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Fucking S

I swirled the cappuccino my gaze lingering at the door. Five minutes has passed since the time we had set and I was starting to get anxious.

Who wouldn’t be a little nervous meeting the guy you’ve been talking to for almost a year for the first time?

I bit my lip and took the warm cup in my hands and took a sip. It was heaven. I let out a breath as the warm liquid went down my throat, relaxing me a little. One sip became two, two became three and soo enough the taste of coffee was the only thing in my mind.

I didn’t hear the front door bell chiming nor did I sense a presence behind me. I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder and set my cup down.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

I looked up at the owner of that deep voice that sent shivers down my arms. I smiled.

“Eva?” He slid into the seat beside me before I could even confirm for him that he had the right girl.

“Max.” I grinned, my fingers around my cup.

Max just stared at me with a half smile on his face. I bit my lip and looked down, a strand of hair that framed my face fell to the side. I could feel my cheeks burning up already.

Max reached over and tucked the hair framing my face behind my ear. “Let me take you in Eva.” His voice was a soft whisper. “You’re breathtaking.”

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t look at him. He’d see me blushing.

Max lifted my face with a finger on my chin and grinned. “Look at me. Talk to me.” He said.

“I don’t really know what to say when you compliment me.” I admitted and he chuckled.

The waiter came and asked for an order. As he showed her what kind of coffee he wanted I took another sip.

“A simple thanks is enough.” He told me, answering my earlier confession. “Don’t be shy. We know each other well don’t we?”

“I’m sorry. I just. I don’t do well with socializing, I guess?” I wae starting to get really nervous now. I didn’t want to screw this up.

“Its okay. I like you the way you are.”

I looked at him then. Really faced him and took him in. He had light brown hair that looked like he tried to comb it in place and got blown in the wind. His dark blue eyes were so deep you could get lost in them. Lips that looked so soft and a jawline to die for. He looked perfect.

He was dressed in a white button down shirt and a blue jeans. I could see a glimpse of a tattoo peeking out from his collar. He was giving me an amused look now, clearly having caught me checking him out.

I blushed even more making him chuckle. “Alright. I’m taking you out of here. Clearly you aren’t going to talk much out here.” He gestured to the coffee shop we were sitting in. He reached into his pocket, took out a wallet and left some cash on the table.

Before I could protest or process what was happening he had grabbed my wrist and I was being taken out of the coffee shop.

Catching sight of the black car he was walkig us to, I stopped. “Where are we going?” He looked at me, clutching my handbag that was slung over my shoulder.

“Anywhere you want.” He was still holding onto my hand. Somehow I had allowed our fingers to intervine and were now firmly locked to each other.

I was about to tell him I’m fine and that we can go back inside the coffee bahis şirketleri shop when I felt a gentle breeze. The short skirt of my dress tickled my thighs as it flowed with the breeze. Max wasn’t waiting for an answer from me anymore. His eyes were roaming my body starting from the flats I wore to my bare legs that I had spent a long time shaving just to wear this dress.

The dress was in blue colour and ended a few inches above my knees. I paired it with a white jacket and wore no accessories nor any makeup except lipbalm.

Max’s eyes were glazed as they met mine. He took a step closer to me and the expression he gave me, reminded me of all the conversations we had for the past months.

We met through a mutual friend who added us both to a group of people. I knew everyone except him and he knew everyone except me. After a day of talking in the group he had sent me a friend request. Turns out the reason I never knew him was because he lives a town away from here.

From the first conversation itself we felt a spark. We talked almost all day. Soon we exhanged numbers and sometimes we’d talk on the phone for hours into the night.

Things really changed the night I went to a party hosted by a colleague. I met someone there and we each had had a few drinks. We were dancing, talking, a bit of touching was happening too.

When he started leading me to a bedroom I figured why not, he seemed really fun from what I could make out. I wasn’t a virgin and I had had casual sex every now and then. Rarely but not never.

He takes me to a random bedroom, locks the door, and soon enough we’ve got out clothes off. Things get heated up but it isnt even five minutes before he’s rolling off me and is passed out. Frustrated and annoyed as hell I grabbed my things and left.

That night just as I got home Max happened to text me. We got talking and realizing I’m going to get into bed, he called.

Of course, being a little tipsy, and really horny at the time, I spilled the night’s details to him. I didn’t think what he’d think but what happened was not what I expected at all.

His tone of voice completely changed as he then started instructing me on what to do. Low whispers and deep breaths making me heated up all over again, sending shivers down my spine.

I followed his words and that became one of the best nights I had spent on my own.

The next day we talked about it. It had ‘unlocked’ a topic we never talked about. Being intimate. As it turned out, we ended up having more similar calls. It went as far as texting each other during the day, during work, teasing, getting ready for what was to come at night.

I felt that things weren’t exactly how I wanted it to be. I brought my worry up and he listened. Not many guys know how to listen and understand what a girl is trying to say, but he did.

We then decided to take things slow. We started over. We didn’t know what we were, wr decided not to label it but, at the same time, be loyal to one another.

Months passed and we had always thought of meeting up. Finally the day came and here we are.

I took a step closer to him as well and I swear I could sense a change in him. He slipped a hand around my waist and pulled me to him. The action bahis firmaları surprised me and my hand ended up on his chest. They were soon locked behind his neck as he leaned closer and pressed his soft lips against mine.

Is turning into a cloud a possible thing because that was what it felt like.

I leaned closer, pressing myself against him as he tighened his grip around me.

I broke the kiss and he pressed our foreheads together, gazing into my eyes.

“They’re blue.” He whispered. “Your eyes are blue.”

I giggled. “They’re grey but I guess in the right light it seems that way.” I bit my lip. We couldn’t stop smiling.

“I don’t know if it’s too fast or… But I walked here. My apartment is a few buildings away.” I tell him and he grins.

“I don’t think we were ever able to take things slow in the first place.” He winked. This time I took his hand and led him to my building.

Once we were in my apartment I was only able to lock the door when he had spun me around and was kissing me. I slipped my jacket off, only the straps of my dress on my shoulders.

Max trailed his kisses down my neck and shoulder before coming back up to meet my lips.

“Are we really doing this or we’re on two different pages right now?” He asked me. We were both breathing heavily now.

“Yeah. I’m really going to regret it if this doesn’t happen.” I tell him and I hear what sounded like a growl before he’s pressed me against the door, kissing me hard and with so much passion, my knees felt weak.

His hands were all over me trailing, gripping, exploring…

Feeling self conscious for not doing anything, I started trailing my hands down his shirt and started to unbutton it. He helped me in pulling it off and I could only stare at him.

He tattoo was on full display now. It was a beautiful dragon. It covered his left side, it’s wings stretching onto his left arm. It was breathing fire, and that was what was peeking out of his collar. I wanted to trail my fingers on it, I wanted to touch him, his bare skin.

As if reading my mind he took my hand in his and placed it right where his heart is. The dragon’s throat. I let my fingers lead themselves as they followed the dark lines and patterns.

Max wrapped his arms around me and kissed me yet again. His arms went low and he gripped my thighs. Instinctively I wrapped them around him. There wasn’t too much of a height difference so now, I was much higher than him. He angled his head up so that we could keep kissing as he carried me to the sofa. He gently laid me down and leaned over me.

“Eva you have no idea how beautiful you are.” He breathed as I felt his fingertips trail on my thighs. My dress hitching up, baring my legs for him. I reached up and pulled him down to keep kissing him.

I reached the waistline of his jeans and tugged on them. He grinned. “Eager are we?” I bit my lip. I couldn’t help but wonder how he doesn’t mind my lack of words.

I felt his finger press where all my heat was an gasped in surprised. “I’m not the only eager one.” I whispered.

“Baby you have no idea.” He winked as he toyed with my panties under my dress. His fingers touched me over the fabric that was now soaked wet. I got his zipper down and lowered kaçak bahis siteleri his jeans. He was straining against the fabric. I couldn’t stop staring. “It’s all you ” he said as he guided my hand on him. I gripped him running my hand over. His expression shifted and he captured my lips in his, as his other hand pulled my panties down.

I took a deep breath when I felt his fingers touch me bare. He slid them over my folds telling me how easy it would be to slip in, teasing me mercilessly.

A soft moan escaped my parting lips as his finger finally entered me first one then two. He kissed my neck, gently sucking as he pressed his,thumb over my clit with just the right pressure to send me over the edge.

My moans were getting a little louder when he stopped and slipped his fingers out earning a whimper from me. “I want this to be done just right.” He told me.

He picked me up and asked me where my bedroom is. I pointed the way and he carried me bridal style into my room. I guess I was half expecting this to happen because earlier this morning I cleaned my room up getting rid of all my work files and random clothing thrown everywhere.

He placed me on the bed and stripped me of my remaining clothing without breaking apart our kiss. He toyed with my breasting taking each in his hand. They trailed to my waist as he leaned down and took one in his mouth licking and flicking with his tongue.

I reached over to lower his boxers when he stopped me. “I want to.” I tell him and he shakes his head. “We’ll get to that. But first let me love you.” He said quickly kissed me.

Love me.

Oh my God.

He propped a pillow up and made sure I was comfortable before he started trailing kisses all over me. They went lower and lower and lower.

He spread me legs and kissed the inside of my thighs. My hands went into his hair gripping them, trying to get him where I wanted him.

When I finally felt him it was so soft I wanted to scream for the teasing. I wanted more and he knew it.

After what felt like eternity he finally gave it to me. All of it. He sucked licked and his tongue, god, his tongue. He knew what he was doing and he knew what he made me feel. He devoured me whole and made me reach my climax twice before coming up to kiss me. I could taste myself on his lips,and that just made me even hotter.

Max got up from the bed and grabbed his jeans. He took out a packet and I couldn’t help but grin. I guess I wasn’t the only prepared one around here. When he lowered his boxers freeing himself I took in a breath at the sight. He soon climbed into bed again and hovered over me. He slipped the condom on and positioned himself.

“Are you ready angel?” He asked. I could only nod as he was now softly pressing his tip against my warm wetness, rubbing us against each other.

He slipped in and I was in heaven.

We wore ourselves out going over and over and over again that evening. He decided to take me out to dinner, to properly have a date. That’s when he told me he was moving here in a week. That’s also where he asked me to officially be his girlfriend.

I didn’t want to hesitate. For once, I spoke up and told him I’m in love with him. He picked me up and spun me around in the restaurant itself before telling me he loved me too.

We ended up leaving early to my apartment and making love the rest of the night as well. He went back home the next afternoon but, he was going to be back. And it would be forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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