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(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

I would like to thank my editor Joefelton.


Another Mother/Daughter Day

Day 18

I am awakened a little after ten o’clock by a knock at my door. Tired, partly from lack of sleep and partly from getting fucked by all three men in my family last night, I really don’t think about the fact that I am completely naked when I roll out of bed and walk to the door. When I open the door there’s Mom leaning against the door frame; she looks worse than I feel, but I’m guessing that’s from an excess of alcohol and not cock.

“Morning Mom!” I say, with a grin, louder than needed to have some fun with her.

At first she just groans, her head still hanging down, then she looks up at me, “Abby, where are your clothes?!”

I look down and only now realize I’m naked. I doubt Daddy carried me through the hotel naked so where are my clothes?

“Umm… I’m not sure,” I answer honestly.

“You’re not sure!” Mom says as she pushes through the door and closes it behind her, “Abby how in the hell do you not know where your clothes are?”

I can’t help myself and with a smirk say, “Mom, language.”

“Abby please, I’m not in the mood. I drank too much last night and have a hangover and whatever I did last night, which I can’t remember, I think it pissed off your father. So please no smart ass behavior right now. Now I ask you again where are your clothes?”

I just shrug before going over to the bed. It doesn’t take long to find them bunched up in a ball under the blankets, “Found them. I must have pulled them off in my sleep last night.”

“Or you just slept nude.”

“Yes, sometimes I do sleep nude, but I know for a fact I had clothes on when I fell asleep.”

“And how do you know that?”

I want to yell ‘Because Daddy had to carry me through the hotel after being the third man in our family to fuck me last night’ but instead I simply say, “Because I was too tired to get undressed after helping Daddy corral you last night to get undressed.”

That gets her attention, “Wait, you saw me last night after the elevator?”

“Yep,” then with a smirk, “and I have a pretty good idea why Daddy might be upset.”

“Well then, wipe that smirk off your face young lady and tell me,” Mom half shouts.

“Well, late last night Daddy called me to come down and help him with you. When I got down there you where laughably drunk at least until we tried to get you away from the machine you were at. Then you started fighting back, but I’m guessing what Daddy didn’t like was when you slipped away from us and jumped two guys probably around Danny’s age and slid your tongue down one’s throat while you slid your hand down the other’s pants.”

Mom plops down hard on the bed and drops her head into her hands, “Oh god I didn’t.”

“Yes you did and when Daddy tried getting you away from them they got violent.”

“Oh god did your father get in a fight because of me?”

“No, Mom he didn’t. I distracted the guys.”


“Oh you know… what do all guys want? Boobs of course, I flashed them.”

“You didn’t?” I simply nod. “How did your father react?”

“Once we got on the elevator he said I shouldn’t have done that but he didn’t seem all that mad. And between that and you giving me a pretty big tongue kiss in front of him at least part of him seemed to like it,” I giggle.

“Really?” Again I just nod. “No wonder he seemed off this morning and suggested what he did.”

Now curious, I ask, “What did he suggest?”

“That he and the boys have a guys’ day while you and me have a girls’ day.”

Remembering our last mother/daughter day I grin, “Well, I seem to remember us having some fun last time we did that so I’m in.”

Mom rolls her eyes but also laughs a little. “Okay then, what do you want to do first?”

“You know what sounds great right now?”

I can see the ‘what do you have up your sleeve’ look, “No, what?”

I get a huge grin and hold it for a few seconds before saying, “A nap. I’m still tired from last night.”

“Oh that sounds amazing,” Mom laughs.

I hug her and climb back into bed. Mom starts to follow me but I stop her, “Mom what are you doing?”

“Oh,… I figured since it’s a girls’ day we’d both nap here.”

“Not that, Mom,” I flip the covers off me, “this is clearly a no clothing bed.”

“Oh really?” she laughs.

“Yep, you want to nap in my bed you have to lose the clothes.”

Mom just shrugs before quickly stripping and climbs in next to me. We snuggle up and are both soon asleep.


It is about noon when I wake up still snuggled up against Mom, who is still asleep. I wonder if I should let her nap a little longer or wake her up, then an idea pops into my head. I untangle myself from Mom and slide under the covers thinking, ‘We are in Las Vegas it wouldn’t be right for Mom to sleep the entire day away.’ Since I’m going to wake her up anyway why not do it bostancı escort in a way she should like.

I gently turn her onto her back then slide down between her legs. As softly as I can I start giving her thighs gentle kisses as I slowly make my way to her womanhood. Upon reaching her pussy I softly start licking her clit, which causes her to start making tiny moans from time to time. After a few minutes of this Mom is still asleep to I decide to ramp things up a little.

I replace my tongue with my fingers as I make little circles on her clit, and move my mouth farther down where I slowly snake my tongue as deeply into her as I can. Little by little I speed up the movement of my tongue and fingers until I finally hear above me, “Oh god that feels good!”

It must take her a little bit to remember where she is and who she’s with because after a minute or so she half moans half asks, “Abby?”

Still rubbing her clit I pull my mouth away long enough to say, in my best little girl voice, “Yes Mommy. Did you need something?”

“Oh god yes! Mommy needs you not to stop,” she moans as her hands grab my head over the blankets.

I’m not sure how long I’m down there between Mom’s legs, and I really don’t care, before Mom rewards my efforts with a mouthful of her juices as she cries out, “Oh GOD yeeessssss Abby make Mommy cummmmmmmmm!!”

After her orgasm passes I slowly crawl my way up her body until we’re face to face. I lean down to kiss her but stop a few inches from her face, not knowing if she would want to kiss me with her juices still covering the bottom half of my face. Apparently Mom doesn’t mind tasting herself because she quickly wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me into a long passionate kiss.

When we pull apart I smile down at her, “So Mom is your hangover any better?”

Mom laughs, “Well, I don’t know if it was the aspirin and water and coffee I had before coming to your room, the nap, your amazing wake-up call or a combination of the three but my hangover is pretty much gone. Thanks.”

“Glad to help,” I grin before leaning down for another kiss.


After that second kiss Mom calls room service for a bottle of champaign. After answering the door wrapped in only a towel we snuggle back up and spend the next hour or so watching TV; Mom lets me have one glass of champaign while she drinks nearly the entire bottle. When the show we’re watching finishes Mom sits up, “Well, Abby as nice as it is to just lay back and relax we probably should get out of bed and do something.”

“What’d you have in mind?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugs, then a few moments later, “Ooh, I have an idea.”

“What?” I ask as she jumps out of bed and goes over to the desk and picks up the phone.

“You’ll see,” she grins at me before dialing.

I of course can only hear her side of the conversation but it is more than enough to quickly figure out what her idea is.

“Yes hello. Hi, I was wondering if I could book an in room massage. Oh good. Well now if one’s available. No a male masseur will be fine. Yes that is the correct room number. Fifteen minutes okay. Oh and can he bring up another bottle of champaign too? Oh good. Yes and thank you so much.” After hanging up the phone Mom turns to me, “Abby unless you didn’t understand any of that a masseur will be up here in about fifteen minutes.”

“Yes I understood,” I answer and roll my eyes playfully. Then more seriously I jump out of the bed, “I need a shower.”

“Oh, good idea, so do I,” Mom says as she follows me into the bathroom.

We take a very quick shower together, no funny business. Though as I watch Mom’s wet and soapy body move and jiggle I have a strong urge to just jump her. Watching Mom run her soapy hands over her big breasts really helps me see why guys are so obsessed with tits, they just look so… amazing.

After our shower Mom gets dressed in the sundress she was wearing before our nap, though I notice she doesn’t bother with the bra. I take a little longer since I have to dig through my bags to find a pair of yoga pants and a tank top, I go without a bra or panties. While we wait on the masseur Mom helps me clean up the room of some of the clothes I have scattered around and make the bed, at least somewhat. As we are smoothing out the bed spread we hear a knock at the door.

“Ooh, I’ll get it,” Mom giggles as she darts toward the door.

I laugh softly to myself at Mom’s behavior. From where I’m standing I don’t immediately see who is there but I know he must be either super hot or ugly as fuck based on the tone of amazement in her voice as she says, “Oh… umm… hi… come in.”

I let out a soft little gasp, that I hope no one hears, when I see who follows Mom in. Following Mom must be the largest man I have ever seen, at least in person. He is easily 6’8 or more, he has to duck down slightly to get through the door; and I’m kind of surprised he didn’t have to come through the door at an angle his shoulders are so wide. The muscles under his ümraniye escort bayan polo shirt are more than obvious as they seem to ripple under his skin. His head is smoothly shaven, in fact if it wasn’t for his eyebrows he would be completely smooth. And just to make the difference between him and us even more clear his skin is almost as dark as the black metal of the door frame.

As Mom walks up to me she gives me a wicked grin before mouthing the word, “Wow.”

It’s only when he’s all the way in the room that I notice that in one hand he is holding a folded up massage table and in the other a bucket of ice with a bottle of champaign. He sets the bucket on the desk before setting up the table, which Mom and I watch with more than a little interest.

When he has the table set up he asks, with a deep, smooth voice, “Are you both wanting massages today or just one of you?”

“Both,” we both blurt out with definitely more eagerness than we probably should.

“Alright then,” he says as he runs his eyes over each of us, “who’s first?”

“Oh definitely me,” Mom says as she steps towards him.

“Okay, I’ll just step outside for a moment so you can get undressed and on the table.”

“Oh there’s no need for that,” Mom says before turning towards me, then after winking at me she pulls her dress up over her head then bends over and pulls down her panties; then grabs the sheet he placed on the table and covers her chest while climbing up on the table.

“Well… uh… that works too I guess,” he stammers, “Alright then, you just get comfortable and we’ll get started.”

“Oh before you do can you hand me a glass of champaign?”

“Sure,” he says before opening the bottle and pouring both Mom and me a glass.

As he hands me mine I feel my entire body heat up as I’m sure I turn as red as a fire engine, while the image of the black cock I jerked off at the truck stop runs through my head, and giggle in a way that I’m sure makes me sound stupid, “Thank you.”

He flashes me an amazing smile, “No problem.”

He then hands a glass to Mom, who is now laying on her belly with the sheet over only her ass and barely that, and she tells him with a giggle, “Thank you kind sir.”

For the next ten to fifteen minutes I sit on the edge of the bed as I watch this huge black man give Mom a rub down. Most of that time Mom is moaning, when she’s gulping down another glass of champaign; but as more time passes and she gets more relaxed, and I think the champaign starts to affect her, Mom starts making flirtatious comments and jokes.

“You know something funny,” Mom giggles, “here I am enjoying your big strong hands all over me yet I don’t know your name.”

“Oh, you’re right. I’m sorry ma’am. I normally introduce myself before I get started, my name’s Tyron but everyone calls me Ty.”

“Well hello Ty, nice to meet you,” Mom giggles as she lifts up to shake his hand giving him a view of a good amount of side boob, “I’m Susan and the quiet cutie over there is my daughter Abby.”

He shakes Mom’s hand then turns to me, “Nice to meet you both.”

After all the introductions are made Ty goes back to Mom’s massage. For another ten minutes or so that goes on before Mom, with a goofy smile, asks, “Ty by any chance do you ever give special… full body massages?”

He nervously looks from Mom to me then back to Mom, “Uh… what do you mean by full body?”

As an answer Mom rolls over slightly, knocking the sheet to the floor, then sits up facing him, “You know the kind of massage that focuses on every inch of my body… even some of the inside.”

He gets a huge smile on his face, then with a cocky tone to his voice, “Oh… one of those kind of massages. Sure I give them from time to time,” then I think he remembers I’m in the room when he gives me a nervous look, “uh… what exactly did you have in mind?”

“Well,” Mom says with a big grin, “I was hoping you might be interested in giving us one.”

“Umm… you mean both you and your daughter?”

“Sure why not? It sounds like fun to me. How about to you Abby?”

My brain takes a few seconds to fully compute what Mom just suggested and I’m not sure how long they both stare at me before I finally manage to weakly answer, “I’m in if you are.”

Again with that giant smile and cocky tone, “Well then, in that cases ladies why don’t you get things started.”

Mom reaches for Ty’s pants but he takes her hands, “Not yet Momma. Why don’t you go help your daughter first.”

With a big smile Mom jumps down off the massage table and slowly walks over to me, “Are you sure you’re ok with this?”

For a moment I feel like grabbing Mom’s hand and running out of the room; really would Mom be willing to do this if it wasn’t for the bottle plus of champaign she has drunk? But that feeling quickly passes as the image of that black cock I jerked off at the glory hole pops into my head, “I am if you are Mom.”

“Well in that case,” Mom smiles at me before pulling me into a deep kiss.

“Damn kartal escort that’s hot,” Ty groans as we kiss.

As our lips part Mom doesn’t let her lips leave my body as she slowly plants kisses down my neck. As she continues her kisses her hands work down my body until they slide under my shirt and up to my breast. As she kisses her way along my neck from my right ear to my left her fingers pinch, twist, and pull at my now rock hard nipples. After a few seconds of sucking at my left earlobe she pulls away from me and looks over to Ty, “Are you ready to see my little girl’s tits?”

“Fuck yeah,” he deeply groans as he rubs at the large bulge in his pants.

“You heard him Baby,” Mom giggles before sliding around behind me and ever so slowly lifts my tank top until my perky B cup breasts bounce free.

“Fuck yeah Momma, strip your baby girl for me,” Ty laughs as he moves closer to the bed.

After a minute or so of Mom playing with my breast for Ty’s enjoyment she scoots forward from behind me forcing me to stand up. With Ty standing only about a foot in front of me I feel so tiny; after all I’m only a slim 5’7 and he is a very big, very muscular 6’8 or so. I only have a few seconds to really think about that because Mom quickly grabs my hips and spins me so my back is to Ty.

Mom gives me a wink then with more than a little force pulls my face into her large, perky DD tits. She holds me there for maybe thirty seconds before letting me up for air by getting a fistful of my hair and yanking me up. Mom just gives me a drunken giggle as she leans up enough to plant a quick kiss on my lips.

As she plops back down on her ass, Mom looks around me to Ty, “You ready to see her little bubble butt?”

“Oh yeah let’s see it,” Ty groans and gives my ass a hard smack.

Mom pushes me back a few steps so I’m pressed right up against Ty, and what feels like the tree limb in his pants. Ty grabs my hips and grinds against me while Mom drops to her knees in front of me. After thirty seconds or so Ty releases me steps back a few steps so he can take in my ass as Mom pulls my hands to her shoulders forcing me to bend slightly.

Now that they seem to have me in the position they want Mom runs her hands over my hips before giving each of my ass cheeks a hard smack, she giggles at each *SLAP* fills the room. Mom then grabs each cheek and jiggles them for a few seconds before sliding her hands up to the waist band of my yoga pants.

As I stand/lean there as Mom slowly works my yoga pants down over my ass then my legs with this huge black stranger taking in the view I have a stray thought, ‘I wish it were Danny, Jack or Daddy, or even all three behind me instead.”

After Mom pulls my pants off she stands up and looks around me up at Ty, “So how do you like my little girl’s body?”

Ty gives me a once over before saying, “I like it a lot, but no offense Abby I think I still like your momma’s better.”

“That’s okay, so do I,” I smile before slapping Mom hard on her bigger, rounder bubble butt making her giggle.

“Well then, now that you two sexy little things are all out on display why don’t you do the honors of stripping me?”

Mom doesn’t need to be told twice because she leaps the small space between us and Ty before pulling his shirt up over his head, well mostly due to his height Ty had to actually take it off over his head. By the time I make it those few steps Mom is already on her knees undoing his shoes. I drop down next to her and helps her pull off his shoes and socks, I’m no expert at men’s shoe measurements but his must be at least a size 15.

After his shoes are off Mom stands up on her knees and starts rubbing up against his leg like a cat with her face pressed against the very obvious and very large bulge running down his pant leg. In this moment I honestly don’t know what to think as I watch Mom behave like this. Is this normal? Should I copy her? Or has my drunk Mother just become a complete slut for this stranger?

“Mmmmm, it’s so big,” Mom practically purrs.

Ty chuckles as he rubs his hand over Mom’s head as if he is petting her, “If you like that so much why don’t you let it out and really see how big it is?”

“Gladly,” Mom moans as she reaches up for his belt, then turns to me, “well don’t just sit there Abby, help me out.”

Moving as if on auto pilot I move closer to Ty and help Mom unfasten his belt before I undo the button and Mom slides down his zipper. Mom is about to yank his pants down but Ty stops her and with a grin says, “Slide them down nice and slow so you can really take it all in.”

Mom simply nods and starts pulling them down. At first we only see his shaved smooth crotch until the base of his cock is revealed. My first thought is ‘holy shit it’s huge’ because despite the fact I can only see the first inch or so I can already tell his cock is thicker than an energy drink can and easily pushing towards a soda can. As Mom continues to pull his pants down I kneel there in shock at its size and Mom has this stupid, happy look on her face as inch after inch after inch after inch of his long thick slab of manhood is exposed to us.

Finally when his pants are nearly to his knees they slide over his cock head letting his third leg spring up between Mom’s and my faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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