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Big Tits

It had been five months since I lost my middle management job without any warning and through no cause of mine. The seemingly random event that had a cataclysmic shift on my life. The, on the surface of things profitable and sound company I worked for, had just gone bang and closed down. It had come as quite a shock there had been no warning signs that the company was in trouble. No pay that was owed for work already done and no redundancy were to be forthcoming.

Now five months later if I didn’t make a mortgage payment this month the Building Society would be listing me for default, I’d missed three payments already. I was desperate and didn’t know what to do or where to turn for help. There’d been a few times in my life I’d suffered adversity and had managed to battle through but this time I just couldn’t see any way out.

Here I was a forty-year-old, single mother of two, who had been going along nicely, suddenly spiralling into debt, with two teenage kids to feed and support and seemingly no visible means of income, what little savings I had would soon be used up. I was desperate.

A close neighbour and good friend Sheila had just called around to see how I was coping and to cheer me up, but I was that low she wasn’t having much luck.

“What’s up doll, still no sign of a job?” she asked solicitously, I shook my head no.

“Shelia, there’s no jobs out there that I am qualified to do, I’m either overqualified or not got the ‘right skill set’ as I’m so often told, that and as a middle-aged woman with kids, there are no jobs around. I know the age thing shouldn’t be an issue nowadays, but deep down it is.

“I’m not going to be able to pay the mortgage this month, again. It’s a pity I’m not renting, at least I could offer my landlord a blow job instead, but I don’t think you can do that to a computer.” I joked, bringing a smile from my friend. “She’ I’m that desperate, I’ve even considered trying to pick up a trick on a street corner, I’m that desperate I tell you.”

“Whoa, slow down, there is no way you are going to do that, that is just too dangerous to contemplate. Anyway, you’re too pretty to be a streetwalker, an escort may be, and that way you’d get a meal as well,” bringing some light relief. Sheila has always been able to do that for me. “There’s got to be something we can find for you. Let me have a think. I have an idea but I need to speak to someone first. You are desperate right? Willing to do anything?”

I nodded my head in affirmation.

A couple of days elapsed before I got a text from Sheila asking if I was free for a couple of hours and if so then to meet her at her car in ten minutes. I was there in five.

“Karen, are you still desperate, and if so are you prepared to do anything, I know you joked about street walking, but?”

“She’ I am double dog desperate, I will do anything that is legal.”

“Well, what I’ve got in mind isn’t exactly legal but not illegal either.” With that, she left me to wonder what she meant and wouldn’t answer any of my questions as she drove us across the city and parked her car behind an end of terrace house, that looked slightly run down. It was in a mixed terrace of shops and houses, all having seen better days, but surprisingly clean for all that.

“Come on, let’s go and get you a job,” Sheila said breezily as we got out of the car and locked it. Sheila made her way to the back entrance of the house and rang the bell. Strange I thought, why have a bell at the rear entrance.

The door was opened partially until the large woman who opened it recognised Sheila and allowed her to go in, Sheila quickly pulled me after her and the door was closed behind us.

“Hi Cherry,” said the woman to Sheila, “you’re not down to work today are you?”

“No, but I spoke to your mum about my friend Karen here and she said to come over.” What the hell was going on here, and why was this woman calling Sheila by the name of Cherry.

Just then an older but much smaller version of the woman who had greeted us came through a door, greeted Karen warmly, and looked at me. “I suppose this is your friend Cherry, does she know what this is about?”

“Not really, but she is desperate and willing to do anything legal.” A laugh exploded from all three women as they looked at me.

“OK, come through to the back room and I’ll explain a few things, you look pretty enough,” the older woman said to me. I followed her through into a small room accompanied by my friend Sheila.

“My name’s…”

“Sorry sweetie, I don’t want to know your name, it’s better that way, I’ll give you a name if you come and work for me.”

I looked at Sheila wondering what the hell was going on here.

“Sunny, I think we’ll call you Sunny,” the older woman suddenly said, “you look like a Sunny.” At that time I didn’t feel very Sunny.

“Now Sunny, Cherry has told me that you need to work and that you’re open-minded and adventurous,” I don’t remember saying that to Shelia but kept quiet intrigued to find out what görükle escort was going on.

“I’ll come straight to the point, Sunny, this little place is a very low key and discrete, but very successful brothel.”

I couldn’t speak for a while as that sunk in, I think everyone could see the shock on my face.

“I run a very select place, most of our customers are older gentlemen and they cause no problems, also they prefer the older ladies and what they can offer. Oh yes, we do have some younger girls, and clients, but not many, that’s why we never have any problems with the neighbours or the police. Everything is very low key and quiet. No wild parties or orgies to upset them.”

“And you think I’d be willing to work for you?” I managed to reply at last.

“Well that depends on you, doesn’t it. And how good you are, but you look like a woman who would fit in here and I’d be prepared to give you a try.”

I turned to Sheila, “How long have you been working here, I suppose you do work here and are not just a fucking pimp.”

“Karen, I’ve been working here for five maybe six years and it’s fine, nobody need know what you do, I mean you didn’t know about me did you. I’m not going to say it’s easy, it isn’t. At first, you’ll hate yourself, but after a while you get used to it. This place is very good, Jackie looks after her girls and as she says the punters are OK. We never ever have any problems. Most of the time it’s just boring sex.”

“But I’d be a whore.”

“Well yes, but you did say you were that desperate you were ready to pick up punters off the street, this way is a lot safer.”

Jackie had left us for a minute to make a couple of cups of coffee for all of us and when she came back there was another girl with her, about thirty, pretty as anything she was dressed in bra, panties and hold-ups.

“Sunny, this is Farrah, one of our longer-standing ladies, she joined us just about the same time as Cherry. Have a chat about anything for a couple of minutes but Farrah you’ve got an appointment in ten minutes and it’s Paul, one of your regulars.”

“OK, yeah, Paul’s OK nice and easy, nothing kinky and he doesn’t take too long, he’s easy to deal with. Easy money A quick fuck, lie back and let him do all the work.”

I spent the next few minutes talking things over with Cherry and Farrah until Jackie came back and told Farrah Paul was waiting. “See you soon, I’m sure you’ll love it here,” said Farrah as she left to look after her client.

Jackie then started to explain things in a bit more detail.

“Most customers are happy with a thirty-minute service but as standard, we offer forty-five and sixty minutes as well. Well, anything can be arranged for a fee. For thirty minutes the fee is £40.00, £25.00 goes to you and £15.00 to the house for admin and cleaning, that’s for a standard service. You supply your own lube, wipes and condoms but towels are provided by me.”

“What’s a standard service consist of?” I heard myself whisper.

“G.F.E. Girlfriend Experience, you kiss and cuddle them, let them feel you up, do the same to them, act as a girlfriend to them, but a sexy girlfriend. A wank is included, oral with a condom, full sex in your pussy, any position they want, and to a finish. If they want cum on body that’s included as well. But on no account are you to have full sex without a condom.”

I nodded my head as Jackie continued. “Extras; oral without is £10.00, cum in mouth is £20, A levels is £30.00” I looked at her again, “A levels, anal.”

“No way am I doing that,” I blurted out, “I’ve never done that at any-time before.”

“OK, you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with, but the minimum of the extra services I expect of my ladies to provide is cum in mouth. If you can’t hack that then I can’t employ you, as we get a lot of requests for that. Anything else such as water-sports or rimming we can work on, just let me know and we will put it on your profile.

“I’ll let you have a price of everything that we charge as extras, that way you’ll know what to expect and charge. And no trying to rip the clients off or making contact with them outside of here. And never, ever call them punters not even between you and the other girls, clients or customers is fine. I let Cherry get away with it just now, but she is lucky I did. Most of all we treat our clients with respect, that way they’re happy. We have no trouble, and they keep coming back.”

“Well keep cumming,” interrupted Cherry which brought a laugh to all of us and broke the tension and fear that I could sense in my body, and was sure was etched on my face.

“The money from the extras is all yours by the way, so the more you offer the more you make,” said Sheila.

“Now Sunny you don’t have to decide if you want to work here just yet but I do have a slot that you could fill nicely, and you could work with Cherry if there are any ‘cheeky two girls’ services asked for. It is something she excels in. Take your time, have bursa görükle escort a chat, speak to a couple of the girls and to Cherry.”

“What the fuck is a cheek two girl?” I asked Cherry incredulously.

“What do you think,” she replied with a smile. I’m sure my mouth dropped open.

“What! You and another girl?”

Cherry nodded a cheeky grin splitting her face. “Didn’t have any clue I’m into girls did you.”

Just then Jackie’s daughter popped her head into the room and said, “We’ve got a client turned up on the off chance but all the girls are working. All he wants is a glory-hole. Shall I get him to wait or see to him myself.”

Before Jackie could answer Sheila or Cherry as I was now getting used to her being called her said, “I’ll do it, Sunny can watch and help me out, what’s he want, wank or BJ?”

“Your choice, price is the same anyway.”

With that Cherry jumped up grabbed my hand and led me to a darkened room, “What the fuck is going on?” I asked her.

“It’s your chance to see if you can do it. Look I’ll do most of the work, but you can take over for a bit. Glory-hole is only supposed to last for twenty minutes max. and the guy doesn’t know which girl he’s with. That’s a turn on for them.”

Just then a hard cock about six inches long appeared through a hole in the wall. Shocking me as it nearly hit me in the face, as it poked through

Cherry got on her knees and wrapped her hand around it and started to pump it up and down, gripping lightly on the throbbing shaft, a soft moan of pleasure came from the other side of the wall. “Do you like that honey, that’s a nice cock you’ve got for me to play with.” Cherry was using a voice I’d never heard her use before, it was low, throaty, sultry and seductive.

Cherry was using more force on the unknown mans’ cock now.

“Oh, I’d love to get you to fuck me with that nice hard cock, it looks just the right size to give a girl lots of pleasure, nice and big for me, but not too big to hurt me. I would just love to fuck you some time. I bet you’d be great. I’d love to feel it stretch my pussy. Would you like to do that, feel that big cock stretch me wide?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, here was my normally conservative and reserved friend wanking off some strange man and talking dirty to him.

I was fascinated by the way her hand worked his cock pulling up and down and rolling it around, suddenly Cherry’s free hand reached out got hold of mine and placed it alongside hers on the mans’ cock, guiding me as I reluctantly joined her in wanking him off. “Is that good honey?” She asked in reply to a moan from the other side of the wall. Then it was all down to me as Cherry removed her hand and left me to it, to give the client a finish.

Naturally, I’ve given a few hand-jobs in the past so just concentrated on what I knew men liked, and soon was rewarded by an increasing twitching and throbbing of the cock in my hand, I sensed he was ready to cum. Just then Cherry leant forward and blew a stream of hot air over the end of his cock, her face fractions of an inch from the end and my hand. I could feel the stream of hot breath on my hand as it moved up and down on the cock.

I don’t know who had caused it, my handwork or the hot breath from Cherry, but the guy shot a load of cum hitting Cherry in the face. “Oou, right in my face, you’ve just cum all over my face you naughty man. Should charge you another tenner for that, and there’s so much,” Cherry exclaimed breathlessly. I continued to keep wanking the man off until his cock went limp and could give no more. My hand was covered in hot sticky cum. I’d nearly let go of the cock when it came, but Cherry hand held my hand tight on it. As soon as I let go the cock was pulled back through the hole and I heard the client zip up his pants and leave. I looked at Cherry in shock as she wiped the cum from her face.

“No sense in swallowing he’s not paid for that,” was her casual retort to my incredulous looks.

“Well Sunny, looks like you have an idea of what goes on here, and helped out, but I’m not paying you for that, if Cherry wants to share her fee, that’s up to her. Now have a look at this,” said Jackie as we rejoined her in the back room. I was in a state of incredulous amazement.

“What’s that?” I asked as I started to read.

“Your profile for our website.

‘Meet Sunny a new addition and brand new to the business. She’s fresh and eager, in her forties and one not to be missed, a firm MILF body with 36B boobs and legs that go on forever.

Boys don’t miss your early chance to sample this new beauty and soon tobe star on the scene as she will book up quickly. She says she is looking forward to meeting lots of new friends and having all sorts of fun with them.

We are lucky she has agreed to join us and so will you be when she takes you to heaven.

She offers full G.F.E. and B-Z’

“Wow, you don’t waste time do you, I’ve not even said I’ll work here.”

“That took nothing, bursa eskort I’ve not posted it and won’t until you’ve worked a couple of shifts. Don’t want to get the customers over-excited and then disappoint them do we.”

“I’m not sure, I’m not sure I could do this?”

“Why? You said you were ready to become a streetwalker a couple of days ago,” said Cherry, by now I was fully thinking of my friend as Cherry.

“That was said as a joke.”

“No it wasn’t, you meant it at the time. Look, Jackie’s is a lot safer than that, she looks after her girls, not that there’s a pension scheme though. Why not try one shift.”

“Try one shift! One shift, I’d be fucking men for money. I’d be a wh…” Jackie interrupted me before I could finish, I had a feeling the word I was going to use offended her.

“Sunny, take your time, I don’t want you here if you’re not committed and happy. That shows in the service you provided, and that reflects on me and all the other girls who work here. I have a slot tomorrow that you can have if you want to give it a try, and Cherry’s working as well. Have a think about it, and let me know via Cherry.”

With that both Cherry and I left and drove back to hers. The drive was made in stunned silence from me. Processing the fact that my best friend was a prostitute and was proposing that I become one too.

The afternoon was spent with plenty of soul searching and discussions with Sheila, over a couple of bottles of wine. She told me how at first I would hate myself, feel demeaned and cheap, but after a while that would recede and I would get used to what I was doing. It was just a job to do. There was no emotional attachment to the men, they wanted something and I was in a position to give it to them. Eventually out of sheer desperation I agreed to work one shift the following day, with no commitment apart from that. Jackie seemed OK with a trial shift so the next day I am back at the brothel ready to work my first shift as a whore.

Things started slowly for me at first. Two other girls were working apart from me and Cherry, Kelly a tiny little girl who was dressed in bra and a micro skirt in red plaid. Kelly said she got a lot of customers because she was so tiny and played on that by using one of her daughter’s old school skirts.

Then there was Charlotte, a tall ebony skinned girl with a big toothy smile and stunning figure, who was in a Basque, hold-ups. Both girls welcomed me warmly enough and tried to give me some tips and hints when they found out I was not only new there but to the sex business as well.

For the first hour, I hadn’t had any clients and was getting more and more nervous as time wore on. It wasn’t that the clients weren’t interested I could tell that they were by the way they looked at me, but most had already pre-booked with a particular girl. What freaked me out was the casual way all the girls got up and introduced themselves to the clients, giving them a twirl so they could see what was on offer to them.

It was like a cattle market and so demeaning, I found that worse than thinking about what I would soon be doing. Fucking a stranger for money.

The doorbell rang and was answered to a peal of laughter from Jackie as she led the latest customer into the waiting room.

“Stan, I’m sorry Cherry is with a client at the moment, but I have got a brand new lady, who I’m sure is just your type, you like tall, slim blondes don’t you?”

Stan who looked to be in his mid-fifties a bit tubby in the middle but not that bad to look at, grey hair cut short at the top and sides smiled at me and nodded, “Hi.”

“Hi, I’m K… Sunny,” I smiled at him back as I twirled around. Nervous as hell, was this going to be my first time with a client as a whore?

“Your usual Stan?” asked Jackie as she directed Stan into the bedroom that I was working from, I saw him nod before the door was closed and Jackie came back to me.

“Well you’re lucky, Stan is really nice, no trouble all the girls love him, just don’t fall for his trick of asking for a discount for a pensioner, he is, but we don’t offer discounts. And by now it’s Stan’s way of breaking the ice. Now how are you with oral without to completion, that’s all that Stan wants. A bit of G.F.E. then go down on him and suck him off, but be good, tease him give him value for his money, he normally lasts about twenty minutes. With Stan, you can get the money off him after, but with others always get the money first.”

I nodded my head not really taking in what she was saying, all I could think of was in a few minutes I was going to be sucking off a total stranger and letting him cum in my mouth.

I was literally shaking with fear as I entered the room and saw Stan naked, and with a large erection, he was towelling off after just having had a shower.

“Hi Stan,” I managed to say with a hint of tease and pleasure in my voice, “so you want to have a bit of fun with me?”

“Hi Sunny, that would be nice, now how about a discount for a pensioner?” He asked.

I smiled at him and jokingly said, “No way honey, pensioners should pay extra a girl has to work harder you know.”

Stan just looked at his erection and smiled. “Not with me they don’t,” he said with a confident grin. “You’re new here aren’t you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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