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She turned over on her back, in the dark, her head leaning towards the shimmering light of the moon streaking through the curtains. It had to be after midnight. Her body felt sore as she stretched like a cat under the cool sheets. Then she felt it, a presence in the room, a dark shadow sitting in the far corner. She had wondered if he would come tonight and now she knew. She sat up in bed, leaning back on her hands for support as her eyes adjusted to the darkness, peering at him. He hadn’t said a word, and she didn’t expect him to. Butterflies danced in her stomach as she waited for him to move, to say something. He sat so quiet in the shadows watching her. How long had he been there, she had to wonder. He slowly got up and walked toward the bed. His stocky frame looming above her, his expression still shrouded in darkness. She saw some unidentifiable thing in his hand and her heart quickened. Scooting back up against the headboard, she pulled her knees up to her chest, drawing the sheet with her.

She watched him approach and sit down close to her on the bed, his eyes watching her intently. He reached out and cupped his hand around the back of her head, drawing her face close to his, her mouth parted in invitation. He kissed her deeply, his tongue thrusting into her mouth possessively as his hands snared into her hair, twisting painfully. She whimpered into his mouth as she kissed him back, her body trembling with the unknown of what the night had in store for her. She felt him pull the sheet down and away from her body slowly, exposing her naked flesh. Her nipples immediately hardened in the cool air making her tremble more. He grabbed one of her nipples in his fingers, twisting painfully and pulling it away from her body. She couldn’t help but squirm on the bed, trying to get away from the painful twist. He pulled his head back away from her, breaking the kiss, his face still inches from hers.

Turning towards her on the bed, he pushed her knee wide, looking down at her body, his eyes glinting in the dark. She watched as his hand trailed down her inner thigh to her sex, his shoulder pushing her knee out wider. Without warning, his fingers spread between her lips and thrust into her tight hole to the hilt. She cried out at the sudden invasion but didn’t stop him. He was staring at her so closely she could feel the heat of his breath on her lips. Her face blushed as she realized how wet she already was and how much she wanted him to use her. She felt his fingers pull out a bit before he thrust them back in, his thumb crushing her clit in the process. His thumb moved back and forth over her clit, rolling it from side to side, the sensation nearly making her cum. She sucked in her breath trying not to rock her hips against his probing fingers. She could feel the pressure start to build between her legs, his fingers stroking back and forth deep inside her. His other hand continued to pull on her nipple, stinging pain washing through her body, making the pleasure between her legs all the more exquisite.

Against her will, her body betraying her, she started to rock against his fingers, her mouth open, panting softly, the sound filling the dark room. She felt the urgency start to build, pleasure swirling through her belly, her pussy clamping down on his fingers. She licked her dry lips, gulping as her panting increased. His tongue snaked out to caress her full bottom lip as she panted into his mouth. He bit down on her lip suddenly, pulling it towards him into a kiss. Picking up tempo he fingers drove in and out of her, each thrust thumping up against her swollen hard clit, each time a shock of pleasure shooting through her. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders trying to pull him closer as she felt the driving force of his fingers pushing her closer to the edge of cumming.

He broke the kiss once again staring into her eyes as she felt the walls of her pussy contract in a spasm. Whimpering out, she begged to cum. “Can I? Cannn I pleaseeee?” She saw him shake his head and she whimpered, her head dropping against his forehead as she tried to concentrate on not cumming. The torment was exquisite as he slowed but continued fingering her. The intense pleasure danced along the walls of her pussy as they convulsed and clutched to his fingers.

He suddenly stopped and pulled back away from her, his hands slipping bahis siteleri from her pussy, leaving her empty. He lifted his hand and held it between them. She tentatively leaned forward to clean his fingers, tasting the salty sweet pussy juice, unsure if that was what he wanted her to do. Her brow furrowed at the taste, never having tasted a woman’s juice before, she pulled her head back and was about to shake her head when he pinched down on one of her nipples again, harder than he had before. She winced in pain, immediately her tongue lapped at his fingers as sensuously as she could, all the while, her eyes watching his face. She was doing what he wanted.

He watched her intently, his eyes dark and intense. His brown hair nearly black in the shadows of the night. Once she finished licking his fingers clean, he grabbed her hair, clutching the long strands, he slowly pulled her off the bed and onto the floor down on her knees in front of him. He stood up and waited, his hands still buried in her hair. The dark jeans he was wearing covered the visibly hard bulge that now was directly in her face. Reacting on instinct, she assumed he wanted her to take off his pants and suck his cock so she lifted her hands to start unbuttoning his jeans but before she could that, his other hand slapped her hands away. She jerked back, rubbing the sting away in front of her.

She looked up at him as he pushed her face into his crotch by her hair, she whimpered, her scalp stinging. He pulled her head back and she knew what she had to do. Leaning in on her own, she took the button into her mouth, her face pushing and pressing against his crotch for leverage. Getting it unfastened took a few tries, but he didn’t rush her, he merely guided her with his hand in her hair. She felt victorious when the button finally sprung free. With the button unfastened, she nuzzled his crotch to grab at the zipper, his hard shaft pressing against her throat. She grabbed the metal zipper with her teeth and pulled down, opening the front of his jeans. Inching the front of his pants open with her nose, she mewed softly against him. The intoxicating scent of him reached her nose as she tried to spring his cock free from its confines. Grabbing the jeans fabric in her teeth, she pulled down on one side, inching his pants down. She moved to the other side to do the same. She repeated the process until his pants slipped from his hips, his rigid cock springing free.

She looked up at him again, seeing that he was watching her, a small smirk on his lips. He looked pleased, if he ever could look pleased. One hand on his hip, the other still buried in her hair, it seemed as if he is waiting. She opens her mouth to reach for the end of his cock, all the while her eyes still watching his face, looking for approval. Her tongue snaked out to lick at the bulbous head, taking the thick head into her hot mouth. She felt the pressure on the back of her head pushing her mouth deeper onto his cock. Keeping it in her mouth, he switched positions with her, pressing her against the side of the bed, still standing in front of her, he let go of her head and reached down to grab her both wrists. Pulling her hands out to the sides and straight, he pressed her head against the bed forcing more of his cock into her mouth.

She felt the air cut off by his cock making her and squirmed beneath him on the floor, her hands clenching and unclenching in desperation. He pulled out a bit, letting her breath, her nostrils flaring sucking in precious air. Her eyes wide and wild, her head pinned against the bed, eyes watering, he slowly pressed back into her mouth and deep into her throat, grinding his hips against her face. He held her there for a second until she started struggling once again, her body going rigid. She tried to pull her wrists from his hands but he was too strong for her. Feeling a little lightheaded she felt him pull back again, allowing her to breath. Her mouth slack and sucking in air, he pulled her arms in and pressed them against his stomach, holding them in place, he started fucking her mouth, each thrust forcing his cock down her throat. Her eyes watered and with tears running down her face, she tried to suck in air when she could between each thrust. She could hear his deep breathing as he picked up his pace, thrusting at her mouth, her wrists pinned to canlı bahis siteleri his chest. A feeling of helplessness seeped into her soul as she fought against the onslaught of his powerful thrusts. She tried desperately to keep her mouth as wide as possible and her teeth away from his cock.

She didn’t know how long he had fucked her mouth but her throat and mouth were sore. He was making it very clear that her mouth was a fuckhole for his cock and it was going to be used thoroughly. Her chin glistened with her own saliva as strands ran down out of her mouth, covering her chin and bare chest. Through the abuse of her mouth, she felt the heat churning between her legs and her own juices leak down the crack of her ass. Even with her mouth aching and the lack of air, she only wanted to please him and his telling grunts said that she was. Not that he would ever tell her as much, his compliments so rare that even the slightest one made her faint with pleasure.

He twisted out on her wrists, forcing her shoulders forward, pushing his cock deeper into her throat making her whine and begin to cry in earnest. Her throat burning and raw, she wasn’t sure how much more pounding she could take. It was moments like this that she felt the most vulnerable and submissive to him. When he forced her to the point of total surrender and then pushed her over the limit of her own endurance. She began to struggle, openly crying, her head pinned to the bed by his hips, her wrists twisted painfully. She knew she wouldn’t win but she had to try. It was the struggle between them. He would push until she fought, and ultimately he would win, proving without a doubt his dominance over her, and her forced surrender. Later she would be filled with regret and try harder to please him but now all she could do was try to get free. The pounding against her face hurt. Her throat and chest burned as she struggled to get air, her senses turning hazy as she knew it was useless. He wouldn’t stop until she gave in and stopped struggling. She knew it but every instinct said to fight. Her body was tiring as it squirmed and thrashed on the floor. Just stop struggling, her brain screamed, just give in. Her body wouldn’t do it. She felt the haze cloud her senses, her body twitching in exhaustion.

Finally, she gave in and went limp beneath him, unable to struggle anymore, yet the pounding continued. For a moment she hated him, hated what he was doing and knowing she couldn’t stop him. She knew he wanted her surrender to be real, not fake to get him to stop. He pressed one last time, cutting off her air completely. She stiffened in response but didn’t try to throw him off. It felt like an eternity, her air cut off, his groin pressing against her face as her eyes fluttered closed, giving in to the moment and to him.

She relaxed her body; surrendering. Immediately, he pulled out of her mouth and stepped back. She choked and gasped in air, her head dropping down as spit trailed out of her mouth and down her body. He let go of her hands and let them drop to her side limp. Grabbing her hair once again he pulled her up onto the bed. Her body trembled from the brutal mouth fucking, her throat and mouth raw from his use.

He threw her down on the bed, turned and grabbed some rope. She watched in fascinated horror as he took a contraption out of a bag on the floor, and approached. It was two parallel bars with fasteners on each end. Fighting the urge to scramble away, she watched as he took both breasts and slipped in between the bars, tightening each end squeezing her full breasts painfully. She winced as the bars bit painfully into her flesh, making her whimper. It took every ounce of will power not to push him away. He flicked at each throbbing nipple, sending shots of pain through her chest. She could see a small smile on his face as she whimpered and suffered in pain. He then tied some rope around each ankle and forced her legs up high and back. He tied the end of the rope to the each bar capturing her breasts. If she tried to pull her legs down, it would pull painfully on her swollen breasts. She couldn’t believe he hadn’t tied her arms. How would she endure this if her arms were free to hold her legs or push him away? She struggled to not grab her knees for support. She tried to focus on him and not the pain her body was suffering when he stepped canlı bahis away to take off the remainder of his clothes.

Advancing on her, she saw his cock was still hard and ready to take her. He had a small bottle with a long spout in his hand. He stepped up between her legs and unceremoniously thrust the tip of the long spout into her ass. She gasped as she felt the cool lube fill her bowels. He pulled it out of her and then slipped it back in, filling her some more, coating the inner lining of her guts. She groaned knowing what was coming next. This was her punishment for struggling, she knew it. If she had taken his cock in throat without fighting, he would have most likely taken her slow and allowed her to cum. But now, she knew neither would be the case.

At least he was using lube, and suddenly she was grateful. She was about to be ass fucked but at least it wouldn’t be dry. She saw him coat up his cock and step up between her bound legs, each leg on the outside of his torso. Even during the fucking she would need to hold her legs up on her own. He reached down and pinned one of her arm to the bed, taking the base of his cock in his hand and positioned it at her hole. He pressed against her tight hole, slipping the head in almost passed the tight ring. He reached down and pinned her other wrist to the bed by the side of her head. He leaned down over her, crushing her swollen red breasts, until his mouth was just above hers, his eyes watching her. She waited, knowing what was going to come next, trembling in anticipation for the pain she was about to endure.

In one sudden thrust, he buried his cock deep into her guts ripping a scream from her throat right into his mouth. He pinned her mouth with his as she cried out, his cock pulling out almost all the way to thrust it back in deep. Her asshole felt as if it was being ripped in two by his cock, so full and thick, it tore at the lining of her ass walls. He continued to kiss her as she whimpered and whined into his mouth, it seeming as if her cries made him swell harder in her guts. He started driving in and out of her ass with brutal thrusts, his hands pinning her wrists to the bed, her legs bouncing and pulling on her swollen red breasts. Her whole body ached with pain as he fucked her. She couldn’t help but cry as he pounded her ass in punishing thrusts even with the lube. She tried to kiss him back, turn him on more so he would come and end her torment but she knew he had endurance and her suffering would go on. He pulled up from her mouth and continued to watch her, his own breathing heavy as his eyes were filled with desire. She felt him pop out of her ass, only to thrust it back in quickly, producing more pain from the tight stretched inner muscle of her ass. She tried to focus on keeping it open for him to ease the pain. Her thigh muscles were already starting to burn trying to keep her legs up and back so they wouldn’t pull on her breasts. He kept thrusting into her with long hard strokes, popping it out of her ass then piercing it once again all the way to the hilt, then grinding against her ass, his balls smashed up against her ass cheeks.

This is what she wanted. She wanted to be used by him, to please him regardless of her suffering. And she was suffering, her whole body in agony. She had to give in to the pain and let go. She fought it and it made her suffer more. She felt her ass get accustomed to the size of his cock and the depth he was hitting and the pain started to fade. Her breasts went numb and that pain slowly ebbed away as well. Soon all she felt was the consuming thrust of his cock and the weight of his body deliciously on her body, every ounce of him consuming her. All her senses were focused on the thrust of his cock punishing her body, using her, and in turn pleasing him. She felt her mind focus where she thought of nothing other than pleasing him and his needs. He continued to thrust into her, grunts escaping his lips. She knew he was close and soon he would fill her up with his seed and swell in her guts, making it more painful for her but pleasurable for him. This is what she wanted and needed. She didn’t need pleasure as long as he was pleased.

She felt him stiffen and jerk inside of her, one last pounding thrust deep up to the hilt and he came. She felt her guts being washed with his seed as her body violently shook beneath him. She felt the full weight of his body as he collapsed on top of her, smashing her breasts painfully waking them up. She had long given up fighting the pain– as usual he had won.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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