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It is Tuesday, 4:55 PM and Brad is getting ready to pack it in for the day and starts to power down his computer. Brad, a 27-year-old AutoCAD technician is 6’1 and about 210 pounds with a medium build. He has been working for his company for 6 months now, 5 days a week sometimes 6 and a minimum of 10 hours a day. As he waits till 5:00 PM to leave, he hears his boss asking people if they could stay later to help her finish a project that is due.

“Do you have plans tonight? I need someone to help me finish these drawings due on Friday and it seems everybody but me has plans.” She asks him as she leans against his desk.

“Guess I shouldn’t say no, since I’m the new guy around here.” Brad says as he sits back down and fires up his computer.

“Great! Thank you very much. I promise we won’t be too late if we work together on this. If we do work late, I promise you won’t regret.” She winks at him and walks away.

Michelle drops a few hand drawn sketches on his desk and says, “If you can get these drawn up for me it would be great and just email me them when you are done. If you have any questions, just come to my office and I’ll try my best to answer them.” She smiles at him and starts to walk away.

Michelle is in her 40’s, married with 3 kids. She stands about 5’7 inches with a curvy body, size 38 DD breasts and her ass, a little on the large size but suits her body. As she rounds the corner, she turns her head and sees Brad looking at her, he quickly turns his head and starts working on the drawings.

Brad looks down at the clock on his computer, it reads 7:15 pm. He gets up to stretch his legs and take a washroom break. As he returns to his work space, he finds Michelle sitting at his desk looking over his work.

“You do great work Brad, you pay close attention to details and I like that. You must keep your woman happy paying attention like that.” She says as she stands up to offer him his chair back.

“Thank you, I try keep everyone as happy as I can. As for the woman, I don’t have one, that’s why I have no issues staying late.” Replies Brad.

He sits down and looks at Michelle. She bends over at the waist and rests her elbows on the desk. She starts to point out some minor items on his drawing she would like him to fix, but all he can focus on is her blouse that seems to have a lot more buttons undone and the fact that her breasts are almost falling out of it. Michelle can tell he is looking, she doesn’t mind at all, as no one has paid attention to her like this in a while. She clears her throat to get his full attention.

“Hopefully you can change these for me.” As she stands back up.

“Yes, yes I will do as you wish. “Brad says quickly even though he has no clue what she wanted.

It takes Brad about an hour to realizes he needs to go ask her exactly what she had asked for. He musters up the courage and starts to walk towards her office, the door is half closed. As he approaches the door, he peers through the window of her office, what he sees makes his heart skip a beat.

Michelle has her top opened, her left breast out, one hand on it rubbing it and squeezing her nipple. The other hand he can’t see, but the way she is moving it, the fact that her eyes are closed he knows she is playing with herself. Bard doesn’t know what he should do, walk in and interrupt her and risk her getting angry at him or walk away. He tries to walk away, but finds himself not moving, watching her, seeing her hand on her breast, wanting to have his hand on her breast.

He feels his cock start to move, start to grow. The longer he watches, the harder it gets. Michelle still has her eyes closed and she slides her chair away from the desk, to allow herself easier access to her pussy. Brad now sees that she really is playing with herself, he starts to try and move closer but stumbles and makes a noise.

He quickly tries to run back to his cubical and pretend he saw nothing, but when he made a noise, Michelle had opened her eyes and saw him. He was sitting at his desk when Michelle came to his desk, her breast back in her blouse but still open.

“Was that you I saw at my door?” She asks.

“Umm, no I was here all the time” he replies quickly güvenilir bahis as he tries to adjust his cock without being noticed.

“Did you like watching me?” she asks as she reaches down to feel his cock.

It was still hard, and Brad knew he was busted, not only on lying to her but on watching his boss pleasure herself.

“Yes, I did, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to watch you or interrupt you.” He says in a panicky voice.

“Shh! Stop talking, wheel your chair back.” She tells him.

He pushes with his feet and his chair rolls out, she walks between his legs, makes sure she has enough room to kneel in front of him.

“Guess since you saw me playing, and I’m making you stay here late, I should make sure you don’t regret it like I promised.” She says in a seductive voice.

She unbuttons his pants, pull down his zipper and reaches in to take his cock out. He adjusts himself to allow her to get it out. She pulls down at his pants and makes them fall to his ankles. She looks at the young cock in her hands and thinks to herself. ‘I haven’t had a young hard cock like this in years.’ She slowly starts to stroke his cock, which seems to still be growing as she does. When it seems, it has reached it full length, she looks at it, looks at him.

“How the hell are you single with this long beautiful cock in your pants?” she asks his with a look of amazement in her eyes.

His cock is 8-inches long and Michelle can’t believe it.

He looks at her and says, “I’m not sure why. Maybe I work too much!”

She just slowly strokes his cock, enjoying the sight, the feel and the size of it. She gets it close to her mouth, licks the head as she is stroking it. She moves her body, allowing her to move up, opens her mouth and slowly starts to lower her mouth over the head, a little more, till she is about half way down, closes her lips and pulls it out slowly. She does this again, only this time, 6 inches go in. Every time she goes down on him, she takes more and more till finally she gets all his huge cock in her mouth and she gags a little.

Brad is beside himself, his boss is sucking his cock. Michelle is now on her knees, her mouth on his cock going up and down on the entire length of his cock. Up and down, up and down her mouth never letting his cock go. She stops, quickly takes her blouse off.

She quietly says, “I want you to cum on my tits.” As she takes her bra off.

He reaches down and feels her breasts, warm soft and huge.

“Keep sucking my cock then, it feels so good!” He says with a hint of excitement in his voice.

She doesn’t have to be told twice, her head goes back towards his cock and she goes right back to sucking his long hard cock from tip to base. Sometimes he can feel her tongue reach for his balls when she has it all in her mouth. Brad doesn’t know if it is from not getting a blowjob in a while, the fact that his boss is doing it or a combination of both, but he is ready to cum. The faster she goes the closer he is to blowing.

He can feel his head swell and his cock gets even harder, she can also feel it in her mouth. She takes it out of her mouth, quickly strokes it as she leans back and aims the head of his cock at her breasts. He starts to cum, back and forth she strokes his cock and shot after shot he erupts hot cum all over her breasts, her neck and the last we bit she can squeeze out of him, she licks and swallows it. He sits there looking at her, covered in his cum as she just lets it drip down her neck and her breasts.

“Well, guess I better clean this up. Meet me in my office in five minutes, it’s your turn to pleasure me. Oh, and we will be working late together a lot more.” She says as she gets up to go clean herself up.

Brad watches her walk to the washroom, breasts out covered in his cum and thinks to himself, ‘Fuck I love my job.’

Brad waited about 15 minutes before he headed to Michelle’s office. When he arrived, she was on the phone with what Brad assumed was her husband. They talked for 3 more minutes and she hung up.

“That was my husband! Wondering how late I will be tonight.” She said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

She sat back in her chair, blouse still undone and from güvenilir bahis siteleri what Brad could see, not wearing a bra anymore. It was easy to tell as they were not pushed together anymore.

“Well Brad, are you getting to work or you going to stand there looking sexy all night?”

“Guess we can get back to work if that is what you want, you are the boss.”

She smiled, cleared a spot on her desk from anything she had on it and said, “Great, it’s your turn to work on me, close the door and get over here. “

Brad closed the door and when he turned around, her sees her standing at her desk with her pants already off. He walks over to her and she points to where he should be standing.

“Do you need to be told what to do now or can you figure it out?” She says in a joking voice.

He extends his arms, grabs her by the ass, rubs it, runs his hands up and down her legs. He then starts to pull down her thong, which was red lace and Brad could tell she took care of her pussy. As he pulled her thong off, he pushes her and she sits on her desk, he wheels the chair closer in between her legs. She puts her feet on the arms of the chair and leans back, holding herself up with her hands.

Brad starts to kiss her inner thighs, from her knee to her pussy, then back up the other side, running his hands up and down and just feeling around never touching her pussy. He can feel heat from it with his hands and he can hear her breathing change every time he touches her. He lowers his head towards her hot, wanting pussy and with the tip of his tongue, he touches her.

She takes a deep breath, lets out a moan and says, “Oh you bad boy! Please don’t tease me.”

He reaches around her and grabs a hold of her ass, pulls her out a little more and at the same time, his tongue finds her pussy. He sticks his tongue into her pussy as deep as her can, pulls it out and starts to lick her clit.

“Mmmmm, that’s the spot right there!! Lick my clit… Eat my pussy Bard.”

Bard keeps doing what he wants to do. Before she has a chance to try to tell him what to do, he pushes two fingers into her pussy. In and out slowly with his fingers as his tongue makes little circles around her clit. It doesn’t take long for her to get very wet and her juices run down her pussy onto his fingers and hand. He does his best not to let it go to waste and licks all of it up. His pace has now started to go faster and faster with his fingers, and she is now laying down across her desk. She is moaning loudly, legs spread wide and he is licking her clit as fast as he can go.

She garbs him by the head, holds it tight and screams out with enjoyment. “Oh!!! Fuck yes… I’m cumming!!!”

He licks up as much of her juices as he can. She just lays there catching her breath. As she sits back up, she grabs him and kisses him.

“I love the taste of my pussy.” She says as she sits in front of him on her desk, both legs still propped up on the arms of the chair.

Brad can’t take his eyes off her pussy, still wet and dripping.

“I haven’t had my pussy eaten in so long Brad.”

“Does your husband not do it for you?” he asks her in a confused voice

“No, he hasn’t touched me in months! Which is probably why I touch myself so much and decided to come touch you.” She replies jokingly.

“Well, I’m glad I got to touch you and hoping this isn’t the only time I get to.” says Brad.

She reaches down with one foot and rubs his cock over his pants, feeling if he is hard yet or if she can get him hard. She can feel that he is hard and now she wants him to fuck her with it. She pushed the chair back, stands up and takes the rest of her clothes off.

“Well, do you want to join me in being totally naked or are you just going to let me stand here alone?”

Brad stands up, takes his shirt off as she undoes his pants. He pulls them down and tosses them aside, takes off his boxers. She watches his cock spring out of them. He adds them to the pile of clothes on the floor. She reaches for his cock and starts to stroke it slowly. He reaches for her pussy and starts to finger her. They stand there touching each other for a few minutes, then Michelle turns around, bend over her desk, iddaa siteleri grabs a hold of the edge and turns her head looking at Brad.

“Fuck me! Stick your 8-inich cock in my pussy. Make me cum, make me happy I asked you to work with me tonight. Please Brad, don’t make me beg!!”

Brad takes his cock by the base, rubs the head on her pussy till he finds her hole, puts it in the right place, grabs her by the hips.

“You got it boss!” Brad pulls back on her hips as he drives his hips forward and plunges his cock deep in her pussy.

She moans and says, “Oh my fucking god that feels so good. Your cock fills my pussy just right.”

Brad fucks her slow for a couple of minutes, getting his cock in as deep as he can and then he starts to go faster. In and out he drives his 8-inch cock deep in to her pussy, his hands releasing the grip of her hips and he starts to feel her ass, caressing it, reaches around and feel for her clit as he keeps fucking her. He pulls her away from the desk and makes her play with her clit as he fucks her. Her huge tits are swaying forward and backwards as he fucks her. She is rubbing her clit and moaning and begging him not to stop. He rubs her ass a little more and then he decides to give her ass a hard spank.

She screams out. “Yes!!! Smack that ass, smack it some more, make it red.”

Brad smacks her ass several more times, hard on both cheeks. She stops rubbing her clit and grabs hold of the desk to keep herself for falling. The feeling of hic cock punishing her pussy, the feel of her ass being smacked, the thought of her having such a young cock in her is making her go crazy.

“Oh! Fuck Brad, fuck me hard, fuck me faster, make me cum all over your cock. Smack that ass some more please, I beg you.” She keeps telling him repeatedly.

Brad does as she wants and pushes his cock in and out of her harder and faster. He has smacked her ass so much it is a glowing red color and he is leaving a hand print on it. She reaches down and rubs her clit once again and this time she isn’t going to stop till she cums. It takes only two more minutes of his cock slamming in her, her rubbing of her clit and his hand punishing her ass to make her cum.

She screams out. “Oh fuck!! Oh, fuck yes, yes I’m cumming, cumming all over your huge cock!”

Her pussy cums all over Brad’s cock, he pulls it out just to show how much she covered his cock. Michelle is beside herself and she needs him to cum so she can try and catch her breath.

“Cum for me, fill my pussy with your hot young cum Brad!”

But Brad isn’t ready yet, he pulls it out and tells her to get on her back. She quickly gets on her back. He spreads her legs wide and enters her again. She wraps her legs around him and he fucks her as hard and fast as he can. He watches his cock go in and out of her, her tits bounce all over the place and the look of ecstasy she has in her eyes.

“Fuck me harder Brad! Harder!!!”

He grabs her hips and pushes his cock in her as hard as he can and even harder. Brad’s cock is slamming her so hard, her pussy starts to hurt a little, but she loves it, his cock is ready to explode.

“I am going to cum! I need you to swallow it all!” he tells she.

She just looks at him and nods her head yes. He pounds on her pussy for a few more minutes then as he is about to cum, he pulls it out. She quickly jumps off the desk and gets to her knees, grabs his cock with one hand and puts it in her mouth. Her head moving back and forth on his cock. She feels him start to cum, she keeps sucking his cock and she starts to swallow all his hot cum. She sucks the cum out of his cock and doesn’t waste any, she swallows it all and keeps sucking it till she can feel his hard cock start to soften. As she releases it from her mouth.

Brad finds the chair, sits in it and tries to catch his breath. She sits on his lap, leans back against his chest. He fondles her breasts as they sit there for about five more minutes.

“Guess we should try and finish the work we have to have done for Friday” he says.

“Yeah, we should, and you need to get back to your own computer.” She says as she finds her clothes.

“I’ll be naked at my desk working away. If you need another good pounding, you know where I’ll be.” Brad tells her as he walks away with his clothes in his arms.

Michelle laughs and sits in her chair and thinks to herself. ‘Guess we will be working extra late tonight!’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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