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This is a fictitious story. All characters are fictitious and any resemblance to real people is coincidence. Do not take any information in this story as health advice.


Joe loved his new breasts. They had slowly formed over the last year. He loved Lucy or Jenny, Lucy’s mother, sucking them. Joe also noticed that he produced a lot more pre-come over the last year. The clear liquid would start to seep out of his meatus not long after his penis became fully erect, as long as it was still being stimulated. The liquid would then start to increase in volume and often Jenny or Lucy would lick it off his meatus. This was very stimulating and often caused Joe to produce more pre-ejaculate.

Joe also loved screwing Jenny’s womb. When they were having vaginal sex she would somehow dilate her cervix and Joe’s very big penis would penetrate into her womb. After coming, Joe would usually keep his penis pressed hard against Jenny’s cervix to keep his semen inside her womb. It somehow turned her on and by the weekend she would usually have a slight bulge in her lower belly which she would caress and stroke whilst thinking of Joe’s come inside of her.

Joe had noticed that Jenny was slowly becoming more assertive and a lot less shy. She would tell him what she wanted from sex and she would tell people what she was thinking rather than hold her comments back.

Joe also noticed that Jenny’s clitoris was growing. It was normal size when she wasn’t aroused but when she was aroused it would grow to be about two centimetres in diameter and 10 centimetres long, it was also really hard. It extended downwards with a tip that looked like the head of a penis. Joe loved sucking it because it helped Jenny come very quickly. She was almost guaranteed to come when he sucked it like a penis and when he deep throated it’s tip.

Jenny had seen the doctor’s about her enlarged clitoris but apparently it was due to a slight increase in her testosterone levels. The doctor couldn’t work out where the increase in testosterone was coming from but it wasn’t anything to worry about unless she was embarrassed about her clitoris. Jenny wasn’t because, besides her doctor, Joe was the only person who saw her clitoris and he loved sucking it like a little penis.

Unbeknownst to Joe, Jenny and Jenny’s doctor, the testosterone was coming from Joe’s semen which had extra testosterone due to the steroids he took once a week to prevent his penis and testes from potentially shrinking. He was taking the testosterone due to his increase in female hormones.

When Lucy was in town, Jenny practised with a very large, double ended dildo, which was about the same diameter as Joe’s huge penis. She was getting used to having the dildo in her anus in preparation for Joe to screw her anally and now she was obsessed with having both ends of the dildo in her vagina.

One Monday night when Joe arrived, after dropping Lucy off at the railway station, she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissed him deeply and said, “I’ve missed you so much. I’ve prepared spaghetti Bolognese for dinner but first, may we have sex?”

Joe was all for that as he was used to coming at least a couple of times a day.

He lifted Jenny up in his arms and carried her into her bedroom. He gently laid her on the bed and started to unbutton her blouse as he lightly but deeply kissed her lips. He then kissed her earlobes and Jenny sighed. When he kissed Jenny’s neck she shivered and goosebumps ran all down the left side of her body. He gently and ever so slowly kissed down to her breasts. When he reached her nipples Jenny felt her milk ‘let down’ and Joe eagerly lapped up the tiny milk droplets that formed on her nipples.

Jenny’s nipples and areolae puckered up and were very hard. Joe licked the tip of Jenny’s left nipple and Jenny trembled. He held just her nipple in between his lips and gently licked it’s tip. That sent her crazy and a small stream of milk squirted into Joe’s mouth. Joe drank her sweet milk and wanted more. He sucked Jenny’s nipple and areola into his mouth and kept sucking her hard nipple towards the back of his mouth. He pressed his tongue against the side of her nipple, held it against the roof of his mouth and sucked. He was rewarded with a continuous flow of milk from Jenny’s breast and Jenny moaned as she felt herself inevitably rushing towards an orgasm. Joe sucked harder and felt Jenny’s nipple elongate as he drew her nipple further towards the back of his throat. Jenny lifted her head off the pillow and groaned as she came.

Jenny felt liquid ooze out of her vagina and sighed, “Skirt,” Joe released Jenny’s nipple, reached to the side of her full length, pleated skirt, undid the hooks and pulled down the zipper. Jenny then lifted her pelvis to let Joe pull off her skirt. Joe was surprised and very turned on when he saw that she was only wearing a suspender belt and sheer, black stockings.

Once Jenny’s skirt was removed she kicked off her shoes and ran her stocking clad legs güvenilir bahis over Joe’s. She slowly slid her feet up Joe’s legs and buttocks and then wrapped her legs around his torso. She watched Joe close his eyes and sigh.

Joe wanted so much to go down on Jenny and have her wrap her legs around his head but he knew that her other breast needed relief or it would begin to hurt. He laid between her legs as she sensuously caressed his back with both her arms and legs. He gently kissed his way towards Jenny’s other breast. He milked her right breast using the same technique but this time he didn’t rush. He just drank until her breast was empty but that didn’t stop Jenny from having two more orgasms.

Jenny ran her hands through Joe’s hair and pressed his head into her bosom when she wanted him to suck harder. Sometimes Joe felt that he was going to smother on her flesh but when he sucked harder Jenny would either sigh, come or push him away if his sucking was too strong. Eventually Jenny ran out of milk in her right breast he switched to her left and gently emptied the rest of the milk out of it. This felt more maternal. Jenny caressed his hair and he just suckled like a big baby.

Joe sucked Jenny’s nipple and lifted his head until her breast was fully extended. He then released her nipple with a plop. Jenny sighed and lay there content for the time being. Joe lifted his torso and drank in the beauty of Jenny’s B cup breasts, pert and firm with extended nipples. He then started to slowly kiss his way towards her Southern region but she grabbed his hair to stop his decent. Jenny lifted Joe’s head, looked him in the eyes and said with a mischievous smile, “I’ve been practising.”

Joe laughed and Jenny, suddenly feeling self conscious that she’d said something to make herself look naive, asked, “What? What did I say?”

Joe laughed again and said, “What is it with the females in your family? Do they all practise all the time?”

“What do you mean?” asked Jenny.

“That’s typically what Lucy would say and then show me a new sexual technique,” answered Joe smiling.

“Oh,” Jenny responded with relief, “I thought that I’d embarrassed myself again. Anyway, shut up and listen,” and then more seductively, “Would you like to take me anally?”

“Practising with what?” asked Joe, worried that his penis was too big and would hurt her.

“That big dildo that I bought,” answered Jenny with a smile, “I’m pretty sure it’s your size or bigger so you should be able to get it in. Though you’ll need a lot of lubricant.”

Joe nodded so she pulled the lubricant out of the bedside drawer, opened the bottle, emptied some onto the palm of her hand and started to run it all over Joe’s erect penis. She then rubbed some lubricant over and in her anus.

Jenny directed the tip of Joe’s penis towards her anus. When his glans touched her anus she shuddered and said, “I’ve been looking forward to this all week,” She then pressed his glans at her opening and said, “Come on. Help please, do I have to do all the work?”

Joe lined his glans up with Jenny’s anus and pushed. The glands slipped in and Jenny moaned. “Does it hurt?” asked Joe.

“No,” gasped Jenny, “it feels wonderful.”

Joe pushed a little further and again Jenny moaned so Joe pulled out a little bit until the corona of his glans caught on her sphincter. He could feel her sphincter pulse and when he felt it relax a little bit more, he pushed again, this time he felt his penis go a little further into her rectum. Jenny moaned and seemed to twist her body, trying to force more of Joe’s penis into her anus.

Joe pulled out until again, his corona caught on her sphincter. He slowly pushed in a lot further and Jenny shuddered. Joe repeated this process until his glans hit her Sigmoid colon. Jenny wiggled but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get his penis past that point. Jenny was disappointed and said, “Let’s try doggy style?”

They manoeuvred around and after a lot of grinding and twisting Joe’s penis finally entered Jenny’s bowels. Jenny bent over with abdominal cramps. Joe asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” gasped Jenny, “It feels full and fantastic. Keep going.”

Joe pushed some more and felt his shaft slide further into her bowels until their pelvises met. Joe waited for Jenny to stop spasming. Soon she relaxed and she laid face down onto the bed. She opened her eyes and said, “I feel so naughty knowing that you’re inside my bowels. I want you to dump a load of come inside of me. Fill me up with your semen. Fuck me please until you’ve emptied your balls but please don’t take too long. I’m not sure how much I can take of this.”

Joe said, “While certainly madam. I’ll do my best.”

Jenny started laughing but then stopped and groaned as Joe started thrusting in and out of her bowels. Jenny then clamped down on Joe’s penis as hard as she could. Joe felt he couldn’t cope with this much stimulation so he decided to come as quickly as possible. He increased the frequency of thrusts güvenilir bahis siteleri and felt his scrotum tighten.

Jenny could see the tip of Joe’s penis pushing out her belly up near her ribs. At each thrust, the lump would appear and then it would disappear as he pulled back. She was fascinated with the knowledge that this man’s cock was so far inside of her. Her mind took over and she felt she could come just from the thought and the stimulation of Joe’s thrusting inside her anus and rectum. She then felt Joe stop, start and stop many times. She could feel his shaft pulsating and realised that he was ejaculating. This thought sent her over the edge. She moaned and shuddered as she came knowing that Joe was dumping his semen inside of her.

Joe felt his semen gush down his urethra and out of his glans into Jenny’ bowels. He stopped then thrust again as he felt another pulse. He repeated this stop, pulse, start process several times, until he was empty. He collapsed onto Jenny’s back breathing heavily.

They both laid there catching their breath. Jenny felt Joe’s penis contract and he pulled it out of her anus. She thought that there would be semen dribbling out but realised that it was so far up in her bowels that it wouldn’t come out for a long time. Again she trembled thinking of his semen deep inside of her.

Joe rolled onto his back. Jenny got up and finished preparing dinner. When it was ready she called out to Joe and they both ate at the breakfast table.


Next morning Joe, as per his habit, woke up Jenny by sucking her vulva and licking her clitoris until she came. He loved drinking her juices. It tasted so sweet, a little salty and very slippery although most mornings there was a slight tinge of green tea.

Jenny laid on her back breathing heavily after she had just come. She felt Joe kissing his way up her body and it sent tingles across her skin. She knew that Joe was about to drink her milk and that usually led to multiple orgasms. She relaxed trying to save her energy for when it was her turn to pleasure Joe. She came three times as Joe suckled her breasts.

Jenny rolled over and enticed Joe to lay on his back. She then straddled him and started to ease his penis into her vagina in the reverse cowgirl position. She dilated her cervix and pushed Joe’s penis into her womb. She closed her eyes and rocked backwards and forwards feeling his penis deep inside of her. She looked down and saw Joe’s testes moving around with her thrusting motion.

She grabbed Joe’s penis just below his testes. She couldn’t get her fingers all the way around the entire girth of his shaft but she could still get a grip. She slid her hand along his shaft towards his glans until Joe’s testes were jammed in the end of his sac and hard up against his shaft. She then slid her hand back down to the base of Joe’s shaft, temporarily relieving the pressure on Joe’s balls.

Joe jerked and moaned but didn’t seem to complain so Jenny started to slide her hand up and down Joe’s shaft repeatedly jamming Joe’s testes in the end of his scrotum. She coordinated the stroking of Joe’s testes with her own trusting. Joe moaned as Jenny’s manipulations brought him a little pain but mostly pleasure. Jenny was bouncing on Joe’s penis as fast and hard as she could. She was rubbing his testes against her clitoris as she jammed them into the end of their sac. Joe’s head lifted off the pillow as he came. Stream after stream of his semen spurted out of his penis into her womb.

Once he’d emptied himself inside of Jenny and her cervix had captured his semen inside her womb, she rolled sideways, let Joe’s penis slip out of her vagina and laid down on the bed next to him. She grabbed his hand and said, “Would you like to finger me?”

Joe took a moment to recover from his orgasm and then said, “Very much so,” and started to work two fingers into her vagina. He was surprised that she felt so loose and said so. Again Jenny said that she’d been practising. Joe laughed but continued twisting his fingers in side of her and added a third then a fourth finger. Joe rotated his hand until he could rub Jenny’s G-spot. He used his thumb to rub her clitoris. He could sort of wrap his thumb around Jenny’s erect clit and masturbate it as he thrust his fingers in and out of her vagina.

Joe sped up his thrusting and rubbing. Jenny started groaning. Her body started trembling and then she spasmed as she came.

Joe started to remove his fingers but Jenny held his hand in place and said, “Lubricant,” as she passed him the lubricant that was still on the bed from the previous night.

Joe was surprised that Jenny wanted lubricant. She was certainly already very wet but who was he to question what Jenny wanted. He took the lubricant, squirted some onto the palm of his hand an eased it into her vagina with his thumb.

Jenny sighed and then said, “More please.”

“More?” asked Joe.

“More fingers please,” answered Jenny so Joe pushed his thumb against her opening. iddaa siteleri He rotated and twisted his hand until his thumb was inside her. His four fingers were all the way inside her vagina up to the knuckles on his hand. Again Jenny said, “More, please. All of it.”

Joe then realised what Jenny had been practising. She wanted his whole hand inside of her. He pushed gently and he felt at first a lot of resistance but then he felt he could get just a little bit more of his hand into her vagina. He rotated, twisted and pushed his hand until he felt his knuckles start to enter Jenny’s vagina.

Jenny moaned so Joe stopped. “No, no,” she gasped, “Keep going,” so Joe pressed a little bit harder with a lot of rotation. He felt that the widest part of his hand was just entering Jenny’s vulva when it felt like her vagina was sucking in his hand. Jenny cried out, “Ah… that feels so good!” as Joe’s hand disappeared into her vagina up to his wrist. Joe stopped, amazed at what he saw. His whole hand was inside Jenny’s vagina. Her opening was tightly wrapped around his wrist. He looked up and saw Jenny looking down at his arm, wide eyed and open mouthed.

“Did I hurt you?” asked Joe.

“No,” gasped Jenny, “It feels so good… It hurts a little but it’s a nice hurt. It’s like… like giving birth without the pain… It’s so full… It feels so good.”

Jenny said, “Fist me!” and so Joe formed a fist with his hand, turned it around until his fingers were pointing upwards. He could see the knuckles of his hand extending Jenny’s skin. He was fascinated knowing that his hand was inside of her and what he saw was the impression of his fingers against the skin of her belly. He looked up and could see Jenny also staring at her belly. She looked at Joe, smiled and said, “That looks so beautiful,” Joe nodded in agreement.

Joe pushed a little harder to show the impression of his knuckles. Jenny closed her eyes and moaned. Her head and shoulders lifted off the bed as she crunched her abdominal muscles. She gasped, “That looks and feels so good but it makes me want to wee. You must be pressing on my bladder or something,” Joe released the pressure and Jenny said, “NO! Oh, please don’t stop… but I want to wee.”

Joe felt wicked and pushed harder as he said, “Go ahead.”

Jenny frowned and said, “But… oh god!… it’s dirty?”

“No it’s not,” encouraged Joe, “You wee every day. I’ve heard that urine is well filtered by the kidneys,” He pressed harder and thrust faster. He tried to get his mouth to Jenny’s urethral opening but his hand against his chin stopped him from getting close enough.

“Oh,” moaned Jenny, “I… oh,” as she let herself release. Joe opened his mouth to drink. Although he could swallow a lot of her beautiful, warm, golden nectar like a bubbler, much of the golden liquid splashed over his hair and off his face over Jenny’s legs and belly. Jenny used her hands to spread the liquid further over her belly and rubbed it onto her breasts. It felt so warm, “That’s so naughty and sexy,” she said.

Joe rubbed his face on Jenny’s wet stockings. He agreed that it felt so sexy. He started to slowly thrust whilst rubbing his knuckles on Jenny’s G-spot. Jenny moaned and threw her head backwards, “Oh… fuck! That feels so good!… Vibrator!”

Joe was astounded that this woman could take his whole hand inside of her and wanted more but he meant to please, so he pulled the vibrator out of the drawer, turned it on and pressed it against Jenny’s huge, erect clitoris, “Oh fuck!” she said as her body crunched forwards, “Harder and faster.”

Joe smiled. She wanted it so he was going to give it to her. He started pumping his hand in and out making sure that both Jenny’s G and A spots were getting well and truly stimulated. Jenny groaned. He turned up the vibrator’s speed. Jenny started convulsing. Her body was shaking all over and then she came. Joe felt like his hand was being crushed by the muscles inside Jenny’s vagina. He felt the pulsations of her orgasm. Jenny pulled the vibrator away from her clitoris as she shuddered.

Jenny’s body collapsed onto the bed. She felt elated, naughty and wicked. She sighed, “That’s so… naughty.”

“Yes,” gasped Joe.

Jenny said, “It makes me so horny.”

“Yes,” sighed Joe again.

“I want to come again,” gasped Jenny.

“Yes,” said Joe with enthusiasm as he looked up into her eyes.

Jenny looked at Joe. He seemed to be enjoying himself so she said, “Push your finger into my cervix.”

“Really?” asked Joe with a frown.

“Yes,” sighed Jenny, “Your dick has been in there. Why not your fingers?”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” answered Joe.

“I love the feeling of being full. Please do it,” begged Jenny, “I’ll stop you if it hurts.”

Joe tried to straighten his fingers but there wasn’t enough room inside Jenny’s vagina. He pulled back with his hand and felt resistance from Jenny’s opening. He gently pulled a bit harder and he felt her opening ease it’s pressure on his hand, “Oh god that feels so good,” gasped Jenny. Joe eventually had his hand in a position where he could straighten his middle finger. He searched for Jenny’s cervix with the tip of his finger and when he found it he gently pressed against it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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