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It was a little before 6:00 when I got back to town. I slowed down going past the service garage to see if Dan might be there. I spotted his truck sitting out close to the road. I pulled into the lot noticing a for sale sign in the window of the truck. I pulled up to the building but Dan’s father had already closed the business for the evening. I walked out to the truck to see if there really was a sign stuck in the windshield. It was a for sale sign, the garage’s phone number listed at the bottom.

I quickly drove home to find out what the hell was going on. Dan wasn’t at the apartment, not many of his clothes were either. The closet doors were wide open and there were a lot of empty hangers. I checked the bathroom and he’d pretty much cleaned out the medicine cabinet too. I noticed a note on the kitchen table. I could tell by the terrible hand writing it was from Dan. It was brief. He said he was going out of town for a few weeks and he’d be back sometime to get the rest of his clothes. He didn’t say where he was going or with whom. I crumpled up the note tossing it into the trashcan. I didn’t cry, I wasn’t going to let the news get the best of me. Fuck him!

I drove over to Mom’s. She was eating dinner. She knew by the look on my face that something was wrong. I told her about seeing Dan’s truck at the garage with the for sale sign in it and the note I’d found on the kitchen table. It was pretty all pretty obvious.

Mom offered to share dinner with me but I couldn’t eat anything. She asked me about work and I told her about the male model, Bryan. She kidded me saying I should have called her in case Derek needed any help. I laughed at her remark. I was hesitant to tell her about me modeling for Derek with the motorcycle but I figured she wouldn’t object to me modeling. I went through the whole scenario about the scheduled model not being able to make it. I described what I’d worn, not telling her about the blue panty and bra outfit. I thought that might upset her. I did tell her about getting the modeling fee check, that excited her. She asked if I was going to turn “pro”. I just told her it was for fun and to help Derek out.

We decided to keep our plans alive for tomorrow’s shopping trip. I told her about Derek mentioning the “Rocky Road” nightclub. She agreed, it sounded like we should stop in and check it out.

“Maybe I’ll get lucky!” She said, laughing.

I watched TV with mom till later in the evening. I drove back to the apartment and went to bed. I wasn’t really sleepy, just tired. Saturday morning I got up and cleaned the apartment. Dan had thrown things everywhere, it was a mess. After getting things put back, I stretched out on the couch, dosing off.

I woke up when I heard loud knocking at the door. It was my mother; she’d been trying to call me on the phone. I didn’t hear the phone ring, it wasn’t working. Mom looked at the wall jack, the phone cord had been yanked out. Dan must have jerked it out of the plug, either drunk or in a rage. I was able to get the little plug out of the wall socket. I mentioned to Mom to remind me to get another cord while we were shopping. I showered and got dressed, putting on my make-up and fixing my hair. Mom had gone to the local beauty salon during the afternoon and gotten her hair done. She looked nice.

I drove Mom’s car to Pueblo since it’s a lot roomier than mine. We hit one of the malls and bought some things, including a new phone cord. Mom talked me into going into one of those upscale lingerie stores. I picked up a few things, not out of necessity, more out of treating myself to something nice. Mom bought some new shoes; I picked up another pair of high heels. I only had the one pair. I didn’t want Derek to think that’s the only pair I had. We ate in the food court, I felt a little more like eating this evening. It was almost 9:00pm and we were both tired from shopping. We decided we’d go over by the “Rocky Road” and see what it was like.

I knew about were the club was in the old historic district so we didn’t have much trouble finding it. Most of the little shops on the block were already closed so we were able to park close by. Mom checked herself in the visor mirror; I had to grin at her primping. We locked the car and walked towards the club. It was a little crowded but there were a few tables open. The band was just warming up. They were introducing themselves and doing sound checks. I pointed to a table that looked available.

We were making our way through the people when I spotted Derek sitting at a table with some of his friends. He jumped up and waved us over. I waved back acknowledging I’d seen him. We made our way to his table. There was another couple and a middle-age man sitting with him. Derek was smiling as we approached. He introduced us to his friends. I introduced my mother to them. Derek wanted us to join him and his friends. They all seemed very nice. I sat next to Derek. Mom sat next to Kenny, a nice looking guy with salt and paper hair. He was the sales manager for one of the local car bahis siteleri dealerships. He looked close to my mother’s age and he was very friendly. The waitress asked us for our drink order; I didn’t know what to ask for. Mom asked for a beer, I figured I’d just get a soft drink. Derek noticed I was at a loss for words so he ordered me a glass of red wine. I smiled at him for bailing me out. He said I’d like the wine, it wasn’t real alcoholic. The waitress returned with the drinks and I took a sip of the wine. It tasted great so I took another sip. I was thirsty but I didn’t want to gulp it down.

The band started out with some fairly fast dance music but only a few couple took to the dance floor. After a few songs, they slowed the tempo down and more couples took to the floor. Kenny asked Mom to dance, she readily agreed. Mom always loved to dance, my dad hated it. Kenny put both his hands at Mom’s waist; Mom put her arms on his shoulders. He pulled her close in to him. Mom looked like she was really having a good time. She was smiling and laughing as they danced. The other couple sitting with us took to the dance floor, leaving Derek and me alone at the table. Derek asked me how my day had gone. I just talked about the shopping, not mentioning what I’d found when I got back home the evening before.

“You sure you’re alright?” He asked. “You seem a little down.”

I told him I was just a little tired from not sleeping and all the shopping. Derek took my hand in his and put it under the table. We watched Kenny and Mom dance several dances. Mom had her head on Kenny’s shoulder, her were closed. She was having a good time, I was happy seeing her enjoy herself.

“We might have to keep a close eye on those two.” Derek kidded.

“Yep, Mom might try to take advantage of him!” I kidded back.

Although it was amusing, it almost looked like it could happen. They looked good dancing together. He continued holding Mom firmly at the waist and she was glued right to him.

The music stopped briefly and Mom and Kenny returned to the table. Kenny mentioned that Derek had told him about me doing the modeling session with the chopper instead of the model. I blushed saying I hoped the pictures didn’t turn out too awfully bad.

“They didn’t. They were great. Better than great.” Derek stated. “I worked on them all day to get them done.”

I squeezed Derek’s hand when made the compliment. It was my way of saying “thank you”. Derek noticed it and he gave me a gentle squeeze in return.

Kenny said he couldn’t wait to see them. It was his motorcycle we’d used for the shoot. I hadn’t realized that, till he mentioned it. He’d stopped by the studio and picked it up that morning. Kenny mentioned that even though it was his pride and joy but he was thinking about selling it. He worried something would happen to it and he’d have to deal with the insurance company on a settlement.

The music started again and Derek asked me to dance. I hadn’t danced since high school. I warned him it had been awhile. We got on the dance floor; Derek pulled me in close to him. We danced very slow, seemed like we were barely moving. I loved the aftershave cologne he always wore. I put my face up close to his neck and breathed it in. I felt great having Derek hold me close. I didn’t feel so alone anymore. We danced through quite a few songs. I didn’t even recall hearing the music. Just kind of drifted off to my own little world in Derek’s arms.

The band took a short break, Derek and I returned to our table. We spotted Bryan enter the club, escorting a middle aged woman. She looked about twenty years older than him. Derek looked at Kenny and they both grinned.

“Looks like ole Bryan’s opening up another bank account.” Kenny smarted.

Derek nodded his head in agreement. I asked what that meant and Kenny informed us that Bryan preferred older women, women with money or high social status in the area.

“He’s trying to break into the business.” Derek informed us.

“The business, you mean modeling?” I asked.

Kenny started to answer in detail but Derek interrupted him. He said he’d explain it to me himself another time. Mom was checking Bryan and his lady friend out. I could just imagine what was running through her mind. I’d told her about Bryan being a “ten”. Mom just smiled and sipped her beer. Kenny put his arm around Mom and she scooted her chair closer to his. I just hoped he was single; it hadn’t been brought up during the evening’s conversation. Derek and I danced again through several slow songs. Mom and Kenny seemed too engrossed with each other to leave the table. I hoped Mom wasn’t letting Kenny’s attentions overcome her better judgment.

It was almost Midnight. I mentioned to Mom we probably should be heading back home. Mom agreed it wasn’t a bad idea. Kenny asked Mom if he could call her some time and maybe the two of them could go out for dinner. Mom smiled and wrote down her phone number on a piece of paper. Kenny gave Mom one of his business card from the dealerships, writing canlı bahis siteleri his home phone number down on the back of it. Mom seemed a little reluctant to see the evening end. I hated for it to end too. Derek seemed so close to me, I loved his hand holding mine.

We all stepped out onto the sidewalk, it was practically deserted. Derek had his arm around my waist.

“I’ve got a great idea.” He said. “Since it’s so late and you’ve got a ways to drive home, why don’t you spend the night at my place. You can drive home in the morning.”

I was a little stunned at his idea. I didn’t think it was such a good idea. I started to make some sort of dumb excuse.

Kenny chimed in. “Sounds like a good idea. We won’t have to worry about something happening to you two on the highway.”

I looked at Mom, she nodded to me. Kenny was holding her from the behind. I knew she wanted to stay overnight at Derek’s.

“OK, but we don’t have anything to sleep in.” I answered.

“I’ll find you two something to sleep in.” Derek quickly replied.

Mom and I drove over to the studio. Derek rode with Kenny. He was driving one of those new Corvette convertibles. Mom was smiling as I drove. We pulled into the garage area behind Derek and Kenny. All of us got on the elevator and rode it to the third floor. It was the first time I’d seen Derek’s apartment.

Derek flipped on some light switches and the apartment lit up with soft lighting in various areas. It was almost completely open except for a couple of partitioned rooms. There was an elevated platform with a huge bed on it surrounded by a railing. It was gorgeous, a bachelor’s dream apartment, I thought. Kenny excused himself to use the bathroom. Mom and I drifted around the apartment looking out the front windows onto the deserted street below. Just the streetlights were lit. The apartment had a great view of the historic district. Derek went to the open kitchen area and put on some coffee. Kenny came out of the bathroom. I needed to use it so I got in before anyone else had a chance. The bathroom was huge; the shower was large enough for a group of people! I checked my make-up and hair, just out of habit I guess.

Kenny and Mom were standing in the kitchen waiting on the coffee to finish brewing. They were whispering to each other so I left them have their privacy. Mom seemed to really like the guy. Derek had turned on the television and was surfing through the channels.

“Kenny is single, isn’t he?” I asked Derek.

“Divorced,………… several years ago.” He answered.

I felt relieved knowing Mom wasn’t getting too enamored with someone who might be married. I didn’t want her getting hurt. It had taken her a long time to get over dad divorcing her. I felt I was about to find out what it was like. I figured it was over between Dan and me, just have to wait and see what would happen.

Derek found a movie on the TV and motioned me over to the circular sectional. We sat down next to each other. Derek put his arm around me pulling me close. The warmth of his body helping me relaxed. Kenny and Mom brought the coffee in. It tasted great, washing the wine taste from my mouth. Kenny and Mom sat across from us. We sat in silence watching to movie. Well Derek watched the movie, I more or less watched Kenny and Mom kissing. I was a little embarrassed when they started kissing but I got used to it. Kenny wasn’t trying anything with Mom, just kissing. Derek didn’t seem to pay any attention to the two. I switched my attention to the television and concentrated on the movie, and of course, Derek’s arm around me.

The movie ended. Kenny said he should be going but maybe he’d catch her before Mom and I left in the morning. Mom walked him to the elevator. I could hear them whispering and occasionally laughing. The elevator descended back to the garage level. Mom came back over the sectional and picked up hers and Kenny’s coffee cups. She put them in the kitchen. When she returned she said she was really tired and thought she’d head for bed. Derek told her too wait a second and he’d get her something to sleep in. He ran down the stairs to the second floor studio.

“So, what did you think of Kenny?” Mom asked.

“He seems nice, very nice.” I answered. “What did you think of him?”

Mom just got a really big smile on her face. I could tell she really liked him. I just hoped she didn’t get hurt if a relationship were to develop between her and Kenny.

Derek came running back up the steps. He handed Mom a beautiful nightgown, nothing see-through. He gave me a long, oversized shirt to sleep in. Derek directed us down the hallway to a bedroom and turned on the lights. It had a queen size bedroom suite in it. We thanked him for letting us stay overnight.

“Why don’t you change and come on back out to the livingroom?” He asked.

I nodded my head and said I’d be out shortly. Mom slipped on her nightgown and got into bed. I slipped off my clothes and put on the oversized shirt. The sleeves were way too long so I just turned the canlı bahis cuffs up a few times. I checked myself in the mirror, turned the out the lights and shut the bedroom door. I think Mom was already asleep.

I walked back to the livingroom. Derek had turned most of the lights out, the kitchen was dark. He’d fixed us two more cups of coffee. They were sitting on the coffee table. I sat down next to Derek. We just smiled at each other, not saying anything. We watched another movie for awhile. The hot coffee seemed to have revived both of us. The movie was a little boring and I was getting a little sleepy. I finished my coffee and sat it down on the table.

“I think I’m going to go to bed before I fall asleep right here.” I whispered.

Derek got up and walked me down the hallway towards the bedroom, his arm around my waist. We stood at the closed bedroom door. It was kind of an awkward moment. I wanted to kiss him good-night but I didn’t think I should.

“I really don’t want to sleep alone tonight.” Derek whispered to me.

I just stood there not saying anything. Derek took my hand and walked me up the short flight of steps to the large bed on the elevated platform. I just followed his lead, not knowing whether to object or not, know I should.

We stood at the side of the bed. Derek pulled the comforter and sheets back. He opened a panel in the mirrored headboard. Derek flipped a couple of the switches and tiny overhead lighting lit the ceiling. He motioned for me to lie down. I started to hesitate.

“We’re just going to sleep, nothing else. OK?” He whispered to me.

“OK.” I managed to answer.

Derek unbuttoned my shirt, taking time with each button. I looked away as he slowly exposed my bare breasts. When he had the last button undone, he pulled it open then slipped it off my shoulders. He let if fall slowly to the floor. I stood in front of him, biting my lower lip, with just my panties on. I was unable to move.

Derek motioned for me to get in the bed. I sat down on the edge of the bed, then swung my feet up under the covers. Derek pulled the covers over me. He walked around to the other side of the bed and started getting undressed. I watched him slip off his clothes, the lights in the ceiling barely making him visible. I could see he was facing me. He took his time, not rushing. He left his briefs on.

I felt the bed move as he got in the bed beside me. He extended his left arm towards me and I and I rolled over and cuddled up next to him. Derek put his arm around me, holding me firmly. He leaned over and kissed me softly. I returned his kiss. We held the kiss for a minute or two before our lips parted. I put my hand on his bare chest, my bare breasts against his side. It felt so right being in bed together. I was completely relaxed, my nervousness had disappeared altogether. Derek didn’t move. He just held me firmly. We drifted off to sleep in a manner of minutes.

I don’t know what time it was; I couldn’t see my watch in the dark. I heard the phone ringing. I woke Derek up, his arm still holding me. Derek woke up and heard the phone. He jumped out of the bed and ran to answer it. It was a brief call; he came back to bed in less than a minute. I asked him everything was alright. He said it was, just kids playing around on the phone. He thought it might be his dad. Derek’s dad lived all alone out at the ranch and he worried about him. He hadn’t been himself since Derek’s mother passed away.

Derek smiled at me and apologized for the kid’s phone prank. I reached up pulling Derek to me. I kissed him passionately pulling his body into mine. I wanted him sexually. I wanted him so bad. Derek put his arms around me and we kissed hard. His lips were pulling at mine, nibbling. I felt my body rubbing against his. Derek’s leg pushed between mine as he rolled me over on my back. He put my arms over my head, holding them together with one hand. His lips pressed against mine and I felt his tongue slip between my lips. He flicked it over my tongue, teasing my mouth. I pushed my tongue against his, darting over and under it. Derek’s tongue swirling inside my mouth was getting my juices flowing. I was moaning softly, almost a purr.

Our lips parted and Derek began kissing my neck softly, working his lips. He worked around to my ear and tugged on it lightly with his lips. I was breathing in long, slow breaths, relishing Derek’s kisses. I felt his right hand move from my waist upward, cupping one of my breast. His lips still moving all over my neck. He massaged and fondled my firm breast. I couldn’t move, my arms still pinned over my head in Derek’s powerful grasp. I rolled my hips towards him as he moved his mouth to my hardened nipple. He sucked the nipple in his mouth, flicking his tongue across it. I let out a gasp as I felt my upper body tingling, a sensation I hadn’t felt for a long time. Derek released my nipple, diverting his attention to my other breast. He tweaked the erect nipple between his fingers. My mouth gaped open as he pulled gently on it. I had to bite my tongue to keep from screaming out. Derek was hovering over me, smiling as he teased the sensitive nipple. He kissed my breasts all over, my chest was heaving, my breath was quickening as he brought my body to life.

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