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My next door neighbor Stacy and her daughter Heather had just returned home. I heard a knock on our back door. I went to the door and saw Heather standing there. She was wearing a black two piece bikini which exposed most of her young, curvy body. She asked if she and her mom could use our outdoor spa. Their spa, she added, was being repaired and would not be ready for several more days. I said “of course, and that she could use it whenever she wanted to”. She smiled her seductive smile at me, and said “I hoped you would say that.” She left, I assumed to get her mom. A few minutes later, she returned. Not only had she brought her mom, but a friend Heather introduced as Amy.

Amy, like Heather, was in her early 20’s. And like Heather, Amy was wearing a very skimpy two piece bikini that showed off lovely breasts, long lean torso, and tanned legs that seemed to go on forever. Heather’s mom was wearing a more conservative one piece suit, but clearly still had a great body that most twenty something women would have died for.

They all entered the spa, and were seated neck deep in the warm, bubbling waters. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I went outside and entered the empty corner of the spa. Almost immediately, Heather moved closed to me. She asked me if I had liked her bikini. I said that it was gorgeous, just like her.

She whispered to me that she had taken off her bottom when she got in, and wanted to know if I would like her to take off her top. I said sure and she removed her top and placed it on the side of the spa. She placed her hands on each of her breasts, and began rubbing her nipples.

Straddling me, she placed her right breast in my mouth. I bostancı escort bayan licked her warm nipple, and began circling her breasts with my tongue, kissing her between licks. I felt her bare pussy grinding on top of my now hard cock. She then placed her left breast in my mouth, and I began licking and kissing her other treasure.

Sensing I was close to cumming, Heather lifted off of me, and pulled off my shorts. She then re-mounted me, and impaled her self with my rigid cock. My sexy vixen leaned close to my ear and said she wanted to feel me cum deep in her. Needing no more encouragement, I shoot my load deep inside her pussy walls. I could feel her tightening around my cock as I emptied my sperm deep in her womb.

A minute or so had passed. Stacy got up, came over to her daughter, and pulled Heather off of me. She picked her up, sat her down on the side of the spa, and said that she wanted some of me too. She opened her daughter’s legs, and widening her thighs, placed her face right on Heather’s pussy. She began licking the inside of her daughter’s pussy, tasting her daughter’s love juices and my sperm. Her daughter began another orgasm, and was convulsing as her mom continued licking and fingering her pussy.

I sat watching as Stacy brought her daughter to one orgasm after another, with Heather finally collapsing and sliding back into the warm water. Stacy, after getting off of her daughter, sat back into her corner, wiping the excess cum from both me and her daughter off her face.

I noticed that Amy had been sitting watching the actions of Stacy and Heather. She had obviously enjoyed the show, as her hands were busy under the ümraniye escort water. She had made a moaning sound several times during the two females sex act, and had probably fingered herself to her own orgasm.

Sensing a lull in the action, Amy stood up, and proudly announced that she was tired of watching and wanted to play too. She removed her bikini top, exposing a visible tan outline around her lovely firm breasts. She then seductively lifted one leg, then another out of the water to remove her bottom half bikini. She asked if there were any volunteers. We all indicated we were ready to assist her.

Amy approached me, but was intercepted by mom and daughter. Both began sucking at her breasts, and began rubbing her body. Amy obviously had enjoyed the sexual actions of Stacy and Heather before, and seemed quite responsive to their touches.

Seeing three lovely women embracing each other, kissing and feeling each other, I became erect again. I began stroking my cock when Amy said that it was her turn. She said that she wanted me to do her doggie style, and bent over with her ass cheeks inches from my face. I kissed her lovely cheeks, and placed my tongue on her puckered hole.

She got partially out of the tub, straddling the sides. I stood behind her, and grabbing her torso, entered her wet pussy from behind. Amy assisted me by keeping my penis inside of her. Stacy had gotten behind me and was rubbing her breasts into my back. She was holding onto my ass, and was helping me keep direct pressure on Amy. Meanwhile, Heather had positioned herself in front of Amy, and was feeding her one of her breasts. Heather was also fingering Amy’s pussy lips, kartal escort while rubbing my penis with her free hand. I heard Amy squeal and say that she was cumming. She began convulsing around my cock, and had a powerful orgasm. Feeling this, I again came, only this time emptying into Amy’s throbbing pussy. Stacy, behind me, had fingered herself into another orgasm, and was biting at my ear while she came.

Heather, after sensing that everyone was now sexually satisfied, returned to the spa, sitting down in front of her jets. She asked if anyone had any energy left, and Amy said she did. Amy moved over to where Heather was seated. Amy offered her pussy to Heather, who readily began licking at her friend’s pussy. She spread Amy’s lips apart, and first placed one, then another finger inside of her pussy. Heather tasted both my sperm and Amy’s female juices, and smiled as she looked up at Amy. Heather’s actions brought Amy to another climax, and after finishing with this, both girls again collapsed inside the tub.

Heather, now speaking to Amy, told her how she had seduced me, and that I had fallen under Heather’s spell. She also told Amy how much I loved eating her pussy, and that her and her mom have had their way with me whenever they want. She ended by telling Amy that she was now “part of the family” Amy looked right at me and said that she was pleased to become a member of this family. Amy then grabbed her bikini bottoms and began inserting it inside of her pussy. She began fingering herself to another orgasm, and after finishing herself off, wiped her slick cum covered fingers on her silky material. She removed the bottoms from her soaked pussy and handed them to me. She said they were my gift from her, a memento of her first “family outing.”

I thanked her for her gift. The three women dressed, Amy covered in a towel, and all left to return home, leaving me there inhaling Amy’s feminine fragrances from her bikini bottom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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