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When I first discovered my husband was bi, I thought he was joking.

We were laying together in bed after a fairly decent screw and sharing some fantasies. I had reminded him that I fulfilled one of his by bringing one of my girlfriends to bed with us and, teasingly, said that turnabout was fair play.

“You mean you want me to bring one of my girlfriends to bed with us?”

I smacked him on the shoulder.

“No. That’s not what I meant at all.”

He looked at me and smiled. He knew exactly what I meant but wasn’t playing along just yet. So I turned on my side, cuddling up closer facing him, and I traced my finger up and down his sternum. Each time I went a little lower, first touching his belly button, then past it to his short curlies, as I gazed into his eyes; waiting for him to respond.

His lips curled into a grin.

“Ohhhhh. You mean you’d like to have two men at the same time. Me and another guy.”

My fingers played in his short hairs.

“Uh huh. You got to have two women together, which is every man’s fantasy. So I think its only fair…”

My fingers moved closer, finding the wetness from our earlier session, until I reached the base of his soft cock. I let my fingers run around the base of his dick before gently taking hold of it in my palm; once my hand closed over it, I could feel him slowly beginning to stiffen.

“Is that every woman’s fantasy, two men?”

“It may not be every woman’s, but it is one of mine.”

I kissed his nose and giggled as the next sentence was forming on his lips.

“Mmmmm, one of them huh? Should I ask what else?”

His cock continued to enlarge in my fist and I gave it a little bursa escort squeeze.

“Well that would be a nice start. But would you even consider it? Could you bear to share me with another man?”

I felt him thicken more so with a lightness in my voice, I decided to push him a little further; to test the level of his seriousness.

“Would you like to watch me? With him?”

He pressed his face to mine, lips moving over my forehead then cheek. His voice deep, husky.

“Maybe I would.”

I squeezed his cock, encouraged.

“Would it turn you on to watch me…suck him? Fuck him?”

He didn’t answer, instead his cock told me all I needed to know. Fully erect, I stroked him slowly, teasingly.

“You could sit next to the bed, see me ride his cock.”

His nose brushed mine. Lips kissing me. One of his hands has found my breast, and he cups it, takes hold of it.

“Wouldn’t you want me in bed with the two of you?”

My eyes widened, surprised and intrigued. My fingers tightened around him. My turn to be silent for the next question.

“After all, didn’t you join me and Tammi? I got to have you both together and play with you at the same time.”


His fingers toying with my nipple, like his cock, it is hard and erect, as he continued to turn the tables on me.

“Would you like us in you at the same time? Mouth and pussy.”

My hand was moving up and down his cock. Using the precum oozing out of the head to keep it pleasurable for him; otherwise, in my excitement, I might have been pulling a bit too hard.

“That would be so hot…”

His eyes on mine.



He bursa escort bayan smiles and kisses me again, softly on the lips.

“Or, we could take you front and back. Together.”

I gasped, my fantasy coming into full view now. Elated that he is suggesting it, what I have wanted to try. What I have tried, before. But not with him.

“Would you…do that? For me?”

“Yes baby. I would. I’d do anything for you.”

I kissed him softly, then deeper. Our tongues playing together, drawing his into my mouth where I can suck on it. After I start to suck on his tongue, he breaks the embrace.

“I’d love to feel his cock rubbing mine inside you as we fuck you together.”

I let out a little whimper as I slide my body over his, my hand guiding his cock towards my very wet pussy. Starting to slide down upon him, I kiss his mouth and face, as he continues.

“Would you like that? Two very hard cocks together. Fucking you. You make me so hard, I know you’d have him rock solid as well.”

My ass is moving up and down as I fuck him. He lays there as my body moves on his. His hands gripping my ass then feeling up my breasts as I fuck him faster.

“I’ll find someone with a nice cock for you baby. Big, thick, fat head. Made for sucking.”

I moan out and use my pussy to clamp down on his cock. Letting him know how much this excites me. His hand slides back over my ass, a fingertip searching down my butt crack.

“Would you take him up the ass baby? Or would you prefer him in your pussy?”

I jam my tongue in his ear, hissing my response.

“Can’t I have both?”

I feel him smile, and his finger bursa bayan escort finds my asshole, pressing down gently but firmly.

“Of course my love, of course. And you can have more too if you wish.”


I lift my head up slightly to look down at him with a slightly confused expression on my face. His eyes shining back into mine.

“I want to lick you as he fucks you. Taste you both.”

With a gasp, I’m moving. Pounding my cunt on his cock.

“Mmmm, that excites you huh? The thought of my mouth, my tongue, moving over you…and him”

“Oh fuck…”

His mouth finds mine, his tongue strong in my mouth as we kiss. I’m getting close to orgasm and he senses it, his hands on my hips slowing me down. With a jerk, he’s on top, controlling the pace; which, right now, he’s slowed to almost a crawl.

“His cock would be so hard, and wet with you. I just might have to pull him out, taste it.”

My body shook with an intense orgasm ripping through me. His pace picked up and I moaned and wrapped my legs over his.


But I can’t finish as cum on his cock.

“What would baby? Me sucking his cock? Would you like to see me do that?”

He is fucking me hard and fast now. Obviously, the idea is exciting to him as well. And it has my mind on fire, burning with lust. My hands squeezing his ass, letting him know I want that.

“That would make me cum just watching. Would you do that for me?”

Then biting my tongue before I whisper,

“Have you done that before?”

My head spinning at just asking that question.

“Mmmmm, yes.”

My fingers dig into his ass, another orgasm rushing up. His cock jerking inside me, depositing his load of cum.

Later, again laying together in the afterglow, he confirmed to me that he had been with men before. That his confession during our recent session wasn’t just play to get me excited. But, oh, did it get me excited!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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