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Bobby and Jackie Ross had never been on the best of terms. Since before they left elementary school the brother and sister had been competing with each other for attention and almost always found themselves against each other. Rarely a day went by that the two of them didn’t find something to argue about, or some way to try to antagonize the other. Things had improved in the last few months, but not by much.

Less than a year separated them. 18 year old Jackie was only eleven months and three days older than her brother was. She had just graduated high school, but the event was already overshadowed by her brother’s eighteenth birthday. He would be entering his senior year of high school and Jackie knew that he would have nothing competing with the celebration of his graduation next year.

Jackie was tall, with curly brown hair and an attractive face. She was thin with smallish breast. Her legs were long and sexy, and the boys found her attractive, although she was easily overlooked by the shapelier cheerleader types at school.

Her brother, Bobby, was six feet tall, only a few inches taller than Jackie was. He had longish brown hair and an attempt at a beard on his face, although his whiskers just were not yet thick enough to accomplish anything more than what appeared to be a rugged weeks worth of beard, even though he had been trying for three months.

Bobby was average looking at best. He wasn’t as good a student as his sister and had a temper. He had dated several girls but usually managed to drive them away before any serious relationship could occur. In fact, other than a few handjobs and one visit to a skanky looking street walker her gave him a quick forty dollar blow job in his car while he was wearing a condom, Bobby was basically an eighteen year old virgin.

Bobby had a few friends over for his eighteenth birthday party. His parents had even agreed to buy beer for the party, as long as his friends would be sleeping over. This was something else that Jackie resented, as her parents didn’t permit that when she turned eighteen eleven months ago. Their excuse then was that Bobby, and some of her friends, were still under 18, even though the legal drinking age was 21.

The fact that Jackie was staying home for his party pissed Bobby off. He had been forced to leave his sister and her friends alone when Jackie turned 18. But now she was being permitted to hang out with his friends.

It wasn’t just that Bobby didn’t like having Jackie around. Jackie had found another way to piss off her brother. During the past two years she had given four of his friends blowjobs. While it was true that Jackie had found them to be cute. Her real reason for doing it was that she knew Bobby would find out and that it would really bother him, especially since it would usually put her between him and his friend. After all, what guy is going to side against a pretty girl who’s willing to suck his dick against in favor of her brother?

Perhaps it was also the fact that his sister had helped three of those four achieve the first sexual experience before him that also made it worse. Despite his attempts to hide it, Jackie knew her brother had never had sex and often teased him about it. She didn’t even know about the prostitute, but that would have only been worse for Bobby if she did know it.

The party went well, without any real problems between the two siblings. But as the night went on, and Jackie drank just a little more than she could handle, she began growing more and more interested in one of Bobby’s new friends.

Jim was a very cute boy. He reminded Jackie of a singer in a popular boy band, and she could tell that he had taken notice of her.

Bobby noticed the mutual attraction and began to grow irate over it. Nothing further may have happened except for the fact that Bobby had cornered his sister and ordered her to leave Jim alone. This angered Jackie, and she decided that before the night was over she was going to add a fifth friend of her brother’s to the list of her oral experiences.

The çatalca escort night wore on and it became time for everyone to crash. Jackie was sent off to her room while Bobby and his friends spread out to find places on the floor in the large family room, each with a blanket provided by Bobby’s parents.

Before she left, Jackie observed the spot next to the wall where Jim was sitting.

Being all men, Bobby and most of his eight friends had no problem pulling off their jeans and sleeping in their boxers and tee shirts. Only a couple left their pants on.

When Jim got up to go to the bathroom Bobby quickly claimed his spot by the wall, knowing that it’s location was the warmest place to sleep in the room. Jim didn’t bother to protest when he returned. After all, it was Bobby’s birthday.

Soon the lights were turned out and the sound of nine drunken young men snoring filled the room.

Jackie lay in her bed in her tank top and panties rubbing her pussy and thinking about Jim. She wanted to sneak into the family room and wake him up with a good blowjob. She knew that the room was dark enough to go unobserved if she remained quiet. She continued rubbing her clit, feeling her body nearing climax as she thought about what she was about to do.

Jackie loved giving blowjobs. She had perfected the art with several guys throughout high school. She had only fucked four, each being boyfriends. But Jackie was currently not in any relationship.

She brought herself to orgasm, then lay back, allowing herself to recover from her climax before getting up the nerve to sneak out of her room. She had to make sure that her parents didn’t catch her, as they would likely kick her out of the house if she were caught.

Jackie put on her robe and quietly slipped out of her room. She went into the bathroom first, took a piss and then waited until she was certain that she could hear no one about before shutting off the light and sneaking back into the hallway.

She instantly regretted using the light in the bathroom. Now it was almost impossible to see anything in the dark. She made it to the family room and could make out the shapes of people and furniture, but little more than that. She knew the spot where Jim would be sleeping. She could tell that no one was near him. Hearing the sound of snoring and deep breathing, Jackie knew that everyone was asleep. She lowered herself to the floor and crawled over to the blanket-covered figure against the wall.

Jackie eased the blanket aside, happy to realize that Jim was wearing boxers. She slowly moved her hand to his crotch, parted the opening and reached in, gingerly taking hold of his cock. This was where Jackie learned something about her brother than she had never known before…

His cock stirred to life as she slowly played with it. Jackie felt it grow hard, and realized that this cock was larger than any she had experienced. It was thick enough that her fingers didn’t come together, and she could put both hands side by side and still have the head exposed.

Bobby awoke, feeling his manhood being fondled. He was about to cry out when he felt a pair of lips slide over his cock and begin sucking him.

“Jesus Christ,” He thought silently, “My sister is sucking my cock!”

Then it became clear to him. He remembered taking this spot from Jim. Obviously Jackie had planned to do this to his friend. And just as obviously, she had now mistaken him for Jim.

Bobby wanted to laugh. He imagined how mortified Jackie was going to be when he spoke up and she realized that she had her brother’s cock in her mouth. He got ready to speak, but then realized just how good his sister’s mouth felt on his cock.

Bobby’s only experience with oral sex had come from a prostitute, and he had worn a rubber. This felt much better. And he could feel that he was already about to cum.

“Fuck it,” Bobby thought to himself. “It’ll teach her a lesson if I cum in her mouth.” Bobby realized that he could enjoy esenyurt escort this, then act as if the orgasm woke him up and then say something to his sister, which would humiliate her even more. So he lay as still as he could enjoying Jackie’s mouth as she bobbed her head back and forth on his cock. Then he slowly exhaled as he felt his orgasm begin.

Jackie was enjoying the size of her brother’s cock, still thinking it to be his friend. Her pussy was drenched and her hips squirmed as she sucked this cock. She felt it throb and knew he was cumming before the first wad of semen spewed into her mouth. Jackie continued to suck him, gulping down his cum greedily as she felt the boy stir, knowing that he was now fully awake.

Jackie couldn’t take it any longer. She continued sucking every drop of cum out of the cock in her mouth. But she realized that she had to fuck this massive tool. It went soft, but she continued sucking until it was hard and stiff once more. She removed her robe and panties without every pulling her mouth away from the thick cock. She normally would have used a condom, but after getting him off she guessed that she could climb on him, ride his big cock until her own orgasm, and be off before he came close to cumming again. If necessary she would gladly suck him off again afterwards.

Jackie moved quickly, rising up, throwing her leg over the boy to straddle him, then grabbing his pole with one hand she guided it into her pussy as she dropping down onto his lap.

Bobby enjoyed his orgasm. He felt a tinge of guilt for cumming in his sister’s mouth. But she deserved it. After all, he was going to claim to have slept through it until his moment of climax, so he couldn’t be blamed for anything.

Jackie pulled her mouth away from Bobby’s cock. He was about to speak up when suddenly his sister was atop him and he felt his cock sinking into her pussy.

“Oh shit.” He thought as he realized his sister was going to fuck him.

Jackie leaned forwarded; putting her mouth close to his face and whispered, “Don’t tell Bobby that we fucked.”

Bobby grinned in the darkness; “I won’t say a word.” He whispered back.

Jackie froze at the sound of his voice. Bobby grabbed her arms just as she was about to jump up.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She said in as stern a whisper as she dared.

“Me?” Bobby replied, “You’re the one who crept in her and sucked my dick.”

“I thought you were Jim.” She said. “Why didn’t you say something?”

“I didn’t wake up until I was cumming, by then it was too late,” He lied. “Then you jumped on my cock before I had a chance to say anything.”

“Let me go.” Jackie said.

“What, after you’ve already started fucking me?”

Jackie could taste the cum in her mouth. Remembering how much she had enjoyed it at the time made her feel disgusted. Now here she was sitting on her brother with his massive cock buried inside her.

“I’m not letting my first experience with pussy end that quickly.” He told her.

“You can’t be serious.” Jackie spat.

Bobby couldn’t believe that he was going this far. His sister had already humiliated herself by sucking his cock unknowingly. He knew that he should let her get off of him. But her tight pussy felt so fantastic around his cock. He had wanted to fuck someone for so long now and he didn’t want to give up the opportunity now that it had arrived. He also thought of how his sister had come between him and his friends. He remembered how they had commented about their desire to fuck her. He wondered what they would think if they knew his fist experience with pussy was with her?

Bobby knew this was wrong. But he couldn’t deny how good her pussy felt and he wasn’t going to let this chance get away.

“Fuck me.” He whispered.

“You’re crazy!” She replied.

“If you try to get off of me I’m going to yell and wake everyone up. Then you can try to explain how you came in her and did this.”

Jackie froze. She knew etiler escort that Bobby would not hesitate to do what he said. She would be mortified if everyone awoke to find her atop her brother. She also knew that her parents would kick her out for this.

“OK,” She whispered. “If you promise never to tell anyone I’ll fuck you for a while.”

Jackie leaned forward and began riding her brother’s stiff cock. Bobby slid her tank top up, exposing her small tits and began playing with them. He began thrusting his cock up into his sister’s tight, wet snatch. There was some guilt in what he was doing. But it was overcome by the wonderful sensations her pussy was giving him. He could not believe that it was his sister who was taking away his virginity. Somehow he relished the thought of that.

Jackie could not believe that she was fucking her brother. Worse, she couldn’t understand why her body was beginning to enjoy it so much. His cock was long and thick, and her lips wrapped tightly around it as she slid her hips up and down its shaft.

She was pissed at her brother for making her continue. But she was more pissed at herself for being so careless in putting herself into this situation. She had just sucked her brother’s cock and was now fucking him. Worse, the more she fucked him the better it was feeling.

Jackie was ashamed of herself, but she began pushing that shame aside. “God damn his cock feels good.” She thought to herself. She had never been filled so completely. She leaned forward, enjoying the way his fingers manipulated her nipples as she rode her brother. She had to keep control or risk making enough noise to wake someone up. That would be worse than anything else.

Bobby felt the change in his sister’s actions. He realized that she was enjoying this more than she let on. That made him feel even better. He no longer felt guilty knowing that she was getting as much pleasure out of this as he was.

Jackie bounced on her brother’s cock. Her pussy was on fire and only his tool could relieve her desires now. She was going to climax on her brother’s cock and she wanted nothing less at this time. She moaned softly, then clenched her teeth trying to keep quiet. Her body was trembling as she slammed her hips down into her brother’s lap, taking every inch of his cock inside her.

“Oh yes.” She whispered, a little too loudly, as he orgasm began.

Her legs spasmed and her body shook as Bobby’s cock brought her to a powerful orgasm.

Bobby could feel his sister’s pussy grip and spasm around his cock as she came. Her juices spilled out over his balls as his sister had an orgasm atop him.

Jackie was blushing, more from her orgasm than her embarrassment as her orgasm subsided.

“Don’t stop.” Bobby whispered.

“Please, don’t cum inside me.” She replied.

“I said don’t stop.” He said a little more loudly as he continued thrusting his cock up into his sister’s hole.

Jackie didn’t dare stop. She continued fucking her brother, hoping that he would warn her before it was too late. But Bobby had no intention of pulling out. This was his first fuck and he was going to enjoy it to the fullest.

“Ohhhhh…” He moaned, wrapping his arms around his sister and holding her tight as his orgasm began.

Jackie felt her brother’s cock erupt inside her. Bobby thrust harder and deeper as he launched his seed into his sister’s pussy. He had thought it would feel great, but it was even better than he imagined. He continued pumping his rod into her until he felt every drop had been drained. Only then did he let go of his sister and lay back to catch his breath.

Jackie sat atop her brother, feeling his cock go flaccid inside her. She reluctantly pulled up and off of his rod, surprised to realize that she almost didn’t want to do so.

“You better not tell anyone about this.” She whispered.

“Who the fuck am I gonna tell that I fucked my own sister.” Bobby replied.

Jackie rushed off in the darkness, leaving her brother on the floor as she made her way back to her room and into her bed.

Both siblings lay in the dark. The rivalry would still be there in the morning. And perhaps Bobby could claim to have the upper hand. But neither would admit that this night would always remain one of their fondest memories of their relationship together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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