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I come to your office around lunchtime. The office is quiet when you get the call from the front desk. You’re surprised since you weren’t expecting anyone.

Once you get to the lobby, you smile when you see me. And of course, your pussy begins to get wet since you know why I’m there. I have that “I want to fuck you” look in my eye and you have never turned me down before.

We say hello and you offer to show me around the office. As we walk down the hallway, you can feel my hand brush your ass. When no one is looking, I take a firm hold of your butt and squeeze. It only makes you walk faster. But you’re not taking me to your desk. We stop at a small supply closet and step inside.

And before I can close the door, you are on your knees unzipping my pants. My dick is hard and wet and feels hot as you slide it into your mouth. Even your stomach growls at the thought of a nice lunch of come.

For the first few minutes, I am content to lean against the shelf as your head bobs up and down on me. I see that only one hand is stroking me since the other is under your skirt and buried in your pussy. I can smell you from where I stand. You are so turned on that it only takes seconds for your first orgasm to hit while I hold your head still and slowly bahis siteleri fuck your throat.

Once you calm down a bit, I raise you up to your feet and kiss you hard on the mouth. Your hands grab my cock while you back up, pulling me along with you. You don’t want a kiss anymore. You want to be fucked. So you turn around and lean over some boxes at the same time you pull your skirt up to your waist.

I see your ass in front of me, the crotch of your black lacy panties soaked with your come. Rather than take them off, I pull the fabric to the side and run a finger through your wet cunt. It makes you moan and spread your legs just a bit further.

“Please fuck me,” you say.

The first inch of my dick in you makes you shiver. The second causes you to take a quick breath. The third raises a grunt from somewhere deep inside you. The rest of my cock, I push hard until my balls touch your clit. In and out I move, each time, you whisper the word “fuck” as I hit bottom.

My tempo and your whispering get louder as I fuck you harder and harder. We hear someone outside asking if anyone has seen you back from lunch yet. Another coworker says that you were giving a tour of the office to someone a few minutes ago and you’re probably still around canlı bahis siteleri somewhere.

Will she walk in on us? You really don’t care. In fact, you would like her to find us and watch. Maybe that’s why you begin a long sexy groan as our tempo picks up. With each thrust, your pussy spasms and your orgasm builds. You feel my fingers dig into your hips and my tender thrust have now turned into hard, rough pounding.

And with one last thrust I bury my cock as far as I can as I come deep inside you. You have to cover your mouth to keep from crying out.

For five minutes, you rest there. Leaning on the boxes, my cock in your pussy, your skirt around your waist, and my pants around my knees. I playfully trace the wet come from your pussy to your ass, which makes you giggle. You can feel me beginning to get hard again in your pussy as I play with that cute asshole of yours. And you wonder how long it would take for me to take you there.

That reminds you of a meeting for which you are late. With whispered apologies, you push me away. But before I zip up, you return to your knees in front of me and clean my dripping cock of our come. You like the fact that you’ll have our taste in your mouth for the rest of the day.

We try to canlı bahis get ourselves back together. Your panties are soaked with our come and you have to take them off. I managed to tear only one of your buttons on your blouse, with just shows a bit more cleavage than you should, so you decide to not worry about it. The wet spot on my slacks is not too visible. We have one last kiss before we quietly leave the storeroom and walk back to the front lobby.

With a very business like handshake, I leave the building and you rush off to your meeting, only a few minutes late. Your legs tremble as you sit at the conference table, wondering if our come leaking from your bare pussy is leaving a stain on the chair.

The meeting is boring and your mind keeps turning back to our fuck just moments before. Your coworker sitting across from you is watching you and smiling. She rolls her eyes, sharing your boredom during the 20-minute talk. She has a cold and holds a handkerchief to her face to keep from spreading it around. When the meeting breaks, you file out and she’s walking by your side.

“Hollee, you were out for a long lunch.” she says, wiping her nose with the black lacy handkerchief.

“I guess I was hungry today,” you say with a smile.

“How’s you cold?” you ask.

“What cold?” She takes your hand, opens it, and places your missing wet panties, which she held under her nose the whole meeting back in your hand.

“Next time, I’d like to join you for lunch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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