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Getting a job in the newspaper business was supposed to be tough; at least, that’s what all of Paige’s professors had told her all during her two years of community college. They’d said that the news media was a highly selective and highly competitive business, and that Paige probably was going to have a hard time finding exactly the position she was looking for. Luckily, however, Paige had simply turned in three resumes, gone for three interviews, and then had had to choose from the positions she was offered. She could hardly believe her luck, and she was glad to have this job. It was a fairly well-paid position as a fashion/features reporter for a medium-sized newspaper, and Paige was enjoying herself. Even the short walk from her apartment to the office was a nice addition, and she quickened her step slightly so that she wouldn’t be late. She wanted to get there before Kurt did.

Kurt was the sports reporter, and Paige loved watching him stride into the office every morning. She could sit at her computer and watch everyone come in the office, but the only person she truly paid attention to was Kurt. He was tall and well built – obviously the ex-football player he was – and his icy blue eyes could melt any woman like butter in a hot skillet. His hair was always slightly mussed from a combination of hair gel and his nervous habit of running his fingers through it, and Paige constantly found herself wishing that it were HER fingers on his scalp. He never wore tight pants, but Paige figured he had a cute butt anyway, and the tight shirts he wore, accenting his strong arms, abs, and pecs generally were enough to turn Paige on without the aid of her imagination.

The only problem that Paige knew about was that Kurt was married.

Paige always tried to look nice for Kurt, and it didn’t hurt that her boss, Lauren, appreciated her apparent ‘professional’ attitude about her new job. She had been in her current position for a month now and had gotten to know everyone in the newsroom fairly well. There weren’t many reporters at this newspaper – 10 total – and they were a tightly-knit group. When they went to lunch together, which was as often as individual schedules permitted, besides the once-a-week mandatory lunch meeting to discuss story ideas and changes to be made, Paige always tried to get the seat next to Kurt, and lately, he seemed to be trying to do exactly the same thing. There had even been some innocent flirting between the two. Paige smiled as she reached the office door and pushed it open. She knew she was bad, trying to bed a married man, but who could really blame her?

Paige seated herself at her desk, flipped her computer on, and leaned back to wait for Kurt to arrive. She hoped he’d like her outfit. It was a simple one, but brand new. She had gone shopping the night before and the majority of her purchases were made with Kurt in mind. Her blouse was a tight, white one, with a diamond-shaped hole cut right below the neckline, and it was tucked into a short plaid skirt. Paige had even worn white stockings and black Mary Jane shoes to complete the ‘schoolgirl’ look. She knew it was clichéd for a fashion reporter to wear such an outfit, but she couldn’t resist and knew that it might just be something that Kurt enjoyed, which was, of course, the point.

She sat forward as her computer finished booting up and opened Quark, the newspaper’s page layout program, and began to type in some briefs for the day’s paper. Some of the other reporters had come in during this time, and Paige had greeted them all, but Kurt hadn’t shown up yet. When 6:20 a.m. came and Kurt still hadn’t arrived, Paige began getting worried. She hoped he was okay!

At 6:30, Lauren arrived and the day began in earnest. As the reporter nearest the door, Paige would be able to tell if Kurt was arriving, but she didn’t see him come in all morning. She wanted to ask Lauren if he had called, but she knew that would be crossing a line, so she kept her mouth shut.

The rest of the day was a blur for Paige, between meetings with customers, writing articles, scheduling pictures, and laying out pages, she hardly had time to notice that Kurt hadn’t been in all day.

By 2 p.m., most of the other reporters had gone out for their final interviews of the day, the ones that didn’t affect the next day’s paper, but Paige stayed behind to finish laying out her page for tomorrow. Laying out pages was one of Paige’s least favorite activities. She had barely passed that class in college, and she was discovering that it certainly hadn’t gotten easier with time. In fact, now that she had to pick everything bursa escort that went on it as well as alter all the fonts and write headlines and everything else, she was having an awful time of it. But every day, she did her darndest, and usually got it back the next morning from her boss with little red marks all over it, describing what she could do better. Paige’s position had the most pages of all to lay out, not to mention all the special sections she was in charge of, and Lauren had been in Paige’s position before she was promoted to editor. That made mistakes especially hard to swallow.

Paige finally finished her page, sighed, rubbed her eyes, and leaned back in her chair, her long, dark brown locks flowing over the back of her seat. She glanced at the clock and groaned. It was nearly 5:30, and she had to be back here at 6 the next morning! Well, 5:45 if she wanted to see Kurt arrive. She closed her eyes for a moment to gather her strength and decided to give the page a final glance and compare it to past pages to see if she could catch some of the mistakes before Lauren did. She pulled out all the ‘bad’ pages and began to compare them to the picture on the screen, zooming in and out to compare the notes to what she had done today.

“You’ve got a conjunction in your main headline,” a deep voice from behind Paige said.

Paige whipped around, startled to see Kurt standing behind her. He was wearing a wifebeater shirt and some blue jeans, an outfit that Paige had never seen him wear before. He looked great, and his body was glistening with sweat that betokened the fact that he had obviously had a hard day.

“Where were you today?” Paige asked. “I… I mean, everybody, missed you at lunch.”

Kurt sighed, rubbed his fingers through his hair, and flopped into his desk chair, opposite Paige’s. “She kicked me out this morning.”

“Ohhh… I’m sorry,” Paige really didn’t know what to say. She knew Kurt and his wife, Cyndi, had split up several times before and always had gotten back together. She had bipolar syndrome and had a tendency not to take her medication. When she did that, she always took it out on Kurt. Paige also had heard, through the grapevine, that whenever the Kurt and Cyndi were apart, he usually found refuge in another woman’s bed. When she remembered that, Paige began to become slightly excited. “Are you all right? You look exhausted.”

Kurt smiled. “Not exhausted, just tired. I had to move all my stuff out of the house today. I think she might be serious this time. She’s never had me do that before.”

“Where did you take all of it?”

“I rented a storage unit for now, and I guess I’ll be sleeping in a hotel until I can find a place to stay or convince her to take me back… if I want her to. I just don’t know any more. It’s draining, you know? To wonder every day how much longer it’ll be until your wife goes nuts on you again.” He again ran his fingers through his messy blond hair.

Paige nodded, trying to look sympathetic, but failing miserably because she just couldn’t take her eyes off of his incredible physique.

Kurt continued. “But like I said, you’ve got a conjunction in your main headline… want some help with your page?”

Paige nodded again, slightly disappointed that he’d changed the subject, and turned back to her computer where Quark waited patiently for any changes she might make. Kurt pushed himself out of his chair and came to stand behind Paige like any good tutor.

“Never have a conjunction in your headline,” he began. “Use a comma.”

Paige began to change the headline, but quickly realized that with the alteration, the headline wasn’t going to fit in the space she’d used before.

“How do I make it fit, then?” Paige felt stupid for asking, like she should know this already, but group work in college had spoiled her, not to mention the fact that it had been at least two years since her page layout classes.

“Try this,” Kurt said, reaching around her for the keyboard and making the headline longer by one or two words. This made the headline too long, but he reached for the mouse and, guiding her hand under his, showed her how to fix it. Paige pushed her desk chair back into his body and prayed that he wouldn’t notice how her breath quickened and her hand tingled under his.

After fixing the first headline, Kurt began to read through her article, but left his hand on hers and the other arm around her near the keyboard. Paige looked up at him just as he finished, and their eyes locked, brown to beautiful icy blue.

“See anything else you want to get rid of?” Paige asked, escort bursa hoping he would catch the double meaning of her words.

Kurt let his eyes rove over Paige’s body, his eyes feeling like they could burn holes through Paige’s clothes where he looked at her.

“I think there is,” he eventually replied. “We’ve definitely got a lot of work to do. Come on. I want to show you something.”

Paige quickly got out of her chair and began to follow Kurt across the newsroom. As he headed for the darkroom, Paige felt her pulse quicken. The darkroom was one of the only rooms in the building with a lock on it, and, as opposed to the restrooms, no one was going to be using the darkroom until the morning. Paige was glad she had worn her new outfit, not to mention the silk underwear she had bought. The two of them hurried into the darkroom where Kurt glanced out to make sure no one had seen them, then shut and locked the door, stuffing a towel down at the bottom so no light could escape. The room only had one light bulb in it, anyway, and it was stuffed with negatives and developing equipment. There was a counter and a sink for rinsing the film, which Paige hoped was where she eventually would wind up.

Leaning back against the counter, pushing her chest out slightly, Paige waited for Kurt to begin whatever it was he brought her in here for. He walked over to her and paused, inches from her body, staring down into her face. She licked her lips in anticipation and left her mouth slightly open as her breathing deepened. Then it happened. She felt Kurt’s hands on her waist, untucking her shirt as he lowered his mouth to hers, his stubble scratching her face slightly as they kissed.

His hands began to force their way up her blouse and he wrapped her entire waist in his arms as he reached up her back to undo her bra. Paige also began to remove his shirt, pulling it out from his jeans and pushing it up his chest to reveal a body every bit as tight and strong as she had pictured it in her fantasies.

Kurt pressed her back against the counter and began to kiss his way down, over her chin, onto her neck, then into that diamond-shaped hole in her shirt, pushing his fingers into her cleavage and beginning to undo the buttons that blocked his way to her nipples. Paige, for her part, didn’t imagine trying to stop him, but strained against her blouse, wanting him to feel her body against his own. Her fingernails raked slowly across his back and he moaned softly, then as he triumphed over her blouse he pulled it off of her, taking her bra with it. Paige also tugged his shirt over his head, and as she tossed it away, she smelled his hot, steamy body and wanted him even more.

Taking one breast in each hand, Kurt began to tease her nipples, softly licking them, then blowing on them at first and eventually taking a whole breast in his mouth and gently sucking at it and teasing it as Paige’s legs spread apart. She grabbed his butt and tugged him to her, pressing his crotch to hers. She could tell there was a hard cock in there, just dying to be free, so she let him back at her nipples again and reached for his fly.

Paige unbuttoned and unzipped Kurt’s pants and pushed them down over his hips, leaving his boxers on where his cock poked through. It was a good size and very erect, and Paige gazed at it eagerly, longingly, wanting it to be in her mouth, then her pussy. She shoved Kurt off of her, nipping at his nipples as she did so, and got on her knees in front of him. He grabbed the shelves located on either side of him and braced himself for what she was about to do, but Paige wanted to tease him a little first. She ran her fingers around his elastic waistband, then up the legs of his boxers and used her fingernails on his inner thighs. Wanting to see his balls, Paige then tugged off his boxers and reached under his impatient cock to see what he had hidden.

She began to massage him slowly, first his balls, then moved to his cock as she put her head between his legs and sucked his balls slowly, taking one entirely in her mouth at a time. Paige could feel Kurt’s legs tense up as she teased him, then licked from his balls to the tip of his cock and stuck her tongue into the small hole where his cum would soon exit. She tasted his precum and began to nibble at his head. Paige knew he was impatient for her to begin sucking in earnest, but she was surprised when suddenly he reached down and shoved her head all the way onto his cock and held her there as he began pumping into her throat.

Paige gagged a little at first, but then relaxed and let him go at his escort bursa own pace. He wasn’t so big that she choked, but his cock did fill her mouth quite well. She began to massage his balls and rake her teeth along his cock as he thrust in and out of her. She pinched his head with her gums and soon he let go of her and just rocked his body back and forth. Then he stopped and Paige knew he was close and wanted her to finish. She quickly took over, squeezing his balls and pushing her head onto his cock as fast and hard as she could, rolling her tongue over him and pressing him with her lips. When she knew he was going to cum, she sat back.

Kurt came just then, all over her breasts, and Paige rubbed them, coating them in his hot liquid and licking the excess off of her fingers when he had finished. Some had dripped all the way down onto her plaid skirt, leaving shiny trails across her flat stomach from their origins on her chest.

Paige was hot now, beginning to sweat, and she desperately wanted to get out of her skirt and underwear, which seemed entirely too confining at this point. Seeing Kurt naked in front of her caused a surge of liquid to fill her panties, and she stood up to face him.

Without a word, Kurt picked her up and plopped her onto the counter behind where she was standing. Paige hooked her Mary Janes over some of the shelves on either side of the counter, spreading her legs wide so Kurt could see up her skirt and do something about that moistened area in her panties.

Kurt pulled up the chair that was in the darkroom and sat down, his face at a level with Paige’s crotch, where he began to bite at her pussy through her underwear. Paige leaned back, enjoying the feel of his mouth on her, when she felt his tongue slip underneath her panties and into her pussy. Her pussy lips began to pulse with desire and more liquid spilled out of her hot, waiting cunt.

Kurt reached around her panties with his fingers and drove them into her pussy, where they slid easily due to the amount of juice coming out. He used his thumb to twiddle with her clit, and Paige’s body shivered as her anticipation grew. Kurt stayed in her, playing with her like this for a few minutes, then tugged at her panties with his teeth.

Paige brought her legs together so that he could remove her underwear, then opened them again so he could finish what he started, leaving her skirt, stockings, and shoes on. Kurt’s mouth quickly moved to Paige’s pussy, and he thrust his tongue inside her, still using his hand to flick her clit. Paige was so excited that she was getting to ‘do it’ with Kurt that she came almost at once, and he got a mouthful of hot cum that he eagerly used his tongue to clean up.

He began to lick at her again, but Paige pushed him off.

“Gimme a minute,” she whispered hoarsely. “I gotta recover first!”

Kurt waited patiently, gently kissing her lips while using one hand to get himself back up and the other to rub her body and grab her butt. It didn’t take long before either of them was ready to go again.

Paige had expected that Kurt would go ahead and eat her out again, but he moved the other hand to her butt and pressed his hard cock against her pussy, obviously wanting something else. She nodded her assent. He slowly began to press himself into her, moving with painstaking slowness as her pussy sheathed his entire cock.

“Ohhhhhh, Kurt,” she moaned, feeling his cock twitch slowly inside her. He immediately put a finger to her lips and frowned softly. In response, Paige grabbed that finger in her mouth and began to suck on it as she did his cock, twirling it around with her tongue and slurping gently. It obviously turned him on, because he began to pump faster, his hips pushing her into the wall and bouncing her breasts on her chest.

Kurt took the hand that she wasn’t sucking on and began to play with her clit, wanting her to cum again. Soon enough, Paige obliged and covered his balls with cum that no longer could be held inside. Her pussy lips contracted again and again against his cock, and he began to slam his body into hers, groaning audibly but not loudly as he came into her expectant hole.

Spent, the two of them rested for a minute, and Kurt laid his head against Paige’s stomach, waiting for his cock to shrink itself out of her. When it did, it was an indication that they were done, and both of them gathered their clothes from the various corners of the darkroom and dressed. Paige fixed her hair as best she could with her fingers as Kurt cleaned up the mess they had made.

Then, once again, Kurt peeked out of the door to make sure no one was in sight. Satisfied, in more ways than one, the two of them sneaked back into the darkened newsroom. Paige quickly saved the page she had decided to give up on, and she and Kurt shared one last kiss before parting ways for the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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