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Lately Aubrey had had trouble controlling her thoughts when she visited her friend, Delia. Delia’s stepfather had just gotten back from a business trip in Europe that kept him away for three months. Shortly after he left, Aubrey had met Delia and the two had become very close, spending nearly every other day at each other’s houses. When Scott came home, things changed a little.

Stepping into the kitchen, Scott greeted Delia and her mom, and Delia introduced Aubrey. Aubrey couldn’t help but stare as the delicious man took her hand and smiled. He was hot as fuck, with a rugged look. The kind that reminded Aubrey of the hot mechanic who had just fixed her breaks last week. Audrey wondered what Delia’s stepdad could fix for her.

As the months passed on, the weather became colder and Aubrey started staying with Delia nightly instead of braving the freshly fallen two feet of snow that constantly plagued week after week. Aubrey had been taking the opportunity to find out a little more about Scott, and didn’t hesitate to fantasize about him when she took the occasional bath. More than once she had considered approaching him, seeing if she could coax him, but she remained aloof.

Fortunately, she didn’t really have to do much work. The Baxters had just wrapped up a large dinner party, and Mrs. Baxter had just gone up to bed. Delia and Aubrey sat up and talked about Delia’s lame ass boyfriend, Michael. Aubrey was single, but she enjoyed listening to Delia complain while Aubrey daydreams of fucking the man in the next room. Eventually, Delia went to sleep and Aubrey tiptoed downstairs to sneak another glass kaçak iddaa of wine leftover from the dinner.

She poured the glass and set the bottle down. She grinned, but nearly yelped when a light came on in the kitchen. Scott stood there in satin pajama pants, smirking at her.

“Sneaking another glass?”

Aubrey bit her lip. ‘Fuck.’ she thought. “Just one. It’s really good.”

Scott smiled. “Of course it is. But you, young lady, are only 18, correct?”

She nodded reluctantly. She expected a scolding but Scott moved toward her. She noticed how much more muscle could be seen now, and she didn’t ignore the desire that crossed her mind.

Scott tsked. “It wouldn’t do well if Mrs. Baxter found out. She is fond of her wine.”

Aubrey began to apologize but he cut her off. “I’m willing to keep silent of course. But it’s gonna cost you.” He moved his hand and Aubrey thought she saw his cock outlined by the fabric.

“Cost me?”

“Oh yes,” he got closer, his erection definitely visible now. “You see, I can’t help but watch you when you come over. You’re absolutely fucking gorgeous. And your body..” he trailed off, looking at her. She suddenly became aware of her shirt hanging off her shoulders and the shorts just covering her ass. She bit her lip and adjusted a little.

Aubrey took a step. “Are you saying you want to fuck me, Mr. Baxter?” She had shocked herself. She had only ever thought those words before.

Scott moved his hand to her shorts, sliding his hand up her thigh while he ran his thumb over her clit. She gasped and Scott moved closer to her. “Why don’t you do what the kaçak bahis other good girls do and suck my cock for me?” He moved his hand over his erection again.

He pushed her to her knees and freed his cock from his pants. Aubrey wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked obediently, her head bobbing in his lap while he held her hair and thrust gently into her mouth. Aubrey was ecstatic and felt her pussy gush through her panties. His cock was enormous, unable to fit all the way in her mouth, and he pulled it out to rub against her lips.

He pulled her to her feet and pulled her into the dining room where he lifted her onto the table and pulled her shorts off. He dipped between her legs, flicking his tongue across her clit while she moaned and clung to the table. Scott worried he might explode soon without even shoving his cock inside her.

He pulled back and pulled her hips to him, hovering against her dripping pussy. Pushing her shirt up, he sucked on her nipple before moving his mouth to her ear. “Beg for daddy’s cock, baby. I know how bad you want it.”

Aubrey was so turned on she didn’t hesitate. “Please, daddy. Please fuck me.”

Scott shoved his cock inside her and moaned. She was tighter than any girl he’d ever been with, her young body tightening around him nearly made him come then and there. Her pussy sucked him in and he held on to the table as he plowed her. His wife hadn’t let him touch her in months like this.

The girl beneath him moaned loudly and he pushed himself deeper. He pulled out, rubbing himself as he demanded that she turn over on her stomach and bend over the table.

She illegal bahis did, and Scott brought his hand down on her ass cheek hard, leaving his hand print spread across the milky white skin. He rubbed his cock on her ass and reached up to grab her hair. “You like it rough, don’t you? Didn’t peg you for a little whore, but I definitely like it.”

Aubrey moaned. “I do, Mr. Baxter. Please fuck me some more.”

Scott smacked her ass again and spread her ass cheek apart. Her pussy was dripping, waiting for him to stick his cock back inside her. He pulled her ass back and slid her onto his throbbing cock. He moved rhythmically with her hips, the sound of his body banging against hers made him want to come immediately. And he knew exactly how he’d make her take it. He plowed her ass into the table, moaning and smacking her ass as he fucked her.

Aubrey couldn’t believe it, but she loved every delicious movement of his cock pounding into her. She wanted to come and felt maybe she should ask, but she stayed silent until Scott smacked her ass again. “Come for daddy, baby. Give me your sweet, sticky wetness.” The words alone seemed to coax the orgasm out of her and she exploded, moaning around his cock while he never missed a beat. He moaned louder and pulled her up right, kissing her before pushing her back onto her knees. He rubbed his cock vigorously. “Fuck, im going to come all over your pretty little face.”

Moaning loudly, he came on the girl’s face, letting some of it shoot into her mouth. Composing himself, he topped off her glass, winked, then sent her back to Delia’s room.

Aubrey stumbled in to Delia’s room and laid on the floor, covering herself up as she replayed the last 15 minutes in her head. She stuck her hand back into her shorts and delved back into her fantasy of Scott’s cock…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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