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What was I thinking, running into a library this late at night? Problem is, I didn’t have a choice. She was on my tail, pretty much literally. Friggin’ full moon, anyway. Slipped my mind, honestly.

Luckily, none of the lights had come on. Cheap security. Maybe that meant I wouldn’t have to deal with cops as well as a Hunter.

“Come now, loup.” her voice came through the window I had broken through. “Hiding in the dark? That’s not going to help.” I could almost hear the smile in her voice. “I’m not afraid of the dark.”

“Be afraid of what’s in the dark, chere,” I called back, looking for any any advantage I could get over a woman about half my size carrying a gun. I growled low and moved quietly up the ramp toward science fiction and fantasy. I heard her chasing me, her breathing still normal, her heart rate still steady.

I grabbed the first large book I found, dug my claws into it, spun, ducked her first shot and launched the book, ‘The complete Works of Isaac Asimov,’ and heard her bounce into the wall to dodge it.

I grabbed two more books and threw them, one slamming into the wall behind her and the other hit her arm, but not her gun arm. Another shot went off, a bit high, causing a dusting of plaster to fall from the ceiling.

I threw everything I could reach, from Spider Williams to Douglas Adams. Then, I came up with a plan.

I threw one book but waiting a fraction of a second before throwing the second. I threw that one low. The first had been at her head, which she deflected with her arm the other was at one of the weak spots in her armor: her ankles.

I heard the smack of book spine on bone and heard her cry out, firing a wild shot, her third, as she rolled behind a row of shelves for cover. Perfect. I turned and pushed the shelf next to me, putting all of my five hundred and some odd pounds of body weight behind it. It went over like a domino, just like every one that followed. She screamed and scrambled, but I could tell which direction. I ran, looking for an easy way out. Not that another window wouldn’t work, but I did have consideration for the people who’d have to clean this up.

Her gun went off and a shot whizzed by my ear. I turned and she was hauling herself out from under the collapsed shelving, gun in one hand, pulling with the other. What a woman. And to think that at one point, we had been lovers. Then the damned Scent kicked in.

We had been dating for a while when we decided to become intimate. I was worried about telling her what I was, but she seemed to just brush off my attempts to explain, saying whatever it was, we’d güvenilir bahis figure it out when we came to it. We spent hours exploring each other’s bodies with hands, fingers and mouths.

As we lay together, sweat sticking a sheet to us, she suddenly screamed and grabbed her head. She rolled off the bed, thumping to the floor and began puking her dinner onto the carpet.

I sighed and put my head in my hands, having seen this reaction before. She had felt, for the very first time, the Scent. Her mind was overwhelmed with all of the olfactory input that comes with being a Hunter. We was buffeting her the most right then was my scent. We have a pretty strong smell, that usually undetectable to humans but readily available to others of my kind and to the Hunters.

I let her go until she had nothing left in her stomach and then watched as she passed out. I picked her up on my shoulder and walked out the door to the balcony. I took in the night air with a deep breath and leapt into the darkness, changing in mid-jump.

A few minutes later, minutes I spent questioning my decision, I brought her to the doorstep of the Refuge, home of the Hunters. I was definitely on enemy turf.

As I lay her on the stoop, the door opened and I jumped back, claws ready, fangs bared, but they were just Brothers. These two were part of the unarmed, holy branch of the Hunters.

“We smelled you coming, Beast. Why bring us this one?”

“She has the Scent. She will make you another fine Hunter.”

They looked at each other and gently lifted her and took her inside , the door shutting behind them. And not even an invitation for a drink. How rude.

They trained her, taught her to use her gists. They trained her in hand-to-hand combat, evasion, hunting, firearms. Everything it took to kill us. She learned very well.

Which brings us back to the library.

Another shot cracked, taking one of the library computers out in a shower of sparks. That was shot number four. I was definitely counting. I turned and bounded up the stars to my left on all fours and headed to the second floor.

As I reached the top of the stairs, I spied a book cart that someone had forgotten to put away. I lifted it over mu head and waiting for her to show so I could cave her skull in. Well, it was either her or me.

I waited a full ten seconds, knowing she had been right behind me. I realized something was wrong. I hadn’t hurt her that bad. Yet. That was when I heard the ding of the elevator.

She rolled out, snapping off another quick shot. It hit the cart in my hands and threw it backwards. güvenilir bahis siteleri She wasn’t using a woman’s little purse fun. As I stood there stunned, she leveled the barrel at me.

“This is it, loup. It ends here.” She pulled the trigger as I dove to my left, into the stacks. Cat and mouse began again.

Books countered bullets. Ducks covered dodges. This went on for what seemed like a small eternity. Then, luck favored me.

As, fast as I am, I can’t evade everything. She managed to graze my arm with a slug. I kept trying to escape, but she was blocking the windows. She knew this and pressed her advantage by rounding a corner and running full speed at me. She just didn’t see the stool in the aisle.

She his the ground hard, the gun bouncing from her grip as it hit the floor. It stopped by my feet. She started coughing, trying to get air back in her lungs. As any predator worth his salt would do, I took advantage.

I crawled up to her, keeping an eye out for any tricks. I rolled her onto her back and clamped my hand around her throat, my claws digging into the soft flesh. I grabbed the collar of her armor and pulled, the straps snapping. I tossed the armor away and instinctively fought to protect her throat. That wasn’t what I was after, though.

Using my knee to hold down her arm, I tore the waist of her pants and ripped downward, revealing her crotch. I could smell her getting wet. Some people are full of surprises.

When she realized what I was after, she doubled her efforts to get loose. Not that it did any good. I leaned close to her face and growled low. Her top lip pulled back from her teeth, showing her fighting spirit.

I released her throat and grabbed her hair, pulling her head up so she could see what I was going to use to take what I wanted. Before the change, I was average. After the change…well, let’s just say that that there was something about being a ‘bigger’ man. I went from an average six or so inches to a full ten inches with proportional girth, almost six inches around. She was going to get every inch.

She was getting her first look, her jaw hanging open, her struggles ceasing. I forced my knee between her thighs and shoved them apart. She quickly gained her composure and started fighting back, aiming blows at my throat, my eyes, my nose, anywhere she knew I was sensitive. I could pretty much ignore her attacks, given my strength. I reached down and grabbed her left leg just below the knee and forced it back by her shoulder and leaned into her, my engorged cockhead against her wetness. A silent scream forming her mouth iddaa siteleri into an ‘o’ as I started to stretch her out.

I leaned down and looked into her eyes, growling low. She stared back, her face a mixture of pain and lust. She whispered, “Take me, loup. Make me yours.”

I pushed into her slowly, letting her adjust to my size. She whimpered quietly, a testament to her strength. Inch by agonizing inch crept into her pussy, finally reaching bottom, the base of my cock against her clitoris.

I withdrew just as slowly, her muscles closing up behind me. She sighed as I almost popped out, but then screamed as I shoved half the length back in in one stroke. I held still and she adapted, so I crammed every last inch of my rod into her. I began power stroking into her hole, a small cry escaping her lips with each powerful thrust.

I felt a spasm run through her body and then she began to shake, her whole body trying to contort as she had the fastest orgasm I’d ever given her. It lasted a full minute, her eyes rolled back and her breath catching in her throat.

As she came back down, I continued thrusting, rocking her whole body with each stroke. I grunted with the force, matching her whimpers one for one. I had never felt such power, throwing almost all caution to the wind as I pounded her.

I felt my load starting to rise and was almost caught off guard as her right hand came up off the floor, a silver dagger clenched in her fist aimed at my heart. I barely managed to get my arm up in time, but I swatted the knife away and heard it clatter on the floor.

With a snarl, I grabbed her throat in my hand and laid into her with almost everything I had, not caring if I broke bones or not. As I felt my cock start to explode, I let go of her neck and clamped onto it with my teeth, tearing out a chunk of her skin as my sperm erupted into her. My virus-carrying saliva mixed with her wound and I knew it was only a matter of minutes until she was turned.

I looked down at her, both hands pressed to her neck to staunch the blood, a losing battle, though her now changing blood would take care of that.

I crept away and grabbed her gun from the floor, taking a moment with it before bringing it back and tossing it down next to her head. “You only have a moment, chere. Use it.”

“Why,” she asked.

“Because at one point, we loved each other.” I turned and started to walk away. I heard the dry click of the hammer on an empty chamber. “And then you tried to kill me,” I said quietly as I continued walking. The clicks continued as I left. When I reached the ground floor, she wailed, venting her anger and her sadness.

When I reached the pavement outside, I let the unspent bullets drop to the ground with a clink. After taking a deep breath, I hurried off into the night, knowing that this wasn’t over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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