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Note from author: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 8

After work, I decided to walk home, it was a beautiful day and I was feeling pretty good about myself, smug almost. Not only had I lost my cherry less than a week before but, I had now added another notch to my bedpost. Also, now mother was back, maybe Isobel could take Liz’s place?

It’s a bit of a risk, mixing business with pleasure I thought as I walked with my now customary bounce along the pavement, especially as my mother also worked there.

I decided I was going to let the events of the afternoon settle a bit for Isobel, let her reconcile what we had done herself but if she gave me a hint of wanting a repeat performance, I was going to take it, risky or not. I also hadn’t heeded Liz’s advice about protection so thought I had better get that sorted as well.

I walked past the barbershop in town and popped in, got a quick trim and when I was offered ‘something for the weekend’ bought some rubbers just in case my lucky streak held.

At home, I was startled to find Liz there in the kitchen, helping mother make supper. Nothing was said about the events of the day or the week before and I realised this was an attempt to see if we could all live as we did before, with that information being out in the open.

We made small talk through dinner and I left out the best parts when I spoke of my day and how it had gone.

After supper, Liz went back to her house and mother and I were alone in the living room. I was reading and she was knitting a sweater.

After an hour or so, and I was almost ready for bed, my mother put the knitting down and said quietly “I think we need to clear the air Trevor.”

It was a moment I had been dreading as I would rather have stuck my head in the sand and ignored what was going on around me until it had gone but could see I wasn’t going to get that chance.

I looked up and said, “What is the matter Mum?”

“You know full well.” she said and after a pause, “I need to explain why Liz and I…..” she let the end trail off her sentence.

“Oh. Well, it’s really none of my business, is it?” I said.

She didn’t answer that but pressed on “I have been very lonely since your father died. Maybe even from before that as he was never around much, but even more so after.”

“You had me.” I said softly.

“Yes, I know, but I needed an adults company Trevor, an adults touch,” she replied “and Liz was going through a tough time herself and it sort of, just happened.”

“Do you prefer women to men now?” I asked, realising this sounded a bit immature as soon as I said it.

“No, I don’t think so, but you have to take what’s on offer don’t you?”

She went on “I think that was one of the reasons why I was so angry after finding out about you two. I thought I was going to lose her, and maybe you as well and I would be left lonely again.”

I could see a tear start to fall and I went across and hugged her.

“You could never lose me Mum,” I said comfortingly, “you will always have me, no matter what.”

“Thank you, but I am not so sure about Liz,” she replied “I heard her with you through the bedroom wall on Sunday morning after I got home. I could hear how much pleasure you were giving her and I was jealous.”

I was embarrassed and blushed at this news. I hadn’t realised we could be heard by anyone and whilst I hadn’t thought about that at the time, I now understood where my mother was coming from and why her anger had built up.

“Have you spoken to Liz?” I asked

“No, not yet. I am afraid to.” she said

“Well, why don’t we discuss it together, all of us, that should make things easier, if things are out in the open like. No secrets.”

“Maybe,” she replied, “Let me sleep on it. Goodnight” and she rose and went to bed.

The following day was very uneventful, I did my work, didn’t bump into Isobel or Annie and had a quiet supper with Liz bahis firmaları and my mother. Again, nothing was mentioned about our situation.

The day after, I was in work and I bumped into Annie. She was struggling to carry a pile of dirty crockery from the dining room back to the scullery.

“Hello Annie,” I said and grinned, “Can I help you with those?”

“Yes please!” she said and I took the top two thirds of the plates from her and followed her to the scullery.

“Thank you Trevor,” she said as she placed her pile by the sink “if you could leave them there, I would really appreciate it.”

“Not a problem.” and I did as she asked

“How are you?” I enquired, keen to keep the conversation going

“I am good thank you, yourself?”

“All good thanks.” and we just stared at each other, the silence palpable, not knowing what else to say.

Finally, I knew I had to leave to break the uncomfortable silent space between us.

“Well, I will be off then,” I said “Bye, Annie.” and as I walked past her, I felt a small hand pinch my ass.

I whirled around and our eyes met again. This time I covered the small step between us and swept her into my arms, kissing her passionately.

My hands were on her ass and starting to wander as our kiss grew, but she pushed me back to break it, “Not here!” she said “what time are you finishing?”

“5pm” I replied “You?”

“5.30” she said, “Where can I meet you?”

“How about by the park?”

“Perfect. See you then.” and she gave me another quick kiss and then disappeared.

After this, the day went very slowly until I finally got to 5pm. I left and walked down to the park which was about 10 minutes walk and waited for Annie to appear.

At 5.45, she had not shown her face and I started to think she may have changed her mind but then she strode around the corner, looking around, obviously for me. She saw me and trotted over.

“Sorry! Cook asked me to prepare tomorrows veg at the last minute. Hope you haven’t been waiting long?”

“No, not really, about half an hour,” I replied, “shall we take a walk down here?” pointing in the direction of the park path. Annie nodded and we set off.

“Sorry I stopped you earlier, I couldn’t take the risk of cook or someone walking in on us.” she explained

“Not at all, and you really should stop apologising all of the time.” I teased

We walked and talked for a bit and then came to a copse. I took her by the hand and led her into the trees. Once in there, it was impossible for anyone to see us.

I leant her against a tree and resumed the kiss that we had interrupted earlier in the day. Annie tasted sweet and our hands were finding their own delights as we explored each others’ bodies.

I cupped my hand on one side of her neck whilst lying small kisses on the other side. Annie closed her eyes and hummed in appreciation.

Resuming our kiss, I then started to unbutton her top and put my hand inside. There, I found a lovely little tit with a really long nipple as she ran her hand up my length outside of my trousers.

We continued this for a minute or so and then I made a move to put my hand up her skirt. She stopped my hand with hers and pushed it away. Unperturbed, I tried again and was met by the same reaction.

I leaned back and looked at her “Don’t you want it?” I asked

“Not tonight, no” she said “We’ve only really just started talking to each other Trevor, I am not giving that up to you or anyone else on the basis of a couple of conversations and a bit of leering in the scullery.”

I was disappointed, this was the first time I had been knocked back and my confidence took a bit of a hit.

“Look, why don’t we go out on a proper date tomorrow?” she offered, “we can get to know one another more and then see where things go from there.”

I recovered my composure and smiled. “That’s sounds wonderful.” I lied, thinking I would rather have her bent over now but would have to settle with this for the time being.

She readjusted her clothing and I could tell that was as far as I was going to get tonight so we strolled out of the copse and I walked her home.

By kaçak iddaa the time I got back to the house, Liz and my mum had prepared supper. We ate but due to the evening’s events, I was a bit quiet during the meal.

“Anything wrong?” asked Liz as my mother eyed me suspiciously

“Not really, no.” I said. Then, I made a quick decision to follow through on what I had said to my mother the night before, no secrets.

“Well, there is one thing.” and I told them about the encounter with Annie and how it had been left.

“That’s wonderful!” said Liz “See, I knew you could do it!”

I was confused until I realised I had met the ‘homework’ assignment she had given me on Sunday.

“Oh, yeah, I mean thanks.” I mumbled.

“Do you like this girl?” my mother challenged, “You are not just using her are you?”

“No, I do like her,” I said, “I am just used to, well how do I put this, my needs being met.”

“I told you that every woman is different Trevor,” said Liz “Annie obviously wants to take things slower but if you like her, you should persevere.”

“I know, but I am still, you know, horny.” I said

“Can’t you see to yourself? You used to have no trouble with that.” my mother snarled.

“I can but since last week,” giving a slight nod in Liz’s direction, “it doesn’t feel as good.”

Liz got up, “This is getting a little uncomfortable for me, I think I am going to go home.” and she left.

This was met with dead air, just the two of us, nothing said. Finally, my mother said quietly, almost to herself, “We all have needs that have to be met I suppose.”

“I am sorry Mum,” I said, “I can’t help the way that I am or how I feel.”

“That’s alright Trevor. You get this side of your personality from me.”

“You? I would have thought Dad?” I said

“Pah!” She exclaimed, “No, your father was many things but sexually interested was not one of them.” she lamented “The only way I made it through that was to finger myself.”

I was open mouthed, I had never heard my mother even refer to her sexual needs before, let alone describe to me how she did it.

“What?” She said to my expression, “Surely you didn’t think you were the only one to get yourself off did you?”

“But, but, but.” I said, like a fish gasping for air

“Look, you’ve been honest with me and so I should be honest with you.” she explained

“Do you still, you know, finger yourself?” I asked curiously.

“Of course. Naturally I prefer it with someone else but if I have to, then yes, I get myself off.”

Curiosity peaked further I asked, “Do you do it the same way as Liz does?”

She mother looked at me in the eyes for a second or two, “Would you like to see?”

I was shocked but croaked out a “Yes.”

“Let’s go to my room then.” she said

I can’t believe we are going to do this, I thought as I climbed the stairs, my own mother was going to masturbate in front of me. My cock was at full attention and I knew that I would have to take care of it soon.

My mother started to remove her clothes as we entered her bedroom. She laid down on the bed with just her bra and knickers on and I stood a bit away from the end of the bed, watching, hypnotised by what was about to happen in front of me.

Gradually, she started to touch herself, running her hands over her body, her fingertips barely making contact with her skin.

“Can I, you know, masturbate at the same time?” I asked

“Of course,” she replied “I am doing this in front of you for your satisfaction as well as mine.”

I dropped my trousers and briefs to the floor and stood there, legs apart with my cock in hand, waiting for her to go further.

She started to moan as her fingers were having the effect she desired, I was pulling on my cock watching her, desperate to see more.

“I can’t do this with these on.” she muttered and removed her bra and knickers. I was now looking at my naked mother as she lay back and spread her legs and I saw the space from whence I came. Her pussy hair was quite similar to Liz’s, probably a bit hairier but neat and tidy just the same however, I could see she wasn’t as wet as Liz kaçak bahis got.

My mother resumed the attention she was giving her tits, which were spectacular by the way, pulling hard at her nipples.

I started to pick up the pace a little on my own masturbation efforts, knowing that I wanted to pace myself to make this last.

Finally, my mother was going at her pussy, fingering the outside before plunging her fingers into herself.

“Are you enjoying yourself over there Trevor?” she said breathlessly, and I just grunted my affirmation back to her.

“You can come closer if you want.” she offered, and I moved forward so that I stood at the end of the bed.

“Closer.” she said again, and I moved onto the bed, kneeling instead of standing, my hand still on my solid cock as she pleasured herself on her back.

“This is no good, I need to see you.” she said as she moved backwards towards the headboard and in a more seated position.

“My goodness you’ve grown,” she said as she focused on my cock, with my hand working its way back and forth “I can see why Liz was screaming….”

She was watching me and working her pussy hard now, rubbing her clit like her life depended on it and pulling at her nipples with her free hand. I noticed she gave her nipples a much harder time than Liz did hers and I started to pump my cock harder, not knowing how much more I could take.

Finally, I could feel myself approaching orgasm, “I am going to cum soon.” I panted.

“Me too!” she gasped, “race you!” and both of us worked our organs faster, her hand was a blur moving over her pussy.

“Uuurrgghh…Uuuurrggggghhhh…Uuurrrrggghhhhh!” she wailed as she came.

I was about 10 seconds behind her and I thrust my hips forward as come shot out of my cock and landed on the bed and my mother’s legs. My orgasm lasted quite a long time as I had been worked up since my meeting with Annie earlier and so it didn’t seem like it was ever going to stop.

Finally, it eased off and I regained my senses. I sagged back on my heels, still in the kneeling position.

“Oh Trevor,” my mother said, “you looked so beautiful as you came.”

“You too Mum, you too.” I replied “Sorry I got cum all over you.”

“I’m not, it was so sexy.”

Now I had come, I wanted to ask questions, but I was suddenly aware that we were both still naked. My mother didn’t show any inclination to get dressed so I relaxed a bit and decided to ask anyway.

“Why did you do this tonight? You have never even given a hint of this side of you to me before.”

She looked apprehensive for a moment but said “This isn’t something that I thought would ever happen Trev, but I spoke to Liz today and we had a long discussion about everything. Her, me, you, what’s happened in the last week. A lot of things were put on the table including what I felt when I heard the two of you on Sunday morning.”

“I told you….” I said but was interrupted, “Let me finish Trevor.”

“Liz told me about how it started off to help you but that you had made her feel attractive and desired again as a woman, and that this was different from what she had with me. The more she spoke about it, the more I realised that I was missing that as well. For different reasons, neither of us want to get into another long-term relationship or seek out one-night stands and whilst we were company for each other, there was still something missing.”

She went on, “We both love you very much and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, but as you so eloquently put it last night, you are not a boy any longer, you are a man so I thought that if Liz can, how do I put this, ‘have her cake and eat it’ why shouldn’t I? Other than the obvious, I concluded downstairs that be damned with it, I will and here we are.”

I was dumbfounded. My next question was inevitable, “So are we,” and I gestured to me and her “going to be doing the same things me and Liz did?”

“I don’t know, but I want us to discuss this with us all together so there are no misunderstandings, no secrets as you put it.” she said, and I nodded.

“Come here and give me a hug,” she said “I’ve missed you.”

I moved to the head of the bed and wrapped my arms around her, the warmth of her breasts as they squashed up against me felt amazing.

She kissed my forehead “Good night,” she said “We will speak together tomorrow.”

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