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My wife had gone shopping and I glanced out and noticed Ralph in his back yard trimming his bushes and shrubs. Gwen was in her usual lounge chair reading.

In the spur of the moment I decided to pop over and see what their daughter was doing.

As I approached their front door, Pamela spotted me out the window and opened the door before I got there.

“Hi ya mister,” she smiled as I approached.

She was wearing leggings that form fitted her body making her even more spectacular. She had a white tee shirt on which was clearly wet. Her nipples poked out noticeably as her tits jiggled under the shirt. The leggings were a tan color and the cleft of her cunt was distinct and it too appeared wet.

She stood to one side inviting me in and as I passed her I cupped her tits and squeezed them. “You really need to remember to take your clothes off before you take a shower,” I laughed.

“I was giving Frisky his bath and I usually end up as wet as he does,” she chuckled.

“Oh,” I responded. “Did you remember to wash his ahhhh?” I chuckled.

She turned beet red but laughed and swatted at me as I moved past her, “I always remember that,” she responded seductively.

“Did you ahhh…” I moved my hand up and down in a jacking off manner, “Did you do a little extra maybe?” I chuckled as she again swatted me turning even redder. I noticed her nipples got harder as well.

“You’re nasty,” she giggled.

“Maybe a little of this too?” I moved my hand up and jacked it in front of my open mouth.

“GAAARY!” she blurted. Her nipples appeared harder than before as she tried to swat at me again before I was out of range. “You are a naaaaaasty man,” she chuckled.

She moved over to the sofa and grabbed the towel there and called Frisky who promptly came to her. She had been in the process of toweling him dry when she spotted me approaching.

Her dog sat dutifully in front of her as she rubbed him with the towel. Her gorgeous tits were bouncing, jiggling, and wobbling all over as she toweled Frisky. Watching her firm tits wobble and jiggle caused my cock to immediately harden.

“Don’t forget to dry his ahh…” I chuckled as I nodded downward.

“I do, I do,” she chuckled as she ran her towel covered hand between Frisky’s hind legs back and forth vigorously. Frisky seemed to enjoy that, I chuckled to myself.

She noticed I was watching her intently as she did this and said, “Don’t be nasty,” she giggled at me, as she vigorously rubbed between his hind legs.

“Video, I want video,” I laughed.

“You men are all the same. You know Jason keeps asking me all the time what I have done too,” she laughed.

“We’re both curious,” I laughed.

“Oh I am sure you are,” she giggled as she dropped the towel and kaçak iddaa ran her hands all over Frisky to see if he was dry enough yet.

“Are your mom and dad out back?” I asked, knowing already they were.

“Ya, dad is pruning and mom is reading, same as always,” she laughed.

I walked in to their kitchen and looked out the window. Ralph was bent over with his trimmer’s busy working on a bush and Gwen was buried in her book as she reclined on her lounge chair, occasionally sipping what looked like an iced tea from time to time.

Frisky bounded past behind me and soon appeared in the back yard looking for a place to lie in the sun. Pamela walked up behind me and peered over my shoulder. “Yup,” she said as she spotted her dad pruning and he mom reading, “same as always,” she chuckled.

I spun around and grabbed her pulling her forward and pushing her over the sink. “Good,” I laughed. “That gives me a chance to fuck their hot daughter,” I chuckled as I pulled her leggings down in one fell swoop to her ankles. She was not wearing panties and her gorgeous firm ass looked incredible.

Clearly shocked she blurted, “GAARY!” as I slid my hand between her legs forcing them apart. Her cunt was dripping wet.

“Well well well,” I chuckled as I slid two fingers in her wet pussy. “It seems Frisky might have scored after all,” I laughed.

“Oh you wish,” she mumbled as she feigned a struggle to break free.

“Remember I want a video,” I laughed as I pumped my fingers in and out of her wet cunt.

“Ya, you’d love that wouldn’t you,” she giggled as she gasped when I jammed my fingers deep in her sopping wet cunt.

I reached and pushed my sweat pants down and they fell around my ankles as I pressed her forward over the sink and began poking my rock hard cock forward to sink it in her wet pussy.

“Are you sure this is safe?” she asked as she felt my hard cock poking between her spread legs. “My folks could come in at anytime you know,” she added with a chuckle.

Her cunt was dripping wet as my cock finally slid in and I began fucking her. I reached and shoved her tee shirt up freeing her firm tits. I glanced and noticed a butter dish on the bar and I reached over and scooped a glob of butter into my fingers.

As I fucked her I slid my hand down and smeared the glob of butter around and mostly in her asshole. Then I pulled my wet cock out of her cunt and moved it to her firm tight ass. The butter made it a snap to sink the fat head of my cock past her puckered sphincter and in her asshole.

“Uhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned as I slid my buttery cock deeper inside her asshole. I was squeezing her tits and pinching her hard nipples as I began pumping my cock deeper and deeper in her tight ass. I felt my balls bounce off kaçak bahis her wet cunt when I had my cock buried as deep as it would go up her ass.

Her asshole was so tight I knew I would not last long as I felt my cum welling up.

Suddenly she blurted, “OH SHIT! My dad, GARY MY DAD!”

I looked out and saw Ralph heading toward the house. He could not see us because of the sun reflection on the window, but we could see him. He was looking at his shrubs anyway as he walked toward the house.

“GARY!” she was freaking out. “Pull it out, pull it out, GARY!” Pamela blurted frantically.

I was just about there and hoped I had enough time to pump her tight ass full of cum. I was literally ready at that moment to flood her bowels.

It was a lot like I imagined riding a bucking bronco would be like as she heaved and bucked back against me trying to get my cock out of her ass as Ralph was getting close to the deck.

“Pull it out, pull it out!” she kept repeating as she flailed and struggled frantically.

I pressed her forward firmly holding her bent over the counter as I pumped more rapidly into her ass. My mind was racing. I was simply too fucking close and I was determined to finish. Deep down, I knew what I had on Ralph would prevent him from saying anything, (One neighbor chap 1) although the thought of him shooting me for fucking his daughter in her asshole in their kitchen did cross my mind.

Pamela was flailing and bucking all over and trying to push me back for all she was worth. I had my cock buried to the maximum in her ass and there was no way she could break free. She hadn’t even thought about pulling her shirt back down over her tits because her primary objective was to get my cock out of her asshole.

Ralph was on the deck and headed for the back door. I knew the minute he walked in the first thing he would see was his daughter bent over the kitchen sink naked from the waist down with her tits exposed and my big cock buried in his precious daughters asshole.

My mind was racing. I hoped Ralph wouldn’t scream or yell or do anything to alert Gwen. I just had to finish. I was too fucking close. I imagined all kinds of things as I pumped my cock deep in Pamela’s clenching asshole.

I gritted my teeth as I felt a huge glob of cum jet like a geyser out of my cock into Pamela’s tight asshole. An involuntary “Aaaaaaaaarghhhhh,” escaped my lips as I felt stream after stream of my hot cum shoot into Pamela’s delicious asshole. Any second the door would swing open as I continued shooting glob after glob after glob of hot cum deep in his little girl’s ass.

As my cum spurted deep into Pamela’s asshole I was shocked to hear her grunt and moan in orgasm. “Ughhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned through her gritted teeth. If her dad illegal bahis had to see this, then at least we were both having unbridled orgasms at the same time.

But the door never opened. I was pumping what felt like a gallon of cum in Pamela as I saw Ralph with a bottle of water in his hand walking back to sit beside Gwen.

He must have had a cooler by the rear door. Pamela’s clenching ass muscles relaxed when she too spotted her dad walking back to sit by her mom. As I filled her asshole and she literally gasped, then moaned and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

With my cock going limp, I pulled it out of her asshole with a pop. She slumped forward over the sink breathing in huge gasps, as I stepped back to admire her firm tight ass. Her sphincter quickly clenched closed but not before cum began to ooze out.

Finally she managed to stand up and reached between her legs and cupped her hand under her ass as cum poured out of it and onto her cupped palm.

“I have never been more scared in my life,” she managed to say as she gasped for breath. She brought her cupped hand up and looked at the pool of cum in it. Raising it to her mouth, she sucked the cum in and swallowed it before returning her hand under her firm ass to capture more of what was continuing to drool out.

“You and me both kid,” I chuckled. “I was too fucking close to pull out. I had to finish and I was trying to figure how I would explain to your dad that I had my cock stuck up his daughter’s asshole,” I laughed.

Her tee shirt still rested bunched up on top of her firm exposed tits which were heaving as she gasped for breath. Her nipples were more than rock hard and she managed a weak chuckle.

“That might be hard to explain,” she laughed. “I can’t believe I had an orgasm, and it was huge,” she gushed.

“I noticed,” I chuckled. “I don’t know why you did either but the one I had was huge too,” I laughed.

“I am noticing that too,” she said as she felt her cupped hand fill with more of my load.

Looking over her shoulder I could see Ralph and Gwen chatting on the deck. I cupped Pamela’s firm tits and squeezed them as she again brought her cupped hand filled with more of my cum up to her lips.

“Good grief, you really filled me up you nasty nasty man,” she chuckled as she slurped my cum into her mouth.

“When we thought your dad was coming in your asshole clenched super tight on my cock and you were like ass fucking a bucking bronco. I think that is what caused all the extra cum,” I laughed.

She laughed too and then sighed.

“I gotta go. Remember, I want a video of you and Frisky,” I laughed as I pulled my sweat pants up.

“You nasty nasty NASTY man, I will think about it,” she giggled as she pulled her tee shirt down over her bobbing tits and leaned over to pull up her leggings.

I found myself getting a hard on walking home when I realized she had said she would think about it when I told her I wanted a video of her with Frisky.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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