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“If I ask you to do something for me, will you think it’s weird?” She turned and licked the head of his cock, then turned back up to face him.

He said, after regaining some level of composure, “No, I don’t think so… why?”

Glancing up with a studied and quizzical expression, she shifted her frame slightly, hesitated briefly, then said, “Spank me.”


She stopped paying attention to the matter at hand, raised up, and stage-whispered, “SPANK ME!”

He paused, almost said something, but she interrupted his forming thoughts.

“Come on. Spank me. I like that.”

He blurted, “Okay.”

With no apparent effort she flipped herself around a little, raised her hips, and settled in a position at a sharp angle to his body, with her feet reaching for the pillows. When her mouth enveloped him again he reached down and out, and rested his hand on her left ass cheek and rubbed gently. He could hear her breathing through her nose while she sucked nicely, and the feeling made him throw his head back onto the yielding surface of the bed. Sucking up boldness and feeling a little silly, he raised his hand over the tiny, round, tight ass and smacked in an experimental way.

The gymnast woman instantly raised off him and announced in a breathy voice, “Come on, I’m not made of glass! Hit me!” and she waited, looking annoyed.

So he rotated a full arm stroke up, and fanned the air. When his broad hand came down full on the cloth-clad rear it connected with a loud ‘SMACK!’ The woman bursa escort made a huffing intake sound, a ‘uh-huh’ kind of inhale, let it out with a heavy undertone, like a large cat, and placed her lips around him again. He wound up and hit her a second time, and when his hand impacted her whole body shuddered and spasmed. She made an animal sound and took him in her mouth, deeply. He hit her a third time, harder than before, to the point of making him uncomfortable with it, and she shook, so hard it reminded him, cliché-like, of a maple leaf on a tree in autumn.

Her gasp made him nervous about the hit and he asked her, “Is.. is that okay? You all right?”

She nodded with his cock in her mouth, and he could see saliva on the corners of her cute mouth. Pulling off, eyes closed, she muttered or spoke or communicated, with a slight hint of laugh, “I’m fine,” then paused, and finished with that laughing tone, “I’m a big girl!” The light hit her face and her eyelids fluttered for a second, revealing glistening pupils.

The next hit resounded in the room, a high-pitched cracking noise; the ‘big girl’ trembled and opened her mouth wide, breathing unevenly, and lowered her mouth, taking him in deeply, then slowly, oh so slowly, lifting back up until she was kissing the very tip of his cock.

She sucked again, moved her mouth down, then up and almost off his cock, and waited with her lips on the very top of the head, waiting like a train in a station. He spanked her, as hard as he could bursa escort bayan given the somewhat awkward position of his arm relative to her ass, and as his hand came down her mouth came down as well. He did it again, and they repeated the dance, and set up a rhythm.

She whimpered and squirmed, cried and gasped, while he groaned away each time she performed magic on him, and when she reached up and flicked his nipples he felt it in the tips of his toes. Then it was right there, right there and ready.

He grabbed her hair without even thinking, smacked her once more, and came violently in her mouth, making his own set of sounds, slamming his back into the bed.

The small, womanly ‘big girl’ sucked as he jetted in her mouth, rolling her tongue around on him and swallowing rapidly. She hadn’t been lying when she’d said, “I’m really, really good at it.”

When he was finished, in all senses of the term, she lifted slick lips off him and ever-so-tortuously chipped at the supremely sensitive head of his cock, and didn’t let up even when he writhed, groaned, and grabbed her waist, trying to push her away. Finally he smacked her round ass cheeks again, hard, and she slurped off, smiling with an open mouth and looking very satisfied and pleased with her work.

“MMM.. that was fun.”

She flounced a little, bouncing on the bed, and repositioned her small, muscular frame to parallel his. Resting on one elbow she reached for his descending cock, but he frantically covered bursa bayan escort his groin, unable to stand the attention for the time being.

She laughed, head thrown back, and goaded, “Chicken.”

That said, she removed her hand and lowered it to her own crotch and rubbed briefly but intently. He reached over, bending his arm crookedly, and touched her hair.

“You like being spanked?”

She closed her eyes, then opened them, thinking, despite the event being a minute earlier. She said, “Yes.” She continued, “You betcha, Yah,” with a slight giggle.

He straightened his arm and covered the hand now rotating at the junction of her thighs, and when he slipped a finger in between hers experimentally, there was obvious moisture. She sucked in breath and shivered.

“How do you cut your hair?”

She closed her eyes, and he realized that, if asked, he couldn’t have told anyone what color they were. “Down there” — he probed again, gently- “you know.”

Her eyes flickered open and he saw they were a brownish hazel. She paused, and then, astonishingly and amusingly, turned red from embarrassment. “I trim it close, but I leave some,” she said, and rocked back as his left, formerly unoccupied hand brushed her breasts.

He cupped her breasts through the smooth, green top, feeling the nipples rise up, and leaned in close, whispering as another shudder ran through her, “Tit for tat,” and pushed on the hand in her crotch. She giggled, an actual giggle, and moved over some.

He followed, “I’m good at it, too.” It was a challenge.

Keeping the hazel eyes closed, she continued with her work, accepting his hand and help, reflecting and thinking. Finally she arched her back and tugged at her waistband, removing her yoga pants.

She said, “Prove it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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