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This is my first submission from the collection of stories I’ve written about my sexual adventures. Some are real accounts of things I’ve done, others are fantasies that make me quiver. I’ll let you decide which are which!





The last day of December. I watched as the minute hand on my clock arrived at twelve for the last time that year. On TV the celebration in Times Square was progressing and New Year’s eve was counting down to a close as I sat kicked back on my sofa, a glass of wine in one hand as the other played softly with my nipples.


I set the glass by the nearly empty bottle on the end table and stretched my body back, arching my tits up toward the ceiling and running my hands down my tummy, circling slowly, pushing on my pubic bone and sending a little itchy thrill down to my clit. An idea sprang forth from my inner slut. Home delivery. I like my inner slut.

I smiled and reached for the phone…

Half an hour or so later I answered the door wearing only a sheer robe that barely covered my tits. Belted at the waist it gapped open on top and bottom. Nothing underneath, of course.

The foyer was dark and he couldn’t see me clearly at first, not until I invited him to bring the pizza inside while bahis siteleri I got my purse. He followed me into the living room and stood by the doorway as I made a show of bending over and digging in my purse. My robe rode well up on my ass and I knew he could clearly see my wet shaven pussy as I shifted from foot to foot, taking an extra minute to get my money out of my wallet.

When I turned around I could see by the bulge in his pants that he was very happy. The size of it made me happy too. I walked slowly back over to him, his eyes moving rapidly from my breasts to my pussy as I unbelted the robe and let it slip from my shoulders to the floor. He started to speak but I held one finger to his lips, shushing him.

I took the pizza from him and set it aside, then knelt in front of him and reached to unzip his pants. He tried to help but I brushed his hands away. He settled for running his fingers through my hair as I peeled down his pants and boxers. His cock sprang up like a soldier at attention and I wrapped my hand around it, making him moan softly.

Very nice. I was impressed. He could have done porn with a dick like his and my mouth watered at the sight. I jacked him slowly, licking the end of his cock with the tip of my tongue, savoring the taste of the first drop that appeared. He gently pulled my hair forward and I let canlı bahis siteleri him push his cock halfway down my throat. He groaned out loud as I worked my tongue along the bottom of his shaft, sliding my mouth back to the tip and sucking on the head while flicking the underside and making it jerk, then taking him all the way back down.

I looked up and saw him staring down in disbelief at me, a naked huge titted blonde with his cock all the way down her throat. It was his turn to be impressed. Pulling back I wrapped my hand around him again and started nursing his stiff dick, sucking and licking, feeling him tremble in excitement. He held my head gently as he fucked my mouth, my other hand tickling his swollen balls.

I glanced at the countdown on TV: 5 minutes to midnight. Time to get busy.

With a last hard suck I popped his cock from my mouth with a smacking sound. I stood, grasped his throbbing cock and led him over to the recliner chair that faced the TV. I leaned forward and grabbed the back of the chair and he moved in behind me, sliding his cock up and down my wet slit, pushing forward as I pushed back. He grabbed my hips and thrust into me, burying most of that rock hard dick in one stroke. I cried out and pushed back again as he slammed the whole thing into me on the second stroke. God it was good!

I looked canlı bahis at the TV again and the count was 3 minutes to go as he fucked me, leaning forward over my back so he could hold my tits as he plowed into my hungry pussy. He pinched my nipples, making me gasp as I tried to keep every inch of him inside me as long as I could, driving for the orgasm that I could feel building deep inside me.

“One minute!” I cried out and he caught on. As the last 60 seconds counted down and the ball started to drop he began slamming his cock into my pussy hard, so fucking hard. I could feel him banging against my cervix and that drove me over the top.

The ball hit bottom, the fireworks started blasting and I screamed as my orgasm ripped through me. He cried out and buried himself all the way inside me as his cock jerked, pumping his huge load of scalding cum deep into my pussy. I bucked and moaned when I felt the heat of his cum filling me, peaking again and grinding back against him as he held me tight, his arms around me and his hands grasping my tits as he emptied his balls inside me.

As we pulled apart I turned and bent over, giving the head of his big dick one last suck and a kiss before pulling up his boxers and pants. When he’d squared himself away I walked him to the door and kissed him goodbye. With a wink and a smile I wished him a Happy New Year and shut the door behind him.

I walked back inside and suddenly realized I’d forgotten to pay him for the pizza. Oh well, I thought, There’s always next year…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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