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My wife and I drive through town to get to his place. I was nervous but excited so she held my hand in my lap the whole way there. She could tell I was aroused and kept rubbing and grinding the back of her hand against the bulge in my yoga pants. I can’t believe I’m actually wearing my wife’s yoga pants but it’s what he wanted me dressed in.

I bought the large 30ml jar of poppers like he told me to. My wife also gave me a couple of our condoms in case he wanted to fuck me. I don’t think he does though, I specified wanting to try giving him my first blowjob. I still couldn’t believe our luck in meeting.

My wife pulls over just half a block away from his house and parks our car. He lives in a very nice neighborhood, if not upper class then very high middle class.

“I hope you have a good time, I’m a little jealous.” She says as she leans in and kisses me.

“I’m sure I’ll have a good time. I’m nervous but very excited. I know you felt it.” I grab her hand and pull it back to my hard dick. She feels it for a moment and gives it a squeeze.

“Oh I know you’re excited.” She replies with a smile.

I continue, “I have no idea, well some idea of what he has in mind for me. I just don’t know what else he has in mind.”

“Whatever he has in mind, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Just do whatever he wants, let him “teach” you, and have fun. I love you.” She kisses me again.

“I love you too, call me later?”

“Why don’t you call me when he’s finished with you? I have a feeling it will be a while until I hear from you.”

“Ok. What are you going to do while I’m here?”

“Oh, I’ll be surfing porn at home of young, straight married men giving their first blowjob and fucking myself to orgasm after orgasm. And I may order some Chinese food.”

“That’s hot.” Imagining that.

“Oh, baby I love you.” “I love you too, so much.” We kiss again. I exit the car and begin the walk to his house, trying unsuccessfully to hide my erection.

I arrive at his front door and knock. I hear our car start up behind me and I turn to wave as she drives by. She returns the wave and gives me a thumbs up as she passes. I turn back around and he’s standing there in the open doorway.

“Good afternoon” I forgot his voice was so sexy!!!

“good afternoon” I squeak out as I blush deeply at the same time.

“Please come in, I can’t tell you how happy I am you showed up” he says, stepping back to allow me room to enter.

He closes the door behind me, takes me by the hand and leads me through the foyer to the living room. I’m so taken by this older man. I know what I’m here to do, he knows what I’m here to do. The sexual tension, anticipation and a tiny bit of apprehension was making my dick harden even more.

We arrive in the spacious living room and it’s beautiful. Two chaise lounges with their backs to the windows that lined the living room and open to the front yard. A large, very large flat screen mounted on the wall. Antique bookcases and end tables and a reinforced sectional oak coffee table.

Suddenly his voice snaps me out of my admiration for his home.

“Raise your arms above your head and slowly turn for me.”

Raising my arms above my head, I realize my hoodie and t-shirt are exposing my flat and now taught lower abdomen. I can feel him eye fucking my body, especially my tiny ass in the yoga pants, as I turn for him. As I continue around and face him, he notices the small bulge through my pants and smiles.

He tells me to stop and face him and he takes my other hand in his. He pulls me close which forces me to look up into his eyes and he asks me, “You know what you’re here for, don’t you?”

I look away sharply and blush deeply. He wraps his arm around me and places a loosely closed hand under my chin and raises my blushing freckled face to look him back in the eyes.

He softly kisses my forehead and whispers, “it’s okay, tell me.”

I look up at him into his eyes and whimper out “i’m here to learn how to suck your cock.”

“I’m here to learn how to suck your cock, Daddy.” Placing emphasis amasya escort on the last word.

I blush even deeper but continue to look into his eyes. My eyes begin to tear up and I feel so special and vulnerable in his embrace and again whimper out “i’m here to learn how to suck your cock, Daddy.”

He smiles at this and kisses me lightly on the lips this time. He releases me but stays close.

“Now, have you ever had poppers before?”

“no, Daddy.”

“Then you’re in for quite a treat today. I will tell you they give you a powerful high. It doesn’t last long but with how much I’m going to be giving you over the next several hours, you won’t even know your own name or even make out conversation”.

He tells me to hand him my poppers and I do. He peels off the security wrapping, unscrews the lid and holds them under my nose, holding one nostril closed.

“Inhale deeply and hold.” I comply. I hold and I hold. Holding still. Half a minute, at least. I feel my face getting considerably warmer.

“Exhale”. I let out a large strained breath and inhale fresh oxygen and immediately am hit with a wave of heat and euphoria.

He holds the opposite nostril closed and moves the bottle.

“Again. Deeply and hold.” Again, I comply. Another 30 second hold this time.


Holy fuck, I’ve never had a high like this before. My mind is spinning and this man is in front of me and suddenly…

“…again.” Another switch and another long hold this time.

“Exhale. Good, and inhale very deeply one more time now and hold…………………………………………….. and exhale.”

I comply. I exhale the last hold and inhale my first fresh oxygen in over a minute.

Oh my god, I’m so dizzy and so high and my dick which I thought was already fully erect became even harder. I can see his smile as I’m looking at him in a heavy, spinning haze and his lips are so beautiful as he flicks his tongue out to wet them and all I want to do is make out with him, but he has other plans…

He steps back to look at me swaying and wobbling with a lost look on my face. Satisfied that I was high enough, he says, “slowly turn away from me and lean over at the hips, let me look at that cute ass of yours again.”

I turn away again and happily bend over pushing my hips and ass back toward him and keeping my back straight, I turn my head to look back at him. I feel so sexy with him gazing at my ass.

“Delicious, but I’ll get to that. First though…” he says as he comes closer. I stand and turn to face him again.

He holds the bottle under my nose again. I hold his hand to steady myself and take a long inhale. He chuckles at this. I switch nostrils and inhale deeply again, loving the feel of the poppers washing over me.

He begins to remove my clothing so slowly, I almost don’t realize it’s happening. It was probably the poppered up conversation…

“Who was that you were waving to?” He asks, removing my hoodie.

“Oh um, my wife. She drove me here.” I shakily begin to raise my t-shirt.

He pauses, “She drove me here,…Daddy.” His eyes boring into mine.

“Oh right, um, yes, she drove me here, Daddy.”

He seemed very pleased by that. “She looked young, how old is she?” He pulls the shirt off my shoulders.

“She’s 22, Daddy, same age as me.” My hands shaking even more now as I run my fingers under the top edge of the lavender colored yoga pants, my erection again betraying me. He produces the poppers again. I don’t even need to be told what to do as I lean in and he holds my left nostril closed, then I inhale deeply. He smiles at this. “Exhale”.

“Very young. And married too. What is her name?” His fingers join mine under the fabric of the yoga pants, tracing my skin slowly as he says this. My fingers are interlaced with his, moving back and forth through my pubic hair.

“Her name is Brooke, Daddy.”

His fingers take hold of my hands as he says, “hook your thumbs into the top of your pants at the sides.” I immediately comply.

My hands ankara escort at my sides, he asks me, “she’s okay with you doing this?”

“She was excited for me to do this. I’m straight, normally, you know,..Daddy? One of my New Years Resolutions was to try new things and she’s been there to help me try new things…”

Daddy cuts in, “push your pants down.”

I hear what he says and immediately push the pants down til they rest just under my ass. My erection pops out as I push down my pants and comes up to slap me in the belly.

“Does Brooke like to try new things too?”

He pulls my pants all the way down and I step out of them and he deeply poppers me up again, and again, and a third time, back to back.

“I’m sorry, Daddy, what did you ask me?”

“I asked you, does Brooke like to try new things as well?”

“Yes, daddy, she does.”

“Excellent. She’s very pretty, tell me how you met and are you two very sexual?”

“Yes, daddy, we met in 2nd grade and we were inseparable friends then started dating in middle school, then we were high school sweethearts and now we’ve been married 3 years and it’s been amazing although I haven’t been allowed the honor of making love to her without a condom on and we haven’t had anal sex yet but she loves giving me blowjobs and making out with me afterward.” I spill my secrets to this man in one long sentence.

“I may want to meet her, after you’ve progressed a bit.”

“Yes, daddy, that would be excitng but what would you want with my wife?” I reply.

“Well, we’ll get to that but first things first, your instruction. Now, when giving a blowjob in a private place, as a submissive, you always need to be naked. That part is already taken care of.

Also, If you want to get really excellent at sucking cock, you have to learn how to make them cum with just your mouth, no hands.” He says as he reaches into an end table and produces handcuffs. “Let’s get these on you.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

I turn around and he fastens the handcuffs around my wrists, clicking them barely snug against my skin. It’s not uncomfortable but there’s no way to remove myself from this. I feel a little helpless.

“That will do it.” He says as he comes around to my front and poppers me up again. He bends down and removes my phone from the pocket of my hoodie then points it toward my face, unlocking it. He opens the video camera, points it at me and starts recording. “Now, on your knees.”

“Yes, Daddy.” I reply and he smiles as I drop slowly to my knees. My face is positioned directly in front of his crotch. I can feel the heat from his cock on my face, the outline of his erection through his pants. He unbuckles his pants and steps out of them and his boxers. His cock springs out and it is so massive and beautiful. I look up at him.

“The first rule you must remember when sucking my cock is to always maintain eye contact with me. I think you’ll find it deep and sensual and also very humiliating. When you are worshipping my cock, I am superior to you. You are using your mouth and tongue to physically pleasure me and your eyes are there not only to seduce me into allowing you to swallow my precious cum but they are also there for my enjoyment, as for when you are struggling to take me deep into your throat.”

He pulls his shirt over his head and then stops to feed me again, recording me taking four deep draws from the big yellow bottle in each nostril then stands up again to look down at me.

After a minute or so of recording the effect the poppers are having on me, he says, “you may begin. Take the tip in your mouth and flick your tongue over and around it. Then take it as deep as you can into your throat. Don’t worry about gagging, we will train your throat soon enough.”

I begin bobbing and licking, taking his instructions and applying it to what I was hoping was a good blowjob. In handcuffs, it was very difficult to not only suck his cock but also balance as I kneeled there in front of him. Daddy would have me pause every half minute or so and popper antalya escort me up again.

After about 10 minutes, I heard the video recording me stop and I’m looking up at him and he starts typing something on my phone. I was immediately panicked as I had family and work acquaintances in my contact list. I stopped momentarily and he said,

“Don’t worry, I’m just keeping our Brooke updated. Continue.”

I return to sucking his cock, using his instructions and my experience of what I know I like. I was still high, he would make sure of that.

After about 10 minutes, Daddy was thrusting a little faster and moaning, telling me I was a good little cocksucker, and my phone rang.

Daddy wasted no time answering. “Hi, James can’t talk right now…Hi! Yes, you can call me David, your husband calls me Daddy… yes, he is a quick learner…quite natural at this…I’m actually getting close right now…oh absolutely, hang on…”

Daddy presses a button on the screen and points the face of the phone at me and I hear Brooke’s voice echoing in my ears, “oh my god, that’s so hot! That cock is huge!”

Daddy takes a moment to popper me up again before taking my head in his hand and slowly guiding my mouth back to his cock then turning the phone to face himself.

“So you’re Brooke. I was right, you are adorable!”

I hear Brooke giggle and say, “Well, thank you. You are quite sexy yourself. So, tell me, how is my hubby doing?”

“Oh, like I said, he’s a quick learner. He happens to love poppers, I was giddy when I learned that. He turns into a little slut when I feed them to him.”

“I’ve heard of poppers but what do they do”? she asks David.

“We’ll, they’re primarily used in the gay sex scene. They give you a powerful high but it only lasts a few minutes. It makes some people warm or hot and some people, a lot of people get horny off of them. A side effect is they also help loosen the sphincter which enhances anal sex. With your husband, it makes him incredibly horny”.

“So you just sniff them”?

David did the math for a second and answered, “most people will sniff once and then have sex. Some guys like to sniff once or twice while giving a blowjob. I’ve seen twinks taking one or two good deep hits every couple of minutes while getting spitroasted. With your husband, I’ve been feeding him 4 deep hits in each nostril every ten minutes and 1 in each nostril every 30 seconds. Your hubby is high as fuck right now. He probably can’t even understand our conversation. He’s okay, don’t worry. He’s discovering himself”.

“Can I watch some more?”

“Sure thing, sweetheart. Here you are.” As he turns the phone back around so my wife can watch me get fed several hits of poppers then go back to sucking and licking.

“Well, you’re in for a real treat Brooke, you get to watch your husband swallow another man’s cum for the first time.”

“Oh my god”.

I feel Daddy’s hand on the back of my head hold me there as I continued to suck and lick the head of his cock inside my mouth. Suddenly I feel his cock jerk as he moans and my mouth is filled with his delicious warm cream.

He begins to moan louder and gently fucking my mouth and I start to swallow his load down my throat and Brooke says, “holy fuck that is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

I continue to swallow his load and lick and suck him clean like he told me. Daddy turned the phone back around to face himself and says, “That was incredible. I’m glad you got to see it. I have other plans for your husband tonight so we have to go now but I’ll be sure to keep you updated as he swallows more of my cum. Take care, cutie!”

“Okay then, handsome man! Have fun you two!”

He turns the phone off and places it on the end table next to the couch. He then produces the jar of poppers again and I inhale two hits in each nostril for 6 seconds each, holding each hit for 10 seconds.

“Excellent. Alright, let’s get you standing up so I can get you onto the breeding bench.”

Still entrapped in a constant spinning haze of poppers and the enhanced taste of cock and cum on my lips and tongue and it’s delicious remnants still thickly coating the interior of my mouth. Brooke’s voice floating distantly in the background, still lingering unintelligibly in my ears, I vaguely hear myself reply to him,

“Yes, Daddy…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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