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Chapter Two

I sat in front of my dressing table mirror and thought about the evening ahead of me. I was so excited, I really wanted this to be an incredible evening, and hopefully the start of a long delicious affair. It was after all the realisation of all my deepest most secret desires, somehow come true, I wasn’t going to mess it up. I looked at myself in the mirror studying my reflection and tried to imagine myself as a very naughty sexy schoolgirl.

I started putting on my make up. Much more than I might normally wear. Lots of eye makeup and very deep red lipstick.

‘You slut,” I smiled at the girl in the reflection, she smiled back blowing me a kiss.

I dropped my robe to the floor and turned to the chest of drawers behind me.

Pulling out some black stockings, I sat on the stool and drew them up my legs delighting in their smoothness. I put on a little black suspender belt and clipped on the stockings catching delicious glimpses of myself in the mirror.

The knickers and bra were a very sexy black lace. I ran my hands over myself watching … mesmerised. I slipped on my tall black stilettos, rarely worn, and looked at myself again … mmmmm.

The blouse was easy, a crisp white mans shirt and a tie had been in my flat when I’d moved in. The skirt I wasn’t so sure of. I had a short wrap around black skirt fastened midway with a big safety pin, but I also had a pleated blue hockey skirt. I tried them both on, practising bending over, watching in the mirror to see how I looked. I decided on the hockey skirt, as it was easier to pull up. I giggled at myself, I was already so wet. I had never dressed like this or even worn this much makeup before. I loved it. I was having so much fun already! The bell rang and I quickly put on a long raincoat, wrapping myself tightly as I went down to the taxi.


Marion opened her front door and stepped aside for me to come in. The room was sweet with the heavy smell of incense and warm from a small fire in the hearth. It was a small but cosy flat filled with all manner of things, almost to the point of over flowing. It had a comforting and very friendly feel to it and I immediately felt at ease, but this wasn’t to last for long.

Marion turned me towards her and drew me into a deep kiss. I felt her loosen the belt to my coat and undo the buttons one by one. As the coat slipped from my shoulders she drew back and looked at me, “Josie, I’m so glad to see you decided to come, and I see your dressed to receive your punishment like a good girl. You look fantastic.”

She smiled at me mischievously.

I blushed, feeling incredibly embarrassed standing in front of her dressed like this, my hand twisted the corner of my skirt.

“If you do all you told without any hesitation you will only receive a mild spanking. If you are naughty here, then your punishment can be a lot worse … or better,” she smiled. She walked over and took me in her arms, “the naughtier you are the more fun we shall have,” casino şirketleri she whispered.

She turned to the low table and poured a second glass of wine and handed it to me.

She was dressed … as a mistress should be dressed.

Her loose wrap was now tossed aside. She wore a deep burgundy Basque, black stockings and tiny lacy black knickers. Around her slim neck was a pearl choker matching her earrings. Long black gloves finished the ensemble.

We stood looking at each other.

I was trembling. I reached for the glass she offered me and drank most of it in one gulp.

She walked to the sofa, sat down and took a sip from her wine glass looking at me all the while. I stood still and straight deliciously petrified wondering what I was to do, I hadn’t been told to sit, so I still stood.

“I want to make sure you follow my instructions and don’t hesitate or refuse, do you understand, Josie?”

“Yes Mistress, I stammered.”

“Now lift your skirt for me, and put your leg up on the stool next to you, straighten your stockings for me.”

I felt so silly, yet so sexy, being told what to do for her … led into anything. I lifted my skirt letting her see my skimpy knickers and put my right leg up onto the small stool by my side. I ran my hands up my leg and made a pretence of straightening my stocking, being sure to keep my other leg straight and allow her the chance to view as much of me as possible. Then turned and placed my left leg onto the stool and repeated the performance, looking over at her smiling face.

“Very good my darling, now turn with your back to me … that’s it … now bend down … that’s it my sweet, keep your legs straight and touch your ankles. Mmm, beautiful.”

I could feel my skirt rise up my legs, it was only just long enough to cover my stocking tops when I was standing straight, bending over like this, meant she must be seeing my knickers as well. I hoped I was a very sexy sight for her. I loved this.

I was getting hotter by the second … displaying myself for my mistress. I pushed out my bottom and arched my back abandoning myself to her wishes. I could feel her eyes drinking me in, I felt so sexy.

“Oh my sweet Josie, you’re so beautiful. You are going to make such a wonderful plaything for me … now … open your legs wider and pull your skirt right up … that’s it, my darling, hold it out …

…good girl.”

I wanted to please her, do her every whim … expose myself and open myself to her. I was truly her captive, and I loved it.

“Now stand up and turn around.”

I heard her get up and walk over to me.

“Put your hands up over your head my love,” she purred at me and I complied eager to please. She softly kissed me on the lips drawing back far too soon for my hunger, then started slowly undoing the buttons to my blouse, pulling it apart and holding my tie as if it was a leash to lead me with. She took off the blouse and let it fall to the floor. Her hand stroked over my heavy breasts and I pushed casino firmaları them forward for her attention. I could feel my nipples hardening with anticipation. As my bra was dropped to the floor she once again made me hold my hands above my head.

I felt a rope bind my hands holding them above me, giving me support. She reached out and held my right nipple between long red painted nails. I bit my lower lip as she squeezed pulled and twisted it painfully … deliciously painfully.

She repeated the process to my left nipple, smiling…as she looked into my eyes. “Do you like that my love” she asked as she pinched me. “Yyyes mistress,” I stammered. “And are you my slave now, that will do all that I want of you” “Yyyes mistress, I am yours … all yours. I love you,” I stammered meaning every word. “I think I want to feast on those beautiful big breasts of yours my darling little Josie, but first they must be prepared mustn’t they my dear?” “Yes mistress anything,” I gasped.

She slapped my left breast, slap “ooohhh,” I cried as it stung. Slap, my right breast received the same treatment.

Slap, slap, slap, slap, my breasts jiggled as they turned pink. “oh mistress it hurts.” I cried “But this is how I want your breast, Josie. Now ask me to continue.” I bit my lip, “please mistress, do with me as you wish, but please don’t hurt me too much … please,” I whispered.

Slap, slap, slap, my breasts were slapped again. And now for your nipples my dear. She pulled out my left nipple and pinched it in a kind of clamp that pinched and hurt … sort of … nicely.

Then the right one.

She flicked them with her nails sending waves of lust through me, then kissed me pushing her tongue deep into my mouth, and I excepted it hungrily.

She pulled at my breasts squeezing them so the clamps were teased painfully on my now large nipples then gently took the left one off and slowly pored golden honey from a silver spoon onto it … sucking it into her mouth. It was a mixture of pain, relief and ecstasy.

She repeated the process to my right nipple and I gasped with the pleasure of what this woman, my mistress, was doing to me.

She kissed me again and reached up to undo the ropes binding me. I tasted the honey in her mouth as I rubbed first my nipples then my wrists. My breasts felt sore but wonderful.

I felt totally at her mercy … I was truly her slave.

“Now Josie, bend over again, I haven’t finished with you yet.” Her hand brushed across my breasts and alighted on my neck gently forcing me to bend over.

I could feel her standing next to me to my left, brushing against me, I pushed my bottom out as her hand played gently over me, running down to my stocking tops tickling my skin up to my knickers.

I felt my skirt being pulled up across by back and my knickers slowly pulled down to my knees. ” I want you to hold your knickers there with your knees, don’t let them slide unless I let you, do you understand?”

“Yes mistress,” I replied huskily, lost in this güvenilir casino sexual dream.

Her hand resumed its play, sliding closer to my wet, wet pussy and up between the cheeks of my ass, her nail drawing across my anus. I swayed slightly against her feeling my legs tremble.

“Be a good girl, push out your bottom and keep your legs straight, here lean over this.” I felt and heard a chair being drawn over and placed underneath me, I rested on it gratefully and, being sure to keep my pose, thrust out my bottom for her pleasure. I was glad I had worn my highest heals as I was sure they must show me off beautifully.

Her hands were gliding over me, pinching and kneading the flesh of my bottom. Her hand was cupping my pussy with her thumb pressing against my anus. “Push back on my hand Josie … that’s right, that’s a good girl.” Her fingers were toying with my clitoris only letting up as a finger slid into me.

I gasped and pushed back against her.

Her hands came away. “Now that’s Eight spanks you are owed, plus five for wearing blue, not a black skirt.”

Her hand returned with a slap to my behind and I instinctively stood up from the shock, but I ducked back down almost as fast and pushed out my bottom for her once more.

Slap, Slap, Slap.

My bottom felt on fire, hot and tender with tingles all over. I felt something hard and smooth held against my leg, rising slowly up to my hot pussy.

She slid the vibrator into me and it hummed into life. “Open your legs a little more Josie,” she whispered. My knees pushed against the restraint of my knickers encircling them.

She dipped it back into me, then out, running it across my clitoris and up to my ass then back again, leaving a cool wet trail.

I was in heaven. Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap…. This time as the vibrator played with me I felt a second one join in. Marion slowly slid one vibrator into my ass, as she fucked my pussy slowly with the other one.

It felt strange, I had never had a vibrator in my ass before, but as it slid in to me it felt wonderful, a compliment to the larger one in my pussy. My knees began to weaken but I pushed out my bottom again, determined to do as my mistress asked. I felt her kneel down, still fucking my ass and cunt she started to lick my juices, flicking my clitoris with her tongue.

“Keep pushing out my sweet, and keep your legs straight.”

I let out a scream as I came in a thundering climax and she continued to suck my pussy gently until she’d had her fill.

Standing up she kissed me then drew me over to the couch and sat down. She was smiling as she motioned me down on the floor at her feet.

“Take off my knickers.” She lifted her bottom as I reached up and slid her small panties down her legs and over her shoes. She lowered herself down in the chair until her pussy was on the edge and lifted her legs.

“Now pleasure me my love”

I bent and kissed her offered pussy, smelling her musky juices. I darted my tongue out, lapping slowly, opening her. She moaned in contentment.

I was in heaven.

She had me lick her for ages, running my tongue over her pussy and ass, sliding my fingers deep into her velvety cunt.

When she came she held my face to her pussy and screamed in exctasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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