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This chapter takes up where ch.1 left off. To summarise: Olivia, experiencing problems in her relationship, meets a sexy stranger on the train who more than satisfies her sexual desires. Greg, the lover on the train, wants to see her again and though she agrees to continue the liaison, she tells him she is still in love with her boyfriend, Robert. In ch.2 she arrives home to face Robert, knowing she’s just cheated on him.


I unlocked the front door and struggled in with my bags. A tedious two-day conference, followed by a long train trip that culminated in an utterly exhilarating fuck-session with the gorgeous Greg, has left me exhausted. All I want to do is shower, crawl into my bed and sleep for about 12 hours. The last thing I want is to face Robert. Apart from the argument we had before I left, I feel deeply guilty about cheating on him. Despite our problems, I had never cheated on him before and while I can honestly say I didn’t regret my encounter with Greg, I also didn’t want to hurt Robert.

Fortunately Robert wasn’t home yet and it gave me a chance to wash Greg’s smell off my skin. I stepped gratefully into the shower and sighed in pleasure as the hot water soaked into my hair and skin. My mind was still spinning with images of Greg’s beautiful cock – in my mouth, my cunt and fucking me relentlessly in my ass. I shivered in spite of the warm water as I remembered the tangy taste of his cum as he flooded my mouth. A throbbing between my legs made me realise how much I wanted him again. Thoughts of Greg were interrupted when I heard a noise in the bedroom.

“Olivia? It’s me!” I heard Robert call out.

“Hi Rob, just taking a quick shower! I won’t be long!” I yelled back.

Not hearing a reply, I returned to shampooing my hair. A few minutes later the shower door slid open and a naked Robert joined me. When we first moved into this house we both agreed that one of its most charming features was the extra large shower cubicle. We had enjoyed numerous erotic and passionate moments in that shower and I realised, with a pang, that it had been months since the last time we had shower fun time.

Robert came up behind me, folding his arms around me and hugging me tight.

“I’m sorry I was such a bastard the other night Olivia.” He mumbled into my hair. “I don’t know what gets into me sometimes. I felt awful about letting you leave without making up but you know how stubborn I can be. I’m really, really sorry babe.”

Normally I would have pursued the matter but my guilt over Greg made me eager to forgive him. If anything, I should be begging him for forgiveness. Feeling him holding me so lovingly and hearing his sincere apology made me want to confess my “sin”. I opened my mouth to say something when I felt his hands move over my breasts. Robert loved fondling my big breasts and I loved having him do it.

He was trying so hard to make it up to me and frankly, I was so horny from thinking about Greg, that I decided to take advantage of Robert’s amorous mood instead. I leaned back and rested my head against his shoulder, lifting my arms so he had easier access to my breasts. He moaned softly as he massaged my flesh and pinched my nipples between his strong fingers. While he didn’t usually go for any kind of rough play during sex, he’d often get carried away while playing with my breasts and I squirmed with pleasure as he continued pulling and pinching my erect nipples.

He took a step back and leaned against the shower wall, pulling me back with him. With one hand he continued kneading my swollen, tender tits while his other hand traced its way down my slick, soapy body to my aching cunt. I placed my hand over his and guided him straight to my throbbing clit. At the same time I pressed my butt back against his hard-on, causing another lustful moan to escape his lips.

Robert’s fingers slid easily over my hard clit and I gasped at the jolt of pure pleasure that shot through my body.

“I love you so much Olivia.” He breathed in my ear. “Let’s not fight any more, please. Just let me love you and make love to you. You’ll see – everything’s going to be okay.”

“I love you too Robert.” I replied and I wasn’t lying. I did love this man. How could I even consider leaving him for Greg?

His fingers continued their slow sensuous massage of my clit and I pushed my pelvis against his hand, wanting more of what he was giving me. Suddenly, he withdrew his hand and spun me around. I was so surprised I didn’t say anything. He stared at me intensely for a moment then he pushed me gently, but firmly against the opposite wall. Pulling my legs apart, he said,

“Play with that beautiful pussy Olivia. I want to watch you. Give me a show.”

I knew that Robert enjoyed watching me pleasure myself but his need seemed more urgent than usual and I was more than happy to please him. I began fingering myself, first with one finger, then soon adding another two. I put my head back and closed my eyes, reveling in the delicious bahis siteleri sensations I was producing. I knew that Robert’s eyes were glued on my wet, open pussy and this excited me even more.

I slipped two, then three fingers into my hungry cunt and began fucking myself. I heard a loud groan from Robert and opened my eyes to see him stroking his rock-hard cock as he watched me intently. I knew the sight I must present – a naked, buxom woman, wantonly fucking myself as the hot water cascaded over my body – was driving him wild. I withdrew my fingers and looking straight at him, I inserted them into my mouth and sucked them clean of my pussy juice. Robert’s eyes widened at the sight and his hand stroked his cock ever more furiously.

I dropped to my knees in front of him and almost roughly grabbed his cock as I practically shoved it in my mouth.

“Oh God Olivia!” He exclaimed as he watched his cock disappear into my mouth. “You’re so sexy! I want you so much!”

I sucked his cock like a starving woman presented with a feast. My tongue darted all over his straining cock and then I lapped at his heavy balls as I jerked him off. I couldn’t get enough of him! I sucked and licked frantically on his big, beautiful cock for several minutes as he writhed and moaned in ecstasy. Then, gripping his hips, I pulled him forward as I slowly pushed his cock deep into my mouth. I stopped when I felt my lips touch the soft hair of his belly.

Then I pulled back until only the head of his cock was still in my mouth. I sucked on it, swirling my tongue around the head and probing the slit deeply. Then I sucked him in again, all the way down my throat. As I pulled his cock out of my mouth I sucked hard and again gave it the same treatment as before. I alternated deep-throating with licking and probing until, within only a few minutes, I knew he was going to cum.

While this was happening Robert was moaning and grunting loudly and his sexy sounds spurred me on as I worked on him. I love vocal men who enjoy noisy uninhibited sex and I was gratified that Robert was making his pleasure so audible.

I stroked his balls, continuing my strong sucking and was soon moaning loudly as I felt the first gush of his hot, salty cum on my tongue. I sucked greedily as he came and came and came in my willing mouth. I milked him dry and then used my tongue to clean him thoroughly. I remained on my knees as I looked up at him while licking my lips and making it very clear how much I enjoyed blowing him. Robert once told me what a major turn-on it was that I so obviously enjoyed sucking his cock and I tried to always remind him of that fact. He pulled me to my feet and kissed me deeply and passionately.

We finished our shower, enjoying more deep kisses and intimate caresses until we were done. We switched off the water and stepped out of the shower. He picked up a large fluffy bath sheet and tenderly dried my body. I watched him as he dried himself and was once again reminded of what a sexy body he had. We walked, naked, into the kitchen and he poured us both a glass of red wine. I leaned against the counter top, enjoying my first taste of the full-bodied wine, when he snuggled in close and started kissing me in my neck. I giggled and squirmed because it was ticklish but I didn’t move away. He knew that I loved being kissed in my neck so he kept it up for a few minutes.

Then he took my hand and led me to the big polished wooden kitchen table and told me to get up on it. I eased onto the table and he pushed me back until I was lying flat. He lifted my legs so that my feet were planted on the tabletop. He picked up my wine glass and smiling wickedly at me, he dribbled some red wine over my tits. Leaning over me, his tongue snaked out and lapped up the wine from my skin. My nipples immediately sprang erect.

Robert continued dribbling wine over my body and then lapping it up. He was making his way down my body to my newly moistened cunt and I wriggled in anticipation of what was surely to follow.

As I expected (hoped) he trickled the red wine over my cunt and bent down to suck it all up. I lifted my pelvis off the table and offered my wine-flavoured cunt to his eager mouth. He spent about half an hour licking and sucking two glasses of wine from my sweetly tormented cunt. His lips and tongue were driving me wild and I was begging him to suck me harder, to fuck me with his tongue.

At any other time he would have let me know he wasn’t too comfortable with that kind of crude talk, but not this time. My cries of ecstasy seemed to spur him on to greater erotic heights. His worked even more enthusiastically to bring me to the peak of my pleasure. He buried his face in my dripping cunt and sucked my clit deep into his mouth, grunting with pleasure. His hands clutched at my thighs and hips as he worked on me. I grabbed handfuls of his hair and brutally pulled his head deeper between my legs.

All I could think of was my impending orgasm and how the man I loved was giving me the most canlı bahis siteleri intensely pleasurable tongue-fuck of my life. When my orgasm finally hit I screamed out loud – afterwards I wondered if the neighbours heard my ecstatic cries. Robert continued stroking my clit with his tongue until I whimpered that I couldn’t take any more and begged him to stop.

He raised his head and smiled at me as he flopped into a chair and then rested his head between my thighs. I gently massaged his head as I came down from my stupendous orgasm. We didn’t speak for several minutes as we caught our breath and recovered from the most intense sexual interlude we had experienced in many months. Robert gave my cunt an affectionate kiss and stood up, at the same time hauling me to my feet.

“Come on honey.” He said. “Let’s go to bed.”

We made our way back to bed, exchanging affectionate kisses and embraces on the way there. We curled up under the covers and fell asleep, holding each other tight. I don’t know what happened to Robert during the time I was away but I hadn’t seen him this horny in a long time. I woke up the next morning to find him sucking my cunt yet again. We didn’t speak – I just wrapped my legs around his head and ground against his mouth as he brought me to another intense orgasm. Afterwards he rolled over onto his back and gasped for air as I lay there, marveling at my good luck.

Glancing over at the bedside clock, he swore softly and jumped up.

“I’m going to be late for work!” He called out as he made for the bathroom.

I stretched out on the bed, enjoying the feel of my aching muscles that I usually only experience after a night of long intense sexual pleasure.

I had to go to work too and I reluctantly left our warm bed and stumbled into the bathroom to get ready. Robert smiled at me through his shaving cream and swatted me playfully on my butt as I passed him. I giggled like a girl as I skipped out of the way and started my morning routine.

An hour later I walked into my office, switching on my computer to check my e-mail, as I gratefully sipped my first cup of coffee for the day. I waded steadily through the morning’s work though I was continually distracted by thoughts of both my lovemaking with Robert and my steamy session with Greg on the train the day before. I had a pile of paperwork to clear after being away for two days so I grabbed a quick sandwich at my desk. At about 3pm I finally felt as if I’d caught up and could relax a little.

I was lolling in my chair, drinking my fourth coffee of the day, when my colleague, Carin, popped her head around my door and said,

“Welcome back Livs! Don’t forget the meeting in five minutes.”

“What meeting I asked?” in a bit of panic because I couldn’t remember any meeting for today.

“Did you forget?” Carin asked. “Head office decided to foist one of those “business analyst” types on us for the week. I think he’s really here to extol the many and varied virtues of the powers that be.”

Carin is one my best friends and one of the reasons I like her is that she refuses to take the corporate hierarchy too seriously. Her cheeky sense of humour has often been my only saving grace in an office that sometimes takes itself a little too seriously.

“I’d better not be late.” I said. “You know how what that these high-flying characters are like – insufficient bowing and scraping will lead to a speedy and undignified exit from these hallowed halls.”

We sniggered unkindly as we hurried off to the meeting. This was the last thing I wanted today – a long boring meeting with an arrogant analyst who thought that his textbook theories would answer all our woes (real and imagined). He probably ate, drank and dreamt growth curves, increased revenue streams and the latest theories of workplace reorganization.

The seven heads of department settled in around the boardroom table as we looked around for our “guest”. My back was to the door and I was sitting opposite Carin, so the first inkling I had of something out-of-the-ordinary was when I saw Carin’s head jerk up and her eyes widen. I half-turned in my chair but he had already made his way past me. I could see that he was younger than I expected and he was tall and had dark hair. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, I idly thought as he turned to face us and then my world turned upside down. It was Greg!

To this day I still don’t know I managed to stop myself from gasping aloud in shock though I must have made some movement because Greg suddenly looked in my direction. He froze for a second and then smoothly recovered and launched into his introduction. I looked down at my notepad, struggling to regain my composure as my mind raced. What was he doing here? Did he know beforehand that I worked here or was it a surprise to him too? How could he look so calm when I felt like I’d had the rug pulled out from under me?

I have a hazy recollection of struggling through the meeting though I remember very little of what was said. canlı bahis Evidently I hadn’t made a complete fool of myself when called upon to respond to various comments and questions, though Carin threw me a few puzzled looks throughout the meeting. As soon as it was over I practically bolted for the door and made straight for the ladies room.

Heedless of whoever might be there, I rushed over to the hand basin and began splashing cold water onto my face. Now I was getting angry. Who the fuck did he think he was?! By now I was sure he must’ve known that he would be working at the same company that employed me. Why didn’t he say anything before he fucked my brains out?! I smacked the basin in frustration.

“Easy girl.” Carin admonished as she entered the room. “Why on earth are you abusing the facilities? Does it by any chance have something to do with the hunk sent by head office?”

When I didn’t reply, she continued,

“I saw your reaction when you first saw him. Come on! Give! What’s the story and don’t leave out any details!” she ordered.

I smiled wanly at her and began drying my face.

“Not here.” I said. “Let’s get out of here and grab a drink.”

“Ooohh! Deep dark secrets and leaving work early too?” she teased. “Let me get my bag!”

I went back to my office to get my things, praying to whatever deities may exist that I didn’t encounter Greg along the way. My prayers were answered and Carin and I made our escape without my seeing him. We went to a nearby bar and settled into a booth in a dark corner.

“So? What’s going on?” Carin asked as soon as we were seated.

“Let’s get a drink first.” I pleaded. “Then I’ll tell you all about it.”

We ordered a bottle of white wine and when it arrived we sipped our drinks with pleasurable sighs and settled back in the comfortable booth.

Carin’s eyes grew wide as I told her the story of my steamy encounter with Greg on the train. She interrupted occasionally to clarify a few details but otherwise let me talk until I had told her everything, and I do mean everything. “Oh wow!” Carin exclaimed when I finished my tale. “I can’t believe you did that! That’s so cool!”

“You really think so?” I asked, even though her enthusiastic response couldn’t possibly have left me in any doubt.

“I feel so guilty about Robert though. I love him so much yet it was so easy to cheat on him.” I continued.

“Liv, your little fling doesn’t mean that you no longer love Robert. All you did was get something from Greg that Robert wasn’t giving you.” Carin reasoned.

“I don’t know Carin. It doesn’t feel right.” I replied.

“How do you feel about Greg now?” Carin asked. “Do you want to see him again?”

“Yes” I sighed. “Unfortunately I do – very much so.”

“Then I say, “Go for it!”” Carin urged me. “What Robert doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

Later that night in bed, as I lay listening to Robert’s steady breathing while he slept, I thought again about Carin’s words. Could I really do as she advised? Was it really so easy to continue the deception? I could possibly excuse a one-time indiscretion, but twice, three times, more than that? What would that say about me?

I sighed deeply and decided to leave the internal debate until the next day. It was late and I needed to get a good night’s rest so I would the energy to face Greg the next day.

Seeing Greg the following day was (marginally) easier than I expected. He was courteous and professional and never once hinted at what had transpired between us. Only once did he let the mask slip. We were discussing new marketing strategies with one of my colleagues she had to leave the office for a few minutes. There was a minute’s awkward silence and then Greg said,

“We have to talk Olivia.”

Suddenly I was angry. “Good. Maybe you can start by telling me why you lied to me.” I burst out. “You knew where I worked! Why didn’t you tell me you would be working here too? Was it all a joke to you? Did you think it was amusing to lie to me, fuck me and then make me face you every day at work?

“Calm down Livvy.” He pleaded. “I promise that it was never my intention to lie to you. It’s just that I knew I wanted to be with you and I thought if you knew about my coming to work here, you would want nothing to do with me. I felt bad about lying but I couldn’t help it. I wanted you so much that I wasn’t thinking straight.”

I opened my mouth to reply but just then my colleague returned and we had to pretend that nothing out of the ordinary had just occurred.

I managed to avoid Greg for the rest of the day. After hearing from the receptionist that he had left the office about ½ an hour before, I decided to put in some overtime and tie up some loose ends. Two hours later I was done and was getting ready to leave when I heard footsteps in the corridor. Sometimes people returned later in the evening so I wasn’t concerned. The footsteps paused and then continued to my office door. I looked up and was shocked to see Greg standing in the doorway.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, startled to see him.

“I forgot something in my office.” He said. I’m glad I ran into you though. We need to finish that conversation we started earlier.”

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