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The last couple of days with Tess have been fabulous. We caught up on the past year and what our future plans hold for us. We made love several times every day, in every room of her apartment. We rarely put on clothes while we remain indoors. I love her huge tits and I love to hold and lick them every chance I get.

Every time we hear her neighbors fuck or their headboard slams against the wall, we both get frisky and my hard cock ends up buried deep in her pussy. Earlier today, as we were enjoying our morning coffee, the neighbors started up again. I bent Tess over the sink and took her from behind. I ran my hands all over her generous bottom and slid my fingers up and down her ass crevice. I pushed and pulled my seven inch shaft between her folds while I rubbed her rosy starfish.

I was happy that I was able to last nearly ten minutes before pulling out and splashing her ass cheeks with several spurts of sticky cum. After I shot my load, I turned Tess around, dropped to my knees and buried my face in her pussy. Her inner labia were very wet thanks to my pounding. I lapped up her juices and sucked on her flaps. My tongue on her clit sent her over the edge in minutes.

Tess leaned against the sink with her legs spread catching her breath. I massaged her furry mons and reminded her that today is her waxing appointment. I can’t wait to play with a smooth, hairless pussy again.

After a shave and shower I dress for the appointment. Tess suggests that I wear shorts and no underwear. If I am to go through with the waxing experience she thought it would be easier for her friend, Antonia to undress me. For her part, Tess slips into a light linen dress that buttons up the front. She also bypasses the undergarments, no bra and panties.

I quip,” I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep my hands off you before we get there.”

“It’s a short drive. Antonia lives by the university. I think you’ll manage.”

To prove my point, I sweep Tess into my arms and plant a hard kiss on her lips. She responds by pressing her tongue into my mouth. I reach up and grab her right breast. I knead the firm flesh and pinch her nipple. Tess pushes me away and tells me to get into the car.

Once we are seated in the car and seat belts securely fastened, I look over at Tess. Her nipples are fully erect and press on the thin fabric of her dress. I tell her I like her look and that she seems to be pointing us in the right direction.

“Just shut up and drive. And stop looking at my nipples, the road is that way.”

We arrive at Antonia’s house in short order. She lives on a half-acre of land and has a separate studio in the back. Antonia greets us at the door. She and Tess exchange greetings with a hug and long lingering kiss. Tess introduces me to Antonia, who proceeds to hug me as well. She plants a light kiss on my two cheeks. Very European.

“It’s so nice to meet you. Are you Tess’s chaperone?”

Tess interrupts, “Rob just might be your new client. I’ve been trying to convince him that waxing is so much better than shaving.”

Antonia claps her hands, “How fabulous, I love my male clients, I handle each one with care. They all love my waxing technique and I hope you will too. So come in, come in.”

We follow Antonia into her studio. It’s very spacious and set up like a formal office. There is a reception area with coffee and light snacks for patrons. There is a private office on one side and her waxing salon in back. She leads us back to the salon which looks very clinical at first glance. There is a large table in the center, almost like a massage table, only this one has stirrups on the end. There is a desk along the side wall. On top are the implements for waxing, I assume. Since I’ve never been inside of a waxing salon, I can only guess. A swivel chair is positioned next to the table between the stirrups.

“So, who is first? You Tess, or this gorgeous hunk with the nice bulge in his pants?”

I look down to see my cock in a semi-rigid state. I guess the thought of Antonia seeing me naked is already affecting me. Tess moves next to the table and begins to unbutton her dress.

“I’ll go first. I am long overdue and I want Rob to see what all is involved in the process. He may change his mind after he sees what he’ll be subjected to.”

Antonia looks at me, “Oh, no, no, no. Rob, don’t you worry. I promise I will handle you with care.”

Tess unclasps every button all the way down her dress, unwraps herself and hands the dress to me. Antonia and I both stare at Tess in her naked glory, as she hops onto the table and places her feet in the stirrups. Antonia takes a seat in the chair between the stirrups and stares directly at Tess’s pussy.

“Oh my dear Tess, you are so beautiful. I love your wonderful big breasts, so inviting. And such a beautiful pussy; you are right; you are long overdue for a waxing. Too much hair, we must take care of this at once. Don’t you think so, Rob?”

Holy crap. This whole scene looks so surreal. Did Antonia bursa escort just ask for my opinion about the state of Tess’s pussy? I look down to my shorts and see the bulge grow. My cock is now fully erect. Antonia looks at the bulge and smiles. She runs her fingers over Tess’s outer lips and feels the fuzzy surface and then glides her fingers along the crease of her labia.

“Yes, this hair must come off.”

Antonia stands up and walks over to the desk. As she prepares the waxing tools, Tess and I smile at one another. I drink in her naked form. Her big tits rise and fall with her breathing. Her raspberry red nipples are erect. Tess looks at my bulge and pumps her fist as if to jack me off. I reach down and grab my shaft in a protective gesture.

There is a small cart on wheels next to where I am standing. Antonia asks me to roll it over to her. She places several items onto the cart and wheels it over to Tess. Antonia asks me if I would like to get a chair from the other room and sit beside her, or just stand. I choose to stand and watch.

Antonia instructs, “To begin with, I am using strip sugar gel rather than actual wax to remove Tess’s hair. It’s easier to use, especially when this is not the first time. First, I will cleanse her pussy with water a few times and then powder her pubic hair to provide a dry surface for the sugar wax compound. With this method, we use paper strips that stick to the sugar and then we rip the paper strips away from the skin removing the hair. Are you paying attention Rob?”

I look on the cart to see all of the items Antonia is describing. There is a spray bottle with the cleansing water, a jar of powder, the tub of warm sugar gel and plenty of paper strips with several wooden applicators.

Antonia sits down on the chair and moves in between Tess’s spread legs. She grabs the bottle and sprays the cleansing water on Tess’s hair, washing her pubes with a soft cloth.

Antonia asks, “Are you watching Rob? I may quiz you later.”

My eyes focus on Tess’s pussy. Antonia washes Tess several times and then sprinkles the drying powder all around. Antonia rubs the powder into Tess’s outer lips and all around her mons. She takes several minutes to apply powder and massage Tess’s pubes. Antonia seems to take more time than is needed to rub her pussy. I wonder if she is just playing. I wish I was rubbing Tess right about now. I feel my cock throb within my shorts.

Antonia sees my bulge grow and smiles. She begins the process of removing Tess’s hair. She dips the applicator in the tub of sugar wax and spreads a liberal amount along Tess’s outer lips, first on the left and then on the right. Antonia applies the strips of paper to both lines of wax and presses down.

Antonia looks over to me, “There is a fine line between pleasure and pain. Observe.”

I watch as she rips the first strip up and away from Tess. I see Tess grimace and then relax as Antonia rubs the smooth skin. Oh my god, what did I get myself into. I cringe as Antonia rips the second strip of paper revealing more smooth skin along Tess’s labia.

Tess is taking shallow breaths as her pussy is groomed. I walk over to her and hold her hand during the next applications of wax and paper strips. Tess grits her teeth as more and more hair is removed from her mons. With each strip, Tess momentarily grips my hand and then releases.

I whisper, “Are you OK?”

“Yes, I’m fine. This is just the routine I go through so you can have a smooth pussy to play with and satisfy.”

Antonia looks up at me, “She is fine. You may think this is painful, but her body is saying something different. Her labia are wet and she is close to a climax. Watch me.”

Antonia moves in close to Tess and licks her inner lips. She sticks her tongue deep within Tess’s core. Tess shudders and sighs.

Antonia smacks her lips, “Mmm, she tastes good. I love the taste of pussy as much as I love a man’s cum. Time to finish waxing this lovely cunt and then we’ll take care of you Rob.”

Antonia spreads more of the sugar wax along that precious center between Tess’s thighs. With each application more and more smooth skin is exposed. Tess’s pussy is taking on a pink glow as hair is removed. Her breathing becomes more labored as Antonia completes the process and then rubs a vanilla scented gel all around the smooth skin. Antonia massages Tess’s outer lips, mons and thighs. Her fingers run around the smooth surface and along the crease of Tess’s inner labia.

Tess looks at me, “Gawd my pussy is on fire. All of the pain is gone and now it is just pleasure. Antonia, make me cum. I need a release. Rob, rub my tits, pinch my nipples. I need to cum.”

I reach over and stroke Tess’s boobs; I massage and knead the pliable flesh. I run my fingers in circles around her ruby red aureole. Antonia continues to move her fingers up and down Tess’s crease. Moisture builds and she slides two fingers between the folds. She searches for Tess’s G-Spot, finds the ridges and escort bursa strokes her fingers in and out. Tess’s nipples are erect and I pinch them lightly. Tess takes deeper and deeper breaths as she closes in on her orgasm.

Antonia’s lips join her fingers to stimulate Tess. Antonia removes her fingers and sucks the wet inner labia into her mouth. She sucks the pink flaps and moves her tongue all around the sensitive skin. Tess jerks and twists her hips looking for more stimulation. Antonia grabs her pussy and inserts her two fingers once again. Tess mumbles incoherently and screams while I pinch her nipples.

“Geeezzzzuussss, I’m cummmiiiiinnngg. Eat my pussy Antonia. Eat my hairless pussy.”

Tess rides out a fantastic orgasm. She presses her feet into the stirrups and lifts her hips off the table. I grab her hand to steady her body. She continues to tremble for several minutes. Her tits shake left to right and back again. I watch her erect nipples dance about.

My cock is rock hard and strains to break through my shorts. I’m uncomfortable and need to adjust my shaft. To hell with it, I unsnap my shorts and drop them to the floor. My cock sticks straight out and throbs. Tess’s climax has me on the verge of shooting a load. I breathe deep and try to get control of myself.

Antonia looks at me and whistles her approval, “Well done Rob. Such a lovely hard cock. I approve.”

Tess claps her hands,”Gawd Rob, you sure are worked up. It looks like you need some attention. Are you ready for a waxing? I’m sure Antonia wants to get her hands on you.”

Well, I guess there is no turning back now. Tess settles down and Antonia hands her a towel. She wipes her brow and slides off the table. Tess slaps the table and orders me to hop up. I remove my shirt and take my place on the table. Tess remains naked. Antonia tells me to place my feet in the stirrups and I follow her orders.

“That’s it Rob. My what a beautiful cock. I need to inspect this.”

Antonia grabs my shaft and squeezes. She runs her hand up and down my cock. She cups my balls with her other hand.

“Wow, this is going to be fun. Tess tells me you usually shave, but I think you’ll be surprised how much better waxing is. There will be no stubble or razor burn.”

I explain to the ladies how I’ve shaved in the past and left a patch of hair right above my cock. Tess tells Antonia that I call it a nose tickler for any lady who can deep throat me.

“I think we can work with that. A little bit of hair looks good. But then, a clean cock is sexy too. I had a session with my favorite male customer this morning, the one with the nine inch cock. Gawd, I love handling that thing.”

Tess quizzes her, “What did you do Antonia? You have a guilty look.”

“His name is Kirk and I usually wax him monthly. He also had a nice patch of hair at the base of his shaft. Well this morning he asked me to remove all of his hair; he wanted to see what it was like to be completely hairless. I gave him the Brazilian and cleaned him. I did my usual routine and had him erect during the waxing. Oh my god, it looked even bigger without hair. I thought I was dealing with a 12 inch cock. I usually end the session at this point. Today I couldn’t help myself.”

“Go on, what did you do?”

“I grabbed his shaft and started to give him a hand-job. A whole lot of pre-cum was leaking out, so I licked it off the tip. Before I knew it, I was sucking his cock. His glans filled my mouth. I tried to suck as much as I could and could only fit a couple of inches. Geez, he has a monster cock. My mouth got tired, so I opened my blouse and let him titty fuck me. I’ve never gone this far with a male client, but I couldn’t help myself.”

“Did you fuck him? He would split you in half.”

“No, we didn’t fuck, but I would love to. I wonder what it feels like. Anyway, I wrapped my boobs around that stick and made him climax. He shot a load of cum all over my tits, so much cum, at least four big shots. I rubbed it all around my nipples and boobs. It was like a moisturizing cream. I apologized for going too far, but he said no problem and that he loved the special attention. Anyway, I think I’ll do it again next month. Am I bad?”

Tess laughed, “Yes, you are bad. Can I help next time?”

I lie there just dumbfounded by what I am hearing. My cock remains rock hard. I wonder if Antonia will want to suck my cock. I think I’ll ask her.

Antonia returns her attention to me,”OK Rob, are you ready for your waxing? I see a nice hard cock waiting for me. Tell you what; I’m all hot and bothered thinking about Kirk. How about I get more comfortable.”

Antonia unbuttons her blouse, takes it off and throws it to Tess. My hard cock just got harder as I stare at her beautiful big breasts. She looks to have a nice set of full C-cups, maybe D’s. They have a little sag, but are really round. And her nipples? Oh my, her aureoles are bright pink and must be five inches in diameter, maybe six. Such big aureole. escort bursa So lovely. Her nipples are erect, cute little bumps in the center of those huge aureole.

“Well, I feel much better. Do you like my boobs, Rob? Your cock sure does. Let’s get you waxed.”

Antonia shifts her chair so she is now sitting between my legs in the stirrups. She grabs my cock and moves it side to side and pulls my shaft towards her.

“Yes, I like this cock. I’m going to spread the sugar gel around your groin on both sides of this lovely cock. I’ll leave a little square patch of hair above your shaft. I may need to apply some gel to your shaft to remove a few stray hairs. Your balls are nice and smooth, so no need to wax them.”

All the while she is talking; she is moving my shaft around and cupping my balls. I swear I could shoot a load of semen all over her big tits right about now. Antonia starts the process and I feel the warm sugar gel surround my shaft. She places a couple of paper strips on the gel and waits a few minutes for the gel to harden. Tess is standing next to the table and grabs my hand. I focus on her swaying boobs as I prepare for the worst.

Tess whispers, “It will be fine, before you know it, you’ll be smooth as a baby’s bottom and I’ll give you the best blowjob. Hold my hand.”

Just as she finishes her sentence, Antonia rips one of the paper sheets away from my body. I groan in agony and squeeze Tess’s hand. She rubs my chest while Antonia presses her palm to my skin. Her touch eases the pain and I feel my cock throb.

Antonia looks at me, “See that wasn’t so bad. You did real well, and your skin is silky smooth.”

Antonia rips the second strip from my groin and my pubes are ripped away. Again I groan and clutch Tess. I wonder how much more I will have to endure.

Tess looks down at me, “Would it help if you played with my tits while she waxes you.”

“I’d much rather suck your nipples.”

Tess leans over the table and presses her right breast to my face. I latch onto her erect nipple and suckle. I fear I might bite her nipple when the next strip is ripped from my body and tell her so. She lets me know it will be fine, as she likes a bit of pain with her pleasure. I reach down and rub her pussy with my free hand. I might as well enjoy all of her through this ordeal. I am distracted enough not to feel much pain as Antonia removes my hair with three more strips.

Antonia announces, “One more to go.”

This time I feel warmth along my shaft. I’m sure it is from the sugar gel. Antonia places a paper strip on my shaft and I tense up. She counts down, four… three… two… and she rips the paper strip from my shaft before she gets to one.

I shout, “Oh my god that stings.”

Of course my shriek is muffled because Tess’s right breast is smashed against my face. I suck her nipple deep between my lips and run my tongue back and forth over the hard nub. I feel a wet warm cloth surround my cock and balls as Antonia cleanses the area between my thighs. Tess strokes my forehead as she lifts away from my head. I lose touch with her nipple as it slides from my lips.

Antonia says, “All done Rob and you look fabulous, if I say so myself. I left you a perfect square right above your shaft, and the rest of you is silky smooth. You are a good patient.”

She grabs my cock again and pumps her fist up and down. She looks at Tess and quietly asks for permission. Tess nods her head. I’m not sure what they are doing until I feel a set of soft wet lips surround my shaft. Then I realize Antonia was asking permission to suck my cock. She places her hand at the base of my shaft and sucks in as much cock as she can. Antonia takes about four inches of my throbbing member into her mouth. She breathes through her nose as she bobs her head up and down on my cock.

Tess watches her friend blow me. Tess runs her hand all around my chest as Antonia dips down and takes more of my cock in her mouth. I believe she is determined to take my entire seven inches down her throat. She lifts her head and releases my shaft. A trail of spit hangs from her lips to my glans.

“Gawd, you taste good. Get ready to feel my throat because I’m going all the way down. I’m going to press my nose into your little square patch of pubes.”

Antonia takes a deep breath and presses her lips around my cock. She pushes further and I feel my shaft slide into her throat. She has my entire seven inches buried in her mouth. I feel her tongue swab the underside of my shaft as she presses her nose into my hair. After eight seconds she pulls up and releases my cock as she gasps for air. Wow, that feels amazing.

Antonia grabs my shaft again and squeezes my balls with the other hand. She pulls down on my sack and applies a steady pressure of suction around my shaft. Antonia speeds up her head bobbing and tugs on my shaft. I feel pressure build up and tell her to stop before I cum in her mouth. This comment only emboldens her and she sucks harder. There is no turning back and I erupt with several volleys of cum into her mouth. She holds her lips tight around my glans as I feed her all of my semen.

“Antonia, I’m coming, I’m coming. I can’t hold back. You are so amazing, take my jizz. Take all of it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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