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**Authors note: All persons are consenting adults. There is incest involved in this story, so if you are not into that, you have been warned. All persons are fictional, and any comparisons real or not are coincidental. All rights reserved. **


Jimmy Granger was looking out the plane window staring at the small fields and clouds in the sky. It was much different than the transports that he was used to flying in across the world. He was called away from Little Creek, Virginia to go home in a small Texas town called Southland. Home; somewhere he never wanted to set foot upon again. His early childhood memories were filled with good times. His father was what most call a manly man. He stood tall and always had great posture, while his mom was petite in nature with golden hair ample bosom and nice legs and yes, he had looked a couple of times. He had two siblings, both younger than him. Bobby was the middle one and was 3 years younger than Jimmy. His baby sister was 5 years younger and her name was Kim.

Bobby and Kim idolized their brother as Jimmy seemed to excel at anything he did. Jimmy was into sports like football, swimming, and baseball, but never hesitated to study harder than most kids to receive the highest grades possible. His father always told him that he might not make it playing a professional sport, that he needed an education. This attitude was contagious to his siblings as they too strived to be as good or better than their older brother.

He was a star in football, playing linebacker and standing at 6’2 and weighing about 240 of pure muscle with sandy brown hair and blue eyes. Colleges had scouting throughout his senior year, and girls were swooning. Bobby was a freshman in school and was a member of the high school team as well, and one night during a game, Bobby had broken his leg badly enough he would never be able to play again. Jimmy felt awful for his brother especially since Bobby wanted to be like him so much. Jimmy had seen what his father told him that day and continued his studies graduating third in his class.

In 1993, Jimmy and his father were watching the evening news one February night when a story was aired about a bombing at the World Trade Center. Jimmy was a year away from graduation but knew that night that he wanted to serve in the military. Upon graduation, Jimmy went to the recruitment office in Lubbock to see what his options were. He was offered scholarships, but he felt he had to serve and protect as many lives as he could. As Jimmy looked around the office waiting, he seen a poster for the Navy SEALS. He asked the recruiter about it, and he replied that it was the hardest training and only the best of the best would make it. His exact words were many try, only a handful make it. Jimmy knew this was for him right away. He always worked harder then anyone else, and he felt he could do this.

Telling his family was difficult, especially his siblings. They were devastated to hear their big brother was leaving, and Jimmy consoled them by telling them he would be back as often as he could. His mom was heartbroken, but his father was proud of the path he had taken. He smiled as he remembered how pretty his mom and sister were, but that day they looked like they had lost their best friend. Jimmy simply went up the stairs packed his bags with the help of Bobby and left for Great Lakes, Illinois for the Naval Special Warfare Prep School.

After a year of training in Coronado California, Jimmy was ready for anything. BUD/S almost broke him, but he would close his eyes and remind himself of his father and it would make him work harder. He wasn’t top of the class, but he was very strong and smart, something the Gunnery Sergeant always admired but didn’t admit until he received his trident. Jimmy was classified as a warfare officer and immediately assigned to Little Creek Virginia for more training. He was finally able to say he was part of a SEAL family when he was drafted to Delta team. He would be the last man on the totem pole, but he was a sniper, and knew the guys were happy to have him.


“A penny for your thoughts young man” the little old lady sitting beside Jimmy on the plane asked.

Taking Jimmy out of his trance, he smiled at the lady and very politely and to the point, “I’m just looking out the window thinking. Am I bothering you Ma’am?” He asked worried he had done something.

She smiled and grinned, “No son, you haven’t, you just seemed like you had things on your mind.” She thought for a minute and continued causing him to look over at her once again. “My Charlie was in the military too, and he never told anyone his fears or problems. He died before he was fifty-four. Don’t bottle too much up son, you’ll end up like him.” Jimmy was respectful saying thanks and nodding at her. His gaze again went to the window as his mind went back to Southland.

In 1997, Bobby graduated from high school, and Jimmy couldn’t come due to being deployed. He did call Bobby to congratulate him but had to keep it brief. A few days later he heard from his little istanbul rus escort sister, saying Bobby had enlisted just like him. Since he was injured with a broken leg, he couldn’t get into the SEALS, but he chose the Army as an infantry soldier. Jimmy was not happy that Bobby had joined the army, as he had seen many guys in the infantry get blown up and shot by the Taliban, and never wanted Bobby to have the same fate. He had kept in touch with Bobby and Kim throughout the years, and he told Bobby to go to college, and his brother always pushed back saying I was serving, and he wanted too as well. I told him to get into the Navy or the Air Force, but he wanted to see action just like his big brother. To Jimmy it was an argument that he would not win.

Two years had passed, and Jimmy was leaving for Little Creek once again, his 3rd deployment over. When he touched down there were two marines standing in their dress blues waiting on him. The team leader knew right away it wasn’t good news, and hoped it wasn’t his brother. As the Marine whispered to Jimmy about Bobby’s death in Kosovo where he was part of a NATO peace keeping force, Jimmy didn’t shed a tear. He was always told showing your emotions is a sign of weakness. The guys in his unit surrounded him and comforted him. The next day he was on a transport to Reese Air Force Base in Lubbock.

When he landed, he looked for his mom as she said she would pick him up. His dad didn’t want to talk to him, so Jimmy gave him space. As he looked around for his mom, he noticed a tall blond woman waving his way. He walked toward her and seen it was his sister Kim. Jimmy almost buckled as he looked at the beauty before him. She had really had a growth spurt since he had been home last. She was about 5’9, he guessed weighed 120 lbs. and her chest had to be 36C. Her hair was still blond but had brown streaks unlike our mom, and she reminded him of Blair Williams. She ran up to him crying, as she hugged Jimmy in a tight embrace. He felt bad for getting a semi erection during this hug, but all he could see was a beauty in front of him. He really didn’t care if it was his sister.

She drove him toward the house and kept hesitating like she had something to say. Jimmy spoke up and placed his hand on her shoulder. “Kim, how are you doing? With, you know, Bobby.” Jimmy started to tear up for the first time but held it under control.

Kim took a deep breath and looked over at him. “I’m all cried out Jimmy, it has been awful, especially waiting on you.”

He looked over at her surprised, “What do you mean waiting on me?”

She started to sob a little but regained her composure. “Oh my God Jimmy, you honestly don’t know. Bobby died over a week ago. We been waiting on you to come back from deployment to have the funeral.”

It was Jimmy’s turn to sigh, “Why in the hell did you wait, just because you are scheduled to come back at a certain time doesn’t mean you’re going to.”

She reached over and grabbed Jimmy’s hand, letting her thumb rub the back of his hand. “It was mom’s decision and the military said you were supposed to be back four days ago.” Jimmy didn’t have anything to say, as she gripped his hand harder as they got on to highway 84 toward Southland. “Jimmy, I have to tell you something, so you aren’t surprised when you get home.”

Jimmy squeezed her hand back, “Nothing will surprise me like what I have experienced in the past 24 hours.”

She half smiled with a worried look in her eyes. “Jimmy, dad isn’t taking Bobby’s death very well.” She thinks about what she said, “Well, none of us are, but dad has went very dark.”

“What do you mean sis,” Jimmy asked.

She smiled as he said sis, as he always called her Kim, but on few occasions when he was trying to be dear to her, he would say sis, or baby sis. “Dad has become very depressed, been drinking, and is angry.”

Jimmy looked out the side window, watching the landscape go by in a blur. “He isn’t the only one.”

With more conviction she said, “You don’t understand Jimmy. Dad blames you and is angry with you.”

He looked at his sister with wide eyes, “Me? What the hell did I do?”

“He says you glorified the military to Bobby, and if he wouldn’t have followed in your footsteps, he would be alive today.” She turned away keeping her eyes on the road, as a single tear came down her right cheek.

Jimmy didn’t speak for a few miles, he was furious at his dad, Bobby and himself. Maybe his dad was right, if he would not have let his brother idolize him so much when he was younger, maybe he would have listened to mom and dad. They wanted him to go to college, and he had a scholarship academically to go to TCU. Jimmy let go of her hand, as he wiped a tear from his eye. “Sis, maybe dad is right, I shouldn’t have let Bobby follow me so much. It’s my fault he idolized me, and I had made things easy for him. He always told me that.” With that, Jimmy finally broke, and started so cry over his loss.

They were about 5 miles from the house when she pulled kadıköy escort over the side of the road and stopped. “Listen to me big brother,” as she stuck her hand out and turned his face toward her. “I idolized you too, and nobody could ever stack up against you. That’s how Bobby felt, because we loved you so much. You always protected, cared, and was there for us when we needed you.”

He tried to turn his head away, but she stopped him, “Sis don’t, I’m not feeling so big brotherly right now. I don’t see what either of you idolized about me. I am just a regular guy, and I didn’t want all this.”

“I know Jimmy, that’s why we love you.” With that she leaned in and kissed him. It wasn’t a lover’s kiss, but it was long enough not to be a sisterly kiss either. When it was over, Jimmy looked surprised, and Kim turned, started the car and drove home, neither speaking.

Pulling into the drive, Jimmy noticed Bobby’s truck still parked in front of his mom’s car. It took him back to when he bought the truck first. Bobby and he had worked on it almost every weekend just to get it looking nice. He gave it to Bobby when he left for the military. Kim broke him out of his trance as she touched his shoulder, “Jimmy you going to alright?”

He nodded and became very stoic, “Yeah Kim, I’m here for you guys not the other way around.”

She just shook her head as they exited the car and walked into the house. Their mom was sitting in the front room holding a book filled with pictures. She wasn’t crying, but she was sad. Jimmy felt awful, because he felt it was his fault Bobby was now deceased. When his mom heard them coming in, she dropped the book, and ran over to him, hugging him, standing on her tiptoes to kiss him on his cheek.

“I’m so glad you are home Jimmy. We all have missed you so much.” She said through watery eyes.

Then he heard a very gruff deep voice he recognized was his fathers coming from the back hallway. “Speak for yourself Martha.”

“George!” She exclaimed, “This is your son you’re talking too. Don’t be so hateful.”

He looked at her, then glared at me. He turned and started to walk back into the master bedroom. He suddenly turned and looked into Jimmy’s eyes. In a tone Jimmy had heard before, but usually from drill sergeants and officers, “I don’t have a son, mine died in Kosovo.” With that he turned and walked into his bedroom.

His mom grabbed him, “Don’t listen to him, he feels lost without Bobby. He was much closer to him than you. I hope you understand.” Jimmy just nodded, picked up his sack and headed upstairs to his childhood bedroom. He opened the door, throwing the sack against the dresser, and looked around. Memories were all around, as pictures of him and Bobby playing football and baseball. Trophies of his on a shelf above the old desk he would do his homework. He then noticed something on the wall, and as he became closer, he sees it was a picture of himself in uniform the day he received his trident. He furrowed his eyebrows wondering where and who had given it to his family. None of his family were there.

A voice behind him, soft and gentle broke his concentration. “Bobby took that Jimmy. He was there that day but couldn’t reach you. He flew out there with money he had made himself.”

Jimmy stared at a picture next to it that was of Bobby. He started to cry, “Kim, why did he do that without telling me.”

He heard her approaching him from behind as she slid her arms around his waist. Her head was on his broad shoulders. “He went without any of his knowing. It made dad so mad when he came back.” She started to rub his chest with her hands not realizing what she was doing. “He left a note and off in the middle of the night he went. Dad was so furious he took the truck away from him for an entire year.”

“I remember those days, dad getting so upset and going overboard on punishment sometimes.” Jimmy said as he relaxed with Kim’s hands on his chest. That’s when he noticed he was starting to get hard. He grabbed her hands in his and turned, “Kim, I want to lay down, I’m pretty tired.”

She looked into his eyes, smiling she exclaimed, “Please Jimmy, I’ve lost one brother, I can’t take it if I lost another.”

“I’m not going anywhere Kim, I promise. I just want some sleep sis.” He said as he went over to the sack to get his civvies out.

She turned and started to walk out but stood in the doorway of his room. “Jimmy, if you need anything, I’m here for you. Anything at all. I’m just next door.” She then closed his door. Jimmy wondered what the hell she was talking about but shook it off as he changed into a pair of sweatpants. On stateside he usually slept in just boxers, but decided this might be better since his mom and sister might come in. As soon as he put his head on the pillow, closing his eyes, he went to sleep.


“Sir… Sir! Please put your seatbelt on, we’re about to land.” He turned his head form the window and came out of his memories to recognize a tall brunette stewardess addressing him. kartal escort He looked at her from top to bottom and nodded his head at her.

As he fastened the belt, she slipped away, and he looked toward where she was again. The older lady elbowed him lightly, saying, “You should go after that, I didn’t see a wedding ring young man.”

Jimmy just muttered out, “Huh?”

The older lady smiled and laughed, “Son, I’m just saying you two would make great looking babies.” Jimmy just shook his head smiling, as he looked back out the window seeing the ground become clearer as the plane descended into Lubbock International Airport. Upon landing, he let the passengers who seemed in a hurry to leave the plane as he sat in his seat. After getting off the plane he went to Enterprise and checked out the rental he had reserved. He knew this was going to be hard going home this time. Five years had gone by since his father passed away. The beef his dad had against him weighed heavy through the years, and his dad refused to speak to him. His sister and he still talked but not as much as he would have liked.

He was home though for his mother’s funeral. She died of natural causes in her sleep and he was thankful she didn’t suffer. As he drove down highway 84 south, his mind went back to the day after Bobby’s funeral. He was set to leave the following day, and his dad was staying at one of his brothers due to Jimmy being in the house. This didn’t help with Jimmy’s psyche at all, because he was already guilt ridden. As he lay in his bed, thinking about the last few days, he kept going back to his sister Kim who wanted to be very close to him. It seemed she always wanted to touch him or have her touch him, even if it was just their pinky fingers like when they were children.

He looked at the clock on the desk, the red numbers showing 01:05. He shook his head, sleep would most likely not be easy tonight with all his emotions running rapid. He knew once he returned to Little Creek, these emotions needed to be suppressed or gone. He remembered what his team leader said too him, “Showing your emotions or letting them take over you will get yourself or a teammate killed.” He hung onto those words very dearly, as he loved his team as much as he had his family. He closed his eyes, trying to shut off his mind enough to allow himself to fall asleep.

Jimmy woke up and looked at the clock, 04:00. He sighed, well three hours of rest is better then any. He had a good 5 hours before he had to be back at the airfield. He moved his body to try and get comfortable and that’s when he noticed he wasn’t alone in bed. He looked at the person laying beside him under his covers. It was no mystery of who it was. Kim must have crawled into bed like she did when they were kids when she would have nightmares, or a thunderstorm would frighten her. She always ran to Jimmy, and he would let her in his bed letting her cuddle next to him so she could fall asleep.

This was slightly different as her ass was against his growing erection. He moved his hips slightly back, and he noticed she backed up into him, keeping her firm bottom against his now hard cock. He heard her breathing and it was slow and steady, so he thought she was asleep, so he turned onto his back. He was staring at the ceiling for what seemed like hours but was only minutes trying to get his cock to deflate. That’s when Kim turned over toward him, putting her head in the pit of his arm. Her left arm went over his chest, and her left leg across his covered cock, with her knee slightly bent.

He laid still, and with much determination he willed his cock to deflate. It had been awhile since he was laid, remembering the red head in the bar by the base. Jimmy thought, crap why did I have to remember her, as he felt his cock twitch. He looked down at Kim’s eyes, and they were shut tightly, but her leg was moving, now rubbing her knee along his length. She seemed to smile as she moved her hand from his chest to his stomach. That’s when Jimmy tried to move, then Kim’s eyes fluttered open.

“Where you going Jimmy?” She whispered as she started to rub a bit harder on both his crotch and stomach.

He looked down at her hand and knee, then looked into her eyes. There was something he never had seen from his sister before. “Kim, I think I need to get up, this is not appropriate. I’m sorry that…”

She cut him off, now rolling her entire body onto him. He noticed she was only in panties and a t shirt. Her nipples were hard, rubbing against his chest, as she kissed him cheek. “Jimmy tonight don’t think, just let things be what they are.”

He felt her lips press against his, her hips now going slowly against his cock. Her lips felt wonderful to him, and as she pulled back from the kiss, she let her hand travel down and touch his cock. “Kim, stop, we can’t. What the hell has come over you.”

She stopped what she was doing for awhile as she looked into his eyes. Her right hand was running through his hair. “Jimmy for the smartest guy I know, you really have no idea how much I love you. I’ve loved you since I could remember. I told mom we were going to get married.” She then started her gyrations against my cock again. This time she was doing it harder, and Jimmy let out a slight moan. She smiled and kissed along his jawline to his ear. “I need you tonight, I want you tonight to be my first Jimmy.”

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