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Our Boys ch 4

By: WAA01 & Soul71

Notes: All persons engaging in sex are over 18.

Many, many thanks to Soul71 for letting me use his Porn Star Family universe as the setting, and for his help with this story. Without his encouragement I never would have written it!


“John! John!” Amy screamed out in the early morning as her husband wasn’t responding to her. She heard a door opening down the hall from her bedroom. She knew something had been troubling John as of late, yet the vacant look in her husband’s eyes had her worried. Turning when Jeff came bursting through the door.

“Mom? What’s going on?!” Jeff asked, having raced down the hall once he heard his mother’s concerned tone.

“I don’t know, your father isn’t responding to my voice,” Amy said, her eyes running down her son’s naked body. Watching Jeff leaping onto the bed, placing his two fingers on John’s neck.

“Well… he has a pulse,” Jeff said, holding the screen of his father’s phone below his nostrils. “And he’s still breathing,” he said, seeing the screen fogging up. Lifting up his father’s arm watching it fall back to the bed without his father trying to stop his hand from hitting his balls. “What the hell is going on?” Jeff asked himself. “Call 911, and I’ll wake Laura,” he said, scouting off the bed.

“Do you think Dad will be alright?” Laura asked, as Jeff drove behind the ambulance as they raced towards the hospital.

“I don’t know sis,” Jeff muttered. “What are you doing?!” he asked quizzically, as he watched as his sister pulled out her phone.

“Calling Ira,” Laura said, franticly.

“Why?! We don’t need…” His hand started to reach for her phone.

“He may be able to help Dad or get in touch with Gabby!” Laura snapped. “Sorry,” she said remorsefully, as her brother’s hand shot back over the console.

“No… you’re right, if whatever he is can help, then call him,” Jeff nodded as his tires squealed as he took the turn a little too fast.

“Be careful!” Laura barked as she scrolled down her contact list. “Ira!”

“Yeah?! Laura? Is that you?” Laura strained to hear his voice as strange female voices were arguing in the background.

“Hey, shut it for a damn minute!” She heard a strange male’s voice bark. “Can’t you see he’s on the phone!?”

“Thanks Samuel,” Ira sighed. “You need something Laura? Whoa, whoa… take a breath,” he said, when her sobbing made it difficult to understand her.

“I need your help,” Laura said, her chest heaving, hoping he could help her father.

“With what? We’re kind of in the middle of something here. So if it’s…”

“Something’s wrong with my dad, can you help him?” Laura pleaded.

“Okay… I don’t know…”

“Please Ira, I don’t know how to get in touch with Gabby. I don’t know if I should pray or what! If you can’t help could you at least get in touch with her…” Looking perplex at her phone when Ira burst out laughing.

“You let her call you Gabby!”

“Is she there, with you?!” Laura nearly yelled into her phone.

“Sorry, sorry… just even I don’t call her that, but yeah she’s here… However, she can’t help you right now.”

“Why not?!”

“Because something’s going on that you would be better off not knowing. Things that could change everything if it’s not stopped,” Ira said, ominously. “But I’ll help… if I can. You mind coming with me?”

“Who’s going to play referee?” Laura heard that same strange male voice responding to Ira.

“Gabby can handle things. We shouldn’t be gone long.”

“Alright… Pandora, Nimue… play nice with the angel.” Laura heard the strange man say in a commanding tone. She couldn’t hear what their reply was, but she gathered that they put up a little huff.

“Okay, where are we meeting you?” Ira asked, as he led Samuel out of the back door. “Alright, we’ll be there shortly.” He told her once Laura told him what hospital the ambulance had taken their father to.

“You know how weird that is?” Samuel asked, as they appeared in the side parking lot of the ER entrance of the hospital.

“Dude! You can use weird ass magic. That I don’t think even Ann Rice could even dream of and that freaks you out!” Ira said, in an exasperated sigh. “I mean you turned their blood into spikes and killed them with it! And that lightning! What the hell was that!” he said, thrusting his arms into the air.

“Hey, I’m just doing what needs to be done,” Samuel shrugged.

“Right,” Ira said, rolling his eyes. “So…”

“Wait.” Samuel placed a hand on Ira’s shoulder. Bringing up two fingers to his lips, muttering beneath his breath uttering a spell that would hide them from everyone’s view expect the one that called for their help.

“Laura! Jeff! What’s going on?!” Amy asked, her head on a swivel as everything stopped, time, people, the beeping of machines, even the ticking of the clock.

“How would I know?!” Jeff asked, just as fearfully as his mother was as he held her hand.

“What’s bostancı escort that?!” Laura squeaked as footsteps echoed off the polished, waxed tile floor. With everything they knew now she feared some sinister thing had come for them due to what they knew. The song ‘O’ Death’ suddenly appeared in her mind as she clung to her brother’s free arm.

“See?! This is what I’m talking about! And you’re weirded out by teleportation! You’ve stopped time for fucks sake!”

“For the last time I did not stop time. That would cause irrevocable harm to the time stream, not to mention I don’t have the magic power needed to alter hundreds of people’s minds, so they won’t question why however long they are tripped here has passed in the outside world not after last night.”

“Ira?!” Laura called out to him. Still fearful to move from her spot.

“Don’t do that creepy thing you do,” Ira whispered as he rounded the corner.

“Sure, I’m the creepy one here, says the dude that has horns, a tail, wings, and a bloody burning halo,” Samuel said, rolling his eyes as they came into view of Amy’s family.

“Yep, you’re definitely creepy,” Ira chuckled. He need the levity due to the mass death that happened hours earlier. He just couldn’t get over how easily Samuel killed without hesitation.

“Ira!” Laura ran to him. Throwing her arms around him, as he and his strange friend stood in the doorway.

“I’m not sure you remember us,” Amy said, anxiously. Squeezing her son’s hand, drawing strength from it as she stepped forward.

“Yeah, you’re Amy, right?” Ira asked, gently patting Laura’s back.

“Yes.” Her eyes glanced over to the man that stood beside Ira. He had to be about Jeff’s age, his brown unkempt hair, swallowing hard as those cobalt eyes seemed alive as they glowed in shimmering waves. “Can you help us? I know you probably have otherworldly things to do… Whatever you can do to help John… I’ll do, be anything you need me to be,” Amy said, offering up her body as payment for Ira’s help.

“Come again?!” Ira was flabbergasted in what she was saying.

“I… hear you need sex…” Feeling her cheeks heat at his arched eyebrow.

“Oh… umm… yeah, I’m good,” Ira said innocently, as he scratched his cheek. “Shut up,” he muttered low as Samuel chuckled behind him.

“Are you sure?”

“Listen, I’m not here to get anything from you or your family. Laura asked for my help and he,” pointing over his shoulder, “is the one that can,” Ira said, pushing Samuel forward.

“Wait?! What?!” Samuel asked, glaring at Ira.

“Come on Samuel, surely in that vampire brain of yours you got a conscience,” Ira said, crossing his arms. “Sorry, this is Samuel Goodall, witch, vampire, umm other things,” he said, giving the Grey family an impromptu introduction.

“Not cool man,” Samuel growled.

“What?! They’ve seen me in my other form, so what if they know you’re a vamwich,” Ira said, smirking at the sudden name he had given him after the fight. Watching how Samuel groaned when he wasn’t using proper English. Flashing Laura a smile as she giggled.

“You’re just pulling our leg; he can’t be one! The sun is still up,” Jeff said, pushing his mother behind him. To protect her from the strange man in the room.

“Don’t push him,” Ira warned. Samuel was still in a bad mood due to them pulling him away. Sighing when Samuel moved quicker than even he could follow.

“Do you believe now?” Samuel asked, holding Jeff up off the floor by his throat. His fangs gleamed in the artificial light as his eyes narrowed.


“You bring me here to fix a broken man, when billions are on the line. We don’t have time for this!” Samuel hissed angrily as he looked over at Ira.

“Well… We can’t do anything right now, can we? So what if I did? At least we are doing something besides just arguing with each other,” Ira said, watching Samuel releasing his hold on Jeff.

“What’s wrong with him?” Samuel asked.

Ira could feel the chill forming knowing he was going to pay for his ruse once they were done. Looking down at his hand, feeling that odd sensation he felt during the fight tingling his fingertips. He knew he could beat Samuel, but at what cost? He nearly lost himself battling that Domination class angel. If it wasn’t for Anael he surely would be dead.

“We don’t know,” Laura said, moving in front of her brother. Knowing what that look in his eye meant as he sat on his ass on the floor.

“He was fine during dinner last night, then this morning he was unresponsive to anything we did,” Amy said, filling Samuel in what the doctors were leaning towards the cause of her husband’s condition.

“Fine, I’ll help you, but you owe me,” Samuel glared at Ira.

“You will!” Amy said excitedly, about to move towards Samuel until she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“It’s best not to get too close to him. He’s been in a mood for the past couple of hours…”

“I would ask you not to ümraniye escort bayan divulge things to people I don’t know,” Samuel said, offhandedly. Placing his hand on John’s forehead as he stared unblinkingly up at the ceiling. Casting his mind into John’s surfing through the man’s memories. Feeling how his logical mind just couldn’t synchronize with what he’d been exposed to. Causing it to go into a catatonic state until John could come to terms with what he’s been witness to. Something Samuel felt would never come about unless some sort of intervention closed all the gaps. He recalled how Nimue put that block upon Kelly after what his uncle, now aunt, did to her. Samuel knew that wouldn’t work, it was too broad, yet it wasn’t his call to make. “I can possibly help but…”

“But?!” Amy, Laura, and Jeff asked in unison, knowing there was always a catch.

“It’s not my call to make.”

“Then I’ll make it!” Amy said, stepping forward. “Tell me what is wrong with my husband?” she asked, her loving gaze fell upon John’s body. Her fingertips brushed along his leg hoping that this strange man could help the love of her life.

“It seems his mind cannot handle…” Nodding to Ira, “and beings like him. And it shut itself down until he can, if he ever can, come to terms with things in his world that shouldn’t exist. From what I have seen it is doubtful he’ll be able to,” Samuel said, solemnly.

“Is there anything you can do?” Amy asked, not letting the strangeness of the world Ira lives in get to her.

“Possibly,” Samuel muttered after a moment. “But I’ll need time to find the spell I need.”

“Laura, Jeff let’s give him… space,” Amy said, a little unnerved how Samuel stuck his hand through a ripple in time.

“Ira… what’s that?” Laura whispered as Samuel flipped through a very large and very old tome in his hand.

“How would I know,” Ira shrugged. “I’m a demon and even I didn’t believe magic existed until yesterday.”

“And I thought angels and God were myths too, a lot of good they did for my mother,” Samuel muttered bitterly.

“See?! Told you he’s been in a mood,” Ira whispered in a sigh.

“So… your mother is dead?” Jeff asked, trying not to be afraid of the strength he had felt in Samuel’s wire frame body.

“In a manner of speaking,” Samuel said, offhandedly. He wasn’t about to go into his family’s history with people he didn’t know or trust.

Jeff looked to Ira who just shrugged his shoulders. “You know I thought vampires were supposed to be you know… unbelievably handsome, you know,” Jeff whispered to his sister.

“Oh, then you should see Nimue and Pandora,” Ira said, in that teenage lustful voice.

“Before or after they have their little snack,” Samuel said, amusingly.

“I take it they’re…”

“Extremely,” Ira nodded. Smirking when he saw Jeff’s eyes luster in he depicted Pandora’s cup size.

“Be careful, they do have excellent hearing,” Samuel said, closing the tome in a loud thud.

“Did you find it?!” Amy asked, stepping forward, eager to have John back with her.

“I need to feed…” Samuel’s words chilled everyone there. Each looked at the other knowing what that would mean.

“On blood?” Laura asked, feeling her body trembling as those glowing eyes of his stared at her.

“Unless he wants to do that thing and fetch my sister or aunt, then yes on blood,” Samuel said, nodding to Ira, trying not to roll his eyes.

“Why you sister or aunt?!” Jeff asked, confused. Arching an eyebrow as Samuel released a tired sigh.

“I’m a sex witch, since the fight and slowing time, I need to recharge my batteries per say. The only thing other than blood that can do that is sex, preferably with them.”

“So… you have sex with your…”

“Just like you do with yours,” Samuel said, tapping his nose telling him he could smell them on each other. “Ours is just more intense,” he said, taunting Jeff.


“Trust me, it is,” Ira said, cutting in. Remembering how Charlotte and Kelly nearly made everything levitate in his home once they had retreated back to his home after the battle.

“I’ll do it!” Amy said, holding out her hand to her children. If he needed blood, then as John’s wife it was her duty to see that he gets it.

“You sure?” Samuel asked, making certain she was prepared for the effect of his bite.

“Yes, I’ll do whatever I need to do to make sure John gets better,” Amy nodded in determination. “I’m pregnant. Does that make a difference?”

“No. Get your mother aroused,” Samuel said, peering over Amy’s shoulder as he looked at Jeff. “Unless you would like for me to do it?” he asked, with a sly smirk.

Amy gasped lightly as Jeff’s hands pulled her gently against his chest. Her heart raced; her skin heated as her son’s hands moved up her chest. Her eyes closed, tilting her head to the left feeling Jeff’s lips lightly plucking along her neck. “Yes baby,” Amy whispered as Jeff’s hands cradled her 36C breasts. kartal escort Rolling her hips gently against her son’s hips, her fingertips lightly brushed down his cheek as she lost herself in the feeling of Jeff’s heat.

“So… Why are you making them do that?” Laura asked, holding onto Ira’s arm just in case Samuel thought to attack her.

“The blood will taste sweeter, and I did say I was a sex witch, no?” Samuel smirked, revealing the tip of his left fang.

“But I thought you said only your sister or aunt…?!”

“If I was a normal sex witch that would be true, but I’m something more than that,” Samuel said, his nostrils flared as he caught the subtle hints of sex on the air.

“That makes no sense,” Laura said, shaking her head.

“Tell me about it,” Ira nodded.

“What the hell!” Laura yelped as her 36C breasts began to swell and swell as the straps of her bra strained to contain her increased bust size.

“Whoa! Sis,” Jeff couldn’t look away as his sister’s breasts jutted out causing her t-shirt to rise up showing off her flat stomach. Just as quickly as they had formed Laura was once again presented with her normal size.

“Seeing you all need proof of what I can do,” Samuel said, coldly. Waving Jeff off once he was sure enough of his mother’s sexual energies had permeated her blood. “Relax, this won’t hurt too much,” he whispered.

“What the…!” Amy gasped in surprise as she felt heat flood her body as Samuel’s thumb brushed along her chin as he tilted her head to the right. Her breasts tingled, her nipple’s grew hard as diamonds, her womb quivered as her body became so aroused that it dwarfed anything she had felt in her entire life. Then she felt the two pricks of pain… “Oh god!” Amy loudly moaned; her hands curled around Samuel’s shirt. Gasping as he pulled her hard against his body. “Fuck yes,” she whispered in want as her thigh rubbed up and down Samuel’s leg. Her nails dragged along his back; her whimper filled the room as her orgasm exploded.

“I got you Mom,” Jeff muttered as Amy stumbled. He had no idea what he did to her, yet the look on his mother’s face told him she enjoyed it greatly.

“Did you get enough?” Ira asked, as he watched the power swirl in Samuel’s eyes.

“It seems…”

“I’ll offer you more if you need it,” Laura said, stepping forward. She had seen how her mother reacted as Samuel drank her blood. She wondered if it would be the same for her. Looking behind her as her mother twitched in the chair. Laura knew that movement from anywhere. She had to have had a major orgasm.


“Yes, I’ll do anything for my dad,” Laura said, her hands fidgeted at her side as Samuel tilted her chin up. She felt something strange flooding her body as his thumb pressed on her chin.

“Sis?!” Jeff said, worriedly. “Do something?!” he hissed at Ira.

“Like what?” Ira asked, arching an eyebrow.

“I don’t know, do that thing and blast him or something!” Jeff growled.

“Then what? If you haven’t noticed he’s a powerful being. You and everyone else here would be cinders by the time we killed each other,” Ira said, crossing his arms. “Although, Samuel, can we hurry this along?” he asked, trying to keep his fork tongue from tasting the air.

“We have enemies everywhere, I will need to be at full strength in case they try again,” Samuel said, offhandedly.

“Yeah… I get…” Laura gasped in surprise as Samuel bit into her neck.

“Oh my god! Please don’t stop,” Laura whimpered as she held onto Samuel.

“You better not have harmed her,” Jeff said protectively, as he held his unconscious sister in his arms.

“Relax,” rolling his tongue along his fang, “she’ll be fine. A little weak but she’ll recover momentarily,” Samuel said, turning towards the bed. “Now I need silence while I work.”

“Mom, are you okay?” Jeff asked, wondering why she was staring at Samuel with those sultry eyes of hers.

“Fine baby, just… fine,” Amy muttered, patting Jeff’s right cheek as her eyes stared at Samuel’s ass. Feeling how drenched her panties were, her teeth dragged along her lower lip wondering if it was always like that. She couldn’t help but wonder what else that man could do. “Baby are you alright?” Amy asked, looking over at her daughter as she came to. Knowing that the both of them were sporting large wet spots in their jeans.

“Fuck me, that was… amazing,” Laura panted, grinning madly at her mother knowing what she meant.

“I know,” Amy nodded in knowing that her daughter — like her — just had one of the best, and biggest orgasm ever. Before her eyes glanced back to Samuel as he placed a hand on John’s forehead. Muttering beneath his breath as energy swirled around the room.

“Mom, did you cum too?” Laura asked, for clarification.

“Mmmhmm,” Amy hummed as she held her daughter’s hand.

After what felt like hours to her, Amy jumped as Samuel closed the book with a loud thud. Whatever was happening in that room simply died the moment that odd book closed. Listening to Samuel taking a deep breath as his hand left John’s forehead.

Swallowing as that glowing eye peered at her over his right shoulder as she lifted herself out of her seat. “Please tell me, did you…?” Amy asked, tentatively.

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