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Big Tits

** This is the third story in the “Our Dirty Secret” series and it is longer and more comprehensive than the first two. However, this story can stand alone and you don’t need to have read the other stories to appreciate this one.

The story is listed under “erotic couplings” and not “Anal” as it expands upon many aspects of Gavin & Melia’s sex life, including anal sex, masturbation, vaginal sex, blow jobs, cunnilingus, rimming, squirting, creampies, butt plugs, spanking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, felching and some cum farting action.

For more specifically anal play-centered stories featuring this couple, check out “Our Dirty Secret” Chapters 1 and 2 **

I’m open to constructive feedback and story requests, and if you like my story please feel free to give it a high rating.

Thanks for reading!


We forgot to close the curtains before we passed out after our marathon fuckfest last night, and that fact is made all too obvious by the bright summer sunlight streaming in through the window. I yawn and squint as your sleeping form comes into focus. Your shaggy hair is a mess and your long limbs are tangled around me. Your even breathing suggests you are immune to the harsh sunlight.

I snuggle my naked body against you, and am immediately made aware of your long hard cock resting against my ass. Well, I giggle to myself, not all of you is asleep.

I shift a little, opening my legs, and position your cock so it’s nestled between my pussy lips. I squeeze my thighs together and rock my hips ever so slightly back and forth. The head of your cock bumps up against my clit and I moan in pleasure. I can feel the pronounced ridge rubbing my swollen little button as I slowly rock back and forth against you.

“Mmmmmmmmm good morning,” you say wrapping your long arms around me and snuggling your face into my tangled black curls. “What are you up to, you naughty girl?”

“Me and your spectacular morning wood were just having a little fun…” I smile mischievously and keep lazily masturbating myself with your dick.

“Oh really…?” you laugh. “Am I invited to this fun too?”

I giggle and roll over. “I’ll let you know,” I say, and crawl between your legs. I pull the sheet all the way down and am rewarded by the mouth-watering sight of your gorgeous hard cock springing into view from under the sheet, the head already leaking pre-cum.

“Excellent,” you reply, smiling a satisfied little grin.

You watch me as I crawl slowly up to your cock, and grasp it in my hand. I grip your dick and press it back against your stomach, letting your heavy nutsack pop up into view. I look up at you and then lower my lips to your swollen balls and begin licking them, then sucking each one into my warm mouth. I pull my lips off your testicles with a little pop and smile up at you.

“Oh, fuck… Melia…” you moan.

Still gripping your hard cock in my fist, I pool some spit in my mouth and drool it over your balls, and then start slowly sliding my fist up and down your cock, lubing the shaft with my spit. I continue jacking your cock as I lower my wet lips to the head and start to suckle on it. You take in a sharp breath.

I plunge my head down taking in as much of your long cock into my mouth as I can, then pull back and swirl my wet tongue around the spongy head of your dick.

You sit up, leaning your back against the antique iron headboard, watching me as I greedily slurp and suck on your perfect cock. You run your fingers through my hair and then gather some in your fist, pulling my hair gently as you hump your hips upward, fucking my face. I moan around your cock as it slides in and out of my mouth.

After a few minutes, I lift my head up off your cock, the thick shaft shiny and wet with spit, a string of saliva stretching from my pouty lips to the tip of your cock as I gaze into your eyes. I lick the precum that’s oozing out of the red plum-shaped head of your swollen dick, savoring the heady taste on my tongue. You smile and beckon to me with your finger.

“Come up here, baby.”

I crawl up to you but instead of bringing my face to yours, I grip the iron headboard and pull myself up to standing, my feet straddling your hips, my naked pink pussy lips inches from your face.

“You wanna give me a kiss, Gavin?”

You lean in, grabbing my ass cheeks with both hands and pull my hairless split to your face, then plant a kiss on each pouty pussy lip. You snake your tongue in between my cuntlips and lick upwards towards my clit in one long slow stroke. I shiver and feel my knees go weak. I grip the headboard for support.

You grip the base of your cock with your fist and start tugging on it slowly, your purple cockhead oozing, as you continue to french kiss my wet twat, parting my lips and suckling on my swollen pink nub until I squeal.

“Now stop teasing me and sit that pretty bursa escort pussy down on my dick,” you tell me, holding your long shaft upright in offering.

I’m all too happy to oblige.

I squat down over your cock, still gripping the iron bars with one hand for support. With my other fingers I part the lips of my pink cunny and slowly impale myself on your slippery dick.

“Uunnnngh,” I groan, as I feel the head of your cock pushing into my tight pussy. The spasming mouth of my vagina makes a tight ring around the base of your cock as you bottom out inside me. I feel your balls pressing against my asshole. I hear you exhale sharply as we both adjust to the intense sensation of your rock hard dick buried in my warm tight cunt.

I lean in to kiss you as I wiggle my ass in your lap. You smack my buttcheeks playfully then squeeze and jiggle them around your dick, which is still lodged tightly up to the hilt.

“Bounce on my dick, baby,” you say with a grin.

Still squatting on your throbbing cock, I begin to move up and down, sliding your dick in and out of my wet twat. You grab my hips as I ride you, and begin pulling me up and down at a faster pace, bouncing me on your thick cock. Smack, smack, smack, smack. My titties are bouncing and my asscheeks slap your thighs, as you start pounding my pussy from below, impaling my body on your oozing dick. You let go of my hips and grab my bouncing boobs, sucking and licking my swollen nipples as I continue to bounce up and down, riding your cock like a bucking bronco.

Each time I slide down your dick it presses against the front wall of my vagina, the head pushing and rubbing against my g-spot. My whole pussy is in ecstasy. You lick your fingers and part my pussy lips, watching your slippery dick saw in and out of my tight cunny. As you continue to watch intently, you begin rubbing my clit in steady circles. The pleasure is almost too intense. You watch me pant and groan, as I feel the telltale pressure building up. You read it on my face, sense it coming.

“Ooohhhhhh God,” I moan, “Gav, I’m gonna cuummm… Uuuhhhhhhh…”

My pussy clenches and spasms out of control and I can feel the room spinning. You catch my hips as I’m lifting them off of your dick and hold them steady as your swollen cock head pops out of my clenching pussy. As soon as you pull out I feel hot liquid gushing out of my spasming fuckhole, squirting three, four, five times all over your stomach, wetting your whole crotch as I scream in orgasm.

You hold me as my shaking and trembling subside. My pussy is still spasming and dripping, as you lay me back and stretch out on top of me.

“You okay?” you ask, brushing the sweaty curls off of my face.

“Yeah,” I reply, “thank you.”

“No, thank YOU,” you smirk at me, “that was fucking hot.”

You move so you’re lying between my legs and I feel your soaking pubic hair as it wets my bare trembling pussy mound.

“Oh my God, did I do that?” I ask, reaching my hand down to feel your drenched cock.

“Yup,” you smile at me. You reach down between my spread legs and push the head of your cock between my pussy lips, lodging it right at the entrance of my still spasming hole.

“What are you up to now?” I say, raising my eyebrow at you.

“I’m gonna nut in your sloppy pussy,” you smile and thrust your drooling cock inside me in one go.

As you begin humping me, your dick is so thick and swollen it feels like you’re splitting me open with each thrust. I open my legs wide letting you stretch and pound my wide-open hole. As your dick slides in and out, I feel little residual drops of liquid squirt out around your dick, dripping out of my pussy onto your swollen nut sack.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh” you grunt as you pump your dick in and out of my cunt, my pussy spasming and squelching around your pistoning prick, your balls flecked with my wet cum. I wrap my legs around your back as you get up on your knees and start fucking me hard and fast, your heavy balls slapping against my asshole.

As you pump my pussy I reach around and grab your buttcheeks, and worm my finger into your asshole as you spread your legs to grant me access. I finger your tight hole for a few seconds and then press down into your prostate, sending you over the edge.

“Oh God, here it comes,” you groan, and then push deep, holding your cock at the mouth of my womb, shivering as your seed spurts into my sloppy cunt. I squeeze my pussy muscles, milking your cock as it pulses and rhythmically squirts its sperm.

“Mmmmmm” you moan contentedly, and pull your softening cock out of my drooling twat, your sticky load spilling out with it.

You run a finger between my swollen cunt lips, spreading your jism over my delicate folds, painting it over my clit as you trace it with your finger.

Then, in one fluid motion, you push my knees up to my chest and part the lips of my clam with your thumbs, opening me up for your tongue. I rest my feet on your shoulders as escort bursa you go to town, licking and sucking your load out of my creamy pussy. Your tongue snakes deeper into my opening and I begin to rub my clit happily, sighing with pleasure, as I listen to you munch away, slurping and lapping at my box. Every couple of minutes I push out with my pelvic muscles and a little more of your creamy spunk bubbles out of my fuckhole, and you lap it up, sucking my delicate inner lips into your mouth, licking my pussy out with your expert tongue.

I feel myself getting closer to orgasm as you lick the last of your load out of my tight taco. You smile, watching me diddle my swollen clit, and then push my legs back even further into my chest, exposing my anus, still wet with my pussy juices. As I play with my clit, I watch you begin to tongue my asshole, rimming my tight little pucker and licking the sweet cum from between asscheeks. You spread my buttcheeks open with your hands and start stabbing your tongue into my tight rosebud. It just takes a minute or so of you tongue fucking my butthole before I begin bucking and cumming, my thighs clenching around your head, my pussy squirting and spasming, splashing your face and tongue with my cum.

We both collapse, you lying with your head propped up on my open thighs, completely spent and satiated.

After a few minutes, you look up at me and smile.

“So, how do you feel about breakfast?”


I’m just rinsing off the breakfast dishes when I hear you call out to me from the other room.

“Oh, hey Mel, don’t forget that Rob is going to stop by later to drop off his stuff.” You walk into the kitchen buttoning your shirt, “You’re gonna be here to let him in, right baby?”

I sigh. I totally forgot that your college roommate was staying with us this weekend. Our cozy New York apartment is not the biggest, and there’s not a ton of privacy when we have house guests. In fact, our bedroom was probably once some kind of sitting room because it doesn’t even have a proper door, just two glass french doors. We’ve draped sheer curtains over the clear glass panes, but they’re basically just for show as you can practically see through them anyway. Needless to say, our wild sex life has to go on the back burner every time one of our friends stays over.

I don’t begrudge you having Rob stay on our couch, because I know it’s rare that you guys get to see each other since he moved to the West Coast, but still, it’ll be tough making it through the next two days without fucking you silly.

“Why you pouting, pouty?” you tease me, sticking your lip out and then lean in to give me a wet kiss.

I almost don’t say anything. I can tell you’re really excited that your old college buddy is coming to town, and I don’t want to spoil it. I pull you to me and wrap my arms around your neck, you stand between my legs as I lean against the kitchen counter. I look up into your brown eyes and sigh heavily.

“It’s nothing… I’m just a little sad because you know what it means when we have guests…”

“Yup. It means there’s a person sleeping in our living room.” you whisper in a silly voice pressing your forehead into mine, obviously playing dumb.

“Gavin!” I groan, pushing on your chest. “Don’t play dumb…”

“Oh, hmmmm… You’re sad because you have to share the bathroom? Or you’re worried he’s going to eat all of our food? Or…”

“You’re seriously going to make me say it.”

“Uh huh,” you nod your head mischievously, “I wanna hear you say it. You’re sad because you want my hard cock inside you at all times.”

“You jerkface,” I tease you. I screw up my face and pretend to punch you in the gut, which turns into tickling your lanky torso. You start giggling like an idiot.

“It’s true! You want me to plug all your holes with my hard knob and you don’t wanna share me.” You’re gloating but you’re right. I can’t help but crack a smile.

“It is true,” I say, “Guilty as charged. It just sucks because I hate to spend an entire weekend not fucking your brains out.”

You lean in and kiss me in earnest, your tongue snaking between my lips. After a minute or so, you pull your head away with a little growl, sucking my bottom lip between yours. I could curse you for teasing me like this. I can feel my pussy getting wet all the way through my jeans.

“I don’t see why fucking our brains out would be a problem…” you say mysteriously.

“Um, it’s kind of a problem if your friend is here,” I state dryly.

“I guess what I’m saying is, I can say from experience, that I don’t think Rob would mind that so much…”

I raise my eyebrow at you.

“What, have you like, done this before or something? You and Rob have some kind of kinky double-teaming situation in college?”

“Weellllll… kinda. Not really a double-team thing. Rob is more of a watcher than a do-er if you catch my drift.”

I think about all of the stories you’ve told me about your escort bursa crazy adventures in college, and I guess that makes sense. In all the tales of your wild hijinks, Rob is more of a sidekick than a leading man.

Apparently, there are some kinky things from your past you have definitely not told me yet.

“What does that mean… exactly?”

“Well, Rob is a great guy, but he can be a little… awkward. He was super clueless about sex and women when he came to college, like I think maybe he had kissed a girl, once. That’s it. All of this sort of came out this one time when he walked in on me freshman year, eating out this girl from my writing class. I must have had my face buried in her pussy for like five minutes before I even noticed him standing there. He had like no idea what was what when it came to getting women off. So I’d let him watch sometimes.” You shrug at me, like this is a totally normal thing to do.

“He would just… watch you… fuck… girls?” I ask, totally mystified by this whole development.

“It was perfectly innocent, nothing that wouldn’t happen in any college dorm room. I mean, like sometimes, I’d have a girl stay the night and Rob would just pretend to be sleeping in his twin bed while we fucked.”

“Um, but how could he watch you?”

“You know I’m kind of a talker…”

“Kind of?” I smirk. Your filthy talk and bossiness during sex is one of the things I love about you.

“Well, a lot of that started for him so he could hear what I was doing. You know, like ‘spread your lips for me,’ ‘pinch your nipples,’ ‘I’m gonna cum on your tits.’ Most of the time, I’d be giving instructions so he knew what was going on. I mean I never really had to tell Jessica to ‘tongue my balls’ or ‘spread her cheeks’, she was all too happy to do that anyway. It was mostly for Rob’s benefit. And it was kinda hot…”

“So the fact that you became a totally perverted dirty talker is Rob’s fault?” I tease you, playfully poking your ribs.

“Ehhhh… I like to think I’m naturally talented, but it definitely got me in the habit. Now I just do it for fun.”

“And it is very fun,” I say, giving you a kiss. You pull me to you and swirl your tongue over my lips. I break away.

“So wait a minute, did these girls know that this was going on?” I ask.

“Not… necessarily,” you start.

“Gavin! That’s awful!”

“Hear me out: First of all, all of the girls I hooked up with knew he was in the room and just thought he was sleeping. And the only one we had a different arrangement with was Jessica, my ex. Jess was the first girl I dated who actually loved getting buttfucked, so I was all over that–“

“I’m sure you were…” I smirk.

“She used to come over sometimes after class, and a couple of times I let him know in advance and he would hide while I fucked her in the ass on my desk. He could see my desk perfectly from the closet. But the thing is, I think Jess knew. And I think it secretly turned her on. Because every time we had one of our ‘desk sessions’ she was like super vocal, really talking dirty and turning her ass towards the closet door, and she didn’t do that when we would fuck in her room.”

“Did you tell her he was in the closet?”

“I alluded to it… Besides, it was kind of hard to ignore: you could sort of hear him every so often moaning softly from the closet and I’m sure he was jerking off while he watched us.”

My mouth gapes open a bit as I stare at you incredulously. I’m surprised, sure, but honestly, for knowing you as long as I have, I’m not shocked. Besides fucking a girl in her tight, fleshy ass, and licking your sperm out of her various used holes, nothing turns you on more than the prospect of being watched while doing both those things. Well, well… my boyfriend: the exhibitionist.

“So… let me get this straight,” I say narrowing my eyes at you, “So basically what you’re saying is, if we have some fun this weekend while Rob’s here…”

“…He won’t mind in the least. Trust me.” You lean in and kiss my forehead. You look down at me, “Unless, you mind…”

“Well, I mean, it’s a bit weird… right?” I ask as you start kissing and nuzzling my neck.

“You liked it when I fucked your ass in the club last week,” you say, running your fingers over the seam of my ass.

“But no one knew it was happening… it was our secret,” I say. I feel totally uninhibited around you, sure, but I’d probably be really embarrassed doing some of the things we do if I knew someone else was watching us. You just have this way of making some totally depraved, perverted acts seem perfectly normal.

“Yeah, but you loved it,” you say. And grin at me.

“You are a total pervert,” I say, laughing, as I turn around to finish rinsing the dishes.

“What did you say?” you demand, in a mock-domineering voice, grabbing my arms.

“You are a pervert,” I say over my shoulder, laughing and twisting away from you.

“I’ll show you who’s perverted,” you boast. “Bend over.”

“Babe, no, I’m–“

You grab my pants by the waistband and in one deft move, pull them down to my ankles, taking my panties with them, baring my naked ass. Your voice is calm but dead serious as you lean into me and whisper in my ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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