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I moved into my aunt’s old house.

Why not! I had just taken a new job in this town and needed a place to stay. And my aunt had just moved into a retirement home and her big wish was that I should take care of the house after all.

It was a semi-detached house from the 1930s in the leafy suburbs. And since I went to work by car anyway, I didn’t mind that I had a longer way to get to my company. I was now working at the headquarters of a corporation as a marketing manager.

On the contrary, I loved living in the countryside. There was a nice, not too big garden. And the noise of the neighbours’ children didn’t bother me much either, I’m not like that.

In a few weeks I had furnished the interior of the house and also the garden according to my ideas, cut back the hedges and removed the old-fashioned wallpaper in the house and painted it fresh. I also threw out the ugly oak wall unit and replaced it with a modern set of lacquer, metal and glass. But I left the sofa, which was already so old that it was becoming hip again.

So I liked to lie in my hammock between the two plum trees after work and browse or sleep or just enjoy the surroundings. It was summertime, hot and I was glad of the shade in my garden.

My neighbour, who lived in the second half of the house, was called Karl.

I found him likeable, he was a small wiry guy with clever eyes and nimble hands. He was also not pushy, more modest, and I saw that he developed a lot of initiative in his garden.

He built his children a climbing frame with a swing, a sandbox and even a kind of tree house in the old walnut tree, and did so with great skill.

I’m not clumsy, but I thought to myself, if I ever need help, I’ll definitely ask him.

Karl had three children with his wife Christine, the older boy was nine, the girl seven and the youngest was six. The little rascals were very bright.

His wife Christine was also very nice. She had an everyday face, her bosom and bottom were quite respectable, already a little motherly thicker, and a wide waist. Otherwise, her figure would probably have been classy.

But I liked the way they brought up their children, calm and unagitated.

And I also made them relax when I explained to them that I had no problem with children who played wildly sometimes.

In the evenings, I often went with Karl to the pub for a beer when the children were asleep and his wife was still tidying up the household. Then we always had a good chat about our work or the garden. Rarely also about raising children and how that could be reconciled with married life.

These conversations were rather delicate, he didn’t go into detail, but it seemed to be a difficulty for him. I did not ask any further questions.

What struck me, however, was that he always took care of the house and garden, while Christine only looked after the children. I hardly ever saw them talking to each other. That didn’t mean that they didn’t have a good relationship, on the contrary, I had the feeling that there was a quiet harmony between them, but really ‘quiet’.

One evening, when the two of us were chatting over a beer again and the occasion was favourable, I brought up the subject of things being so harmonious between him and his wife. Karl sighed and said that Christine was really a good soul, so frugal and patient. He couldn’t wish for a better partner.

I kept silent and enjoyed this harmony with him.

— — —

My company had given me tickets for the city theatre. They were box seats for a Schiller drama. And two tickets of that.

Two tickets!

Why did they give me two?

They knew I was divorced and lived alone.

I asked Karl if he would be interested in an evening of classical theatre. Although, I could have given myself the answer in advance.

Nah, it’s not his thing.

But he wanted to ask Christine, who is more educated in cultural matters and doesn’t artemisbet yeni giriş get out of the house and away from the children enough anyway.

All right.

Karl then came and told me that Christine was thinking of coming along if Karl would put the children to bed alone.

So it was agreed that Karl would put the children to bed and Christine would come to the theatre with me.

Silently I asked myself what I was supposed to talk about with Christine all evening.

Well, we were going to the theatre, so there wasn’t much to talk about.

I picked Christine up from the front garden door at 6:30 pm and, being the old cavalier that I am, opened the door to my car for her. It was warm and the weather dry and Christine was wearing a breezy summer dress and shoes with heels. In the car I noticed that she had also taken perfume.

She seemed to really enjoy this evening, and I couldn’t blame her at all.

Always children and household, she was probably very happy to get a chance to go out.

It was then a nice conversation with Christine in the car, she was really educated and obviously interested in many different topics. She knew about politics and could also tell us about Schiller and his plays.

Respect, I thought, you think women get stupid in the household and then Christine shows me how easy it is to misjudge.

I smiled to myself.

We soon found our box in the theatre, we had seats in the second row. I offered Christine the seat with the better view.

The performance was very good, the modern direction was not to my taste — I prefer more traditional performances — but Christine told me quite a bit about the director’s ideas during the interval.

I invited her for a glass of champagne.

I watched in amazement as she finished her glass in one go. She continued to talk animatedly and I had to smile again about this person.

I silently confessed to myself that I had been wrong about Christine. I thought that unlike Karl, with whom it is no problem to find a topic of conversation, I would be bored with his wife. And then it turned out that Christine was a far more entertaining conversationalist than her husband, so eloquent and so witty!

Yes, I liked Christine!

As a conversationalist, of course, nothing more.

Then the second part began. We took our seats in our box again and Christine chortled merrily as we closed the door behind us and the lights went out.

I followed the action with interest, the actors were also really convincing.

Then I felt a touch on my leg.

I thought Christine had mistakenly touched me with the tip of her foot and paid no further attention.

But the touch happened again.

Suddenly her foot stayed on my calf!

I didn’t know what to make of it — but also remained still and didn’t move out of the way.

And then her foot brushed up and down my calf, even crawling into my trouser leg. I realised that Christine was really starting to turn me on.

I clearly felt that she had taken off her shoe and was stroking me with her bare toes.

Now something was stirring in me too. There was something truly extraordinary about the situation.

I kept at it, and so did the curious foot….

When the play was over and the lights came back on after the applause, Christine was completely normal, as if nothing had happened.

We took the car home again, but now there was no more conversation, even though the play would have given us something to talk about.

The atmosphere in the car was highly electrified.

I noticed myself extending my antennae in Christine’s direction to pick up any movement on her part. But nothing came.

Christine seemed tense too. She only cleared her throat once or twice, but otherwise her talkativeness had died down.

We arrived home and I stopped right in front of the garden entrance to her half of the artemisbet giriş house, but Christine said, “You can drive right onto your property, you don’t have to stop here.”

So I steered my car onto my property and turned off the engine.

Christine looked at me sheepishly, as if she had something on her mind:

“Can I come to you?” she asked quietly.

I thought I was dreaming.


“Don’t worry about Karl, that’s all right,” she opened up to me.

I stared at her, stunned.

How could that be all right?!?

“So you want to take me up with you? You really don’t have to think about my husband right now!”

Of course I was thinking about him!

How could I ever sit with him in peace over a beer again if I cuckolded him now with his wife?

She tried again:

“Don’t think about tomorrow! Just tell me if you want to take me with you or not!”

I was still unable to get a word out.

Christine waited a few seconds.

Then she lowered her gaze, and her head too.

“Okay. Good night then!”, she made to get out of the car.

“Wait!”, I held her back, “I’m just surprised! Of course I think you’re amazing! And I’d like you to come up with me too!”

She still didn’t seem convinced, “Do you really want to?”

“Most definitely!”, I replied.

Then we didn’t speak any more.

I opened the front door for her and she followed me as if it was our daily routine.

Then I showed her the way to the kitchen, which wasn’t necessary. Christine noted with amusement that our flats were exactly mirror images of each other and that her kitchen was probably right behind my wall. I poured us both another glass of white wine and we drank in silence.

We avoided eye contact and this time Christine also drank slowly and thoughtfully, sip by sip. When she yawned, I said it was time for bed.

“Yes,” was all she said, but made no move to leave.

So I climbed the stairs to the upper floor, Christine following without hesitation.

Secretly, I wondered where this was going.

But she did everything as if it had been a habit for a long time.

Then I packed out a fresh towel and a new toothbrush for her in the bathroom.

Christine let me into the bathroom first.

I got ready for bed and came out of the bathroom in my boxers, which I wore at night, and Christine disappeared into the bathroom.

I made an effort to be just as normal and lay down in my bed.

I had also taken over my aunt’s old marriage bed. You couldn’t get such a big behemoth nowadays. It had iron bars at the head and foot ends and squeaked quite neatly.

I was still wondering whether I should leave the light on or not. But it would probably annoy Christine when she came out of the bathroom, so I switched it off.

I heard the toilet flush, then the shower, which rushed for a long time. Then it was quiet in the bathroom.

The corridor was dark, my bedroom was dark and I waited anxiously to see what would come next.

Then the bathroom door opened, for a moment the corridor was lit, but then Christine turned out the light and everything was in darkness.

I heard her groping her way through the corridor, then probably already trotting into the bedroom. Eventually, she found the underside of the bed and traded her way along it.

I felt her settle down and the mattress move.

Then she lay still.

“So good n…!”

‘Night’ I was about to say, but a violent movement from the other side interrupted me.

Christine rolled on me, pushed my duvet aside and was on top of me in an instant.

She was stark naked!

Her hands had felt my face and now she was kissing me with warm, soft lips that I couldn’t breathe, let alone speak!

Christine kissed well, very, very well!

Everything about her was warm and soft. How could I resist!

I also decided subconsciously that today was artemisbet güvenilirmi today and tomorrow was tomorrow.

We forgot everything around us.

In complete darkness, I explored her hot body with gentle hands.

Christine did the same to me.

When she got to my boxer shorts, she was on them very quickly and pulled them off my body.

She already had my friend in her hand and massaged him with strong movements, without stopping to kiss me covetously.

“Oh, so big!” she interrupted briefly before sticking her wild tongue back into my mouth.

This woman was ravenous — it popped into my head.

That’s why she wanted to come with me so badly.

And that was why she was making me so hot now.

So it should be fine with me.

I wanted her just as much.

We really fell for each other.

She now pushed herself all over me and sat directly on my stiff upward penis and slid back and forth on it. Bending over in front, she offered me her big breasts.

I took hold of them and massaged them well. My mouth sought her bare boobs.

Christine sighed and moaned as I sucked on her nipples.

But after a while, that wasn’t enough for her.

She reached down, grabbed my penis and guided it to where it was supposed to go in.

I felt my member being welcomed by warm wetness as she ran my thing up and down her cleft.

Then she put the tip at her entrance and slowly and painstakingly she let herself be impaled by my peg.

It was so horny!

Then, after struggling for a while, inch by inch, trying to push it inside her, Christine began to move carefully up and down.

The moan she made as she did so came from deep in her heart.

It smacked as she slid up my hard pole and sank it back into her womb.

Then she increased the tempo, bobbing her wide bum on my hard pipe.

She rode me like the devil!

I had to hold on to the headboard of my bed.

I was afraid she would tear out my penis, she was riding me so fucking hot.

The bed groaned under her violent thrusts, she moaned loudly, we did it unrestrained like animals.

Christine knew no holding back, the iron frame bumped against the wall so quickly that I pulled my fingers in before they were pinched.

The bed bumped against the wall with every push.

The bed springs squeaked in time.

And Christine moaned loudly and uncontrollably.

Wham… wham… wham…!


Oh God… ohh yeeaa…. oh my God…!

It was a symphony of lust.

Then it came to her with tremendous power.

I could tell that she forgot everything around her in her orgasm.

Immediately afterwards, I too reached my climax. I thrust madly into her from underneath and squirted deep into her womb.

Exhausted, she sank down on me.

Once again our mouths merged in a long, deep kiss.

We stroked each other, heated as we were. I couldn’t get enough of her motherly round, soft and lustful body.

Then we fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to Christine sneaking out of bed.

It was already dawn outside.

When she saw me open my eyes, she came close to my face and kissed me deeply again.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she whispered happily to me, then rose and left.

I could still admire her desirable backside in the semi-darkness as she grabbed her clothes and disappeared downstairs. Shortly afterwards, I heard the front door slam shut.

I was just getting ready to leave in my bedroom.

I was running extra late today when I heard my neighbours talking through the wall.

Horrified, I realised how much could be heard from the other side.

Why had I never noticed that?

Karl must have overheard everything from his wife and me yesterday!

As loud as we were and there was only this thin wall between us!

I put on my ear to maybe catch something, but still I couldn’t hear the individual words clearly.

Could I trust my ears?

But it seemed as if Karl was asking his wife: “How was it? Did you get what you ordered!”

His wife replied something like, “Oh, it was so marvellous!”

And he: “Well, that’s good then…”

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