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Contains: BE, Hyper BE, Infinite sizes, Futa!?, Something a hint new.

(All characters are fictional, only characters 18+ perform sexual activities)

Hey there! A quick note: This is not entirely like the rest of my stories, so PLEASE read tags because I threw in a couple other fetishes. You’ve been warned!


“Finally, Audrey you’re up.”

Taking a deep breath Audrey Zeitman stepped forward from where her class was standing to the edge of the platform. The gray surface was square in shape, extending a good thirty five feet behind her and ending in a wall of pulsing purple and green hexes.

Audrey didn’t need to peek over the edge to know what was down there, she had come to this room or one just like it once a month every month since she started school. She knew that beyond the gray platform was a mind boggling drop into pitch black that had scared here the first time. Now she was able to stand confidently near the lip of the abyss. Well, as confident as someone nervous about what was going to happen next could be.

“Sometime today, Audrey,” called out their PE teacher who was in charge of this activity.

Tall, strong, deliciously busty, everything that Audrey wanted, were best embodied by Coach Jan and her exquisite form. It was part of the reason she was running all of the measurement tests. Jan stood idly by the main control panel where it hovered in mid air, her large V cups threatening to tear apart the fabric of her white tank top.

Audrey realized she had been staring and turned back to the task at hand. Presently, she began to remove her shirt revealing the underwear she wore. The G cup was a bright purple with some small frills on it and was the only piece she owned that wouldn’t make her look like a little girl in front of the rest of her class or Paige. Hopefully she would make it this time and be able to show off to Paige for once. Then she could… no, not yet. She still wouldn’t, but it would be the first step.

“Take ’em off!” yelled Jan, “Jeeze! I swear girl!”

So with a deep breath, Audrey unclasped her bra and…

Before she could even blink, the entirety of her vision was filled with only her thick, fat, chest meat. A soft wall of flesh that stretched so far in each direction that even if you were to travel all your life in a ship moving at almost the speed of light, you would not be able to reach it. Endless expanses of breast capable of annihilating entire galaxies filling the space so quickly it could be felt through the room. Below, the sheer cliff disappeared as cleavage crashed around it and it settled into a microscopic fold in Audrey’s immense form.

The relief and exhilaration of letting her titans free settled into Audrey a second later. By then, the incomprehensibly large mass was even larger. Her enormous nipples were now individually larger than her size had been just a fraction of a second ago, hulking mountains of pink, sensitive tissue that adorned the tips of her boundless plains. Within the next second, the entirety of the known universe could be swallowed by a single one of her outrageous nips.

Onward and outward the massive funbags attached to the tiny Audrey did expand, seeming to fill the unfillable void. She could feel the pleasure and wondered if all the other girls felt this way and didn’t show it. Then she began to strain here hearing. Listening. Waiting. Come on, she told herself.

Then the expansion ended. Just like that it was over. In just 6 seconds, Audrey had gone from a G to a size without a proper name. But it wasn’t enough and the small bell sign for reaching the first achievement never rang out. Some of the girls behind her snickered and Audrey hoped none of them where Paige. She couldn’t look at them. Coach Jan made a hand motion and a panel of light appeared in front of her with a readout from the DiQ computer system with a record of the measurements.

“Alright Audrey, your diameter is about 27,495,551,979,852,310,022,000,000,000,000,000,000 light years across. Unfortunately, that means you are only about 1.2 million times larger than last time,” explained Coach looking at the floating control panel. “At this rate I don’t know when you are going to reach your first infinity.”

“What kind of guy would go for a girl that small?” said one of the girls in a stage whisper. If the coach heard it, she didn’t say anything about it.

Audrey simply grabbed a big handful of her convenient flesh like a stress ball. Squeeeeeeze. There was no pain, her endowments so preposterous that this touch meant nothing. Yet, compared to everyone else, her mammaries were nothing. Literally. It was all so unfair! Even the next smallest girl was getting close to crossing her second infinity. Why couldn’t she do it too! Why was she destined to have the smallest bust!

Audrey had only one explanation, and it made her a little uncomfortable.

She turned to look towards Coach Jan, “Um, I’m going to need a bit to… get my bra on again.”

The bursa escort bayan bored PE teacher simply waved a hand and dismissed the floating plane with all of Audrey’s disappointing stats. She stood up from a stool which dissolved into nothing and made her way to the DiQ chamber lock. To separate this space that is made of multiple infinities from that of normal space, lest infinity consume the planet, a set of three chambers separated by doors is used.

“Whatever,” Jan responded, “Come on ladies, let’s head back. AND if I catch a single ONE of you trying to take off your bra out there, you better hope the Time Space Normalizer has a charge or two left!”

Audrey watched them leave, Paige a few steps behind the teacher. Her crush had been standing by Coach Jan the whole measuring session because she headed on the statistics committee. It was considered one of the more prestigious positions in the school, and the fact that Paige stood there collecting the miserable results only made Audrey feel more dejected.

It didn’t help that Paige was insanely hot and was the third largest girl in her class. Audrey could barely hide her excitement as she watched Paige’s glorious tan bosom unfurl. With each surpassed infinity, Audrey marveled even more at the head statistician’s incredible size. 12,722,421,659,000,000,000 octoinfinite light years! That’s far over eight infinites. So much more incredibly infinite that Audrey could barely comprehend it all.

The DiQ chamber lock doors closed with a hiss, causing her classmates to disappear from sight. Audrey turned back to her comparatively small (yet still mind-bogglingly big) cleavage. It was impossible to tell from here whether or not one girl was bigger than another from sight alone, yet it mattered so much. So very much.

Audrey didn’t even bother trying to put her bra back on, despite her excuse to the teacher. She had something else to do.

Reaching out with her right hand, Audrey summoned a smaller light construct console to her side. The shimmering details of her dimensions laid out before her.

Then, she reached down to her pants and slid them down her thin legs. Her panties were now exposed, a matching pair to her bra in more ways than one. With trepidation, she hooked her fingers into the hem of them and started to slide them down…


The moment the panties cleared her crotch, her enormous breasts were pushed back by a new growing force slamming it’s way outward at a speed that made the earlier decompressions seem like a joke. From her loins, just above her delicate pussy was a massive cock that shot past her the far edge of her breasts and continued without pause.

If the earlier release of her breasts had been pleasurable, the feeling of letting her reality shattering dick out of her tight panties made Audrey practically orgasm. Her brain could not keep up with the experience on her skin as the majestic rod pierced the first infinity, then the second, then…






The monitor was going crazy! Unable to read or speak, Audrey heard the computer system counting off each infinity like it was nothing. Compared to the size of a single vein running up her giga fuck stick, her breasts were a mere afterthought. Unimportant.


Despite how good it felt, Audrey wished her cock would stop taking all the growth for itself and give her boobs some more of the share. How was she going to find a partner if she couldn’t show off an incredible size? Or even a decent one?


Paige wouldn’t want to be with a girl like her. She was a freak, an outlier. She couldn’t even have KIDS because there wasn’t going to be a single woman who could take her multi-infinite organ let alone any man who would want to attempt sex with a girl with more dick power then himself.


It was just so frustrating that she had to hide it. Audrey knew there was no way it was going to be publicly acceptable to show off her ultimate pussy stuffer, and there was nothing she could do about it. Just take the pleasure where she could.


SO MUCH PLEASURE! Infinite gusts of wind in the endless void collided with her never-ending dick at impossible speed. A cock head capable of annihilating not just a universe or a multiverse or an omniverse or a metaverse, but all of Everything tingled with forgotten sensation. A climax approached, she could feel it. A stretching of her skin to its fullest.


And with that beep came an end to the decompression. Audrey’s knees went weak and she leaned into her boobwall in order to stay standing as juice gushed from he pussy. She had to stop and pant as she came down from the high of being so huge it defies reality and causality itself. If it weren’t for this room, even the Time Space Normalizer wouldn’t be able to fix it. She was just too big.

Waking up a hint from her post orgasmic stupor, she checked her numbers. Laid out in front of görükle escort her was a reading that stated her cock was a resounding 965,351,897,722,315,490,000,000 deca-infinite light years long. That was over an infinity larger than the boobs of any other girls in her class. Audrey couldn’t help but let her mind wander to Paige’s octo-infinite tits, and it got her just that much harder.

Suddenly, a voice spoke up from behind Audrey, “Wow! What a showing!”

Suddenly, awake as adrenaline rushed through her system, Audrey began to turn to look in horror at who had found out her secret. Time seemed to move like molasses as she came face to face with the person who had been watching.

It was Paige.

The image was a sledgehammer to brain. There stood a smiling Paige clad in nothing but a bra and panties. Curling, lacy panties that highlighted her sex and a bra of such lust purple that it enhanced her already generous, compressed chest. Even when at they’re smallest, they were full and juicy. And it was this Paige that had learned her darkest secret, the truth. Audrey felt her confused body try to drain the color from her face and give her the biggest blush simultaneously. It turned into a near fainting spell.

“Woah!” Paige caught the tipping girl, propping her upright. “Hey! Don’t fade on me now, girl!”

Audrey tried to speak. “I-I… You, I… No! Why! I didn’t w-want…” she sputtered in the arms of her crush.

“Sorry if I scared you,” Paige said, petting the shorter girl’s hair. “I’ve just been very excited for today, to see this all in person.”

Paige took Audrey’s face in her hands and pointed it so the two had no choice but to look at each other. Thinking was impossible for Audrey as she stared into those mischievous green eyes and the sound of her pumping heart filled every crevice of her being.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while,” Paige explained to the still reeling Audrey, “but now, we’re both of age.”

“So…?” Audrey asked, still confused, “Why are you not frightened by me…”

Paige giggled a bit, “Audrey! I’m part of the statistics committee! I get full access to all the records from the chambers and all of their measurements. I’ve known about your little secret for quite some time.”


“Yeah!” she said with a confident grin, “and I have been VERY meticulous to keep your records from anyone else because…” she paused for effect and to blush a hint, “I want you all to myself.”

“OOOOooooh!” Audrey’s heart skipped a couple hundred beats at that line.

Paige gave a full laugh this time. “Alright, Audrey. We’re going to do something fun, but I’m sorry to say we’re going to have to put away your incredible assets for the moment.”

“Do you… Do you not see me as a freak?”

“A freak? You are actually the solution to all my problems.”

Paige knelt down out of Audrey’s vision and grabbed the panties that were hanging around the girl’s ankles. With a snap she pulled them back up and all the incredible girl meat folded into nothing space. Then she gave the miniscule package a small pat. The compression of all that flesh left Audrey feeling tight again, but that last part from Paige made up for the sudden lack of freedom. It really tickled.

“Get your bra on too, I need to get in front for this,” explained Paige.

Returning the small cute purple number to her chest, Audrey again felt the constriction as she was returned to her compressed state. Boring and bland. Especially compared to the girl before her. Why was it that Paige wanted her of all people? Was it just the dick? If so, maybe she was going to give Audrey an infinite tit-fuck!? That would actually be hot, but maybe there was more…?

Within moments of Paige letting loose her unimaginable breasts, the world in front of them was filled with tan skin. And the breaking of infinities began.





Paige moaned out loud, seemingly showing off to her partner how incredible it felt to let out so much compressed boobage. There was none of this sensual moaning during class, but no girl wanted to sound this way in front of everyone. She was only doing this because Audrey was there. Audrey felt a bit more special seeing this side of her.





And it ended. The incomprehensible bust was so massive that it would destroy the universe and multiverse and hyperverse and more just to satisfy it’s desire for space. Her nipples had to be truly massive.

Paige took a deep breath as the pleasure of release washed off of herself. “There you go, Audrey. I know you love these things. But, well, I’m going to share my own secret with you.”

Audrey watched in wonder as Paige began to take of HER panties. Then, everything went crazy.

Out from Paige’s loins was a truly enormous pussy. While no where near infinite, the lips descended to the floor and pushed Paige’s legs apart before she had to bursa escort bayan fold them on top of her own genitalia. They began covering the floor and took up a surprisingly large amount of space. Audrey simply gawked in shock.

“Yeah… it’s… it’s really embarrassing…” said Paige quietly, facing away. None of that confidence she exuded before remained. Audrey felt her blood boiling even more for this vulnerable side of her crush.

“I… I need…” began Pagie.

“You want me to stick my dick into your enormous wet pussy.”

Audrey hadn’t intended the words to come out of her mouth, but they did. Paige shivered, still not looking at the other girl in the room. “Yes.”

Audrey walked forward to the edge of Paige’s huge pussy and stepped into the crevasse between the lips. She step squelchingly to where Paige sat on her great hill of love and wrapped her arms around Paige’s waist.

Audrey asked “This will work, right? I need you so bad.”

“If it doesn’t, it was still worth it. Take off those panties and fill me.”

Audrey stood there dumbly for a moment realizing that she had just gone from hoping her crush didn’t see her as a freak to having sex with her in the span of a few minutes.

“Sometime today, Audrey,” Paige said with a wink.


And the panties were pulled down without a second thought.

Now you may have some idea of how it feels to be penetrated or have some vague understanding of the pleasure of decompressing. Maybe you can even conceptualize what a multi-infinite dick feels like in a fat pussy. However, there was literally no way to explain how all 3 felt simultaneously. Before Audrey’s brain could perceive her underwear crossing the threshold and letting loose her endless rod, it was lightyears deep into thick velvet and surrounded by the pressure of two of the largest tits at school giving her an epic level paizuri through their owner’s skin.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” came the ear wrecking scream from both girls as their definitions of pleasure were annihilated. Instants later Audrey’s titanic bitch breaker surpassed the edges of Paige’s tits and went even further beyond. Then it ended, both the scream and the growth. The growth, because there was none left to give and the scream because both throats had run raw.

Audrey was still hugging Paige from the back when she came down from the high, surprised that she still hadn’t cum. The two of them were panting so hard you would think they had just finished a multi-mile race.

Paige was still out of it, spitting and wheezing incoherently, “Yeeeeth, ‘m soooooOOooo fuuuul.”

“Oh god… if that’s… what… penetration is… like… oh god,” breathed Audrey.

Paige turned around and grabbed her lover’s head, shoving their mouths together for a sloppy kiss. When they finished, Paige simply said “Move.”

Working the impossibly massive cock back and forth through Paige’s horribly distended cunt was a whole lot of effort, yet slowly but surely, Audrey picked up the pace. With every stroke, gallons of female fluids rushed out of Paige as she came again and again while Audrey felt her body working it’s way to an orgasm like she had never felt before.

The slishing and sloshing of body fluids was incredible. Paige kept screaming again and again for “More!” and “Harder!” and everything in between. And Audrey couldn’t stop. Couldn’t think. There was no stopping either of them at this point. The two horny teens simply went on.

Finally, Audrey felt it. It was a stirring in her body that told her it was happening. She was on the precipice. With one final thrust, she erupted into Paige with the force of infinite volcanos. Out past the edge of understanding, Paige’s womb was pushed outwards in a great flume of belly and skin, the massive load filling her like a condom before the elasticity began pulling the incredible infinite sperm back towards the base.

For several minutes, Audrey’s seed stormed into Paige’s uterus, claiming its entire stretchy insides as its own domain. Deep inside Paige, ovaries full of fresh eggs were submerged in genetic sludge, their forms bloating. In the end, the incredible tits Paige was so well known for became only a tiny fraction of her body as it was infinitely outclassed by her massive sperm filled belly.

“Thank you,” Paige whispered as they both returned to Earth.

“You’re welcome,” replied an incredibly tired Aurdey. Moving infinite dick was hard.

“I hope they don’t ask us what happened, although I guess it will be pretty obvious.”

“Yeah, it will- wait! I just came INSIDE you!”


Audrey sat there and paused looking at her crush who just rested against her massive belly and tits casually. “You… You’re OK with that?”

“Duh! I’m on contraceptives. What could possibly happen? Besides, there was no way you were going to pull out put on a condom.”

“Um, I guess that makes sense.”

“Alright, just pull your panties on and let’s get out of here. I’ll have to think of an excuse. So, where should our next date be?”

Audrey, halfway through pulling herself together stopped, “Next date?”

“You don’t want one?”

Audrey responded by kissing Paige on the lips.

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