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Eurydes was weary on the final day of walking from the coast to Olympia. Five days earlier, she and her son, Theagenes, had begun the long journey from their home, the isle of Thasos. Theagenes would be competing in the Panhellenic Games. He would compete in wrestling, boxing, and pankration, the ultimate art of combat, combining the techniques of both boxing and wrestling. No man had ever won the laurel crown in all three events. Eurydes had no doubt her tall, muscular man-child would be the first.

In her youth, Eurydes had participated in the Haraean Games, in honor of the goddess Hera. She won the stadion foot race, pleasing a crowd of eager men when she immediately took off her chiton apron and pranced in victory, nude but for the laurel wreath on her head. She gave away her virginity during that night of celebration and laid with three different suitors, but rejected them all for Heracles of Thasos, a blacksmith, thirty years her senior. As a young man, Heracles had been a pankratiast, competing in the lesser Pythian, Nemean, and Isthmian Games, but was never able to succeed to the premier Olympic Games. Heracles trained their son in the skills of pankration as well as boxing and wrestling.

After Heracles died of a sudden fever, Theagenes, a mere boy of nine, stole a miniature statue of the mythical Heracles, his father’s namesake, from the agora. Hence, the rumor began to make its way around Thasos that Theagenes was the son of the demigod Heracles, not the mortal Heracles of Thasos. Eurydes, considering her own assumed role in the fathering of the boy, did not deny the outlandish rumor.

Four years ago, the prior Olympiad, Theagenes reached the fourth and final round of the paides tournament for younger boys. He was defeated by a Spartan in most humiliating fashion, having his testicles grabbed and squeezed in the Spartan’s unbreakable vice grip till he fell to his knees and surrendered. In the meantime, Theagenes served two years in the citizen’s army of his polis and fought alongside Athenians and Spartans against the Persians at the battle of Plataea.

Now, strengthened and hardened by war, Theagenes was ready to enter the andres tournament for men in the 75th Olympic Games. Unlike the Athenian, Megaran, Corinthian, Spartan, and other athletes from larger city-states, no entourage of friends and relatives accompanied Theagenes and Eurydes from Thasos. Mother and son had a strong, loving bond that made the absence of companions irrelevant.

Theagenes was tall, with broad shoulders and long torso, ideal proportions for pankration. His legs were not short, but appeared wolflike with bulging thigh and calf muscles. He wore his long hair and beard braided, extending in front and back to his waist. He shaved and oiled his body, however, in preparation for competition.

Eurydes had grown to be a mature, thick bodied woman with cascading breasts and wide, ample hips. Still, her prominent nose, cleft chin, black olive eyes, and full lips made her eminently attractive. Her wooly hair was greyed but handsomely wavy. Her fierce intelligence endeared her to her son, while intimidating the elder men she encountered. Some said her manner was more like a prostitute than an aristocratic matron because she spoke her mind.

They set up a tent and stowed their belongings among thousands of other temporary residents of Olympia, there to attend the Olympic Games dedicated to Zeus, the father of the gods. The first night consisted of ceremonies and sacrifices, culminating in the roasting of oxen whose meat would be consumed with never-ending skins of wine.

The games began the next day. Because married women were prohibited from watching the games, Eurydes sulked in her tent while Theagenes locked shoulders in the wrestling competition. The only spectators were men, boys, and unmarried women. He won his four matches, and received the laurel crown. The muscular youth returned to his mother’s tent accompanied by a brace of girls, apparently having sized up the nude escort bostancı athlete as he wrestled. His angry mother shooed the five maidens away like so many field mice.

“Away with you. Theagenes must rest and recoup for boxing on the morrow.”

With unselfconscious intimacy, after eating a supper of olives, lamb, and grape leaves, Eurydes bathed her son from head to toe, using a wooden bucket of water, lye soap, and a sea sponge. Then she massaged his back, neck, shoulders, buttocks, and legs with fragrant medicinal oil.

Before he fell asleep, Eurydes told her son, “I want to watch you win the ‘all might’ tournament.”

“You cannot, as a married woman, Mater.”

“I am a widow, not married.”

“You could be banished from Olympia or even killed.”

“Indeed,” she said resignedly. “I wish it were not so.”

In the morning, Eurydes awakened Theagenes by kissing his lips as if she were his lover rather than his mother. She had prepared a breakfast of figs, fire-grilled partridge eggs, bread, and pomegranates. By nightfall, the son of Heracles of Thasos felled a Theban, an Athenian, a Melian, and a scarred-faced Spartan to gain the boxing laurel.

However, to Eurydes’s chagrin, Theagenes left her to sup alone and joined his Athenian opponent for an amicable celebration.

“Those arrogant snobs might be your rivals in all might combat when a new day comes.”

“Do not bleat like a nanny goat, dear mother. I can suffer a bit of dissipation and still vanquish my foes.”

Theagenes walked off arm in arm with his newfound friend. They imbibed several goblets of ouzo and the dual wrestling and boxing champion allowed the Athenian to perform fellatio on him by the firelight.

While the boys played their erogenous games, Eurydes carried out the first steps of her secret plan. She purchased a skin of red Egyptian beer from a vendor and brought it to the tent of an old sot whose eye she had attracted from the first day of the Olympic celebration.

This fellow, an Ionian named Aenos, was toothless and bald, but his wrinkled face sprouted a grey beard of prestigious length. Eurydes offered him the beer and he accepted it gratefully. As he thirstily gulped the brewed alcohol, the mature lovely lifted her tunic and showed the addled lecher her still plump, pink vulva. She straddled his lap, coaxing his limp penis toward her wiry pubic forest. Aenos barely hardened and dribbled a few droplets of smegma into Eurydes’s cunt before the effects of the fingernail shavings she had blended in the beer took effect. The old bird of a man fell unconscious.

Eurydes set to work carefully and evenly shearing Aenos’s beard with a polished blade. She laughed that the volume of his grey, frayed hair would have easily adorned any woman’s head. That was not her purpose, however. Eurydes returned to her tent, where she cooked up a paste that would quickly harden into a glue. She used a fibrous brush to apply the paste to her cheeks and stuck the hair from the old one’s beard to her face—painstakingly, one strand at a time. When she finished making her false beard, she cut her cloth tunic into strips that she used as bandages to wrap around her body, to flatten her breasts and thicken her midsection. She had secretly brought her deceased husband’s leather chiton, the uniform of a working man. She put it on and called herself a Thasian man with a laugh.

Theagenes did not return, spending the night with his Athenian lover, penetrating each other’s buttocks like an old mentor and a young protégé. At daybreak, Eurydes in disguise made her way to the courtyard where the pankration tournament would soon be underway. She slipped past the officials, the hellanodiki, and mingled among the crowd, her true identity undetected.

The alytarch, the head official, carried an urn containing beans. There were twenty beans, two marked with each letter of the alphabet—alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and so forth. She saw her beautiful son among ümraniye escort the group of pankratiasts. Whichever fighters drew the same letter would be paired to fight. Theagenes drew a blank bean, which meant he would be given a bye, a rest, for the first round. He angrily dropped the bean back in the urn and demanded an opponent, even if he had to fight five opponents instead of four throughout the day. Eurydes wanted to cheer, but feared her shrill voice would reveal her womanhood.

The masquerading female watched her son stand facing his first opponent, turned slightly to one side and leaning forward with his left foot while anchoring his stance with a firmly planted right foot. He deftly used strength and agility in “ano” or upper pankration to weaken the man, a cowardly Argive, winning by grabbing his throat and choking him.

Eurydes noticed that Theagenes’s manhood rose toward the sky when his foe capitulated. She overheard a young lady commenting on the prodigious size of his cock.

The second unfortunate athlete to face Theagenes was an expert in “kato” or lower pankration, wrestling on the ground. Yet Theagenes used a shoulder lock and an arm lock to grind his man into submission. As they wrestled, both fighters sported full penile erections. Eurydes and the young ladies standing alongside her approvingly viewed the young men’s endowments.

The third contest began dangerously as the adversary delivered a straight kick to the stomach of Theagenes and drove him to the ground with a series of legs kicks. Theagenes recovered and seriously injured his foe with heavy punches to his face. The Theban did not surrender, but the alytarch declared Theagenes the victor.

The penultimate match was with a foul-smelling, ugly, cruel Spartan who immediately broke the rules, gouging Theagenes’s eyes and biting him savagely on the shoulder. The alytarch tapped the villain with his stick, but did not stop the fight. After a series of savage punches, the Spartan fell on his back and Theagenes kicked his prone frame, cracking his sternum. The Spartan raised his index finger in defeat.

Eurydes was mortified when the last of the preliminaries ended. The fifth and final pairing was with Theagenes’s lover boy from Athens. Their sexual interlude had no discernable effect as the two fighters waged a ferocious battle that nearly ended in a draw. They exchanged throws, hold, kicks, and punches. At last, as both men wheezed and coughed up blood, the Athenian boy dropped to his knees and seemed to wait for Theagenes to deliver a forearm to his chest. The aristocrat yielded and fell unconscious.

In a celebratory frenzy, Theagenes was given the laurel crown as the only man ever to win all three championships. Eurydes ran to him and embraced his sweat and blood slickened body. For a moment, he thought she was a crazy old man until he recognized her eyes behind the pasted beard.

“Mater, what are you doing here? By Zeus, you will be arrested.”

“Oh, my all mighty son, you are invincible.”

She tried to hug and kiss him, but instead Theagenes swept her up in his massive arms and began to carry her. He headed away from the crowd, running into an orchard. Alone, Theagenes, put his mother down on the ground.

“Have you lost your senses, Mater?”

Eurydes did not answer. She nuzzled his damp, hairy chest and knelt in front of him. Then Eurydes cupped her son’s cock and balls in her hands. Before Theagenes could protest, she began to kiss and lick his penis. In response, his helm sprouted from its hood and his mother wrapped her lips around it. Her son groaned as thick, hot, white semen burst from his tip and flowed into his mother’s mouth.

In a flourish, Theagenes took hold of his mother’s arm and led her in a trot toward the Olympic village. They reached their tent and Theagenes made certain his mother crawled inside before he followed.

“We must bathe and make ready to return to Thasos,” he told her as she sat cross-legged on the kartal escort bayan mat where they slept.

“I will fetch the water,” offered Eurydes.

“No, Mater, I will fill the bucket.” Theagenes seemed to be worried his overly excitable mother would do something embarrassing or dangerous.

Still in the nude, Theagenes went out to haul water from the nearby spring. There, a faunlike girl fluttered her eyelashes and wiggled her trim derriere as she splashed about in the water with three young boys, apparently her brothers, judging by their intimacy and disinterest in her budding feminine charms.

When Theagenes returned to the tent, he found his mother reclining on the mat, stimulating her clitoris with her thumb and forefinger.

“Come to me,” she implored, parting her legs in offering.

Theagenes, scarcely able to conceal his aroused phallus behind the full bucket he carried against his groin, signed mournfully.

“I fear we shall anger the gods of Olympus.”

Eurydes laughed heartily, causing her wide bosom to shimmer. “Did not Gaia the earth goddess mate with her son Uranus, the sky, to give birth to the Titans and the pantheon of Olympus?”

The champion pankratiast’s blood still surged hot in his veins. Theagenis put down the water bucket and leapt on top of his mother’s waiting body, plunging his manly sword into her open maw and fucking her vigorously till she sang out in agonized pleasure.

After the act was accomplished, the mother and son washed one another, first Eurydes scrubbed her son, then Theagenes wiped his mother with the tenderest of affections. Before taking a light evening meal of grapes, nuts, and bread, Eurydes pleasured her laureate’s grand penis between her tender lips; his thick drops of dew tasted like honey.

Next morning, refreshed by sleep and passionate embrace, they struck their tent and set out on the journey home. After making her way to the latrine, Eurydes found her son in the company of a frail young girl in a silken, light colored tunic with a garland of flowers in her hair.

“I am Cyprian,” the girl said firmly. “My father is the Archon Eponymous of Athens.”

“Indeed,” Eurydes responded politely. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“My father seeks young men of strength and character to serve the government of the polis.” The maiden continued to speak, shocking the older woman. “I seek a man of fortitude to make a wife of me.”

Eurydes scoffed, “Have you even bled yet, child?”

“My menses is of aristocratic humor,” the woman-child boasted proudly. “I am eighteen years of age.”

“Is your maidenhead intact?”

“I am a virgin,” Cyprian said softly. “Theagenes will pierce my hymen on our wedding night.”

“I would have her,” Theagenes added unnecessarily.

“And why not? She’s a fresh juicy fruit hanging on a low vine.”

“You speak of my daughter as if she were an item of food at a dinner.”

The authoritative voice came from a tall, statuesque figure in military dress.

“I am Eucharistos,” he said, extending his forearm to handfast with Eurydes, a rare offering of respect for a woman.

“I wish to turn my military duties over to an associate Archon and devote myself to public affairs.” The governor of the city-state fondly cast his eye on Theagenes.

“My son has become the greatest hero of Thasos,” his mother boasted.

“As he should be,” nodded Archon Eucharistos. “However, all Greeks must unite till the Persians threaten our lands no more.”

“Perhaps we can discuss matters of state on our way to Attica,” Eurydes said in an uncharacteristically sweet tone of voice as she stroked the governor’s shoulder, patted his hand, and breathed in his heady masculine odor.

On their wedding night, a fortnight hence, Theagenes imagined himself to be Zeus transformed into a bull cleaving with Europa. The fledgling Cyprian tried her best to fulfill her muscular mate’s needs. In time, she would birth a dozen pups for him. Meanwhile, in the same house, Cyprian’s father feasted on the womanly delights of Eurydes, who shone the attentiveness of a wife and the carnal skills of a brothelite. Yet she longed for her son’s incubus and would often have it. Taboo sex is a powerful and ancient drug.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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