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“I’m home,” Fiona called out as she walked in the door.

“Did everything go okay? You’re a bit later than expected.”

“Ashley was a bit skittish, so it took longer than I expected…” she replied.

“Oh, that’s right. You took a buddy with you. Is the rule that any time you have to pull your pants down you needed to take a friend?” Frank teased.

“I pull my pants down for you and I don’t bring a friend, well, I don’t always bring a friend.”

“I’m not complaining…” he said.

“This was her first time doing the wax thing and she was a little freaked out, but she was fine after a couple drinks.”

“Wait, did you get drinks before or after?” Frank asked.

“There,” she admitted. “They have a wine bar at the salon.”

“Sounds like the place was pretty nice,” he observed, looking Fiona up and down.

“They were good, but I like my old place better,” Fiona replied, holding her hands up so he could see the French manicure.

“Nice, but that’s not what I’m interested in…”

“Oh, of course,” she replied, kicking off her sandals and putting her foot on the chair, “they did a nice job on the pedicure too.”


Fiona sighed, “I think you are going to be disappointed, the wax job is not as cute as my fingernails.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.”

“You can look, but you can’t touch. My skin needs some time to recover,” she said as she unbuttoned her shorts.

“That sounds like something a girl would say,” he teased.

“Let me pour hot wax all over your nutsack and rip all the hair out, I’m willing to bet that having me suck on your balls will not be what you want,” she shot back.

“So what you are saying is if I get my junk waxed I won’t want a blowjob.”

“You know what I am saying,” she said sternly.

“I think that sounds like a challenge,”

“Oh it is,” she replied with a grin. She doubted his tolerance for pain up to the task.

“Enough stalling, show me the money…”

Fiona pulled down her shorts and underwear, revealing her naked pussy. She let the garments drop to the floor and then put one foot on the chair, “My vulva is as smooth as veal.”

“Very nice,” Frank said.

“That totally makes all the pain worth it,” she said sarcastically.

“I’ll make sure it will be worth it,” he replied.

Fiona sighed again, Frank was right, in more ways that he knew. She had no doubt that he would treat her right. And then there was the Victor factor. The things Victor would do things to her would make her willing to endure the procedure over and over again. Frank would do the same, but he would not have insisted on the procedure first. That was the difference between the two men. Frank would do anything for her; Victor just wanted to do things to her.

“I have a question for you,” she said.

“Ask away.”

“Do you have any rules for Victor? Are there any limits on what he can do to me?”

“They aren’t really rules, more like guidelines. Honestly the only person that can set limits is you. I can make some guesses about what you would not like, but if you think otherwise nothing I say is going to stop it from happening,” he explained.

“So what kind of guidelines have you established?”

“He doesn’t get to fuck you in the ass.”

“I agree with that, I don’t know why, but I only want you to do that.”

“Nothing that would leave a scar.”


“No water sports”

“Ugh, agreed… times ten.”

“And no humiliation, but I’m pretty sure you would kick his ass if he tried that.”

“I’d kick his ass if he tried any of that,” she said sternly.

“That’s about it. Victor’s pretty intuitive, I doubt he would suggest something that he knew you would not agree to,” Frank said.

“So far he’s been right. There were a few times he almost went too far…”

“But it turns out he was right. Sometimes that can be really annoying,” Frank said, ending with a chuckle.

“Has he ever pushed you?” Fiona asked.

“I think its better that we leave that a mystery,” he replied.

“You know I’m going to be thinking about you two now.”

“Does that turn you on?”

“Yea, it kinda does, but you are just…”

“I don’t need to know anything else, just that it turns you on,” Frank said, interrupting her.

“Do you think about what he does to me?”

“Not really, thinking about what I want to do to you is a lot more fun,” he answered.

“So you don’t get off to the idea of me fucking Victor?”

“Not any more than I get drunk thinking about you drinking wine with your girlfriends.”

“And you are not jealous that he’s fucking me?”

“Jealousy is a wasted emotion,” he answered, trying to sound Zen like.

Fiona realized her pants were still on the floor, and Frank had been staring at her bald pussy from almost their entire conversation, “Frank, my eyes are up here.”

“So are your tits,” he replied, taking a step closer to her, “and they aren’t off limits. In fact there are a lot of things I can still touch.” Taking another step closer he put one hand on her ass and bahis siteleri the other on her breast.

“Are you always horny?” she asked.

“When you are around, yes. And when you are around and naked, hell yes!”

“And when my friends are around.. And naked?” she teased.

“Fucking… hell… yes,” he replied with a seductive grin.

“I almost asked Ashley to come home with me, I’m pretty sure the answer would have been yes. She had a lot of wine, she would have agreed to anything.”

“What stopped you?” he asked.

“I don’t feel like sharing at the moment, you will just have to be satisfied with me tonight.”

The smell of alcohol on her breath was arousing. Even though she didn’t need to be drunk to try new things he liked the idea of her being a bit tipsy. He slid his hand under her shirt and began to peel it off.

“It’s late and I have a busy day tomorrow,” she protested.

“You’ll be in bed soon enough,” he countered, dropping her shirt on the floor. He brushed his finger over her mouth, “Did you get your lip waxed?”

“No, are you saying I need to?” she replied.

“Not at all, I just wanted to be certain that these lips aren’t off limits as well.”

“That depends on what you have in mind.”

“Good,” he said leaning forward and kissing her.

As their lips met he reached behind her and unfastened her bra, then gave it a gentle tug. Gravity took over and seconds later it was on the floor next to her shirt. He put his hand on her shoulder and pressed down.

After the bra had slid down her arms Fiona put one hand on his chest and the other just below his belt. The bulge of his chest muscle was impressive, but she was more interested in the one in his pants.

“What else do you want me to do with my lips?” Fiona asked, already knowing the answer.

“I want you to suck my cock.”

“I guess I could use some practice before I go see Victor,” she teased.

“I prefer to think of it as giving him sloppy seconds,” he replied.

Fiona kicked off her remaining clothes. Once she was completely naked she kissed him; first on the lips, then on the cheek and then on the neck.

Frank’s hand grabbed her ass. His comment echoed in her head; she wondered if Victor expected her to be pristine when she showed up. The memory of an embarrassing doctor’s appointment popped into her head. She could still recall the scolding she was given about not having sex right before an appointment after the physician started to probe her nether regions. Not that Victor would know how recently she had swallowed Frank’s cock. Unlike the ill fated medical exam, Victor would not find a puddle of cum waiting for him, at least not from a blowjob.

The anticipation of what was coming was almost as enjoyable as the act itself, Frank thought as he felt her lips against his skin. He knew those lips would be wrapped around his cock soon, but he had no desire to rush her. Her firm warm ass filled his hand, and he felt the almost magnetic pull of her pussy. The image of her bald sex sprang into his mind. There was something erotic about her being hairless, something explicit. Her pussy wasn’t hiding behind a thicket of pubic hair; instead, it was out in the open and begging to be penetrated. He slid his hand over her hip. She grabbed his wrist and stopped him.

“Off limits,” she whispered.

He huffed in response, even though there was no doubt in his mind that she could completely satisfy him with her mouth. Her fingers worked the buttons of his shirt and soon it hung open, exposing his hair-covered chest. She continued to kiss his neck, but now her breast rubbed against him as well.

One of the things she liked about late evening sex was the way Frank smelled at the end of the day. All the soap, cologne and other artificial scents had faded and he smelled like a man. She twirled his chest hair between her fingers as she began to kiss his shoulders. One of her hands glided across his skin and slipped under the waistband of his pants, quickly encountering the tip of his erection. The downward pressure from his hand increased. She took a step back and leaned forward, pressing her lips against his chest. His hand slid off her shoulder and cupped her breast just as her mouth found his nipple.

Although he didn’t admit it, Frank liked being teased. Her insistence that her pussy was off limits was actually a bit of a turn on. She had implied he wasn’t going to fuck her tonight, but it would not stop him from seeing how far he could go. She wrapped her hand around the head of his cock and twisted; sending a shiver through his body. He held her tit in hand, keeping her from going any lower, enjoying the way she flicked her tongue against his nipple.

Pulling her hand out of his pants she unfastened the buttons on the fly of his jeans, and then pushed them down to the middle of his muscular thighs. She stepped forward again and squatted in front of him. Her hands rested on his ass. She leaned forward just enough for his throbbing erection to slip between her tits, then pressed her lips against his canlı bahis siteleri abdomen. The moan that escaped his lips was music to her ears.

The urge to tit fuck her was irresistible; he began to rock his hips back and forth. His throbbing erection slid between her breasts, he could feel the pressure of his orgasm already building and she had not even started sucking his dick yet. Placing one hand on her head he pushed down. At first she resisted, but he pushed harder and she began to blaze a trail of kisses down his body. His cock ached with anticipation as her lips moved closer and closer.

Fiona realized she had underestimated how horny she was and began to wonder if her newly bald skin really was too sensitive for sex. She knew she was wet with desire, but was afraid having Frank ramming his cock into her might be too painful to enjoy. Her lips were pressed against his hip and she could see his erection looming menacingly out of the corner of her eye. She stroked the entire length of his rigid shaft, paying special attention to the engorged head. Maybe he only deserved a hand job tonight, she thought. She looked up at him and smiled.

“I bet I can make you come like this,” she said as she began to stroke him with both hands.

Instead of just going up and down she slid her hands down his erection, as soon as one reached the bottom she moved it back to the top so there was no interruption to what she was doing. A few drops of pre-cum bubbled out, making his skin a bit slicker.

“I want you to suck my dick,” he said.

“You don’t want to consider any other options?” she teased.

“Oh, fuck that feels good,” he moaned as she continued stroking him. She was right, she could probably bring him to climax this way, but he wanted more than a hand job.

“And I know I can make you come like this,” she said, pressing his cock between her breasts. A smile spread across her face as he began to rock his hips back and forth. She looked down and watched the tip of his cock emerge from between her tits. Opening her mouth she let a stream of saliva drip out and lubricate his cock. It was funny, she thought, that spitting on someone was an insult, unless you were having sex with them. She tipped her head back and looked up at Frank. His eyes were glued to her chest as he continued to tit fuck her.

“You want to come on my tits?” she said.

“Oh,oh, oh,” he moaned.

“Or, “she said, licking her lips, “do you still want a blow-job?”

The feeling of her body pressed against the entire length of his erection was rapidly pushing him towards climax. It wasn’t just having her breasts wrapped around his cock, even his balls were rubbing against her hot, sweat soaked skin. The icing on the cake was the view. To say he was enamoured with her breasts would be an understatement. Fiona’s tits were not spectacular in the sense that she turned heads, in fact they were decidedly average at first glance, but Frank found them irresistible. They were not huge, but big enough to engulf his cock. Her nipples were a bit larger than average and her areola were dark amber and contrasted nicely against her fair skin. Her breasts obeyed the law of gravity just enough to show they were real, and that she wasn’t nineteen. Most of all he enjoyed the way they felt, be it around his cock, in his hands or against his lips, which made the decision on what to do next quite a dilemma. Coming on her tits was something he enjoyed, especially when she was begging him to do it with words that would make most women blush. It would be easy to keep sliding his cock between her breasts until he coated them with his seed. Although, there was something about filling her mouth with cum that made her offer of a blowjob one he could not refuse.

“I want you to suck my cock,” he moaned.

“Really,” she said as he tugged on her nipples.

She wondered how long he would last if she started talking dirty to him. Knowing that she could dictate when he climaxed was a good feeling. They all had their own way of being in control; Frank’s was brute strength, Victor’s was riding crops and leather cuffs and her technique was being the embodiment of lust. Frank’s hand was on the back of her head, it would not be long before he was pushing her mouth down on to his cock.

“So you aren’t going to come on my tits?” she asked, then looked at him with a pouty expression.


“But I love the way your big hard cock feels between my breasts. Don’t you like fucking my tits? Don’t you want to see them covered in cum?”

A mental image of thick pearly goo dripping off her swollen nipples had already formed in Frank’s mind, and it would be reality very soon if he didn’t stop her.

“You want to come in my mouth, don’t you?”

“Oh, yea.” Another mental image replaced the first; this one was of her lips wrapped around his cock, with just a tiny bit of cum leaking out.

“You want me to swallow your cum?” she said.

The game she was playing was obvious. She wanted to see how long he would let her tease him. As much as liked to hear her canlı bahis talk dirty, actually because of the way she talked dirty, it would not be much longer. He slid his cock between her breasts a few more times, then grabbed her ponytail and pushed down until his cock entered her mouth.

Fiona pushed back, “You think I’m the kind of woman that likes to have a big hard dick in her mouth?”

“Uh-huh,” he moaned.

“I guess you are right,” she purred, flicking her tongue against the head of his cock. She held his rigid shaft in her hand and brushed her thumb against the sensitive spot just below the head.

“You can come on my face if you want…” she said, then pressed her lips and tongue against the bottom of his cock and slid them back and forth.

“No… not on your face,” Frank moaned, although the offer was tempting.

“So where do you want to come?” she asked again, punctuation her question by kissing the tip of his erection.

“In your mouth,” he replied. Just saying it sent a shiver up his spine.

Swallowing wasn’t something she did very often, but it was something she was willing to endure this time for a variety of reasons. Some would say it was guilt over what she was going to do the next day, but that would be wrong. The nature of their relationship had no place for guilt. It could be considered a reward of his acceptance of her desire to be with Victor, but it was more than that. It was something that made Frank happy, and she wanted to contribute to his pleasure. It would be dishonest to say she didn’t expect anything in return, although she was not sure how Frank could make her come given her condition.

Getting a blow-job from Fiona bordered on sensory overload. She was not timid when she sucked his cock. It was a loud, sloppy and thoroughly enjoyable event involving her lips, her tongue and both her hands. She never completely stopped. When she paused to take a breath she continued to stroke him with both hands. She moaned when his cock was buried inside her mouth and begged him to come when it wasn’t. She turned her head to the side to give him a good view of her lips wrapped around his rigid shaft.

At first his grip on her head had been quite firm, but he relaxed as she took control. She opened her mouth just enough to allow his cock in and pressed her tongue against his rigid shaft as it slid past her lips. Having him in her mouth was different that having him between her legs. She enjoyed it, but it wasn’t going to make her come. Sucking his cock was something she thought about when she was masturbating. There was something about pleasuring him that aroused her, and there was no doubt in her mind that he enjoyed her blow-jobs.

He was still gripping her hair, although at this point it was unnecessary. By pulling his cock down and turning her head she gave him a clear view of what she was doing. Her head bobbed back and forth as her lips slid over the head of his dick. When her lips retreated her hand took over and slipped along his wet shaft. When she had her fingers wrapped around the tip she turned her wrist slightly like she was adjusting her grip on a golf club. Then her hand moved back and her mouth once again engulfed his cock, all against the background of her gorgeous naked breasts.

Fiona pulled her head back and opened her mouth wide, then started stroking the entire length of his cock. Every few seconds she would rub the head of his dick against her extended tongue. With her other hand she caressed his balls.

“I want it, I want you to come in my mouth,” she moaned, then inhaled his throbbing erection.

“Oh baby, don’t stop,” he moaned, “I’m going to come, yes, yes, yes.”

The announcement of his pending climax was hardly a surprise. The salty taste of his cum had been leaking into her mouth for almost a minute when he finally admitted he was past the point of no return. She thought about having him come on her face, or wrapping her fingers around the tip of his cock and letting the hot, sticky fluid cover her hand. But instead she chose to keep her lips wrapped around the head of his dick. He grunted a split second before a geyser of cum spewed out of his cock. She lashed at him with her tongue and milked his erection with her hands for every last drop. Because only the tip was past her lips there was no avoiding the salty taste, but she guzzled it down anyway and continued to suck and stroke him until he made her stop.

Coming in Fiona’s mouth was different from coming in her pussy. The pleasure was concentrated almost entirely in the head of his cock and the way her lips and tongue felt against it. There were also fewer distractions. He wasn’t thinking about thrusting into her, or her tits mashed against his chest, or kissing her. The only thing on his mind was the way his dick looked and felt in her mouth. Seeing her lips wrapped around his cock as he spewed cum into her mouth certainly made the experience more arousing. She had told him she didn’t like swallowing, so the fact that she was doing it anyway just turned him on that much more. Eventually it was too much, his cock began to feel like a raw, exposed nerve as the pleasure center of his brain was overloaded. Even though his cock was so sensitive the touch of her lips was almost painful he still regretted pushing her away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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