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New Year Eve 1961

It was three minutes until midnight. The ball was poised at the top, the crowd was freezing, and the theme of New Year’s Eve was groaning through loudspeakers along the street and in the background with the TV on.

Elizabeth was about to come but wanted to start at midnight, so she forced Dale’s mouth off her clitoris and onto her ass.

He did not care where he was eating her. She pulled her knees apart and pulled as far toward her shoulders as she could while he repositioned himself to impale her at the second the ball fell.

She was naked, as was he. They had been necking since about ten-thirty. At about ten-forty-five, he had fucked her and come within a couple of minutes. She had swung around for a session of mutual oral sex, and he licked her clean of the mess they had made of her vagina. She had him clean and hard again. Of course, he was hard again.

After she came hard, she usually had a seizure. She had epilepsy, and they had learned to handle it easily. After the last time she’d had a seizure, she sahabet güvenilirmi told him to fuck her some time while she was seizing, as she wondered what it would be like. She suspected she would not know he was fucking her during a seizure. At first, he had rejected the idea, but after some consideration, he had decided that the ‘next’ seizure, he would fuck her.

But he had known this was not the time, so they’d rested, necking until the ball-drop when sex would start. They had laid on the living room floor for a couple of hours and had forgotten about the rest of the world as New Year approached. Dale was about to enter her cunt when the phone rang.

Helen, her mother, called to wish her a Happy New Year. But the side effect was that Dale and El missed the ball drop, and they were not fucking when New Year occurred.

They realized, startled, that someone was knocking on the glass door that they were extremely busy fucking directly in front of, as they had not closed the drapes.

Of course, they scrambled to sahabet yeni giriş get covered, but the flashbulb outside the door had recorded the glassed-in image of the two young adults naked and busy enjoying sexual intercourse.

When they finally opened the door to let her mother in, she was furious. She, Helen, screamed and ranted. She threw her coat, purse, and mittens, hat, and scarf on the club chair by the door and proceeded to sit on the ottoman across from the couch. She quickly stood back up, looking at the palm of her hand, and continued screaming about the upholstery being wet and thus probably stained. Then she smelled her hand and started anew with the screaming.

As she screamed, I noticed she was ‘cleaning’ the upholstery using saliva and rinsing the wetness into her mouth, where she cleaned the evidence by licking it away. Then she smelled her hand and started all over again.

Helen whispered, “You cunt! Eighteen years old and fucking in the doorway. Fucking in front of the open drapes. You are a slut, sahabet giriş Elizabeth. What has happened to my daughter?”

El moaned and made a painfilled noise, “Aargh!”

I struggled to get my erection covered. Both Liz and I were in shock with her Mother wiping and licking repeatedly. Helen became quieter and quieter in the racket she was raising, and it seemed as though her licking our slime and wetness had turned her brain’s focus away from the whole discovery of us naked and fucking.

We had been oblivious to the world around us but recovered quickly as Helen wound down and became focused on the wetness as she kept scraping it to her mouth.

Liz was first to be caught up with her mother’s focus. Elizabeth stood, dropped the sweats she was about to put on, and instead put her right foot on the ottoman beside Helen.

When Helen saw Liz’s open pussy, she forgot her rant, cleaning and reaching for Liz. When Liz felt her Mom licking her pubic hair and heard her moaning, Liz told Dale, “Help Mom get her clothes off. I want to see you eat her while she eats me.”

The time was now midnight plus forty-nine minutes.

Dale said, “Let’s all take our time and have our orgasm at one o’clock. I think we have found out something important tonight, Liz. Let’s close the drapes and pour some bubbly.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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