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This story is part of a quartet of stories named: One Summer.

It is not a continuing storyline. They have familiar, common settings, persons or themes but they are not the same. Each story stands on its own. As always, all persons have reached the age of 19 years or more since they were born.

Note to the reader: English is not my first language so it may sometimes read as if you are listening to somebody from a foreign country. But thanks to oldnakeddad for editing and proofreading this story and making it more readable!


“I love the 3 A.M. version of people. Vulnerable. Honest. Real.” (author unknown).


“Oh, come on, Marisa!” I shouted into the light flooded parking space behind the club, not knowing if our cousin could actually hear me.

“Maybe you should check around the corner, next to the exit,” Jasper suggested, already seated in the car.

His voice sounded a bit tired and betrayed as he had a few too many cocktails at the club. He hadn’t protested when I, as his older and responsible sister, had suggested that I would drive us home.

“She came out right behind us, didn’t she?” I asked him while trying to look over and around the cars that were parked in a chaotic way on the field that served as the club’s parking space.

“Yes, but she was not alone. I guess she has to say goodnight to the last guy she was dancing with,” Jasper responded with his eyes closed.

“Jeez, I hope she doesn’t get too worked up,” I said to no one in particular.

“Marisa!!” I yelled again.

Suddenly, I saw movement behind a car parked somewhere in the middle. Two figures emerged and I could see their black silhouettes against the lights of the club, kissing each other one more time before they stepped away and came walking towards us.

I looked at Marisa, the way she walked so confidently as if she had achieved her goal and she probably had. I admired the long strides she made, long and tall like everything she was. Long legs, a slender body, long arms and neck and long blond hair that dropped almost all the way to the top of her tight, round bum. Even her face could be described as long, with her straight nose and her long eyelashes but next to the beauty of it all, it was a young, friendly face with an open, lively expression.

Her skinny pants only emphasised the length of her legs and the thin fabric of her cotton top couldn’t hide her breasts dropping to midway down her body. It wasn’t meant to hide a lot, I thought, and her perspiration from dancing the whole night made her top even more transparent and her nipples clearly visible.

“Sorry, Laura,” she smiled while wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, suggesting she had to clean herself from spilled residue after taking too much to swallow.

“I just had to say goodnight in a decent manner. He was too cute, didn’t you think?” she said while opening the door of the car.

“Which one?” I asked with a short laugh.

Marisa had been attracting a few very cute boys during the evening and I just wondered which one she saw best to say goodnight to.

“Was he a good kisser?” I asked smiling. She smiled back at me.

“We didn’t kiss,” was her short reply and she stepped inside the car.

“You?! What?” I said, unbelieving she would have blown a guy she just met an hour ago.

“Yes. I did.”

“No, I didn’t. I was just joking but I would have, if he had asked!” she laughed.

I got in the car myself and looked at Jasper next to me. He sat slumped in the front seat and stared, expressionless, outside.

“Hey! Are you still with us?” I asked while driving the car out of the parking space.

“Sure,” he replied but didn’t react like he wanted to.

In the rear-view mirror I could see Marisa’s face, slumped against the back seat of the car.

“Who was the lucky one? The one with the moustache? Or the body-builder?” Jasper asked, sounding a bit jealous.

“The one with the banana in his pocket but you know I love you too, Jasper. Both of you. You know that, don’t you?” she said in a girly voice, pursing her lips, teasing him back.

“You could have saved at least one dance for me,” Jasper said, playing as if very disappointed.

“I’ll dance with you when we get home, I promise,” was her playful reaction and she rummaged her hand through his hair.

“We’ll see. I promised Laura the last dance.”

“Mmm, then maybe I can join you?” she asked back.

“So, should we allow her to join us?” Jasper asked me.

“Sure, she knows how to dance, so why not?” I answered while trying to keep my attention on the road.

The road was dark and winding, with only our headlights shining the way as we climbed these seaside hills and sometimes we could see the sea below us. The reflection of the moon, high above us, made a big silver platter on the surface of the sea. The moon made the ridges of the hills in front of us an even darker area than the dark blue of the night-sky, with its thousands of stars.

Across some hills, but still along the coast, was the ataşehir escort bayan villa our parents had rented for the holidays. Just outside of the more crowded areas along this part of the Mediterranean coast, the villa was situated on the hills from where one could see the blue sea below. A small, winding path connected the end of the street to a small cave where we could swim.

The villas were mostly old buildings, local houses, which had been renovated for the tourists that were looking for a more authentic place to stay. We all had arrived the day before yesterday, late in the evening.

This meant that our family of four, and the family of mom’s sister, with Marisa as their only child. A child that had blossomed into a stunning, tall young girl of nineteen years old, four years between me and her and five years between her and Jasper. Typically, an only-child who was used to being the focus of attention, her looks had only enhanced this through all the attraction that it evoked.

Yesterday had been a day to sleep, rest and unpack our bags. We had driven to the supermarket for food and drinks and had a nice dinner in a local restaurant in the village nearby. After dinner, around midnight, we had decided to visit a popular club whose ads seemed to be everywhere. We didn’t change into any other clothes…my little black dress was ok for most tenures and Marisa could’ve dressed in anything and still would have passed any door bitch of whatever popular club.

The club was not only the most popular club around but was, more or less, the only one and the atmosphere and the people were happy and good looking. It turned out to be the club that was frequented by the kids of the locals who had their second house in the area, outside the large city nearby and near the seaside. So, the crowd was nice, more local during this time of the summer, before the real August madness would start.

Even in the middle of the night, the weather and the temperatures were perfect. Driving home, it was a pleasure to roll your window down and let the warm air flow through the car. I looked in the mirror again and saw her looking up at the night sky, her hair moving in the wind that came through the open window.

“Did you make any dates with anyone for the coming days?” I asked her and she turned her head towards me.

“No. Could have but I told them we’re on a family holiday together and that we stick together a lot.”

She smiled while bending forwards between the two front seats so her face was close to our shoulders.

“You know, one guy asked who the two of you were and I told them you were brother and sister, my cousins. He said he had thought the two of you were a couple! Can you believe that? But he explained why and then I could see what he meant,” she laughed.

“And that is?” asked Jasper.

“Well, the two of you dance awfully close and there aren’t many brothers and sisters who hold hands in a club. He even said you kissed,” she explained what he had pointed out to her.

Jasper and I looked at each other, smiled and shrugged our shoulders.

“Well, we’re like that. We’re close. Always have been,” I told her.

“We’ve heard the question before. It doesn’t surprise or bother us. Did it surprise you?” Jasper asked.

“Yes and no. Yes, because I was surprised how somebody else would look at you and that he had a point. No, because I’ve always seen you like this. That is, the times we were together. You’ve always been a pair, backing each other up, the two of you against the rest of the world, so to speak. Without the physical stuff, at the time.”

“So, you’ve felt kept outside, when we were young?” I asked.

“Mmm, maybe. I guess so. Maybe I always wanted to be a part, to fit in, not having a sister or brother,” she said. “In that sense, yes. I know I’ve been jealous of both of you occasionally.”

Jasper and I looked at each other again and smiled.

“What?” Marisa asked.

“Nothing,” we both replied simultaneously.

“You see! You’re doing it again!” And she fell back onto the back seat.

“Oh, come on, Marisa. We’re not excluding you. I promise you!” Jasper said while turning around to face her.

“It’s nice to hear you being so honest so the only thing we can do is be as honest to you in return.”

I saw her looking at him with a blank face. She had no idea what to make of us being honest with her.


Descending to the sea again, we saw the jagged coastline in the moonlight with all the small coves and beaches that were too typical of this area. It wasn’t the first time we had come here so we knew the place. The beaches that would attract a lot of people and the ones that were quieter because there were no bars or restaurants.

“Let’s go swimming, please?” Marisa suddenly asked.

It wasn’t a suggestion as a joke but a rather serious suggestion. It sounded more like a kid asking, ‘may I play along with you?’

“Great! It’s been such a long time since our last night swim!” I smiled and said without looking at Jasper escort kadıköy this time.

“Nice! Where do we go?” Marisa said happily and rose from the back seat again.

“Let’s go home and park the car there. We’ll walk to the beach,” Jasper suggested.

It made sense since we were close to the house already. So, I took the turn towards the villa and parked the car outside the gate. We got out of the car and discussed if we should get some towels. Jasper remembered there were some hanging near the outside shower and went in to get them. Marisa and I stood on the quiet street, looking at the sea below us. Not a sound to be heard and the air felt great against my skin.

“We’re going skinny-dipping, aren’t we?” Marisa asked, suddenly sounding very naive.

“Sure, or you can keep your underwear on. Have you done it before?” I asked.

“Yes. Well, once, as a kid but that was ten years ago, in a pool in somebody’s garden,” she answered.

“Did you? Together as well?”

She meant us, being brother and sister.

“Sure. As we said, we’re close so we’re not ashamed. For instance, some beaches around here are clothing optional so skinny-dipping is not something special to us,” I answered.

“You mean, you go to nudist beaches?” Marisa asked.

Like her previous questions, she sounded more like a kid instead of the confident girl who blows guys in the parking lot.

“If you to call it that, yes. Sometimes,” I said.

Then Jasper arrived and we both noted immediately that he had taken off his jeans. Bare-footed, he wore only his t-shirt and a stretch-cotton boxer-short, carrying three towels.

“Why didn’t you take it all off?” I joked, smiling at him.

“Yes! You didn’t dare, did you?” Marisa joined me in teasing him.

Jasper smiled, handing each of us a towel and grabbed the hem of his shirt.

“I’m ok with that, are you? I’ll dare you back, of course!”

“Ok. Come on, let’s go. You can do that at the beach,” I suggested.

I turned to start walking but instead of joining me down the road, they both turned against me.

“Ah! Now, who’s the chicken?” Jasper stated.

“Yes. You just told me you’re not ashamed for us!” Marisa joined in, again.

“Are we going to swim or do you want to play games?” I smiled as I turned back to them.

“Both!” They answered simultaneously and started laughing out loud.

But then Jasper started walking towards me, thinking it enough for now.

“Oh, you’re so full of crap! Telling me you’re not ashamed. Telling me you go to nudist beaches. But now, in the middle of the night, you show your true colours!” Marisa continued, half-jokingly.

We looked at each other and then back to Marisa. To our surprise, she had started stripping of her skinny pants, looking at us in a defiant way. She had to loosen her sandals first and then she peeled her skinny pants off of her legs and started to pull her shirt over her head. Within moments she stood there before us in only her underwear.

And that wasn’t much. Just a two piece of transparent wine-red bra and matching thong that was no more than a small triangle above her long legs and two thin cords across her hips. I could see the patch of pubic hair through the fabric of her panty.

“So, now we’re even,” Marisa said to Jasper.

“And you know what, I’m not even going to dare you. I’ll just do it myself,” she continued.

With one move she pulled her tiny thong below her knees and stepped out of it. Then she unhooked her bra from the front and put both pieces on top of her clothes. Then she just threw her clothes over the gate, onto the terrace.

She smiled her confident smile again when she came walking towards us, naked except for her open sandals and the towel in her hand. It reminded me of earlier when Marisa was walking towards me in the parking space of the club. I looked at her and it was just a confirmation of what already had been visible through her top, earlier…her long breasts, that started just below her armpits, now hanging free on her body, with skin coloured areolas crowning the large pear shaped boobs. As her transparent thong had revealed, her pussy was not completely bald. A big patch of hair, darker than her head was trimmed vertical and seemed to stop just above two visible labia.

“Tada!” she laughed, enjoying the attention and she spread her arms wide.

“You’re right, Laura. Why should I be ashamed? Not for you, I hope!”

“You’re absolutely right, Marisa, no need for that. Especially not for us,” I replied.

So, we walked the path towards the beach and luckily it was lighted. Jasper walked in front for most of the time and Marisa in between us. I couldn’t help but marvel at the site of this girl walking naked in front of me, in the middle of the night. Her long hair on her back, her beautiful round buttocks, her long legs. I could sense a feeling of liberation from her and some regret crept into my mind. How funny would it have been to have walked here, naked as well, together with her and Jasper? When we arrived bostancı escort at the end of the path, a tiny, sandy parking space was totally empty but for one moped against a low wall.

“I guess someone had the same idea,” Jasper said.

We walked over to the low wall that bordered the beach and Jasper stripped out of his shorts and his t-shirt, putting them on the wall.

Marisa and I laughed at him but it was also an admiring sound we made. Even in its flaccid state, his dick was unusually long but not so thick. It really was a playful thing, hanging loose, moving with his legs.

“What are you waiting for?” Jasper asked me, a bit uncomfortable.

“Ok, ok.”

I pulled my dress up and over my head. The air felt nice as I stood next to Marisa in my black lace underwear.

“Nice panty and bra set,” she complimented me.

“Thanks,” I said, while kicking out of my own sandals.

Then I reached behind my back and loosened the clip of my bra to let it slip off of my breasts. As always, it would stop for a moment, getting hooked on my nipples, before falling all the way. It felt so good to free my breasts to the warm, midnight air that I had to hold them for a moment and feel them being free again. Together with the excitement of standing on a public street in my panty, it made my puffy nipples come out. Stepping out of my panty, the same feeling of regret, from earlier, surfaced and I looked at Marisa.

“You were right. I should’ve joined you. It feels so much better!” I said to her and she smiled not only confidently but lovingly.

I felt vulnerable. I felt excitement creeping up through my body. I could feel it in my stomach and in my breasts. I could even feel it between my legs, a wetness that appeared like sweat building up on your skin in the sun.

Walking onto the beach, we saw a couple sitting on the other side of the wall. They were an older couple, into their thirties I would have guessed. It was clear we had surprised them because her dress was still open at the front, showing her breasts and his pants were lying in the sand next to them but he was sitting behind her so his body was hidden from our view. They smiled at us and I guess they could see the funny side to this encounter. I also thought it helped that the three of us were naked ourselves so they didn’t have to be ashamed they were only partially clothed.


Night-time skinny dipping had always been a special feeling. Not being able to see as much heightens all your senses, with your skin being more alert and receptive to stimuli. The water feels different than during the daytime. I could feel it flowing all around my body, from my shoulders around my breasts, from between my buttocks to the end of my feet.

We didn’t really swim out to sea but kept close to each other where our feet could touch the bottom. Diving into the water, swimming under water and splashing each other.

Then we noticed the couple had stood up and were undressing themselves fully. When they were naked, they ran to the sea and made a big splash diving into the water. When they surfaced, we applauded them. They went on playing around as we did.

When we walked out of the sea, we stood for a moment with only our feet in the water and looked at the beautiful scenery, complimented by the two naked bodies playing in the water. Jasper put his arm around my shoulder and I put mine around his waist. I sensed Marisa looking at us and I stretched my other arm out to her. She turned towards us and put her arm around my hips as well. It felt good to touch her body and embrace her.

We looked at the couple, and the sea, again and they were making out heavily by now. With his hands firm on her bum, we could see she had taken hold of his dick which was standing straight up between their bellies. We turned around and started walking across the sand towards the low wall.

“To be honest, that looked lovely. Two people in the moonlight, in the sea, kissing.” Marisa said softly.

“I think somebody thinks it doesn’t only look lovely but quite hot as well,” I chuckled and looked at Jasper’s dick that was swinging more heavily than before. I just hugged him closer and pushed my head against his chest.

When we got to the wall, I pushed myself up and sat on it. It was about the same height and size of a kitchen sink. I spread my legs and pulled Jasper between them, hugging his shoulders and placing my face on one. I looked at the sea where I saw the couple still kissing and feeling each other up. Marisa stood next to us and I felt she was a bit lost. I took her hand and she looked at me, smiling an uncertain smile.

“You wonder, don’t you?” I asked her.

“I do. I’ve got this feeling that I already know but, then again, I might me wrong,” Marisa said seriously, looking at us.

“But you told me you would be honest with me, didn’t you?”

“I did,” Jasper said. “I did and we’re going to.”


“As you already know, Marisa, we’ve always been very close as kids. We were each other’s playmates, we always sided with each other against our parents, our teachers, our friends if it came to that. We’ve always just genuinely liked each other as friends and when we grew up and started to grow physically and became sexually active, that didn’t change. It only added, you might say.

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