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Part 6: Cleaning Up Our Act

Started: May 17th, 2007

Finished: Late Mid-May, 2007



I woke up with a start. Jake was still on top of me, his flaccid penis laying along the crack of my ass. He was gently stroking the top of my head with his hand and nibbling on my shoulder. The wind could still be heard roaring outside.

“Are you awake yet, Sammie?” he asked quietly.

“Mm-hm. How are you?”

“Better than I’ve ever been,” he purred, nuzzling my cheek.

I realized what was going on. Jake had woken up from his nap before I had and he must have been thinking about fun, dirty things. Already, I could feel his cock stiffening.

As if to answer my unspoken question, he rolled over and landed beside me, smiling sweetly at me.

“I love you,” he purred, stroking my face now.

I could see in his eyes what was happening and I said, “No.”


“You wanna start again, yes?”

“Well… yeah. I got to thinking while you were asleep…”

“I understand, honey,” I said, smiling back. “But we can’t just start this over again. If you want to putthatanywhere in me, we both need to shower first.”

Oh, what did I start?

Jake’s eyes lit up as if from behind and his lips parted in a silent gasp.

“Now there’s an idea,” he said, grinning.

“Oh no…”

Almost the very next second found me being toted into the small bathroom that adjoined the bedroom. The shower was small but clean and bright white. The room itself was spare and, as was a bad habit of Jake’s, pretty cluttered and dirty; laundry was piled on the floor and soaps, hair products, a belt and a razor were scattered over the small countertop.

Gently setting me down so I could lean on the small edge of the counter that was clean, Jake went and turned the hot water on in the shower. As amused and slightly frustrated as I was, I couldn’t help but feel a small twinge of nervous expectancy at the prospect of having sex in the shower. I had to stifle a laugh when it occurred to me that we’d have used up every common form of sex before we’d been dating even a whole month.

As the water warmed up, Jake came and leaned against me, pinning me in place and kissing me fervently. I stifled a moan as he did things with his tongue that I had yet to experience.

“Mm, Jake, God,” I gasped, leaning my head back to catch my breath.

As I did that, he took the opportunity to unfasten my red bra and toss it onto the counter behind me. As he tugged my panties down, he kissed down my neck and in all the places he knew would drive me crazy. With a soft laugh, he dipped his tongue in my ear and then trailed it down my neck, licking at my right breast with an anxious hunger. I giggled and bit my tongue as he latched on to my nipple and sucked hard.

“Hungry, my baby?”

“Starving,” he groaned, emphasizing his words by grabbing my ass and squeezing it.

I reached down to take his now erect penis in my hand, gently stroking it like a masturbating kid.

“Mm, I love it when you do that…” he sighed, slowing his own actions down to enjoy the way my hands felt wrapped around him.

I glanced up and saw that the mirrors were now steamed up.

“Water’s hot,” I giggled.


Jake let me go and adjusted the faucets ’til the water was comfortable. He turned to me with the white steam behind him reflecting the pale light of the small fixtures, and, for a moment, I was struck dumb. Something in that image… his naked body, fit and trim at his peak; his well-hung cock erect and up against his flat, hard stomach; the way his bare, golden skin shimmered in the humidity; the sexy shadow along his jaw; his blackish hair slick and wet with sweat and steam, hanging low in his loving honey-brown eyes; his full lips pursed as he seemed to be either in deep thought or having a fantasy… Well, it was like something out of a very classy porn film, or a romance novel.

“Jake,” I sighed, pursing my lips.

“Yeah?” he said, grinning at me.

“You’re beautiful.”

He laughed. But it wasn’t a “you’re crazy” laugh. No, it was more like an “I can’t believe I got this lucky” kind of laugh. But then his lips parted and met mine and I lost all rational thought as he steered me into the shower and under the hot water.

He tried to playfully pin me against the wall and push into me, but I wouldn’t have it.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, pouting.

“I’m dirty,” I said matter-of-factly, taking a washcloth from the rack and pouring shower gel on it. When he grinned and growled, I added, “And so are you.”

Catching on, Jake poured some shampoo in his hands, lathered it up and rubbed it into my hair. Giggling, I stepped so that our bodies were touching in front—to make it easier for us to scrub each other of course!—and started washing him. Gently and lovingly, like a mom, I bathed him as he washed my hair, very careful to keep the soap out of my eyes, but when I got lower, I dropped the washcloth and took my slippery hands and started massaging him—everywhere.

“Oh…” bahis şirketleri he softy gasped, trembling. “That’s… incredible…”

He gently kissed my lips as I stroked him over and over. I reached one hand around his waist to slide my fingers down the small of his back and to his asshole. Slowly and tenderly, I slipped inside and fingered him and he started to shake like a frightened child.




I did, but asked, “Why? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just… I can’t take that. Please.”

“Okay, honey. Anything for you.”

I didn’t want to press the point, but I couldn’t help but wonder whether Jake didn’t like that treatment… or if he liked it too much. Either way, I respected his wish and left his ass alone. Instead, I cradled his testicles in my hands and massaged them with my fingertips.

“Mm… Mm, yes, Sam, please… I like that…”

I nuzzled his neck and started to stroke his cock again, wanting him to come in my hands. I loved making him come in my hands, letting his hot cum splatter against my thighs and tummy.

“Come, dammit,” I hissed, licking his shoulder where the water had already rinsed him clean. “Now!”

“Oh!” he groaned, giving in and letting go.

His erection jerked as a slow stream of white seed spilt out over my wrists and stomach. The water washed it away quickly, but I had the knowledge that I had done that to hold onto. Slowly, Jake collapsed against me and I felt his hot, slippery body pressing me against the cold wall of the shower.

“Thank you, Sammie. Thank you so goddamn much. Thank you…”

His eyes were closed and I feared he was going to fall asleep standing up. That was his thing: to fall asleep after sex. And as much as I liked the idea, we often loved in places where sleep wasn’t a good idea.

“You okay?” I asked, snickering.

“Yeah, yeah…” he muttered, straightening. “It was just so… sogood. Thank you.”

“Mm, anytime, darling,” I said, grinning up at him. “Now, I need to be bathed too…”

Jake grinned back at me and I knew we were about to start all over again. I lathered up and washed his hair as he slowly—very slowly—massaged soap into my skin. First, he soaped my arms, moving his hands up and down, getting me good and… wet. Then, he moved on to my shoulders and down my back. As he did that, he flipped me and gave my whole back a slow, sweet massage. A soft moan came from my mouth and he knew he was making me feel good. When his hands reached my ass, I jerked away, spinning back around.

“I can’t play with yours, you can’t play with mine,” I said, wagging a finger at him.

He looked put out for a second, but he grinned, realizing that I was only joking. He then resumed his washing. He moved his beautiful hands down from my neck to my breasts and massaged themhard. I whimpered as he tried to pinch my nipples, but his fingers kept slipping off, so it just hurt for a second and then he had to do it again. Oh, it felt so good.

“Jake,” I gasped, tilting my head back and letting the water run down my neck. “Feels so good…”

“I know. I know, Sam, I know…”

Dropping to his knees, Jake gently nuzzled my tummy as he parted my labia with his soapy fingers. He paused to rinse them clean so it wouldn’t sting, then he slipped two inside my vagina before I knew what he was about. I gasped again and, not giving me time to think or feel, he started rubbing his thumb across my clitoris over and over. I whimpered, loving that sweet feeling of his wet fingers on my wet skin, just rubbing… Rubbing over and over…Harder and harder… The water, in a steady stream, kept beating down on my bared neck as I leaned back on the wall, dripping down my body in rhythm with Jake’s fingers in and on me. He kept licking and kissing around my bellybutton and across my mound above his fingers. And all that together just drove me higher and higher.

“Oh, God, Jake!” I cried, edging closer.

“Come, Sammie. Come, please!”

Faster and faster, Jake stroked me, his fingers inside thrusting hard against my G-spot. The way his wet thumb felt flicking across my throbbing clit was incredible, the way his fingers felt inside me was beautiful and the orgasm he gave me then and there was indescribable.

“Jake!” I groaned, throwing my head back as I came.

I arched my back, thrusting my hips against him. He grinned and I shuddered. Oh, for a second, I lost control of my body. Luckily I was leaning back so I didn’t fall on Jake and crush him. As I trembled, coming back down, my girl cum dripped out around his fingers, washing away with the water.

With a soft laugh, Jake rose and embraced me, taking my weight in his arms. I fought to catch my breath and when I had, he took my mouth and with it, my breath again. He kissed me, hard and passionately, and with the water, his hands, his lips and his body, I felt like I was drowning.

I felt the hardness between my thighs and I knew why he was kissing me that way. He was ready to go… again. With a soft whimper, he plunged into me, not bahis firmaları even waiting for me to say it was okay. And, in a way, I liked his forcefulness. I loved the way he bounced back and forth between being passive and being aggressive in love. It was sexy to be dominated, but so sweet when he was slow and romantic. I liked the changes.

Anyway, Jake shifted his weight so I could put my legs around his waist. I wrapped them tightly, clinging to him with my arms around his neck. He pressed against me, pinning me against the wall so he didn’t have to hold upallof my 140 pounds.

“Oh, yes,” I hissed, feeling the head of his cock reach my G-spot.

He started fucking me again, not as hard as he could, but he was still ferocious. And after all I’d been through for the last few hours, it still felt good. Having him ram that gorgeous tool into me over and over… it was just incredible. And it didn’t take long, my rain dripping down between us. My breath caught in my chest and I was finished.

“Fuck yes!” I gasped, climaxing that quickly.

Shocked, Jake kept pounding into me, gasping for air as he held me there against the wall. He grinned, realizing that he had shoved me over the edgethatfast. This only made him wilder and he fucked me faster and faster. Finally, after my pussy was really starting to hurt, he gave in and fell against me, crying my name out loud as his cum spilt into me.

We clung to one another as the hot water ran over our bodies, washing away the sweat, sweetness and semen. Jake’s hands were on my bottom, supporting me and my arms were around his waist, holding him against me. He gasped for breath, muttering something inaudibly against my breast. Finally, we rinsed off, gently running our fingers through one another’s hair to get all the soap off.

We stepped out of the shower, dripping water onto everything and Jake scrambled about for a clean towel.

“Only one?” I said, grinning.

Sheepishly, Jake shrugged and waited his turn to dry off. I felt bad, realizing that he didn’t hardly have time to do laundry or the money to buy a lot of anything. It was then that I decided I was going to be one of those girlfriends who always takes good care of their guy, no matter what. Whenever I was at his place, I was going to help him; be it doing laundry or picking up, I wanted to help him. After all he had done for me, starting with the confidence he unknowingly gave me early on in our friendship to the love he made to me now, he deserved anything and everything I could do for him.

“Jakie,” I whispered, putting the towel around him and drawing him close to me, “I love you so goddamn much.”

Slowly brushing his lips across my face from my temple down to my lips and up to my other ear, he whispered, “I love you even more, Sammie.”

As he laid my damp, naked body on his bed, Jake looked down at me and sighed, “Thank you, Sam, for the wonderful gifts you’ve given me—today and every day. You’re the greatest present I could ever have asked for.”

“Happy birthday, Jake. I wish you could know just how much you mean to me…” I muttered as he sat down beside me.

Gently finger combing my wet locks, he said, “I know, Sammie. I know because you mean that much to me…”

Part 7: Backseat Driving

Started: Mid-To-Late April, 2007

Finished: Late April, 2007



Within a couple of weeks, and with Jake’s incredible help, I managed to acquire my driver’s license. I made a point of driving my mother’s red Mustang into town as often as possible so I could see my lover.

The first day I went to his store after receiving my permit, I strode inside like I owned the place.

“Sam!” he cried, running around the counter to embrace me like a soldier returning home.

I let him squeeze me tightly for a long moment before he let go and asked, “I thought you couldn’t come today.”

“I have a surprise for you.”

“Ooh, something good?” he asked, looking around as if we were being eavesdropped upon.

I held up the keys to the Ford, the red keychain from the dealership still on it.

“Oh my God. You got the Mustang!” he squealed, flinging himself on me.

“I made sure there wasn’t anything in the backseat before I left,” I said, giving him an enigmatic grin.

“Fucking shit. I am so taking my break as soon as Jeff gets back!”

I went and waited outside so no one knew what was up and within ten minutes, Jake wandered outside, a dumb, happy grin on his face that gave the impression of a virgin who’d moved in with a sorority full of strippers.

“Hey there, handsome, you need a ride?” I asked from the bench in front of the restaurant by the mall’s entrance.

“Well, actually,” he said, shuffling his feet. “I’m waiting on my girlfriend. But I appreciate the offer.”

Giggling, I took his hand and led him to the remote corner of the parking lot where I had left the little red sports car.

“This car is almost as hot as you, Sam,” he said, grinning.

“Wait’ll you see it from inside…”

“Oh God…” he whispered, kaçak bahis siteleri catching on to what I implied there.

Opening the door, I let him crawl into the little backseat first. It was cramped in there, but somehow I knew that in about in five minutes, that wasn’t going to matter. I crawled in on top of Jake and slammed the door shut, locking it just in case. Silently, I thanked God that my mother had got the one with tinted windows.

“I can’t breathe, Sammie,” he whispered, looking up at me in awe.

“Me neither,” I gasped, slipping my hands under the hem of his black t-shirt bearing the band name, “THE USED,” across the front in cursive. “I want you so bad I cantasteit, Jakie…”

He moved his mouth like he was trying to speak, but all that came out was a soft whimper of anticipation. I smiled seductively as I pulled his shirt up over his head. His tight, low jeans came next as I hastily unbuckled the belt. All the while, Jake moaned beneath me, gently running his fingers through my long hair.

When all that lay between us were his pale blue boxers, I knelt between his knees and bent down, running my lips over his thighs. His voice broke as I trailed my tongue up the inside of his right thigh and that sense of power again overwhelmed me—I never would have imagined it was so easy to make a grown man beg and whimper.

“Please, let me… let me take them off,” he gasped, his hands trembling with anticipation.

“Fine,” I sighed, tugging the shorts down off his skinny hips.

Looking down at him, I smiled softly, wondering how it was possible for me to do something that I was raised to believe was dirty and yet feel so comfortable, so safe, so… right. Touching Jake, pleasing him, doing things to him that made him cry… That was my purpose on this earth. To make love to this man.

“I love you,” I whispered, bending down to press a tender kiss to his tummy.

“Love… love you more, Sammie…” he gasped, knowing what was coming next.

Not wanting to let him off with just head this time, I decided to do it a little differently. I took his throbbing cock in my fingers and slowly started massaging him from base to tip and back again.

“Oh yes,” he hissed, tilting his head back against the speaker in the wall. “Mm, yes…”

I licked a slow stroke around the base of him, giggling as he begged me to go down on him.

“No, honey… I want this to last like the first time. I want you to come inside me…”

“Sam, I just had a horrible thought!”


“What if I knock you up?”

I glanced up and saw the look of terror on his gorgeous face and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“We’ve done it like fifty times and you’rejustnow realizing I could get pregnant?”

“Well, the first few times, I worried, but you haven’t said anything about missing a period and lately, we’ve just been going down on each other. I thought it was because of some unspoken non-impregnation deal…”

“Honey, I’ve had an irregular period since I hit puberty…”


“I’m… On… The…Pill!”

“Oh thank you God,” he whispered, letting himself fall back on the seat.

I collapsed on him, giggling uncontrollably at his horror and ensuing relief.

“Now shut up and let me fuck you! You’re wasting time.”


I continued my stroking of his erection and bent down to take one of his balls in my mouth.

“You’re the first person to ever do that to me…” he moaned. “God it’s sweet…”

“I hope I’m the last…”

Jake didn’t reply, but he smiled in an odd way and it gave me a good feeling.

I stroked faster, wanting to put him close to the edge and just as he was about to come, I let go and he groaned in frustration.

“God I hate it when you do that!” he growled, grabbing me by the shoulders, flipping us both, and pinning me beneath him.

“I like to drive you crazy,” I whispered, taking my shirt and jeans off hastily.

“I’m gonna drive you…hard,” he replied, dropping his voice down to a seductive purr as he yanked my panties down. “We’re gonna go places you never even seen before.”

“Do it!”

Viciously, Jake thrust into me, causing me to cry out in pain. Secretly, Ilovedit when Jake said dirty things or hurt me when we loved. It was a rare treat, so rare that I didn’t want to tell him how much I liked it in case he’d do it more or less often and ruin the thrill of it. Already I was dripping wet and he slid in easily, but it was his force that hurt.

Without a word, he began to thrust into me over and over, eventually whispering my name in my ear, his lips trembling. I threw my head back and moaned incoherently as he pounded me so fucking hard.

“Ugh, God, Jake, it’s so hard…” I cried, resting my feet flat on the headliner.

“You know you like it…”

Jake opened his mouth and licked up from my shoulder to my hairline, twisting his tongue down in my ear. He knew how much I loved being licked and he made sure to do it every time we loved. I opened my mouth and let him trail his tongue between my lips and down my throat. He loved to kiss, for lack of a better word,deeply, and somehow it thrilled me. He swirled his tongue around the roof of my mouth and it tickled, then he licked across my tongue and into the back of my throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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