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The next chapter in Jeremy’s story is finally here. It’s taken longer as the complexity of the tale grows and events that are to come have required more thought. This chapter was originally going to contain much more content but it grew quite long, so it will be spread out over a couple chapters. I hope you enjoy with how the story is going, and I appreciate any comments and suggestions.


This is the promised summary of previous chapters. I don’t know if I’m happy with it, as there is a lot of story to reduce to a few lines. I hope it’s enough to refresh long-time readers. New readers, I would hope you read the previous chapters first.

I won’t include it with every chapter, as it would end up being a chapter in itself! Let me know if it should be expanded, condensed further, or whatever.

Chapter 1 Jeremy sits on the loveseat under a blanket with his mom, Jenny, while the family watches movies on Friday nights. Dad is in his recliner and is usually asleep early. Jeremy’s two young siblings fall asleep in a sleeping bag after one movie. Mom’s sister, Jessica, lies on the couch as she sleeps over after. During a movie, Jeremy gets aroused by some nudity and as he shifts about, mom’s hand lands in his lap. She doesn’t remove her hand and instead pulls his dick free and jerks him until he cums in her hand.

Chapter 2 The next week he hopes mom will do so again, but his aunt is sitting in mom’s spot. He joins her, disappointed. Later he feels her hand on his crotch. She pulls him from his shorts and strokes him until he cums in her hand. Jeremy thinks mom knows what happened and is upset. His mother and aunt have now both given him hand jobs.

Chapter 3 The next Friday Jeremy doesn’t know what to expect, or who. His aunt is sitting on the loveseat. This week he decides that he is not going to be the only one getting pleasure. When he feels Jessica’s hand on him, he puts his hand in her panties. They both make the other cum. Mom acts oblivious, but it is clearly an act.

Chapter 4 Jeremy comes home one day during the week and pulls his pants down in the kitchen. He asks mom to jerk him off again. Mom is shocked but she stares at his big dick. He says he’ll go to aunt’s house, sure she would do it. Mom can’t let him go to her sister’s, so she strokes his dick. She realizes he’ll make a mess on her and the clean floor so lets him cum in her mouth. Son thanks her and heads to a friend’s house. Mom decides this has to end and has to go talk to her sister. But she has to finger herself first.

Chapter 5 Jeremy goes to aunt’s house instead, wondering what he can get her to do. She is giving him a blowjob when mom arrives. Mom is furious at them but they convince her to join them. While they are playing, Jessica’s friend, Margie, shows up and wants some action. She has Jeremy screw her while she eats mom. Next Margie has Jeremy have sex with his aunt while Margie sits on her face. Then Aunt Jessica says it’s his mom’s turn.

Chapter 6 Jeremy has sex with mom. They clean up and go home before dad gets home. That night Jeremy licks mom. Mom blows him the next morning before school. Friday night, Jeremy, mom, and aunt sit on the couch and fool around. They move to mom’s bed and continue their fun until he passes out.

Chapter 7 The next morning Jessica blows him. Jeremy mows the lawn and his aunt asks him to do hers too. After he’s done, they fool around, having sex many times during the day. He returns home and mom asks about day with her sister. He doesn’t want to kiss and tell, but he has two hot women competing for his attention. He licks her to orgasm. Mom blows him the next morning.

Chapter 8 Dad and the young kids go to the zoo, but mom and Jeremy stay home. Mom strips for him, which leads to foreplay and onto sex. They have sex multiple times all over the house, even the kitchen table!

Chapter 9 A week of antics between Jeremy and mom with them nearly getting caught many times. Dad tells them about business trip that family is invited, but mom refuses because of school. Dad upset he has to go alone. This leads to a dispute between the parents. Dad has no golf Saturday so stays awake during Friday’s movies. Mom, Jessica, and Jeremy fool around on the couch but can do little. During the night mom comes to blow him, then later his aunt too. The next day Jessica calls asking if Jeremy can fix some things for her. After, they have sex. He gets home and mom and dad have made up. That night he hears them having sex.

On the Loveseat Chapter 10

I was in the midst of a dream in which I was chopping wood for some unknown reason, and had gotten quite stack beside me when I awoke. I felt a familiar sensation at my crotch. Sure enough, it was my mom giving me a morning blowjob! After last night’s activities, this kind of surprised me, I would have thought that ataşehir escort mom would be doing this with my father. Not to say that I wasn’t thrilled with the unexpected attentions of my sexy mother, but I still had some unresolved feelings from the previous night.

“Mom? What are doing here?” I queried with a slight tone of displeasure in my voice.

“Why do you keep asking me that? Isn’t it obvious yet?” She answered between her bobbing, either missing my tone or choosing to ignore it.

“I mean why aren’t you blowing dad?”

“Are you saying you’d rather I was doing this with him instead of you?” Her own tone grew frosty. But her hand never left my rigid cock and her mouth never strayed far between replies.

“No, no. I just thought that after last night …”

“That I should spend all my time with my husband rather than my loving son who pleasures me far better than his father?”

“No mom. But it sounded like he was doing an alright job last night.”

“You heard?”

“Enough. Enough to tell that you were pleasured at least once.”

“It was twice if you must know.”

“I didn’t.” I paused, debating how to proceed. I did want her to finish what she had started regardless of whatever issues I had. “It’s just I heard some of it and I wanted it to be me with you. Doing that to you. It was hard to listen to it. I shouldn’t think that, you and dad should be together, you should be having sex. It’s not my place to say I wish you weren’t. I shouldn’t be jealous of dad, but I am.” My tone was plaintive, maybe even a bit maudlin.

“No, you shouldn’t feel that way. You have no cause to be jealous with the amount of time we’ve had together. Regardless of whether we want more time. To be honest, you have no cause to be jealous of your father. I was being honest when I said you were better than him. He has always been what I thought was an excellent lover. He has never left me wanting, so to speak. Other than the quantity in recent years that is. But that was before we started our … fling. Now I realize that with dad that we are both just using the other get ourselves off, not seeking to give each other pleasure. With you Jeremy, it’s not about you fucking me so you can cum; you fuck me so I can cum. It may seem a small difference, but it is a world apart.”

“As I’ve told you mom, giving you pleasure, making you cum, excites me.”

“And it’s why I have fallen in love with you Jeremy. More than I ever felt for your father.” She may have ceased her blowjob, but her hand was still able to do wonders on my dick. She wasn’t trying to make me cum, but she was giving me delightful sensations.

“I have to confess to you.” Mom continued. “What you heard last night. That was you. I was thinking of you when I came. Wishing it was you.”

“What? No.”

Mom had a demure and embarrassed look on her face, as if she was a shy teen instead of a sexy cougar. She nodded in confirmation. “Both times. I felt bad about it. Even while being with your father I still felt like I was cheating on him because thinking of you made me orgasm. But even worse, I felt I was cheating on you because I was sleeping with my husband.”

“I have a confession too mom. I was doing what you’re doing right now last night. I was dreaming it was you doing this. I came thinking of you too. I heard you in your orgasm and was cumming at the same time with you.”

“Really?” She asked incredulously. She gave my cock a more vigorous burst of strokes. “Did I do it like this?”

“Oh no mom, you do it so much better in reality than you do in dreams.”

“Aw, thank you honey. I wish I had been there for you. But your dad wants it so rarely that I couldn’t deny him. I do still love him. I’m not going to leave him just because I can’t get enough sex. Our marriage is built on more than that. I also can’t leave him because I love you, my son.” In the midst of this conversation, she continued her blow-now-hand job, using the time as I spoke to drool saliva onto my raging cock and stroking me with a relentless rhythm. She may not have been trying to make me cum but she wasn’t keeping me from the brink either.

“I don’t want you to divorce dad because of me, mom. I don’t want my desires to hurt Johnny or Jojo. They are just innocent bystanders in this mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.” I grunted unconsciously as mom’s tempo grew. “Speaking of messes, I’m close to making one now!”

“Oh no honey! I won’t let you waste any more of your delicious shake than you already have!” Her mouth dropped back around my cock and she worked fervently to release my cum into her mouth. Mom’s wonderful oral skills dispelled the shadowy thoughts and the solitary doubts of last night as she brought me to that excellent peak and sent me grunting and growling into the orgasmic bliss beyond.

“Oh shit, mom!” I said when I could speak again. “If I may say so, you are the best cock-sucking mother I know!”

“How many do you know?” She smiled back kadıköy escort at me obviously with no offense at my vulgar compliment, my cum on her lips.

“It doesn’t mean you’re not still the best. If I could mix your tongue with Aunt Jess’s throat, I would have to marry that woman regardless of her relationship to anyone!”

“Are you comparing my sucking to my sister’s?”

“No. I’m not comparing them. Just that you each have your own talents and that if they were combined, would be beyond compare.”

“So I could be doing a better job?” She said coolly.

“Mom, everyone can get better. Even the best can improve.” I knew I was in a hole I couldn’t escape.

Mom’s look grew stern. I gulped. Then she grinned.

“I never thought of myself as that great at sucking cock. But I never gave much effort to improve. I never had any incentive to improve until you. That you consider me to be in a class comparable to Jess is compliment enough.”

Whew! I wasn’t going to be buried in that hole!

“Your dad won’t be asleep much longer. I had to come for my protein shake. And I felt guilty about last night.”

“Mom, you should never feel guilty about being with dad. I’ll have to man up and learn to deal with it. It’s not something that is ever going to go away. Not while you’re married and not while I’m your son. So, never. Neither one of us should feel bad. It’s the way things just are.”

“That seems so pessimistic.” Mom answered bluntly.

“I didn’t mean it to, but we have to be realistic. We have a very unique situation. You, dad, me, Aunt Jess.”

“I know honey. I just try to be more optimistic about things.”

“I do too, mom. Me most of all. I mean, I have two sexy experienced women that can’t seem to get enough of me. I’m the least pessimistic guy ever!” I knew this was counter to how I felt last night, but even superman has to have a moment of doubt right?

“Do you think we have time to take care of you mom?” I changed the subject back to sex.

“I don’t think so Jeremy. I may have worn out your dad, but he won’t sleep forever. You should take a shower and I’ll get breakfast ready before my other children get up.”

I glanced at the clock and it read 8:22. “Mom, its sacrilege for a teen to get up before at least 10 a.m. on a weekend! Give me another hour and a half.”

“Only because I want you to keep your strength up so you can go on making my delicious cum-flavored shakes!” She rose from my bed, not bothering to wrap her robe back around her nightie. Nothing was revealed, to my regret, but I had seen it all before and positively would again. “I’ll send one of your siblings to get you up. Your breakfast will be cold, but I’ll save you some.”

“Thanks mom! You’re the best!” I rolled over, pulled my pillow over my head, and fell to sleep more easily this time.

I awoke from no dream, but to a nightmare!

An earthquake was shaking my bed! I bolted upright, knocking my pillow from my head and discovered that it wasn’t an earthquake, but a more fearsome force of nature, an eight-year-old girl jumping up and down on the bed around my feet!

“Jojo! What are you doing?”

“Mommy said I could jump on your bed to wake you up sleepyhead!” My sister jumped more enthusiastically, taking advantage of this rare event of being allowed to jump on furniture. Her joy killed any irritation I had at being woken as she had. I remembered the secret thrill of jumping on the bed! I might have even joined her if I didn’t worry I would probably break my bed. I had many future plans for that bed that I surely didn’t want to destroy it!

I discretely made sure that mom had put all my parts away before I pushed aside the blankets, grabbed my little sister, and tackled her to the bed. I pulled up her little top and buried my face in her belly, blowing loud raspberries on it. Whether from the sound I created, or the feeling on her stomach, this brought on an equally loud giggling fit from Jojo. My hands tickled her sides and her voice escalated in octave, pitch, and volume. I’m sure some dogs in the neighborhood heard the parts of that screech that were beyond human hearing!

“What are you doing to your sister?” Mom yelled up the stairs.

I merely blew another raspberry on the bare belly.

Jojo’s larynx didn’t know to giggle some more or to screech again. I didn’t know it was possible, but she produced both sounds at once. Must be a superpower of little girls!

This also elicited another yell from below.

“Jeremy! Stop whatever you are doing to Jojo right now!”

I wasn’t sure from her tone, but mom almost sounded mad. I stopped my tickling, but I did blow another raspberry on my sister’s stomach. The sounds she was making descended back to ordinary human ones. I suddenly grew solemn. This could well be the last time I could do this so innocently with Joanne. She would soon sprout into a young woman and her older brother making farting sounds on her belly would bostancı escort become a thing of the past. Much like mom and I. No longer would we be able to go back to just being mother and son, even if we never had sex again. This thought brought on a bit of melancholy. I never wanted to lose what we had right now, but I also missed the days, seemingly now not so long ago, when she would tuck me in at night, or wipe my nose, or any of the thousands of things a mom did for you when you were a kid that you never thought about until moments like now when they were gone. I noticed Jojo looking up at me, tears running down her face in seeming sympathy to my thoughts but I knew were caused by my horseplay.

“What’s wrong Jeremy? You seem sad.”

“I was just thinking what a big girl you are getting to be. I’ll be going to college soon, you’ll grow up to be a woman and we won’t be able to do things like this anymore.”

“Why not? You’ll always be my brother; I’ll always be your sister.”

“Things get complicated when you grow up Jojo.”

“I don’t want to grow up then. I don’t like compilated, com-kilated. I don’t like hard.”

“Nobody does Jojo; you just have to deal with it. Now let’s get downstairs before mom … oh, hi mom.”

I saw mom standing once more in my doorway. She had dressed in a plain white blouse and a pleated dark navy blue skirt. She had a strange look on her face.

“Go downstairs Jojo. I think Johnny was setting up a game on the living room floor.”

My sister then did something that I would remember for the rest of my life. She turned to me, gave me a peck on the cheek with her tiny lips, and said, “I love you big brother.”

I was caught off guard, but a second or two later I answered her innocent declaration with my own. “I love you too Jojo. Go play with Johnny. I think mom wants to talk to me.”

“Are you in trouble?” She sounded concerned.

“No. I don’t think so. It’s okay, go on.”

She scooted off the bed, crossed to mom, and hugged her hips. “I love you too mommy! Don’t be mad at Jeremy. We was just playing.” She then hurried down the steps.

“I hope you aren’t here for another shake. I think I’m sold out.” I gave her a playful smile. Her eyes seemed watery.

“No. Not that. Not now, anyway. I heard what you told your sister.”

“What part?”

“All of it I think.”

“What about it?” I tried to replay what I had said.

“I agree with Jojo. I don’t like compilated either.” I had to smile at her repeating my sister’s mangled pronunciation.

“Do you like hard mom?” I knew that that wasn’t appropriate at the moment, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

“Not now Jeremy, I’m serious.”

“Okay. I’m sorry.”

“You were right though. You’ll go to college next year, everything will change and where does that leave me. Us.”

“That’s a long way off still mom. Don’t worry about that now.”

“It’ll come sooner than you think Jeremy.”

“Its months and months away.” To me that was almost eternity.

“Months and months ago I brought you home from the hospital for the first time. It goes faster than you realize. You’re young and think you have all the time in the world. Then you wake up one day and wonder where your life went.”

“Come on mom, you’re not that old. You have plenty of life left in you.”

“As you said, Jojo will soon be a teen, then a young woman. I don’t want her ever finding out about … us. I would feel worse about that than if your father did.”

“You’re right mom. I was also thinking of the things we miss after they are gone and not appreciating them while you had them.”

“That’s a very wise thing to say.”

“I was playing with Jojo and I realized in a few years her body will change and she probably won’t let me blow farts on her belly anymore. I would miss that.”

“I used to do that to you. And I miss it too.”

“You still can mom!” I lifted my tee shirt. She eyed the patches of hair on my pecs and sprouting up from below my belly button.

“It wouldn’t be the same. And would lead to other things we really shouldn’t be doing.”

“But we love doing!” I added.

“Yes. We do. And now things are complicated.”

“Like I told her, that’s just life and being an adult. There’s nothing we can do about it. Just deal with it.”

“We don’t need to try to make it harder.” She caught herself and gave me a sly wink.

“Harder isn’t so bad sometimes!” I replied.

“I do like it harder, just not life.” Her innuendo just might make it harder! “I think we should get back downstairs before someone comes upstairs.”

I had to agree, as much as I always wanted to be alone with mom. She started to turn, then looked back at me. “I love you Jeremy.” She said quietly although her words were innocent enough for the rest of the family to hear. I knew her intent, and that no one else should hear!

“I love you too mom.” I answered in a voice equally low.

I quickly rose with a glance down to check the readiness, or lack thereof, in my shorts. Mom saw the look and smirked as she turned back to leave. I ran my hand through my hair to get rid of my bed head and followed mom’s shapely calves down the stairs.

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