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Chapter 3: Bridgette’s Story

God I was over the moon at the prospect of spending the night (maybe the weekend) with lovely Ashleigh. She had taken me to the height of sexual bliss, the likes of which I had never known before, and I was infatuated with her. To hell with Phil, my boyfriend, for the weekend, I wanted to be with her. We Finished showering together and dried each other off. Ashleigh suggested that we go out for something to eat as she didn’t feel like cooking. I scratched amongst my lingerie and selected a black bra and thong. I pulled them on. Ashleigh looked in my wardrobe with me and pulled out a cobalt blue camisole with a matching light coat. She held the hanger up and studied it and then handed the outfit to me.

“Put this on. Let’s see how it looks.”

I was a bit dubious about wearing something so revealing, but she insisted. I took the cammi off the hanger and started to pull it over my head.

“Oh no.” She uttered. ” No bra. I dare you.” Laughingly I agreed on condition that I could choose what she must wear. I removed my bra as instructed and slipped on the cammi and jacket. I did a pirouette for her approval.

I selected a pair of skintight black pants and high heel black sandals. My tummy was exposed but concealed when I did up the jacket.

“Lovely!” Ashleigh exclaimed. I finished doing my makeup as she looked on. She wanted to know what my boyfriend would say about her being out all night. She said it had nothing to do with him and that if he didn’t like it, he could lump it. We had a quick, passionate kiss and left the house. I asked Ashleigh whether she had any ‘toys’. She said she hadn’t. I told her about the shop I had seen at the mall and suggested that we go and have a look. She agreed. I led the way in my car. I had always wanted to get a vibrator or dildo to see what it would be like and after having been pleasured by the cucumber, I was determined to get something. We found what we were looking for at the back of the shop. I was relieved to see that the shop assistant was a girl. Ash and I looked through all the toys, which interested us.

After much discussion and giggling, we settled for a double dildo. It was transparent and filled with what seemed like clear silicone. It was firm yet pliable. I selected it for myself. Ash chose a big dildo, which came with a harness. We also each bought a vibrator. There were lots of intriguing things that we didn’t really know what they were for. Anyway we were satisfied with our goodies and left the shop keen to try them out. I followed behind Ash from the mall. When we got to her place she got out of her clothes she had worn to work. I sat on the bed to see what she would select. She pulled out a flared dark blue silk skirt, matching g-string and a camisole as well, saying that is why she wanted me to wear one. I definitely approved. Hers was much more revealing than mine, practically see-through. I watched her dressing, admiring her lovely sexy body.

She put a wrap around her shoulders to add a bit of modesty to her all too revealing attire.

We both like Chinese so we went to a quiet restaurant that she knew of that served good Chinese food. We found a secluded table to one side where the lights were romantically dimmed. We sat opposite each other and Ashleigh removed her wrap. I followed suit and took off my jacket and hung it over the back of the chair. We both got lots of approving glances. Even from some of the women. I felt proud being in her company, and excited knowing that later I would ravish her. If only the guys knew what delights were underneath her seductive clothing. We didn’t have anything too heavy to eat. A bottle of white wine went down well with the food. We ordered another bottle when we were finished eating. The meal dispensed with, we sipped the cool wine. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Ashleigh. She looked so gorgeous, her breasts just visible through the front opening of her cammi as she moved.

“What would Phil say if he knew that you had made love to a girl?” Ash asked.

“I really don’t know hon.” I replied, trying to imagine his reaction if he ever found out.

“From chatting to girls on the Internet, it seems that most guys get extremely turned on by the fact that their girlfriends or wives get it on with other girls.”

“Interesting. I suppose to a guy it could be a turn on. I know I would get turned on watching two guys fucking each other. I imagine they do it up the ass. For that matter, watching two girls getting it on together would also excite me.”

“Yes. I can imagine being a fly on the wall and watching us going at it.” Ash said dreamily.

“What about a threesome?” I asked cautiously.

“You mean like with us and a guy?” She asked.

“Yea. Or with another girl.” Ashleigh looked at me pensively.

“I’m not quite sure about that. I suppose I would do it if I was drunk and knew the other person. I’ve never really thought about group sex.” She replied. My mind wandered and I tried to picture bahis firmaları Phil fucking Ash. Strangely enough I wasn’t jealous at all. I put my hand under the table and stroked her soft inner thigh. I gave it a gentle squeeze, and withdrew my hand.

“What about you Bridge?” She asked. “Have you ever been with two guys?”

“No.” I said, and leaned closer. “But it could be quite erotic.” I put my hand on her thigh again and she parted her legs slightly. I had a quick look around to see whether anyone was watching us. No one seemed to be paying us any attention. I twisted my hand around and cupped her mound. It was bulging quite prominently and her panties were slick from her wetness. I ran my middle finger up and down her slit. Pushing her panties into her crack. Ashleigh moaned softly and closed her eyes. She gripped the edge of the table. She was so responsive. I thought I had a voracious sexual appetite, but Ashleigh was insatiable. Just a light touch and soft feel of her pussy and she was aroused and ready. She was breathing heavily as I continued to caress her through her panties, and her breasts rose and fell. Her wrap was slightly open and I could see her naked breast through the see-through fabric of her cammi. I was dying to caress it, to tease her nipple to full erectness. I withdrew my hand again before we both got too carried away.

“What the hell are we still doing here?” She asked, reaching for her wine.

“Beats me.” I replied and swallowed my wine quickly. We gathered our bags and left. We had come in Ashleigh’s car so she was driving. I sat close to her on the short drive to her house. We drove in silence. My thoughts were on our toys. I was pondering what we should try first, but eventually I decided to let events take their own course.

Once back at her house, Ashleigh had hardly closed the front door, when we fell into each other’s arms and locked into a passionate kiss. I tugged the wrap from her shoulders and she wrestled my jacket off. Our breasts pressed together, nipples straining against nipples. She felt so wonderfully soft in my arms. I held her tight as we French kissed. I slipped one hand up under her skirt and clasped her firm ass, pulling her crotch against mine as I rotated my pelvis, grinding my mound against hers. Ashleigh broke the kiss and steered me into the den. I looked around the cozy room. A small cocktail bar was in one corner. A sofa and two chairs occupied a prominent position in front of a big TV. Against one wall was a single bed, obviously for extra visitors. Ashleigh moved behind the bar and produced another bottle of wine. I opened it while she got two glasses. She came around from behind the bar and I put my arms around her from behind and cupped her breasts in my hands. I squeezed them gently and then slipped my hands up underneath her cammi, and fondled her bare orbs. I maneuvered Ashleigh over towards the bed and

pushed her down onto it. Her skirt rode up her soft thighs and exposed her panties. I noticed the dark stain in the crotch. She was already wet. I deftly undressed her and lifted her feet onto the mattress and spread her legs. I dropped to my knees in front of her pussy. I moved her panties to one side. Her open pussy looked so inviting. Her vulva were swollen and parted. Her clit was throbbing to her heartbeat. I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her thong and pulled downwards. Ashleigh lifted her butt to assist me in removing them. She was now complexly naked and open for me to service her. Eagerly I parted her delicate folds and popped her clit out further. I blew on the engorged bud and watched in fascination as it quivered. A soft moan of pleasure escaped Ashleigh’s lips.

I took one swollen lip and sucked it into my mouth; my nose was on her clit. I then changed to the other lip. I moved my face upwards, trailing my tongue over her left lip, swirled it around her clit and then moved down again, licking her right lip. I repeated this several times and then ran my tongue up her open slit. I flicked her clit and then took the sensitive bud between my lips and sucked hard. Ashleigh squealed. Her hips rose and fell as I licked and sucked her delicious cunt.

I was rewarded with a gush of warm girl cum as she climaxed, bucking her hips upwards furiously. I continued to suck her gently, maintaining her at the peak of her orgasm. She lay spread open for a while, regaining her breath. I stood up and removed my clothes. She gazed up at me fondly, slowly fingering her still spasming pussy. I lay down next to her and took a turgid nipple into my mouth. I moved my one hand down her body and found hers that was caressing her pussy. I slipped a finger into her, alongside hers and we fingered her slick pussy together. We lay like that contentedly for about ten minutes. Ashleigh moved onto her side facing me so that I could penetrate her more easily. I rolled onto my back and pulled her on top of me, spreading my legs wide so that she could lie between them. Her mound pressed down on mine. kaçak iddaa The feeling was exquisite. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her ear.

“Fuck me!” I murmured. “Fuck me now and fuck hard. I need you in my cunt.” Ashleigh sighed loudly and pressed her pussy harder against mine. I knew dirty talk turned her on tremendously.

“Fuck my sopping cunt you horny bitch.” I commanded. Ashleigh groaned louder. “You’re my fuck toy and will do as I say. Won’t you?” I hissed, lifting my hips to meet the downward thrusts of her pussy.

“Yesss!” She moaned. “Anything you want.”

Ashleigh was getting extremely horny again. Her juices were flowing from her pussy and mixing with mine. We ground against each other hard and fast. I felt my orgasm building and sensed she was about to cum again as well. I stopped humping and put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her downwards. I didn’t want her to cum yet. “Eat my pussy.” I commanded. “Eat me out good.”

The darling girl complied and brought me to a shattering climax, licking, sucking and finger fucking me hard.

I sighed loudly with contentment, and had a strange feeling of domination over her. I decided to deny her another orgasm for a while and test my feelings.

“Fetch the dildo.” I said. Ashleigh got up quickly and brought out the new toy we had bought. The double dildo.

“Wet it in your pussy.” I watched as she slid the fake prick into her slushy pussy. I licked my lips in anticipation. God I was hot again.

“Now slide it into me.” I commanded and spread my legs wide. “Make me cum good.”

Ashleigh had a glazed expression of lust on her face. I could tell she was hotter than ever before. I made her straddle my face and face my feet as she eased the dildo into me. It slid in easily, I was absolutely drenched. I lifted my hips to meet the ‘prick’. Ashleigh spread her thighs and lowered her dripping pussy to my mouth. I tongued her rapidly as she fucked me with the dildo, but stopped when she was about to cum.

“Nooo.” She wined. “Don’t stop. I want to cummm…” I slid out from under her, denying her release. I was ravenous to be fucked hard and deep. I slid to the floor and lay on my back with my legs in the air against the couch. I spread my legs wide apart, my pussy open in front of Ashleigh’s face. She plunged the big dildo deep into my gaping pussy till it hit my cervix. God it was fantastic. I had never been penetrated so deeply or stretched so wide. Ashleigh had two hands on the dildo and pumped it in and out furiously. I screamed in ecstasy as I came, girl cum erupted from my pussy, running down my tummy making a puddle in my navel. I squeez4ed one breast hard, pulling the nipple till it ached. I reached up with my other hand and strummed my engorged clit. My cunt gave a huge spasm and I orgasmed again violently. I went limp, my whole body trembling. Ashleigh eased the monster out of me. She bent forward and covered my quivering pussy with her mouth and sucked me hard, causing more convulsions and a series of minor orgasms to rip through my body again. I was finished, my pussy was sore and blood red. I pushed Ashleigh away from my sensitive clit and rolled over onto my side on the floor. Slowly my breathing returned to normal. I looked up at my blonde lover. Her legs were wide apart and she was playing with her pussy. I noticed how engorged it was and felt selfish for not having finished her off earlier. I got onto my knees and crawled between her spread thighs. I ate her pussy till she had a tremendous climax. I picked up the dildo and thrust it into her pussy and fucked her hard till she climaxed over and over. We recovered and staggered off to her bedroom to sleep, too exhausted to bath or shower.

The next morning I awoke to the sexy aroma of pussy. I gazed down at Ashleigh, who was still sleeping. She was lying on he side with her back to me. Her one leg was pulled up to her chest. Her pussy bulged between her legs and looked so inviting from the back. I was tempted to go down on her from the back but refrained. I was still too tender to indulge in sex again so soon. I slipped carefully out of bed so as not to disturb her and went to the bathroom. I ran a hot bath and poured in a generous amount of aromatherapy. I lay back and luxuriated in the fragrant water, thinking how my life had changed since Ashleigh and I had discovered this new aspect of sex.

“Morning lover.” Ashleigh said, framed in the doorway. “Is there room for a sticky girl in there?”

“Sure sweetheart, come and join me.” She sat on the toilet and had a pee and then climbed in at my feet. We relaxed in the soothing water for a half hour, both lost in thought. No words were necessary. Each of us sensed the other’s love and contentment. Lovingly we washed each other and toweled each other dry. Being gentle around the genitals and breasts. Not intending to go out, we dressed in sexy negligees, and didn’t bother with panties. We had a hearty breakfast and lounged around for the rest of the day. kaçak bahis That evening we put on jeans and tee shirts and went to a diner and had junk food for supper. We returned home to her place, changed back into negligees and watched a bit of TV for a while. Ashleigh looked so cute. Her hair was done in a ponytail, which made her look like a teenager. Her breasts are lovely and don’t need a bra. Her nipples were poking through the diaphanous fabric of her negligee, her dark areola clearly visible. Her knees were drawn up on the couch and when she moved I caught a glimpse of her succulent naked pussy. I was getting turned on again. I reached out and slid my hand up her leg. She raised her one leg as my hand traveled up her soft inner thigh. The higher I moved the more she opened up for me. I reached the apex of her thighs and gently ran a finger up her slit. Ashleigh sighed and opened herself wider to give me unhindered access to her pussy. I moved my finger higher and teased her expanding clit. I slid my finger down again and slid it up and down her outer lips and back into her slit. She was moistening rapidly and moaned louder, her hips started to move up and down as she thrust against my finger. I eased two fingers into her opening and felt the heat of her arousal. She clamped her thighs together, trapping my fingers in her awakening pussy. I felt her muscles contract and relax around my fingers as she milked them with her pussy. She was horny as hell again. I tried to withdraw my fingers but she grabbed hold of my wrist and pulled my hand deeper into her pussy. Her hips rotated as she fucked my fingers. I jerked my hand back suddenly, breaking her hold on my wrist and pulled my hand out of her. “Nooo…” She moaned in disappointment. ‘She’s insatiable.’ I thought to myself. ‘Just a touch and she’s ready for sex.’ I was excited myself and wanted to see how far I could take this newfound dominance. I pulled off my negligee and lay back against the armrest of the couch, facing her. I put one foot on the floor and lifted my other leg on top of the backrest of the couch. My pussy opened up. Ashleigh just stared at me, her mouth pouting. I reached down with my hands, Made a vee with the fingers of one and parted my pussy lips. My other hand found my clit and I teased it out of its sheath. I rolled my hips and lifted my butt up and down seductively.

“Come here lover.” I commanded. “Come pleasure me. Make me cum in your mouth.”

She knelt between my spread thighs and licked and sucked and tongue fucked me to a glorious climax. I held her behind her head and pulled her into me, grinding me pussy into her face till I came again. I released her and she came up for air, gasping.

“What was that all about?” She asked in bewilderment. “You were so aggressive.”

“Shut up! You horny bitch.” I spat at her, relishing my power over her. “Move up here and spread your insatiable cunt on my face.”

Ashleigh groaned with passion. My dirty talk inflaming her lust. She crawled up and knelt astride my face and lowered her dripping pussy to my waiting mouth. I lashed her pussy with my long tongue, sucked and bit on her clit. She went wild, cumming over and over, her cum spilling from her ravenous pussy into my eager mouth. We kissed and cuddled lovingly for a long time before going to bed and falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning we went shopping at the mall. We openly held hands and gave each other little kisses. I didn’t care who saw us or what they thought. We went to a restaurant for a late breakfast. We were in a secluded corner and after the waitress had served us, I slipped my hand up her skirt and caressed her pussy through her panties. She began to tremble with lust and parted her thighs wider for me. I slipped a finger under the leg band and into her molten slit. Ashley moaned and started trembling. I pulled my hand out and put my wet finger to her lips before putting it in my own mouth and sucking it clean. I could see Ashleigh was in a high state of arousal. I now knew she was mine. To have as my sex plaything whenever I wanted her. One little feel of her itching pussy and she was putty in my hands. When we got home I felt sorry for having teased her to the state she was in. I made slow, passionate love to her, bringing her off countless times. ‘She’s a bloody nymphomaniac,’ I thought to myself. ‘No that’s not right. Nymphomaniacs seldom cum. She’s just insatiable.’

I packed my things and prepared to go home. We kissed lovingly and I patted her cheek.

“You’re mine.” I said quietly.

“Yes.” She murmured.

“You will come to me whenever and wherever I want you.”

“Yes.” She repeated.

“Tomorrow you will wear something sexy to work for me.”

“Ok.” She replied meekly.

“Oh! And Ashleigh. NO underwear. Do you understand?”

“Mmmmmmm…” She purred.

“Good bye darling. Thanks for an exciting weekend.” I said, and hugged her to me.

“Bye darling.” She replied.

I left and suddenly felt lonely. I wondered what lay ahead. Was I becoming a lesbian?

I would have to wait and see what developed. One thing for sure was that I had never had such an erotically sexual experience in my life before, and I had loved it.

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