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I’d been with my boyfriend for about a year when I found myself awake beside his sleeping form one night. We had always used condoms when we made love, mostly out of his fear of getting me pregnant. I have never had unprotected sex with anyone I’d dated in my life. I wanted it to be with the right person.

Lately I had been going online and finding stories and videos where the men cum inside the women. I was fascinated by the idea of what it would feel like. It always made me wet to see the cum dripping from their pussies. I would masturbate to the images, but the fear kept me from doing it.

So I was lying on my side with him spooned up against me. I always liked feeling his strong chest against my back. I think I may have dozed off for a few minutes when a familiar feeling against my ass woke me up. It was Andy’s hard cock. I wondered about what dirty dreams he was having. Were they about me?

I began to have my own fantasies of him taking me, sliding his hard, uncovered cock inside me and fucking me senseless before he emptied his seed inside me. I began to get wet at the idea. I lightly rubbed my clit, not really intending to get myself off. I just wanted to feel that delicious arousal for a while before I fell back into sleep. But the persistent feeling of Andy’s perfect penis spawned thoughts that I was supposed to be keeping suppressed. I slowly spread my legs under the blankets and allowed him to slide his cock between them. He wasn’t going inside me at that point. Just rubbing between my wet thighs. I had never let him do that before, and the feeling was indescribable.

His cock ran between the lips of my pussy, along my clit. I could feel every inch of him, every vein that the condom usually smoothed out. I moaned quietly in the semi-darkness of our room… I made up my mind. There was a primal need in me. An urge that I could not control. I needed to feel that cock inside me, filling me. kaçak iddaa I pulled away from him a little ways, and lay there for a minute or so to let him settle back to sleep. I held his cock in my hand and gave it a little squeeze to keep it hard. Once I was satisfied that he was back asleep, I turned to face him. I looked at the man I loved, enjoying his jet black hair, his broad shoulders, his tight six-pack stomach.

I was busy looking at him and wondered how I was going to get him inside me without waking him. The question was answered for me when he rolled onto his back. I smiled, thrilled that my dream was about to come true. He had softened a bit, but that was no problem. I slid my body down and took his cock into my mouth. I always loved the way he tasted, the way he felt. He hardened quickly and I let him fall out. I kissed his chest as I rose to my knees beside him. All fear was gone, replaced by intense need to be filled by him.

I took his cock in my hand as a knelt astride him, not letting my weight press too hard on him for fear of waking him too early in my plan. I held him there and lowered myself a bit, feeling the touch of his cock against my labia. There was nothing but skin between us. Skin, my juices, and his precum. I nearly came just from knowing that I was finally getting what I wanted. I lowered myself a few more inches and felt my vaginal lips parting, taking him inside me. I gasped at the welcome “intrusion” and loved the familiar fullness. A few more inches and he was buried all the way in me. The sensation was amazing. Nothing but his skin was there. No nasty rubber getting in the way. I don’t think I could ever use it again. Not now. I raised myself and felt him retreat from me. I had ever been this turned on.. Never been this wet. But I needed more. I slid down on him again and again. I closed my eyes to savor the feelings that were coursing

through my body as I slowly rode him. kaçak bahis My nipples were stiff. My breath was ragged. I knew I was close to orgasm so I rubbed my clitoris for that little push over the cliff. Then I felt a pair of hands on my waist. I opened my eyes and saw Andy looking up at me.

“What’s going on, babe?” He asked.

I put a finger to his lips and said “Shhhh… Doesn’t this feel good? Don’t you just love how good my pussy feels on your cock?”

He moaned in appreciation and started thrusting his hips up at me. I leaned down and kissed him deeply. He pulled away for a second and said “Wait… I’m not wearing a condom!”

“I know, love. Doesn’t it feel good?”

“Oh God yes!”

His excited words enflamed my passions even more and I started bucking hard down at him. He grabbed my hips and began to match me, move for move. He was so deep in me, the lack of a condom increasing the delicious friction. I could feel his arms slowly make his way up my back as he sat up. He kissed me deeply and ran his hands down my back. I felt him squeeze my ass. Before I knew what was happening, he turned me over onto my back. I realized that he had never left my pussy. He thrust deep inside me. He leaned down and grabbed my wrists. He pulled my hands over my head and held me down. He had never done this before. I looked up at him and saw, not my boyfriend, but a lust fueled madman. For him, there was nothing else in the world outside of our bed. His thrusts came into me faster, harder. I moved to where his cock was rubbing my clit while he fucked me hard. I could feel his lips everywhere; my lips, my neck, my earlobes. He was no longer concerned about technique. There was nothing rational in the way he was making love to me. I loved every second of it. I had never been so turned on as I was in that moment. I could feel my orgasm building in a steady pace. I wanted to hold out until he was close, but I was no illegal bahis longer a true participant in the affair. It was a collaboration between his divine cock and my very willing body. He seemed to regain some measure of self control. He released my wrists and slowed his thrusts. I looked up at him, almost angrily.

“What the fuck are you doing? I’m so close!”

“I’m almost there too. Are you sure you want me to…”

“FUCK ME YOU BASTARD! I need you to fill me with your seed!”

His thrusts resumed without another word from him. I could feel the waves of pleasure building again, this time faster than ever. If possible, his cock got harder than I had ever felt him. I could tell that he was close to orgasm, which accelerated my own.

He locked his elbows under my knees and brought them up to his shoulders. Using my legs as leverage he began to pound into me deeper.

I could feel his cock expand within me. It was happening. My eyes were closed from the intense pleasure,

“Chloe!” Andy’s voice came to me, as if out of a dream. I opened my eyes, seconds before he opened his. Our eyes locked. I could see the hedonistic pleasure on his face as he began to cum. Powerful streams of warmth spread through my pussy. I could feel it radiating through my entire body, triggering my own orgasm. Waves of overwhelming ectasy rolled over every part of my body. I could feel his cock throbbing within me, pumping more sperm into me. I’m sure Andy could feel my vaginal walls close around his penis. I lost track of how many orgasms I was having. As soon as one would end, Andy’s thrusting would trigger another.

Eventually exhaustion won out over pleasure, and our movements slowed. Our breaths ragged, Andy let my legs down and fell to my side, holding and kissing me and whispering words of love. I wasn’t listening though. I was concentrating on the feeling of my filled pussy. I dipped a finger in and brought it to my lips, tasting the sweetness of our mixed juices. It was the most delectable thing I had ever tasted. I knew at that moment that as long as I was with Andy, I would never use another condom again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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