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            Operation Angel Rescue

by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 74 – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.

After school the following Friday, all six boys were waiting for me just inside the main lobby when I arrived at the middle school.  I’d been working at the elementary school all day and I watched as they raced out the main entrance as soon as they saw me pull up. 

“Is there a basketball game tonight?” Reece asked after they were all settled into their seats. 

“Yes, it’s an away game, but the school isn’t too far away so we’ll be heading there after we eat at the diner.”

“Have you guys ever gone to a high school basketball game?” Reece asked Aaron and Brady. 

“I went with my parents a couple of times when my brother was in eighth grade, cuz he was thinkin’ about going out for the JV team the next year.  He never did it, though, cuz after watchin’ the other guys play in the game he didn’t think he’d be good enough to make the team.  We didn’t go to any more games after that.” 

“I’ve never been to a high school basketball game before, just the football games.  The band doesn’t play at basketball games, so my parents don’t go to watch them.”

“I think you’ll like goin’ with us, cuz we had a lot of fun the last time we went.” 

While we were eating, the other boys chimed in as well and told Aaron and Brady a few more things about the games, including that there would actually be two games.  They were all more than primed to watch the action by the time we reached the gym.

Unfortunately, these games weren’t quite as thrilling as the other two we’d attended, because the home teams weren’t very good.  Both our JV and Varsity teams won easily, and once the final buzzer sounded we went out to the SUV for the ride home.  The boys chatted about the games along the way and my sons and Reece told Aaron and Brady about the differences between the two contests. 

“I wish we could have gone with you guys to the other games then,” Brady remarked.  “It sounds like those were more excitin’.” 

“They were, but you’ll get a chance to see more games and I’m sure some of them will be exciting too.  You can go with us whenever you spend the weekend at our place.” 

“Ok, and I hope those games are better.”

It was quite late by the time we got to the house, so we didn’t hesitate and went directly upstairs so we could shower before going to sleep.  Each pair wanted to wash up in my bathroom again, which I didn’t have a problem with, and Jamie and Aaron offered to go last so they could shower with me.  This was fine with the others, seeing they’d already planned on having a little fun when they got to their rooms and were eager to get started as quickly as possible. 

Of course, Jamie and Aaron wanted to do more than just shower with me, so I took care of their other request once we got in bed.  I rimmed each one first, before sucking him off, and then they cuddled with me as we fell asleep. 

“Thanks for doin’ this with us,” Aaron said before he drifted off.  “It’s why I like comin’ here so much.” 

“I thought it was so you could spend time with Jamie.” 

“Oh, I like doin’ that too, but we both like it when you do the other stuff with us too.”

I kissed each one on the forehead and bid him sweet dreams, and before long we were all enjoying a wonderful night’s slumber.

After breakfast the next morning, I had the boys get ready so I could run an errand.  “What do you have to do?” Reece asked. 

“I want you boys to help me decorate the house for Christmas, but I have to buy everything we’ll need first.  I didn’t decorate in the past, seeing I lived alone and no one else I knew would see it, but this year I want to do it up big time.  Not only will you all be here for at least part of the time, but we’ll be having others joining us as well.” 

My sons then told Brady and Aaron about the Muellers, and that Laine and Caleb would be staying for the New Year’s Eve party too.  Once that had been cleared up, we set out for the nearest Walmart so I could purchase everything we’d need. 

“Do you want an artificial tree or a real one?” I asked during the ride there. 

“A real one,” they all screamed in response. 

“Ok, but you’ll have to make sure to water it; otherwise it will dry up and start falling apart.  If you forget, then there will be a huge mess that will have to be cleaned up and I’m not going to be the one doing it.”

“Ok, we’ll make sure to water it then,” Dakota agreed. 

“Where are we gonna get the tree from?” Jamie asked. 

“There’s a place about a mile from the house, on the opposite side of the road, and I noticed there were a few pine trees growing along the edge of the field that we could check out.  If we find one we like, I’ll cut it down and we’ll take it back with us.” 

“Wouldn’t we be trespassin’ on someone else’s property?” Brady asked. 

“Actually, it’s part of the government land.  They control much of the property on the other side of the road as well, and they’re responsible for the wildlife sanctuary at the bottom of the hill across from the house.  Since it’s an undeveloped and unregulated area that’s not part of the sanctuary, we won’t get in trouble for doing this.” 

“So what are you gonna use to chop it down?” Jamie followed.  “Do you got a chainsaw?”  

“No, but I have a hatchet and an ax in the garage.  I use them when I spot unwanted trees growing in places where they don’t belong, so we’ll take those with us to get a tree.  We’ll do that after we finish our shopping.”

I had the boys help me select everything we’d need, from the tree stand, the tree skirt, ornaments, and lights – both for the tree and the outside lara kendi evi olan escort of the house.  That’s because they also wanted me to put up lights along the roof too, so people would see them as they were driving by.  They also asked me to buy flameless candles to put in the windows at the front of the house.  These were tapered candles with their own faux brass base, and they were taller than the ones we’d used in the pumpkins for Halloween.  They’d asked me to purchase these items because they wanted the house to be all lit up when the Muellers arrived. 

“You gotta get an angel for the top of the tree,” Jamie insisted as I was preparing to head to the checkout. 

“And maybe a nativity too,” Brady added.  “I always liked the one my grandparents had when we went to see them at Christmas.”

“Ok, then help me pick those things out as well.”

We found an angel for the top of the tree fairly quickly, but we didn’t find a nativity set that I liked.  They were all made from plastic and looked cheap, so I asked a salesperson if they had any others.

“Not in the store, but they have some nicer sets you can purchase online.” 

I thanked her for the information and decided to check them out after we got back to the house, but I’d wait until after we’d chopped down the tree.  Once we checked out, we loaded everything into the SUV and headed back to the house.  As soon as I parked in front of the garage, we took everything inside, and then I grabbed the ax and hatchet out of the tool shed so we could go look for a suitable tree.  All of the boys wanted to go with me to do this, possibly because it was something else they’d never done before, since their families all used artificial trees. 

“When are we gonna decorate it?” Glen asked. 

“We can put the tree up and decorate it after lunch, but we won’t do the outside of the house until tomorrow.  I’ll do most of it, but you can help to steady the ladder, hand things up to me, and let me know how it looks from ground level.” 

“Ok, that sounds good.”

There were several trees for us to choose from, so I let the boys pick out the one they liked best, although I made sure their choice wasn’t too tall to fit in the house.  Once we selected one, I asked Glen and Dakota to stand on opposite sides of the tree and grab ahold of a branch so they could keep the tree upright as I chopped it down.  I didn’t want any needles to fall off or the branches to break when it hit the ground, because I didn’t want to end up with a Charlie Brown tree for Christmas. 

After I hacked away at the trunk of the tree, which stood about seven feet, or a little over two meters tall, the boys helped me load it into the back of the SUV and we took it home.  As soon as we got back to the house, I took a saw and squared off the bottom of the trunk, and then the boys helped me carry it into the house and we placed it in the tree stand.  Dakota then ran to the kitchen, grabbed a pitcher, and filled it with water so he could water the tree. 

At that point, we decided to take a break and grab some lunch, and then we started decorating the tree when we were done.  Dakota and Reece helped me string up the lights, and then we let the other boys add the ornaments.  I merely stood back and offered a few suggestions to make sure they spaced out those items evenly around the tree.  Once that had been taken care of, I went to get my laptop so we could look at the nativity sets online. 

The site had many of the same nativities that we’d seen at the store, but there were others listed as well.  Those included the more expensive sets, and I eventually spotted a very nice looking porcelain set and pointed it out to the boys.  They all agreed it was the nicest one, so I placed my order and told the boys it should arrive in a few days.  Once it arrived, I would display it on an end table that I’d place near the tree. 

After we finished eating dinner, the boys wanted to see if there was a good movie on TV, so we went in to check the program guide.  To our surprise, the same network that showed The Santa Clause movie the weekend before was just about to show The Santa Clause 2, so we all agreed to watch it. 

There’s nothing like a seasonal comedy after spending the day chopping down a Christmas tree and decorating it.  It not only gave us a few laughs, but it relaxed us as well, so we all went to sleep that evening in a terrific mood. 

The boys were still enjoying that great feeling when they woke up, and after we ate breakfast we headed outside to decorate the rest of the house.  It took a few hours to complete the process and I ran into a few problems along the way, but it was due to the fact that I’d never done anything like this before.  I eventually was able to overcome the obstacles, and then we went inside to place a candle in each of the windows.  When we lit everything after dark, we all thought the house looked really nice and quite festive. 

I was glad the other boys were going to stay over again tonight, because I was tired and happy that I didn’t have to take them home.  They’d all been very useful in helping me decorate the exterior, since some of them steadied the ladder while the others handed up the strings of lights for me to hang.  When we finished, I thanked each of them, and then I asked if they had any homework to complete before I drove them to school in the morning. 

The boys finished their assignments fairly quickly and then let me check them over, and after dinner they wanted to see what movies were on TV.  After checking the program guide, we discovered the movie Elf would be starting soon, but on a different network than the one with the other Christmas movies that we’d watched.  The boys all agreed to watch it, so we settled in to laugh at Will Ferrell in the role of a giant elf that was trying to save Christmas. 

As soon as the movie ended, we all headed upstairs to get ready for bed.  On the way up the staircase, I suggested that they all go right to sleep after they showered, since they had school in the morning.  I heard some groans before they reluctantly agreed to do as I asked, lara otele gelen escort and I made certain they were all tucked in and not engaged in other activities before I went to my room to sleep alone. 

The first part of the week was fairly normal, but on Wednesday evening we all attended the Holiday Concert at the middle school.  Jamie and Aaron were singing in the chorus, Dakota and Reece had some of their holiday artwork on display on the walls outside of the auditorium, and Glen and Brady were playing in the band.  Glen didn’t play the drums this time, since he didn’t have enough experience yet, but he was one of two boys that supplied the sound of jingling bells during several of the songs.   

Reece, Dakota, and I sat with Aaron and Brady’s parents during the concert, although Brady’s mom ignored me as much as possible.  Other than that, we enjoyed each other’s company as we watched our sons.  Overall, the entire event was very nicely organized and well done, and I was glad that the school had found a way to include the art club in this as well, not just the chorus, orchestra, and band.  In the end, we all had a very good time and I was extremely proud of all six of the boys.   

When Friday rolled around, Reece joined us again and we went to watch the next home basketball game.  Unfortunately the JV team lost this time, while the Varsity won a squeaker.  The Varsity game was very exciting and we did a lot of cheering, so we were all a little hoarse on the ride home.  This meant there was very little chatter, since we all opted to rest our vocal chords instead, and when we reached the house we showered quickly before turning in. 

During the day on Saturday, the boys decided they wanted to listen to Christmas music while they played video games, so they came out to ask me how they could do that.  I believe they were hoping to use my laptop to do this, since their computers were in the other bedrooms, but I had an idea of how they could pull it off in Jamie’s room.  I just had to dig a few items out of my closet first, and after a brief search I found my old boom box and the CDs I’d stored away, which included several Christmas albums.  I gave those to the boys and they set it up before they started playing, and then they listened to the holiday music as they challenged each other on the various games. 

When they came downstairs after I called them for dinner, Dakota asked a question.  “Can we use those same things when Laine and Caleb are here too?”

“Sure, I don’t see why not.” 

“We’ll use it upstairs when were playing video games, but we’ll bring it downstairs too, so their mom and dad can enjoy the music with us.” 

“That’s a wonderful idea.”

While they were eating, the boys discussed other things they could do while the Muellers were here, and then I offered them a warning. 

“I don’t want any of you engaging in sexual activities while Laine and Caleb’s mom and dad are here.  You’ll have a chance to do that after their parents return home, but I don’t want them to overhear what you’re up to or become suspicious that you boys are having sex.” 

“How long will they be here?” Glen quickly responded. 

“They will either arrive on Friday night, which will be our last day of classes before Christmas break, or they’ll show up sometime on Saturday instead.  They’re going to stay until after we have dinner on Christmas Day, but they’ll have to leave right after we eat because they both have to work the next day.” 

“So what day is Christmas?”

“It’s on the 25th,” I teased, “which is a Tuesday this year.” 

“So we’ll have to go four days without doin’ nothin’?” 

“Don’t worry, you’ll all survive, and you can always jerk off in the shower if you get desperate.”

“So how is this gonna work?” Dakota followed.  “Who’s sleepin’ where?”

“The Muellers will sleep in the spare bedroom, the one that Shawn used when he was here, and we’ll give them exclusive use of the bathroom closest to that bedroom.  You boys can share the other bathroom, but you can also use my bathroom as well.  Just make sure you have everything you’ll need with you when you go to shower, because I don’t think you’ll want to run back to your rooms naked and risk being seen by their mother.” 

“Nope, that would be embarrassin’ so we won’t forget,” Jamie hurriedly agreed. 

“As for the rest of you, Caleb will sleep in Jamie’s room and Laine will take turns sleeping with Glen and Dakota until his parents return home.  After Christmas Reece will also be with us, so he can either sleep with Dakota or he can switch up with Laine to sleep with both Dakota and Glen.  When Aaron, Brady, and Reece are all here for the party, two of you boys can also sleep in the spare bedroom and you can pair up any way you want.”

“This is gonna be neat,” Glen enthused. 

“Yeah, Christmas is gonna be great this year,” Dakota concurred. 

“But how are Aaron, Caleb, and me all gonna be able to fit in your bed when we sleep with you?” Jamie asked. 

“Who says I want you to do that?”

“Come on, you know you like doin’ that with us too.”

“Maybe I do, so I suppose we’ll have to figure something out.  I guess one of you could sleep with me while the other two sleep in your room, or we’ll just have to squeeze in together like sardines.”

“But we won’t all be able to cuddle with you,” he whined. 

“No, someone will have to sleep next to one of you and you can take turns doing that, but only if you all choose to sleep with me at the same time.”


Once we finished our discussion, the boys spent the rest of the day helping me clean and getting the house ready for our guests, since the Muellers would be arriving at the end of the week. 

We had just finished breakfast on Sunday morning and the boys had gone upstairs while I puttered around the kitchen.  I hadn’t been doing this for very long when my phone rang and I noticed it was Paul calling. 

“Hey, what’s up, my friend?”

“Something came up at work and I knew I had to call to get some information from you.”

“Why?  What lara rus escort does it have to do with me?”

“Not you, it has to do with the boys.  I remember they’d said they had stayed with a couple of other boys at various times and I wanted to see if they remembered their names.” 

“Why do you need to know that?” 

“We had an incident over the weekend and I’ve got two young men in lock up, so I wanted to see if they were the same boys your sons had mentioned.” 

“What did they do?”

“They were hanging around the mall yesterday and apparently breaking into cars.  One man happened to go outside after he was done shopping and caught them breaking into his vehicle, and when he confronted them they beat him up pretty badly.  They also took his keys before stealing his phone, money, and credit cards, along with the packages he was carrying, and then they drove off in his car.  As soon as he could, the guy borrowed a phone from someone else and dialed 911 to report the incident.  We immediately sent out an alert and a couple of hours later I was notified that the vehicle had been spotted.  Two of our patrol cars chased after it and eventually pulled them over, and the officers drew their guns as they were approaching the vehicle, since they weren’t sure if those two were armed.”

“Whoa, that’s some major shit.” 

“And that might not be all they’ve been involved with.  The night before there was a report of two guys robbing a man as he was coming out of a high end jewelry store.  Fortunately, there were other witnesses, because they beat the guy so severely that he’s still in a coma.  We just hope he’ll be able to identify his attackers once he regains consciousness.”

“Damn, that’s awful.  Give me a second and I’ll get the boys so we can talk on speaker phone.”

I went upstairs and called the boys together so I could explain what was going on.  After I put the phone on speaker, Paul asked his first question. 

“What were the names of the older boys you said you stayed with from time to time?”

“Do you mean Isaac and Chuck?” Glen answered. 

“Yes, if they’re the ones you told me about.  Do you remember their last names?” 

The boys looked at each other and shook their heads.  “Nah, we’re not sure they even told us their last names, but we might have heard someone else say them sometime.  We just don’t remember.” 

“Do you think you might recognize their last names if you heard them again?”

The boys looked at each other again and shrugged their shoulders this time.  “Maybe.”

“Do you recognize the names Isaac Menendez or Chuck Haggerty?”

“We recognize the first names, but that’s all,” Dakota answered.   

“How old are these boys?” I asked. 

“One is sixteen and the other is seventeen.”

“Then the ages seem to match too.  How many boys named Isaac and Chuck, as well as being approximately the same ages as the two these boys knew that are roaming the streets of the city?” 

“Yes, that’s what I was thinking as well.  Can you boys tell me anything else about them?”

They then took turns telling Paul about their experience with the pair, as well as how those two earned enough money to survive.  I could tell by Paul’s questions that he was convinced they were the same guys. 

“Thanks for your help, because now I know how I want to handle this situation.  We were debating whether we were going to charge them as minors or adults, but it seems pretty clear to me now, seeing this isn’t an isolated incident.  They both had a juvenile record, but nothing quite as serious as what they did this time, but it appears they have no regard for human life or personal property.  Thanks for your help.”

After the call ended, the boys asked me questions about what Paul and I had talked about before they joined in.  I explained what Paul had told me, and then the boys wanted to know what I thought was going to happen to Isaac and Chuck. 

“From the comments Paul just made, I’d say they’ll probably be going to prison for a fairly long time.  I’m glad you boys didn’t continue to hang around with them or got involved with the things they were doing.” 

“Yeah, we are too,” Dakota replied. 

That news seemed to subdue the boys for the rest of the day as they chatted about the things they’d either seen or heard that Chuck and Isaac had done while they were all living on their own.  From time to time they would come out to tell me something else they’d just remembered about the older pair, including a tattoo that Chuck had and a scar on Isaac. 

“I’ll call Paul back tomorrow and relay this information to him.” 

The boys also told me the names of two other boys who had been friendly with Isaac and Chuck and were roughly the same age.  They didn’t all stay together, although they hung out with each other quite often and might have been involved in similar things.  It made me wonder if the other incident at the jewelry store was committed by Chuck and Isaac or possibly this other pair.  After I got as much information as I could from them, I said I would mention it all to Paul, in case the guy in the coma can’t identify Chuck and Isaac once he’s regained consciousness. 

As I thought about this, I was glad that I listened to Paul and had taken Dakota in to live with me.  I was also happy that I’d listened to Dakota and rescued Glen, Jamie, and Laine as well.  Who knows what might have happened to them or what they might have gotten into if they had to live on the streets even longer? 



                                                *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I wish to extend my thanks to Emoe and Donny for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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