a really good looking feminine chick but when she got her lez on, she was butch all the way.”


“So, who was the woman?”

Smiling at Jules, CJ leaned back into the arm of her side of the sofa they were sharing, “The house mom of my sorority at college…sort of a plain-Jane appearance but with a killer set of tits.”

Jules leaned into the arm of her side of the sofa and arched a questioning eyebrow, clearly, asking for more detail.

“We had become sort of friendly during my first year at school, went shopping together a couple of times, nothing special. Well, she asked me if I would like to spend a weekend at her beach condo and since I didn’t have anything going on, I said yes.”

“Long story short, we got drunk that first night and fell asleep on the floor of her living room and the next morning I was awakened by some light kisses on my neck and a very talented hand and fingers in my panties, playing with my pussy.”

Jules kept her eyes on CJ, smiling, silently güvenilir casino listening as CJ spun her tale. But, her mind, oh my, her mind was racing at a zillion miles per hour, flashes of CJ and an older woman making love, flashes of CJ and herself, making violent, passionate love. Continuing to listen, Jules brought her left leg onto the couch, her knee reaching for the ceiling, her foot flat on the sofa, close to her butt. Slightly, almost imperceptibly so, she moved her right leg that was still on the floor a bit, pulling her already tight gym shorts hard against her pussy-lips.

CJ noticed. CJ didn’t skip a beat in the telling of her story, but, she noticed. And as she talked, her mind was interrupting her train of thought with thoughts of Jules’ rather puffy pussy-lips against the fabric of her shorts.

“And, when I didn’t stop her, she slid my panties off of me, crawled between my legs and had me for breakfast…’course, I reciprocated and that was pretty much all we did that weekend, eat pussy, rest, eat more pussy….never did see the fucking water.” CJ said, finishing her tale of twat and laughing slightly.

“Just the one time with her?” Jules asked, hand now resting in her crotch, her fingers beginning to stroke the fabric of her gym shorts, just above her puffy pussy-lips.”

“Nah, she sometimes came up to my room at night and we’d fuck around with each other…got caught by my suite-mate one night-she was supposed to be at a party-and, seeing me in a sixty-nine with our house mom, locked the door, stripped down and joined us…my first all-female threesome.”

“You’ve had other threesomes that weren’t all female?” Jules asked, her fingers now stroking more firmly across her crotch, across her pussy.

“Only a couple…but, hey, I’ve been doing all the talking, it’s your turn,” CJ replied, positioning herself like Jules was and facing her straight on.

“When I was a senior in high school,” Jules said softly, “I use to babysit for the couple across the street a lot and as we became friendlier and all, Barb, the wife, started talking to me about sex and stuff, telling me about some of her experiences in high school, you know, that stuff.”

“Eventually, she got me into her bed and after we were fucking each other for a couple of weeks, her husband came into the bedroom one night and as if I’d done it a thousand times before, I reached and pulled his dick to my mouth and started sucking him as Barb was eating me.”

“Sucking him was no big deal because I had already been sucking off some of my boyfriends and stuff, but sucking him as I was getting off from his wife eating me, well, well, that was probably one of my top five climaxes.” Jules said, her fingers now massaging her pussy through her shorts with firm, slow strokes.

CJ was staring at Jules’ hand as it rubbed across those gorgeous, swollen pussy-lips, her hand beginning to mimic Jules’ on her own pussy, through her running shorts.

They were silent, the both of them, each watching the other in the early stages of masturbation, each of them with increasingly deeper breathing, a faint odor of sex beginning to waft in the air.

“We’re going to fuck, aren’t we?” Jules said after a short while.

“Oh, I sure hope so,” CJ replied in a hoarse, throaty voice.

And with that comment, they both stopped rubbing themselves, stood and, with arms around each other’s waist, began the walk to Jules’ bedroom…

Continued in Chapter Two.

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