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It was 11:44 at night, and yet he still couldn’t sleep. It was a familiar feeling and he had a familiar idea for what would help. Opening up his phone, he began to idly scroll through his Instagram, hoping to find something that would motivate a quick release. He scrolled past Kardashians, ex-Disney starlets and fitness models. Nothing seemed to quite do the trick tonight. That was, at least, until he found Sara’s picture.

It must have been a cold night, judging by the two small bumps underneath her ribbed tank top. Selfishly, he zoomed in, hoping he’d see a hint of more through the thin material. They’d only met recently, more acquaintances than friends really, but he’d found her quite clever. She could tell a great story, she had impeccable taste in music and she could make the most vulgar punchline seem so innocent at the same time. And yet in spite of all of that, there he was, alone in his room, zooming in on a faint hint of her nipples while he rubbed his cock through his boxers.

“I think I’m going to stay in tonight. I just don’t feel like putting in the effort of going out. I’d rather just stay here in bed.”

She sent the text message to the group chat, and soon the little bubble was swarmed by sad face and thumbs down emojis.

She returned to her messages and put the group chat on mute. They were going to get annoyingly drunk tonight, and she didn’t have the patience for the little rings every 2 minutes. Instead, Sara swiped her message app closed and opened up Instagram.

She wasn’t exactly lying when she said she didn’t want to put in the effort, but it was more that she knew what she wanted and it wasn’t going to be found watching a bowl game at a bar in Tuscaloosa. So instead she found herself lying in bed, half-watching Planet Earth in her underwear, while she scrolled through her feed.

She wasn’t interested in food videos tonight, or the Kardashians, or in girls she knew in high school attempting to treat selling leggings like it was the key to a life-changing fortune. She was horny, and needed just a little motivation to get there.

She tried to remember the name of the guy she met at Kelly and Ashley’s barbecue last week. Dylan? Dorian? Darren? She started typing what she thought his name was into her search bar and hoped the algorithm would remember it for her. After trying “Da” and only finding David the finance bro who posted crypto memes, she deleted the A and tried again with “Do”.

There he was, “Dorian”. His name stuck out because she hadn’t met very many Dorians, and her name reminded him of the story she was forced to read in English Lit. She thought he was sort of cute, in a “I don’t try too hard” kind of way. He had kept her laughing at a party she hadn’t particularly wanted to attend, and he had that look of a guy who desperately wanted to tell you about a new band he just saw at a bar basement playing Van Morrison covers.

Other women still found mustaches hot, right? Never mind, 1xbet yeni giriş she thought, and began to run her fingers along the waistband of her panties. She found them hot, and that was all she needed tonight.

As his hand slowly moved back and forth over his manhood, he clicked onto her name and pulled up her page. There wasn’t anything intentionally provocative. There were pictures of her and her family, pictures of her in a crimson crop top with the caption “Roll Tide”, There were pictures that didn’t even have in them, just a tiny terrier named apparently named Lakota playing with a rubber toy that in his current frame of mind looked more like a buttplug than a dog toy.

Eventually, he had scrolled to warmer weather, when she had posted a photo in a black and silver bikini and captioned it “Girls trip to Destin!” and then a series of tropical themed emojis. She was standing in the water to just below her knees, and the wind seemed to be in the process of sweeping her hair all to one side. His eyes followed up from the water line, to her ass, then to her navel, glinting from the reflection of a small belly button ring. His eyes traced up her stomach to her chest–clearly the weather wasn’t as cold in Destin in August–and to the thin shape of her neck as it pointed to her triple pierced ears.

He wanted to have her. Not in a controlling sense, his interactions with her had left him sure that she wasn’t the kind of girl who had any time for the idea of being “tamed”. No, instead, he wanted her in a much more primal sense. He wanted to feel the pulse of her against his skin. He wanted to hear the squeak she made as she bit down hard against her own lip.

She closed her eyes and imagined him as she rubbed small circles against the front of her cheap Shein lingerie. She wore them when she wanted to feel sexy and powerful, and in particular, when she wanted to linger in her mind on the possibility that she’d take a spicy photo and anonymously post it somewhere. It was a little game she played with herself, tip-toeing up to that line and seeing when she’d back down. Once she’d even gotten as far as taking the photo, and cropping her face out, before she decided the mole on her left breast was too recognizable and deleting the photo.

Tonight wasn’t about taking photos though. It was about relieving her stress and curling her toes as many times as she could before she collapsed from exhaustion.

She imagined his breath on her neck, the heat coursing through her in waves with every word that he spoke. She imagined the feeling of his mustache on her earlobes, shaking her piercings as he told her all the things he was planning to do to her. She’d feign disobedience for a moment, acting as though wasn’t desperately craving his approval.

Was he even really like that, the kind of man to grip the back of her neck in his hand and give her directions like a stage actress? It didn’t really matter. Right now, in her 1xbet güvenilir mi mind, he was.

He pictured her bent over, on her knees and looking back at him. He pictured her eyes wide as he told her exactly where he’d be sticking his tongue, shortly before he lapped hungrily at her pussy. He was a man of his word and would always follow through on a promise.

His hand now gripped his shaft, slick with the precum his fantasies had provided. His boxers had long been pulled to mid thigh and the cheap duvet cover thrown to the side. As his hand pumped up and down his length, he imagined the taste of her, the feel of her heat against his face and the sounds she’d make as her ragged breath kept up with his pace.

In her mind, she felt the caress of his lips against her sensitive places. Even as she laid in her soft bed, she could imagine the rug burn on her knees, the ache of bones on the hardwood floor underneath. She knew more than anything that in that moment, it was everything she wanted, to be used.

Her hand burrowed beneath the cheap lace and she felt her own heat, her own wetness. Her fingers were cold against her skin, but she couldn’t pull them away. It would be too cruel to stop now and she was trying to be kinder to herself these days.

A low moan escaped her lips, and she was grateful she was alone in her apartment tonight. She saw herself, back arched in pleasure, as he rose from behind her. His face was twisted in a smirk, the grin of a man who knew he was good at what he had set out to do. He stroked himself slowly and lined up his cock behind her. Wordlessly, he’d press himself into her, correctly reading her halted breaths as anticipation.

It was almost like he could feel her tightness and her warmth as he pushed into her. He gripped his hardness tighter as his fist pumped up and down. He could feel underneath him the softness of the skin on her hips, he could smell the lavender in her shampoo as he grabbed a handful of her silky black hair. He growled as he imagined her pressing herself back into him, matching the force of his thrusts with her own.

She clearly needed this as much as he did. They didn’t need to speak to know that, and instead simply listened and followed that primal urge to take and be taken. He felt his balls tighten as the pace of his hand quickened, and he contemplated slowing down just for a moment–desperate to keep the moment in ecstasy–before he committed to reaching his explosive goal.

Her hips bucked against her hand faster now, and her left hand reached across her chest. Between her thumb and index finger, she pinched her nipple and she bit down hard on her bottom lip. God, she was so close and that made it all the more tantalizing.

She tried to decide how she’d want him to finish. Would she want him to empty himself inside her, surrendering completely to that biological desire to reproduce? Or would she want him to turn her over, and 1xbet giriş fill her mouth with his orgasm, like she did as a teenager trying to hide the evidence of her sins?

No, tonight, she wanted to see it. She wanted to watch his eruption. She needed to see the beautiful agony on his face as she extracted her prize from him. She was desperate to feel the sticky heat of it as it ran between her fingers and down her wrist. She wanted that pride of knowing she had done it.

His left hand cradled his balls as his right hand moved with an urgency that could only be described as furious. He needed the relief so very badly. He imagined that his hands were her hands, soft and delicate but moving with an otherworldly hunger. He tried to picture the look in her eyes, as she stared at him and nodded. It was as if she wasn’t asking any longer but was instead commanding that he give all of himself to her.

Every muscle in her legs and ass clenched as she imagined the first few ropes of his cum, firing off stronger than she’d expected. She could almost taste the bitter saltiness of it.

Harder and faster, his hand pumped as he felt his balls tighten in that familiar way. He crashed over the edge of his orgasm as he released, the hungry pace of his hand sending a few stray strands further than he had planned. The first hit his chest and chin, the second landing just barely across his bottom lip.

She licked her lips, hoping that by some perverse miracle it was actually there. Her fingers now moved faster and faster against her clit, her hand dropping away from her breast–first to brush the hair out of her face and then to grip the sheets. She heard the small tearing of fabric as her pointed red nails tore a miniscule hole at the left edge of her bed, but she was long past caring.

She clamped her legs shut around her hand, and felt wave and wave of pleasure crash over her. Pulse after pulse of her orgasm echoed through her body, as muscles tightened and relaxed in that devilish way.

He laid there for a moment, physically and emotionally spent. He was both shocked and impressed by the amount of his semen that now rested scattered across his chest. He knew he needed to get up, grab a wipe and clean himself off. But he also wasn’t sure his breath would ever return.

As she swung her legs back over the side of the bed, she thought for a moment about sending him a message. What would she even say? “Hey I just imagined you blowing your load all over me, want to get a drink?”

He picked up his phone and opened up his DM’s. He had barely typed the first “Hey” into the text box when he thought better of it. What was it that his sister had once told him? “Don’t be stupid, anyone smart enough to be worth your time knows why you’re messaging at midnight.”

She set her phone back down on the nightstand as she walked into the bathroom. It was colder than she remembered earlier, and she really didn’t want to go out tonight. Besides, she’d just received a new book in the mail and she hadn’t even finished last month’s.

Maybe he’d message her tomorrow.

Maybe she’d message him tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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