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The sun suddenly peaked over the horizon and pierced through the clouds. Sunlight reflected off of the wing of Air New Zealand Flight 314 and hit Drake Devereaux’s face with double the intensity. His eyes fluttered open and quickly switched to squinting out his window. Morning at last, kind of. He forgot how much he hated the long flight to Japan last year. Ten and a half hours straight from San Francisco to Tokyo was almost too much to bear, but apparently it was nothing compared to this thirteen hour flight from San Fran to Auckland, New Zealand. He shook his head quickly and vigorously as to fling an idea from his head, “Aotearoa not New Zealand,” he reminded himself. He turned to sit straight in his chair and let out a powerful and exhaustive yawn and stretched his whole body. Thank God he managed to sleep through the whole flight, he couldn’t have stood being so anxious as he was when he was awake. This whole scenario hadn’t quite sunk into his brain yet. He glanced at his watch and gazed blankly at it. How could they still be 5 hours away? It was bright out when he fell asleep and… oh… the whole planet rotating thing. Unfortunate. He took a moment to lean back into his seat and went through the replay in his mind yet again.

Less than a year ago, he had started playing one of those Facebook games as a means to pass the time at his snail speed night audit job at a hotel. It was actually one with a chat room with an active community and allowed you to play with other people at the same time in the same room. It also involved strategy and effort in order to be successful. None of this, work on your farm by yourself and then leave for 2 days and everything would be hunky dory. He had come across Alyssa, a girl in his alliance that was helpful, thoughtful, fun and active. They immediately found some common ground such as being athletes and very competitive and eventually stuck by each other as they played the game. Chats went from being simple chat, to slightly flirty, to pretty straight forward, to downright dangerous, and eventually to “popping each others cyber cherries.”

They both knew that was all it was going to be but they did take advantage of it time and time again. Drake was convinced that this girl was a hell kitten in bed but had resigned himself knowing that going to New Zealand, sigh, Aotearoa was never going to happen… Not on his salary and not any time soon and never would have happened if not for that near miracle he was involved in. She was descriptive, dirty, kinky and spurred him on unlike any of the girls Drake had actually been with. He could still clearly remember the first time that they went down that path. He was nervous as hell. He’d always lambasted his friends for getting into any sort of online relationship, even if it was in the same city, and here he was about to cyber with a girl that lived 7,500 miles away. The conversation had shifted so quickly that before he knew it she was talking about being on her knees and licking his shaft. Taking his “sexy balls” in her palms before swallowing him all the way down her thr…

“Morning sir! Would you like some coffee?” The flight attendant’s voice teleported him back to his chair. He stared at her for a brief moment, smiled and declined the offer. She gave a gracious nod of the head and a devious smile and moved on. No, he needed to get back to sleep. He was started to get worked up just thinking about it. Taking a quick peak downstairs he noticed he was straining against his khakis at full mast. No wonder the flight attendant was smirking. He rolled to face the window once again, took a good look at the beautiful ocean below, closed the shutter and then his eyes.

“Laaaadies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, please follow the flight attendants orders and stay in your seats until we have been completely taxied to our gate. I know you are all anxious to get off and enjoy yourselves but for FAA safety regulations you must remain seated. We do thank you for riding with us and hope that you do enjoy beautiful New Zealand and keep on comin.” Drake was barely awake but still found that second half of that announcement to be way too filled with double entendres for his liking right now. He opened the window shutter just to make sure that they were indeed on the ground. They were… It was finally going to happen. It all finally struck him like a bolt of lightning. He had just traveled a third of the world to meet, and probably fuck, a girl that he had never seen before and would likely never see again. This had to be the longest premeditated one night stand, well six night stand, in average mankind history. Would she be just like she told him? She never showed him a picture but he didn’t care. If she could do a tenth of the things she said she could, this would be the greatest experience of his life.

What about him though… He had spent all this time building up how good he was in bed. He had never had a complaint, granted he had only been with six girls, in fact every girl couldn’t stop telling him güvenilir bahis how good he was. Mattie, his first love and lover and current best friend, still tells him to this day that he is a million times better than her fiancé Rick. Drake knew he had a little pudge after his glory days playing college football but he was still in exceptional shape as he still played sports 4 days a week and hiked or ran the rest. He stood 6’5″ tall and weighed about 275 lbs. He had lucid blue eyes, a shaved head, full goatee, and a pretty goofy looking smile. He still could bench about 355 lbs and leg press 745 lbs and even though that was a far cry from his college numbers, it was still pretty impressive. His favorite attributes about himself were his massive 10.5″ hands, his sculpted calves, and his cock was a solid and thick 7.5″. Mattie never could get her fingers to touch and it made her scream. That wasn’t what was worrying him though, Alyssa sounded a lot more experienced that he was. She regaled him with a dozen stories of boyfriends and “Mr. Right Nows.” What if he wasn’t even in her top five? Hell her top ten? What if his dick was too small for her? He knew that he had pleased all the women he had been with before but this was different somehow. Performance level is never something a guy wants to fret about and he was well beyond fretting… he was almost in panic attack mode. He looked around and saw all the people slowly starting to move forward. They must have docked already. Drake tried to move but felt paralyzed, it was like he was being physically restrained from leaving… Maybe it was a sign.

“Sir, you have to unbuckle your belt before you can leave,” the flight attendant gently whispered to him giving an almost knowing smile. Blood rushed to his face in embarrassment.

“So much for my sign,” Drake muttered underneath his breath as he tried to smoothly play his way out of this one. Everyone was looking at him… some of them staring at him further down his body. He opened his eyes a little wider and quickly walked out the plane door and tried to fix his erection that was bulging at the seams. How did she have this effect on him? Normally he was the least sex driven person he knew. He loved sex but he always downplayed its importance in a relationship. Alyssa made him want it bad… hell, it made him need it. After every “chat” they had, he would fine more and more women undeniably attractive. The hotel housekeepers, the delivery lady, the kitchen lady… hell even his 60 year old coworker was starting to look like Lucy Lawless. Great, now he was thinking of Aotearoan women to compare other women to. All this wasn’t helping the raging beast struggling to get out. It was actually starting to get physically painful.

“Bunnies! Kittens! Puppies!” Drake was spewing out anything and everything out of his mouth to get him to think about something else and kill his erection, “Paris Hilton!” Bingo! His mind recoiled a little bit and his pants became instantly more slack. “Who knew that she was actually good for killing a boner the opposite way as well,” he chuckled to himself.

“Next in line,” was shouted directly at him. He looked up. He was at the second customs checkpoint already. When did he get there? When did he even grab his luggage? He grinned to himself at the thought of him wandering through the terminal looking like a zombie. He went through the motions with the customs agent. He was going to be here 6 days, no he didn’t have any fruits or vegetables to declare, no family, he was going to be staying with a friend. He started to chuckle again. “A friend, is that what you are calling her,” he almost sighed through his teeth when he said it to himself. The agent looked up at him, smiled and directed him to how to get to the terminal lobby. This was it, he was cleared for take-off, so to speak. He nervously walked the directions just dictated to him on a pair of boneless legs. Each step was increasingly more difficult to manage as he tried to keep his composure. As he approached the large sliding glass double doors, he could see a throng of people outside waiting to pick up their family and friends. Which one was she going to be? All he had was a description of her… This was terribly ill conceived and even more poorly planned out.

As soon as he stepped through the door, he didn’t even have to scan the crowd to find her. There she was and she was more stunning than he ever though imaginable. It had to be her, 5’7″ inches and a full athletic build. She looked to be a size 6, long shimmering raven black hair down to the mid of her back, with dark brown eyes that sparkled with a burning yet reserved intensity and a smile that both melted his heart and transformed his cock into a solid piece of steel. Her lips full soft and supple and were perfectly arched on top. He could tell that she was proud of her smile and her lips just by the way she was keeping them taut while the rest of her was relaxed. Her breasts were a full size 34C and were trying to burst out of the constraining thick shirt she türkçe bahis was wearing. Her left arm was wrapped underneath her breasts and her right arm was resting on her left hand while she rested her chin on her right hand. Her shoulders were well built and had firm tone arms, she was definitely an athlete. Best of all was her skin, which was a light tan and he could tell was starting to get deeper. It was flawless in its complexion and seemed to glow with a radiant light that drew him to her. He looked back at her face which was fixated resolutely on him with a huge yet nervous smile on her face.

She saw him and the adventure was officially on.

He made a bee-line for her and when he got about 15 feet away he suddenly realized he didn’t prepare anything to say. All this time waiting and worrying and he didn’t once think of what to say. So he dropped his bags, kind of half smirked, and threw his hands up lightly as if to say, “Well I’m here, what do we do now?” She walked confidently up to him with a fiery smile and threw her arms around his neck and gave him a calm relaxing hug. At least one of them was calm with the situation. She withdrew a little bit and looked at him in the eyes and gave a small light laugh. God, her laugh was even beautiful. She drew his head down past hers and put her mouth next to his ear.

“You weren’t kidding, he is incorrigible isn’t he,” as she turned away barely sliding her firm ass along the length of his erection. He gasped for breath from both embarrassment and shock while she gave a lingering laugh, “Let’s go Iron Man.” Drake was in a trance as he followed her. He couldn’t make up his mind wear he should be staring. Be respectful and look at the back of her head, take in the sight of her beautiful hair or her toned arms and shoulders, fixate on the small of her back and her shapely ass, or follow her long slender and sexy legs. After what seemed like half an hour he decided a compromise was in order and started to alternate. She glanced back at him and laughed again, “You can stare at me all you want soon enough. Let’s just get to the car before traffic starts to pick up.” He blushed and apologized and nothing more was said all the way to the car. She had parked all the way on the bottom floor of the garage against the furthest wall and there were no other cars in sight. As if reading his mind she spoke up, “I’m always afraid that someone is going to ding my car so I make it very hard for that to happen if possible.” Smart idea he thought, you get some good exercise too from all that walking. He had packed pretty light and hit luggage fit easily into the trunk of her car. He walked around to the passenger seat and she was starting to sit down in it.

“You want me to drive?” His voice almost sounded panicked.

“Ha ha we are in Aotearoa now, passenger side is over there,” she said pointing to the other side of the car.

“Oh, right. I knew that I was just asking if you wanted me to drive.”

“Nice try!” she giggled while shaking her head slightly,” Now get your ass in the car.” Drake sauntered over to the passenger side and slid in. His cock bent at an awkward angle when he sat down and it made him wince. Hopefully this trip wouldn’t take too long just so he could walk around and hopefully relax. It was a fairly nice car and had comfortable seats, it was a nice change compared to the plane seats he was just crammed in for 13 hours. It also had an amazing amount of leg room which was great for him. He was able to stretch his legs all the way out comfortably. He glanced at Alyssa out of the corner of his eye and noticed she hadn’t started the car yet and was just sitting there staring slightly downward with her hands partially together. Maybe she was as shy and nervous as she said she was online. He had to say something.

“So… How long is the ride going to be?” was all that he could blurt out and try to keep his cool. She sat there for a couple moments longer before craning her head at him with a devious smile.

“Well the first one depends on you and the second one will take about an hour and fifteen minutes.” Drake raised his left eyebrow and furrowed his right. There were two rides? Was this a rental and they had to take a train or public transit. How did the first one depend on him? He looked around the car and noticed that it was immaculately clean and didn’t have any personal items and then spotted a sticker on the window. It was definitely a rental. He started to open his mouth to ask when her hand snaked over the middle console and found its way to his thigh, her fingers an inch away from his throbbing manhood. The light bulb above his head turned on… Oh, that ride. It started to piece together… parking in the deepest darkest spot, the very spacious and roomy rental car, the engine not being started yet… Change of thoughts, maybe she wasn’t as shy. She grinned at him and very calmly said., “Why don’t you give him some fresh air? He looks a little stuffy in there and he deserves better.”

Drake stared at her blankly with his jaw güvenilir bahis siteleri dropped a little bit. He studied her eyes and her face diligently; she was serious. He cleared his throat a little bit and cracked his neck and then started to unbutton his shorts. Her eyes were on fire as she subconsciously licked her lips and he swore he could hear her giving a deep guttural whimper. His cock was straining against his pants and he had to carefully maneuver the zipper back and forth in order to get it out and not get snagged. Her hand was rubbing more deeply into his thigh the more he worked his fly down. As soon as it got enough room, the big bulge in his underwear popped into view and made Alyssa coo. He started to reach down to fish his cock out of his boxers when she slapped his hand away.

“Sorry, but this first time I am going to be in control. The rest of your stay may end up being completely different, but this is my country and therefore I get to make the rules the first time. Now lift your hips up off the seat and let me pull these annoying things off you.” He did as he was told and she slid his shorts down to his ankle and then slithered her hand into his boxers and grabbed his cock. Her eyes lit up like she was a little girl who got just what she wanted for Christmas. “Oooooooh! I’m so glad you were telling the truth. It’s been way too long since I’ve had my hand wrapped around a piece of meat this big. Let’s see what it looks like,” and pulled his boxers all the way down. His cock sprung up and slapped him in the stomach and she jumped back slightly startled at how fast it moved. “Mmmmmmm you’re huge. Not the longest or the thickest I’ve ever had, but you may be the best combo of them all. Why don’t you lean back and enjoy yourself. Oh! Don’t you even think about touching me at all. Keep your hands to yourself the whole time or we’ll drive back with you having blue balls. This first time is all me.” Drake reached down and pulled the lever and reclined back while Alyssa reached out and grabbed his cock. Her fingers didn’t meet either and that made both of them smile. She started to pump him slowly while she stared intently at his cockhead. She licked her lips a couple of times and then bit her lower lip. She darted her eyes at him and in a deep husky sexy voice said, “Are you ready for me to eat you? To devour your cock all the way to the balls? To worship your huge dick?” Before he could answer, her lips closed around his head sucking hard and tongue swirling around the tip.

Drake felt his eyeballs roll up backwards into his head as she started pumping him while she worked the tip. He could feel her tongue sneak out from time to time and steal a taste of another part of his cock. He felt another pair of hands on his balls massaging away and he looked down to see Alyssa leaning across the console at such an angle that her head was almost in line with his body. The extra legroom made even more sense now. He could feel his arms start to rise to reach out and grab her hair or at least fondle her ass and maybe slip a finger in her from behind but stopped himself. He wasn’t sure if she was the bluffing type and decided to let this play out the first time. She moved the hand on the shaft down to the base and started to take more and more of it into her mouth leaving a longer and longer trail of spit on his cock and slurping it right back up noisily. She made slight swiveling motions with her head and it created an electric feeling up his spine. Her eyes were staring up at him with a desire he had never seen before, she truly loved sucking cock. She was amazing, almost as good as Mattie he thought, and on cue she plunged her head all the way to the base and he could feel it slide all the way to the back of her throat without a hint of gagging.

His body lurched forward and he physically grabbed the car seat keep his body from lifting off the ground. No one had ever been close to deep throating him before and she did it on a whim. Just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, he felt her tongue escape through the little space she had left and have it land on one of his balls tucked tightly underneath. She slid it back and forth over both of his balls as her eyes rolled back up into her head and she moaned in pleasure. She was so much better than Mattie, she had to be the best cocksucker in the world, hands down. She lifted her mouth off all the way to the tip and stared at him and gave him a little wink while her little pink tongue swirled around his tip. Her hand on his balls released and climbed up his shirt to his pectorals and started raking her fingernails down his chest. She resumed bobbing her head up and halfway down his shaft in rhythm with her hand and occasionally going all the way to the base and using her tongue to work its magic. Audible smacks and slurping sounds as well as moans from her and groans from him were filling the car and all of the windows were fogging up. You could have been on the other side of the lot and figured out what was going on. That was incredibly erotic for him and made his cock twitch inside her mouth causing her to whimper a little bit. She was giving him the dirtiest and best blowjob of his life, and he would rank it ahead of having sex half of the girls he had been with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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