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I look out the window again. It is the fourth time in the last half-hour. A futile effort, the lone street light is barely visible through the snow. Certainly, not a major storm – only a few inches, but you are still late and I am concerned. And anxious also, it has been two weeks since we were last together. Our expectations for this evening have grown daily.

In the kitchen, I check on the meal and turn down the heat on the lasagna. Your nearness comes to me and I gaze out the window just in time to see a jeep turning into the driveway. Going onto the porch, I open the outer door as you breeze in, white flakes glistening in your midnight hair.

Without a word, you move into my arms. Your fluffy down coat and my vest act as pillows enclosing our bodies and keep us apart. The air squeezes out and I can finally feel you underneath. Our lips meet in a short tender kiss of two lovers relieved to see each other on a nasty night. I pull back a few inches to gaze into your brown eyes. The desire in them is obvious. A slight smile forms on your lips. We join again, this time in a long deep kiss of two lovers too long without each other. Our lips part to allow our tongues to perform their dance of love. I taste your lipstick and inhale your heady perfume.

As our kiss melts, your hand has somehow moved under my vest to the folds of my flannel shirt. You gently rub the hair on my chest, grazing my nipples and causing the entire area to tingle. “I have been dreaming of this all day!” are your first words.

“Glad to see you too, I was worried.” I respond.

“Oh Darling, you know nothing would stop me from you tonight.”

Your hand cupping my chest, squeezing the muscle, the long nails pinching the skin. As your hand withdraws, I comment “Darling, you have had your nails done.”

“You noticed, nice and long just the way you like them. No snow shoveling for me.”

We move into the darkened house. Our conversation turns animated as we discuss the happenings of the day. You unbutton your coat, as I remove it, a sound from the kitchen grabs my attention. I hurry to check on the dinner.

After starting the stuffed mushrooms, I set the timer and remove our white Russians from the refrigerator. “If I break a nail on these boots” I hear you say from the other room.

“I’ll be right back. Let me help.”

You kid “Too late now, it is done, only broke three.”

Turning back toward the doorway, I hear the clicking of your heals as you enter the kitchen. Now able to really see you for the first time, my breath is suddenly gone. I stare, speechless, soaking in your vision. “I will take the blank stare and open mouth as a compliment” are your sexually confident words. I still can only nod my head in agreement. “Since you were making dinner, I thought I would do my part for the evening. No one except you will ever see me in this outfit.”

The blood finally begins to return to my brain, but only an astonished “wow, Carmen” can escape my lips.

You laugh “How did you know? That was the exact effect I was going for.”

My eyes refocusing, I can now appreciate the woman before me. You are matched perfectly. Your eyes and hair offset by the color of the dress. Your legs encased in shimmering nylons, highlighting your calves. Knowing how much I enjoy your feet, the shoes are stylish, but still exposing your ankle. A black pearl choker surrounds your neck. As you move closer, the light from the hallway frames your head. The glow through your hair makes you look on fire.

Looking at your swollen nipples, I comment on how the rest of you must be a little chilled. “The den will be more to your liking.”

Handing you a drink, we move as one into the den. The fireplace is before us and off to one side is the dinner table for two. Soft music from an unseen source permeates the room. I guide you to the big sofa; a down comforter already laid on the cushion.

Placing our drinks on the coffee table, we join in our first unfretted kiss of the evening. As our kiss deepens, we move closer and closer together. Our urgency begins to block out the rest of the world. There is passion, but not physical, this joining is for our souls. The flame from the fire seems to have leaped atop us. It slowly descends throughout our body diffusing the cold.

A bell rings in the kitchen, the mushrooms are ready. “Well, whatever you are making smells delicious.”

“That is not the meal, it is my cologne – Au de Beoff.”

“So that is why you smell good enough to eat.”

“Keep that thought for later, darling.” Is my wishful remark. We break, our hands the last to release.

When bursa escort I return, you are standing in front of the fire, your eyes closed, listening to the music and sipping your drink. “Penny for your thoughts” I query.

“I am sorry these thoughts are only mine. Even you cannot touch someplaces in me.” comes your quiet reply.

“I understand, it is important for everyone to have those places inside. I am glad I could help you to reach one.”

I place a big apron over your head. “I thought you liked my dress”

“Love it is more like it, I don’t want to spill anything on it as I feed you.”

“How decadent, to be fed by your lover.” Bringing a mushroom to your lips, you take a bite. “Hmm, very good – what is your secret.”

“I’ll never tell, but it involves garlic, horseradish and whisky. My expertise in lasagna is still ahead.”

We finish the appetizer. Feeding each other. My apron precaution proves useful a number of times. Our conversation drifts from our families to work to the real world. Sometimes lively, sometimes quiet. Try as we might our thoughts keep coming back to us, then our hands begin their playful wandering around the other.

Our drinks finished, it is time for dinner. As I move toward the intimate table, you announce that you have to go “potty”. When you return, the candles are lit and the Sparkling wine poured. Helping you to your seat, my hands wander over you, briefly massaging your shoulder and neck. You chastise me for rushing, so I sheepishly sit.

We toast, first to each other, then to all the other lovers and finally to lonely people. As I pour us another glass of wine, I feel a stirring between my legs. Strange, the wine usually doesn’t work that fast. Then I see your foot moving up my thigh. Settling in my groin and slowly rubbing. “you thought I was serious about rushing. I just wanted to get my licks in first so to speak.” you laugh.

“I see the bathroom gave you a chance to remove your pantyhose.” I say as I begin rubbing your foot.

With a sigh, you say “you know the way into my heart is through my feet” A slight upturn of my eyebrows, lets you into my thoughts and you immediately know I was hoping to get into something a little lower. “well that is still on the way to my heart,” you reply to my unspoken comment.

This meal will be somewhat unorthodox because our desire for each other is rapidly growing. After we finish the antipasto, I serve the main course consisting of lasagna and asparagus spears. Some Hollandaise falls on my fingers; you bring my hand to your lips and suck the sauce from me. First, one finger then the next. I mention that it was only on one finger.

Eating is slowed by our talking, teasing, laughing and flirting. We finish the meal and the wine at the same time. Bringing the dishes into the kitchen, I return with the crème brulee’ and the second bottle of wine.

After pouring, I kneel down to tend the fire. You come up behind me and rub my ass. “Maybe not firm enough to crack walnuts on, but it will have to do” you say playfully.

As I turn around, you straighten, my hands on your calves, massaging the tight tissue. The flesh cool to my touch. Your hand goes to my hair as you say, “you have your choice for desert, the crème or me”

In answer, my hands move up your thighs, lifting your dress and moving my head to your center. A sigh escapes your lips and you release my head momentarily. Your dress falls around me, dimming the light and making my world only what I feel in front of me. Your hand returns urging me to your mound.

Our play has had its effect on you. I breathe deeply, my head swimming in your feminine essence. Your hirsute shield is wet with dew. My hands on your naked ass bring you tightly to me. My tongue spreads your lips as I lap at your insistent clit.

A feeling of contentment overcomes me. I am closed into the darkness with your warmth, your odor, your moisture, and even your heartbeat. I have returned to the womb. You are nurturing my desire and growing need for you. You speak “Darling, I cannot stand like this much longer, my legs are growing weak from you.”

In response, I pull you tighter to me, holding you up, not letting you push me out of the womb. Sensing my need to be there, you put both hands on my head to steady yourself and slightly spread your thighs. And wait and wait and wait as the waves flow over you.

It is time for me to be reborn as your man. I move from under and rise straight to your waiting mouth. Our kiss allows you to taste your moist desire as I have been doing. We do not part until all of your flavor bursa merkez escort is gone. “The bedroom” are your only words.

“It is too far away” I reply. “Tonight we will be warmed by the fire, the wine, the feathers and our passion.” Reaching under the coffee table, I roll out in front of the fire another down comforter. Now that your attention is drawn to the floor, you see a number of large soft pillows surrounding the area. I shut off the lights, the only illumination from the fire and the candles.

“I have often dreamed of this evening, but never thought a man could share such thoughts.” You whisper.

“Perhaps you have not dreamed with the right man.” I respond. Setting the wineglasses on the low table, I notice the flames dancing on the wall “we will be making love to each other and to our shadows.”

“I do not even want to share you with them” you reply.

“do not worry there will be no sharing for we are the shadows. The fire is in your eyes, coming from your soul.” As I move to embrace you, it appears to me that a magical transformation has occurred. You dress is gone and all that remains is your red lace bra and black pearl choker. Your breasts pushed high, the fullness overflowing the top, peeking from within the lace cups, an erect nipple promising the future.

I complete our embrace and you can feel my desire growing between us. Unbuttoning my shirt, you spread it wide, exposing my chest, your hand again grazing over the thick hair. Sensing your purpose, I unhook your bra and let it fall away. Your breasts slacken to their natural pose as you bring us together. Pushing their warmth into my chest, you lay your head on my shoulder, enjoying the feel of the hardness and man fur against you.

My hands now have full rein over your buttocks. The flesh both firm and yielding at the same time. I love the feel, the texture and the pleasure provoked in you. I massage deep, kneading the flesh, my strong hands clasping within reaching the muscles. Spreading the cheeks, my touch lessens to a light tickle as I stroke the tender flesh between. You remain motionless, gently whimpering your emotions.

“You are getting chilled, Carmen. Let us move down closer to the fire.”

“I guess I am, but all I can feel is your touch, don’t ever stop” you beg.

“Well at least not for long” I retort. As I remove my shirt and vest, your hand is at my belt. It takes but a second for you to open my pants and let them fall. You begin a dual assault; a hand on my underwear, massaging my swelling penis, and your mouth on my nipple. After a long moment, you move inside, grasping the length with one hand, while the other moves the fabric down out of the way.

Dropping to your knees, you say “I used to imagine you wearing my panties, I thought it would look sexy. When I realized that your underwear is smaller than mine, there is no point.”

“Well, Darling I am a child of the eighties. But they are not made of silk. Your panties are…AHHHH” my breath leaves me, as the exquisite feeling of your mouth engulfing me fills every nerve, forcing out every thought.

Our positions of a few minutes before are now reversed, my standing with my hands in your hair and you servicing me. It is like there is an electric shock running through my body. Every muscle is relaxed from the pleasure and yet I am frozen in position by your expert ministrations.

I look down and enjoy the view of my woman. One hand remains on my cock, but your other is now between your legs. Your fingers and nails touching you in a way only you can. Each caress of your clit and lips adds to the intensity of the previous one. I watch fascinated and excited as your passion is growing faster than mine. The fingers moving from nerve to nerve, stimulating each at just the right time and pressure to rapidly build your orgasm.

Should I stop your movements to make your desire build or add my mouth to your hand? Before I can react, a groan escapes your lips. The hand on my cock moves down to your breast, the fingers begin to torture the erect nipple. I have never seen it so large. Your groaning turns to a deep guttural growl as my cock slips from your mouth.

Your climax is over you. Waves of pleasure sweep your body as your fingers work at increasing the pleasure to its fullest. The spasms begin, but you are empty, no cock for you to milk. You slump slightly to allow two fingers to slip inside, while your thumb continues rubbing the swollen clit. I move my hands around your shoulder, neck and ears. Wanting to be a part of your pleasure and yet not disturbing such a satisfying bursa sınırsız escort orgasm.

This bright flame can only burn for a short while. Returning to me, you collapse onto the blanket. Your body is covered in moisture, eyes closed, breathing is still deep and rapid. Grabbing my hand, you pull me to you. I know you want to be cuddled and enjoy the total relaxation.

Before gathering you in my arms, I cover us with the other blanket. Not only to keep you warm, but to hold the rest of the world at bay. We lay in each others arms, flesh on flesh, your perspiration fusing us together, the smell of a woman on fire wafting from beneath.

Although the odor is certainly that of fulfillment, there is another, an ancient pheromone wafting from you. It flows deep into my brain, down to the recesses, to the place from where we evolved. Stimulating neurons left behind in the push to civilization, age-old connections indicating a woman in heat are reestablished. Who could tell what was the cause – the foreplay, the storm, the fire, our closeness – it had to be everything. Your scent has brought us back tens of thousands of years.

As adrenaline is released, my breath quickens and the blood pumping to my muscles prepares me. The red flow continues and I swell immediately; the flesh hard and pounding in rhythm to my heart. Part of me is still wondering at what is happening, but now it is only a small part. The rest knows the intensity of the storm growing within us and there will be no stopping.

Your eyelids flutter and then open wide. Looking deep within your eyes, I see we are one in our desire. You reach between my legs and find a burning shaft ready to ignite our bodies with the same heat. “Take me darling, I need…”

Before you can finish, I clamp my mouth onto yours. In response, your tongue pushes deep, probing, tasting, and licking. I let you have your way for it only portends our real need. I find your hands and clasp them to our sides. Rolling us onto your back, your legs spread, welcoming your mate. There is no reason for the gentle parting of your lips, the coy teasing of your clit, the false thrusts to find your opening. We are drawn together in one continuous act.

A growl or was it a howl escapes my lips as I move my mouth down to your shoulders and neck. I have just mounted my woman or is it my bitch and there is only one desire. I must fill you with the only true gift your man has to give.

Moving higher on you and in you, I bring our hands up over us. Elongating your body and pinning you underneath me. Your breasts and nipples, engorged with passion from our mating, swell into my chest. There is still a rhythm within us; it comes from our heart, it comes from our breath and it comes from our loins. We thrust together, urging each other, bringing our focus to your womb, the beginning of all.

The breathing comes quicker, no longer smooth, our intensity is growing. My lips and teeth are on you now. Your head moves to the side fully exposing your long neck to my hunger. Leaving a trail of crimson tracks, I suck and nip the smooth delicate flesh.

It is growing tight between us. Your lustful blood is filling you, tightening your hold on me. But you are not alone. I grow within you. As I lengthen, my bloated head reaches your cul-de-sac. Thick now within you, the added friction brings us to the breaking point and insures my seed of reaching their target.

I am fully engorged and my thrusts grow shorter and harder. Only withdrawing a few inches from your sucking sheath, I return again and again. All else is gone from us, only the primal drive to complete our coupling. Rising on my arms and knees, I spread you further driving into your depths.

Your hands now free from my clasp follow my torso. The triggers to set off our explosion are within your sight and your fingers move unerringly to my hard nipples. A tender lover’s caress is no longer a part of the female beneath me. However, such a touch would go unnoticed, but not the fierceness descending on the twin targets. It takes not even a second for the raw nerve endings to send their electric jolt through my body.

Our eyes lock and the frenzy begins. The hunger of your womb is matched by my desire to feed my essence. We move into the infinite in an instant. Over and over, you pull me into you, fulfilling the lust. I give you all there is, my body empty of itself. We return from the beyond, it is each other that brings us back.

My strength is drained. Your iron man has been reduced to the beginning to be nurtured by his woman. I collapse to your side; you engulf me and bring me to your breast. Only your teat and time can restore my virility. But that is where you need me also. For I have given and you must now give back. My arms surround your waist, trapping you to me and me to you. I draw on your power and you draw on my calm. We are complete in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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