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The room was dark, the color of the dark water casting waves on the white, pristine walls. The house screamed opulence and wealth. He was standing naked near the massage table completely naked. His six pack rippling as he bent to pick his cell phone and turned it off. His long hair was tied behind in a pony tail, the brown and black and gold mixing and molding itself together. He stood tall at6’2″, his silvery blue eyes cold and piercing. He heard the click of her heels and turned his head. She wore a short black skirt that touched fell to mid-thigh. Leaving an inch of snow white skin naked, the rest of her long legs was covered in black fishnet stockings. Her 4 inch heels clicked on the marble as she walked towards him. Her hips were round, perfectly curved. Her white shirt was tied just under her breasts, a good 38 D that spilled over her unbuttoned shirt showing the black bustier on the inside that did its job perfectly. Her face was cute, she was no beauty. Her lips were red and glossy her baby doll eyes wide as she started at her member that was beginning to show itself.

“You must be the masseuse.” he said, unnecessarily.

“Yes sir. I’m Daphne, your assigned masseuse for the week. It you could just lie down on the table, I’ll begin.” She was in awe of this man. She had heard from her colleagues about him. He always requested a masseuse to be sent from the agency and always at night. And the girls who were assigned were tight-lipped about what happened, but with those who had been with him earlier, they only had a knowing glance to share. He has some body, she thought. His six pack and his well defined pecs showed off his lean structure. And, oh my, she couldn’t even look below his navel without blushing and feeling tingly all over. He was biiiigg!!

“I’m ready” his deep throaty voice said and she jumped. He was already on the table face down and she chastised herself. She didn’t want to mess this up, she needed to impress him to impress her boss!

“Oh sorry, I was just placing the oil bottles.” she covered quickly.

He said nothing and taking his silence as annoyance she rubbed the oil in her palms quickly and started. She was rubbing his foot and getting all the essential points but she just could fuck not keep her eyes off the man’s butt! bahis şirketleri It was perfect! If only I could bite it, she thought and smiled to herself. It wouldn’t do, she told herself. Now behave D, and be a good masseuse and give this man a rub down he’ll never forget!

She moved ahead and started doing his calves. They were sprinkled lightly with dark hair and she liked the contrast of her smooth skin and its coarse surface. She now moved her hands up and was massaging his thighs. She wondered how much he worked out for them to be so strong and hard. She thought of the other part of his anatomy that was also hard and giggled.

“What’s funny?” he asked and she jumped.

“Oh, oh nothing, nothing.”

“Hmm. I would rather you do my front than my back now.”

“Oh, okay.” She was petrified. She couldn’t afford to disappoint him and told herself again to behave! Hot men always turned her into a walking talking klutz but this time the man in front of her was beyond hot, he was sizzling!!! And when he turned around she had to bite her lips to keep from groaning. His body was like that of a Greek god, narrow, strong, broad shouldered, hard and spectacular!

“You can do the chest first.” he said.

Front massages were rare but some people did prefer it. She turned around to rub more oil in her hands and turned back. The table was angled near a wall and she has no place to move forward to be near his front.

He seemed to understand her trouble and said,

“Why don’t you climb up?”

“Oh!” she said and her heart stopped for a second.

“Sure. Yes, that would give more pressure.”

She climbed on the table and sat down on his abdomen. Bending down she stretched her arm and started massaging his shoulders. She couldn’t tell if her eyes were open.

He was smiling silently having the woman exactly where he wanted her to be. He could see her breast, most of it spilling out of her useless bra. Her oils were now placed above his head on the table.

“Do you have any scented oil on you?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, I do. I’ll use them.” she said and tried to get up.

“Why don’t you just move forward and reach out?” he suggested, grinning wickedly.

She smiled back, shyly and nodded. She slid above his body, her butt sliding bahis firmaları up his abs and making his dick elongate painfully. She bent forward again and the knot of her shirt was right above his face. It was irresistible and he moved up and opened the knot with his teeth. She was busy looking for the right bottle and didn’t realize her shirt was undone. Grinning now, he used his teeth and tactfully opened the front clasp of her bra.

Her breasts pushed free her lace cups and spilled out generously into his open mouth. He heard her gasp when he sucked on one tight nipple and roughly bit its tip.

“Oh ooohh…” she moaned as he laved her nipple with his tongue and kept sucking, his jaw working hard. She didn’t know what had happened but the sensations running up and down her body rendered her senseless and speechless. She heard a pop when he left her left breast and moved to the right one and started sucking on it like a pro. He nearly swallowed her boob as he kept taking more of her flesh in and kept biting it now and then painfully. She was totally aroused and his cock was shuddering in need. He licked her middle and she moved down him and finally found his mouth with hers. The kiss was rough and hard and fast. His taste was potent and he bit her full lower lip harshly, loving the sounds she made.

His hands found her stockings and pulled them, tearing them into pieces.

“Oh my..” she gasped and looked at him, his eyes hungry and feral.

“Get rid of your skirt unless you want to leave naked” he rasped and she quickly shoved it away. She was completely naked now but for her stilettos. His hands now cupped her breast and pinched and pulled on her nipples.

“You like this?” he asked as he rolled one nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

“Uh huh..” she said, unable to make coherent talk.

He smiled and pulled her to him by her nipple.

“OUCH!” she said, feel the pain sweep by but felt the rush of heat in her crotch.

He just smiled and got hold of her hair and twisted it around his hand. Bringing her mouth to his he whispered,

“Don’t complain.”

She nodded. He wanted to give orders and she would submit. She understood what he meant.

“Push behind.” he breathed.

Shifting herself she slid down his body until kaçak bahis siteleri she sat right on top of his erection.

“Massage it” he ordered.

She made to move her hands when he caught hold of them. He had her legs caught in his and her hands in his. He grinned and said,

“It is in need of some attention. Feel it tensed.” he asked and pushed his hips.

She moaned when she felt the cock twitch under her and slide on her clit.

“Ye-yea-yea” she said sofly.

“Massage it” he said again. “Make sure it gets the right amount of pressure.”

She rubbed her hips up and down his erection and heard a grunt. She kept moving forward and backward, occasionally rotating her butt and kept rubbing his cock along her pussy. She was completely wet now and covering him with it. She felt it ooze out and the burn of wanting him inside her. Her eyes were closed and she picked up pace. She felt him grow even bigger and wanted to have him in her.

“Aaahh…” she groaned. “Oh god..oh oh…”

“You like this?” he asked and he pinched her clit.

“OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaahhhh” she screamed as she felt the first wave of her orgasm.

“OH GOD! Do it again..again!” she begged and he pinched her clit again, painfully making her gush a whole load of discharge on his dick, make the slide more slick. She heard the sounds her pussy made against his erect dick.

He then pressed a hand against pussy lips and pushed one finger inside her.

She groaned aloud “Oh yeah. Yeah, more, more..”

“Beg more.” he whispered and she did.

“Please…please give me more… a little more..” and kept rocking against his dick.

“Beg better” he said wickedly loving her misery.

She whined half in pleasure and half in pain. She was on fire and she was losing her mind from the torture.

“Oh please…please…please…” she kept repeating.

“Much better” he said and shoved his dick up her cunt.

She screamed from the contact and started humping him like a crazed woman. Her boobs jiggled as she rode him in a wild pace and she felt his hands on her clit.

“Yeah baby, ride me wild” he said and grasped her breasts with one hand and pinched her clit with the other again.

She came screaming and felt him cum inside her. He tightened his hold on her clit and it made her cum again.

“Aaahhhaaaaaaaaaa oh god oh yeah..yeh..again..again..”. She wanted more. She didn’t want it to end.

“Damn yeah again!” she heard him say as she fell forward on his chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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