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It was just after my wife Lisa and I had another great night of wild sex, where I had fucked every one of her holes and had also fucked her double DD breasts shooting a load of my hot sticky cum over her face, that she asked, “Do you know that our son is fucking his sister?”

I wiped up some cum from her face and pushed the cum into her mouth with my finger and laughed as I said, “Yeah I know about Jacob fucking Hope… he’s been fucking her ever since she turned eighteen.”

Lisa giggled as she said, “I don’t blame Hope for fucking Jacob … have you seen the size of his cock?”

“Yes, I’ve seen how big his cock is,” I replied not knowing how to tell my wife that I have sucked our nineteen-year-old son’s nine-inch cock a few times.

Lisa surprised me when she said, “I wouldn’t mind Jacob fucking me.”

“You would let our son fuck you?” I inquired.

“Why not, you would love to fuck Hope, wouldn’t you?… I’ve seen the way you look at her,” Lisa said, laughing.

“It’s hard not to look at her when she walks around the house naked showing off her tits and bald cunt,” I chuckled.

We were an open-minded family and were used to seeing each other around the house naked and we had an open door policy where we never bothered closing any doors inside the house. It wasn’t unusual for Lisa and me to talk to each other about sex, as we had been swingers for years and had often joked about Hope and Jacob joining us at swingers parties when they had become older.

I still remember the first time that I saw Jacob fucking his eighteen-year-old sister doggy style and how he smiled at me when he saw that I was stroking my cock watching him fucking his sister. After he had shot a load of his cum into his sister’s cunt, he pulled his cock out and shot several ropes of cum over her back and ass-cheeks.

It was right after Hope had showered and got dressed and went out shopping with her mother that he came into my room naked and said with a chuckle, “Hey Dad do you want to taste Hope’s cunt juices on my cock?”

I sat up on the edge of the bed and grinned at him as I held out my hands for him to come closer. When he moved closer, I opened my mouth for him to push his cock inside my mouth and then grabbed the cheeks of his ass as he began face fucking me. The mixture of his cum and his sister’s sweet tasting cunt nectar was incredible and when he started shooting a massive load of his cum into my mouth.

When I had finished swallowing every squirt and drop of his cum he had given me, I let my son’s limp cock slip out of my mouth as I collapsed onto the bed. The next thing I felt was Jacob bending over me sucking on my hard cock, bobbing his head up and down at a furious pace. It didn’t take long before I was shooting my cum into my son’s mouth for him to swallow.

The next morning when I woke up I was in bed alone, after throwing bostancı escort on my boxers underpants I walked into the kitchen to see Lisa topless wearing only her panties cooking us all breakfast. Jacob was sitting at the table wearing only his underpants, Hope was getting a juice from the fridge standing there in just a pair of her skimpy thongs that clearly show off her bald cunt lips and cute ass cheeks.

“Good morning everyone,” I said as I walked up behind Lisa and gave her a kiss on the back of her neck, then reached around her and squeezed her large breast.

“Good morning Dad,” Jacob said as he turned to look at me, then returned to staring at his mother’s breasts and ass.

“Good morning Daddy,” Hope said, pressing her C cup breasts against my chest as she cuddled me and gave me a kiss. I lowered my hand onto her bare ass cheek and gave it a squeeze. Then pulled her tight against me knowing she could feel my hard cock pressing against her cunt, Hope giggled and squealed, “Daddy.”

As I then sat down at the table and started eating breakfast and drinking my coffee, I nearly choked and started coughing when Lisa said, “Your father and I have been talking about holding a swingers party at our house.”

“Really?” Jacob asked excitedly.

“Yes really… and it’s up to you both if you want to come to the party or you can stay overnight at one of your friend’s houses that night,” Lisa said.

“Are you inviting us to the swingers party,” Hope asked giggling.

“You know your father and I are swingers and regularly meet up with our friends… if you want to join us you can now that you’re old enough,” Lisa replied.

“If Hope going… I’m going to come as well,” Jacob said excitedly.

“Who have you invited?” Hope asked.

“We haven’t really decided on who to invite… I was thinking that we would just invite some of our relatives over for Christmas,” Lisa said smiling at me knowing that the last time we saw some of our relatives we ended up in bed with them.

“Which relatives are you thinking of inviting,” Hope excitedly asked.

“Your Aunty Clare and her daughter’s Mia and Anna for a start,” Lisa replied.

“Are they all swingers,?… I’ve been hanging out for Mia to turn eighteen so I could fuck her,” Jacob blurted.

“Your mother and Clare have enjoyed being together quite a few times,” I chuckled.

I know mom and you are bisexual Daddy… but never knew Clare was bisexual,” Hope giggled.

“Actually they all are bisexual,” I replied then added, “Your mother and I have also had a threesome with Anna.”

“You And Mom fucked Anna… when?” Hope asked.

“After her twenty-first birthday party,” I blurted.

“Fuck Dad… when are you going to fuck me?” Hope yelled.

“Do you really want me to fuck you?” I asked with a grin.

“Yes Daddy, I really want ümraniye escort bayan you to fuck me,” Hope said giggling like a schoolgirl.

When I pulled Hope over and sat her on my lap I said, “Would you like me to fuck you in front of your mother and brother right here and now?”

As I cupped Hope’s breasts in my hands she looked at her mother who said, “It’s up to you sweetheart… if you want your father to fuck you I’m sure he will,” Hope giggled and squirmed her bare ass cheeks over my hard throbbing cock.

After lifting Hope up of my lap I stood up and lowered my boxer underpants and then after kicking them off sat back down in the chair with my raging hard cock standing at attention. I then knelt down and took hold of the sides of Hope’s thong and slipped them down to around her ankles with my face so close to Hope’s shaven cunt that I could smell her cunt’s aroma. I kissed her bald cunt and ran my tongue up and down and between her cunt lips.

Hope squealed and yelled, “Oh fuck Daddy, that feels wonderful.”

After licking her cunt and tasting her sweet juices for what seemed like hours but was only a few seconds I sat back down. Hope stepped out of her thong and then straddled my lap and took hold of my hard throbbing cock and guided my cock into her cunt as she lowered herself all the way down. My daughter sat there impaled on my cock facing me with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen, I reached out and cupped her young breasts in the palms of my hand and gave them both a squeeze before pulling on her pointy hard nipples.

I looked over at my wife watching me with our daughter, Lisa had her hand inside her panties rubbing her cunt. Our son Jacob had his underpants down around his ankles and was stroking his large cock as he stared and drooled at his mother rubbing her cunt. When I said, “Jacob if you ask your mother if you can fuck her, I’m sure she will say yes, she has been wanting you to fuck her.”

Jacob spun his head around to look at me and blurted, “Really?” Then turned and looked at his mother and excitedly asked, “Can I really fuck you, mom?”

“Mark… I told you that in confidence,” screamed Lisa.

“Mom, do you really want me to fuck you?” Jacob moaned.

Lisa looked at me then looked at Jacob stroking his cock, she reached out and wrapped her hand around his hard work and said, “Yes I’ve wanted you to fuck me and feel your cock inside my cunt… but first, let me suck on your cock.”

She then knelt down in front of our son and started licking up and down the shaft of his cock and then licked the pre-cum from the eye of his cock and licked all around his knob before taking his cock deep into her mouth. She then began to eagerly and enthusiastically suck on his cock, moving her mouth up and down his cock in front of Hope and me.

Hope giggling asked, “Can I suck your cock too, Daddy?”

“Of kartal escort course you can… after I’ve finished fucking you,” I replied, Hope then leaned forward and kissed me sucking my bottom lip into her mouth and then after digging her fingers into my shoulders began wildly bouncing up and down on my cock.

“I love you, Daddy… I have dreamed of you fucking me for ages,” Hope squealed as she continues riding my cock at a furious pace.

“I love you too sweetheart… and I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time,” I said moaning and gasping for breath.

Beside me was my son with eyes closed panting for breath as his fingers gripped his mother’s head by her hair, moving her mouth up and down on his large cock. I watched as he held his mother’s head all the way down on his cock as it erupted several times and started filling his mother’s mouth with his cum.

“Fuck mom, that was incredible,” Jacob moaned as he released his grip on his mother’s head.

Lisa lifted her mouth of her son’s cock and after taking a few deep breaths said, “Jacob, I thought you were trying to kill me… I couldn’t breath.”

Hope giggled and said, “Jacob’s cock takes a bit of getting used too,” then added, “Mom, wait till you feel how good it is to have Jacob’s cock inside your cunt and ass.”

“Your brother has fucked your ass?” I excitedly asked.

Hope giggled as she said, “Yeah he has a few times.”

A few moments later I held Hope’s down on my cock by her hips as my cock started to erupt and fill her cunt with cum. Even with her sitting there without moving I could feel her cunt milking all the cum I had left in my cock. Lisa wrapped her arm around Jacob and cuddled him and gave him a passionate kiss pushing her tongue deep into his mouth.

Hope sat there impaled on my cock as it started going soft inside her, she leaned forward and began kissing me passionately and pulled on my nipples. She then pushed her tongue deep into my mouth and she pressed her breasts against my chest.

After we stopped kissing each other, Hope rolled off me and sat between her mother and me. When Lisa saw her daughter’s cunt dripping with cum, she blurted, “Hope, you’re making a mess of the bedsheets… go grab a towel and clean yourself up.”

Before Hope had a chance to move Jacob said, “Hope, let me help you clean yourself up.”

Jacob then knelt down on the floor between his sister’s knees and began using his finger and tongue to lick up and suck out the cum from Hope’s cunt.

Lisa looked at me and said, “I guess Jacob takes after you and loves the taste of cum as well.”

Hope giggled and said, “We are both bisexual as well… and I’ve seen Jacob and Dad sucking each other’s cocks.”

Lisa looked at me and said, “Mark, you have never mentioned anything about you and Jacob being together.”

Then as Jacob finished eating his sister’s cum filled cunt and lifted his mouth of his sister’s cunt.

Lisa stood up and took Hope’s hand in hers, and said, “Come with me to the bedroom and show me how good you are at eating a woman’s cunt… we can leave the men here to play with each other.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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