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I’m at a party at someone’s home. I’ve brought someone. After making the rounds, she runs into a friend and together we move down to the sunken den and settle on a couch. She immediately starts chatting with her friend, catching up on their recent life events.

Bored, I look around and through the entryway I spy you in the living room, sitting on a couch with some friends. From my vantage point, my eyes are at the level of your knees. I am attracted to the hint of lacy stocking tops peeking out from the hem of your short dress. I let my look wander up your legs, moving up to the intersection of your thighs and the hem of your dress. In the midst of conversation, you turn and see my appraising stare and smile slightly.

Conscious of my companion, I look away, not wanting to get busted for ogling your legs, but she is lost in conversation with her friend.

I slowly turn back…looking at the fireplace, the TV, the framing around the entryway, then I risk a look at you.

Sensing my illicit inspection, you glance my way and our eyes lock. Again you smile, as do I but just a little. You turn away, talking again but I notice you shifting in your seat causing your dress to rise up your body. A moment later you shift again, away from your companions but more towards me and I am immediately greeted with slightly parted legs and a dark mystery that lies between. My breath pauses, wishing someone or something would pry your pretty legs apart so I could see more. Even so, I appreciate your inviting pose.

I swallow hard and turn away again lest my cock rise and betray to my companion my lustful preoccupation with you. She would not approve.

I smile faintly at her and try to listen to their conversation but the urge to look your way gets irresistible.

I turn towards you again.

You are talking but I immediately notice you’ve slid to the edge of your seat. You’ve lowered one leg causing the gap between your legs to widen. I can see the creamy skin above your stockings and it steals my breath away. I want to see more but now I know you are playing a game with me. And I catch your brief glances towards me.

Then without looking at me you shift again and your legs part for a couple of precarious seconds allowing me a clear view right to your panties. I feel the telltale stirrings in my pants. You close your bursa escort legs and look towards me and smile. I can’t help but return a grin.

You grab your drink, say something to your companions and stand. Then as you walk around your couch, you look at me and with a toss your head invite me to follow. You turn and walk away, your ass swaying invitingly.

I turn and tell my companion I’m off to find a bathroom and another drink. She smiles blankly and nods. I rise and step up into the living to follow the swing of your ass as it disappears around a landing up the stairs.

When I reach the top of the stairs, I see a hallway of doors. I hesitate not knowing which door you had entered.

Then as I take a cautious step, a door opens a crack down on the right. I see a frame of your smile and mischievous eyes. The door closes.

When I reach the doorway, I quietly turn the knob and open it. It is dark inside and I pause, listening for you.

A lamp switches on and you appear next to it sitting on the bed. I smile and close the door behind me.

You hold your index finger to your lips, requesting silence. I nod and you point me to an overstuffed chair across from the bed. I walk over and sit down.

Your perfume is light upon the air, teasing and beckoning to me.

You sit on the edge of the bed and step out of your heels. Then you sit up on the bed and again part your legs.

Again I see the lace of your stockings. Again I see the skin of your thighs. Again I see a hint of your panties.

With a whisper you ask, Is this what you wanted to see?

I nod my head. Suddenly I find it hard to swallow.

Is this ALL you wanted to see? You continue to ask.

My voice taken, I shake my head no.

With a flourish your hand swoops down to your thighs and slowly traces a meandering path up your leg. I’m mesmerized as the hem lifts and you reach the panty line.

You’re watching me watch you.

Your fingers slide under the leg of your panties. I can see you begin to massage inside.

You watch me the whole time.

Your fingers are circling, working around your clitoris. Then I see a slow progression as your hand lower. I see the tips of your fingers sink in. I know they are touching the gates.

You sigh.

I feel the uncomfortable strain of my cock against my bursa merkez escort pants.

You like this, don’t you? You ask.

I nod slowly as I reach to shift myself to a comfortable position.

Come here and kneel by the bed, you demand.

Like a flash I’m on my knees between your legs. Your perfume is heady now that I’m close.

I’m transfixed by the intentions of your hands within your panties.

The heady musk of your arousal now overrides your perfume. It surrounds me causing my cock to strain against the top of my jeans. I unfasten them and the head springs free, throbbing with need for you.

You remove your hand and present your fingers to my nose. The intense smell of your sex electrifies me. You paint my upper lip with your juices. Looking up at you, I suck them in. Your sweetness awakens my mouth and a moan escapes me.

You smile wickedly, pull them away. You tug your panties to the side. Your swollen lips appear angry red and wet with need.

You reach behind my head and entice me to your loins. I open my mouth to taste you.

My senses overload with the sight of you, the taste of you and the delicious scent of you.

You now place both hands behind my head and pull at me in sync with the thrusts of your hips.




My tongue dances along your heated pussy.




Your feet are pressed together on my back. I drive my tongue deep inside, you release of small delightful cry. You continue to gyrate on my tongue and drive it deep inside with each thrust.

Your cries turn to deep moans as your body begins to shake. Your breath becomes ragged and hard. Each thrust gets faster.

The heat radiates from your pussy and your juices gush upon my mouth.

With a gasp, you thrust hard one final time and hug my head tight to you. I can feel your body quake around me as your orgasm explodes upon you. Oh my gawd I hear you say. You squeal as you ride its tempestuous path of pleasure.




Your grip loosens and your body slides away as you pass over a frothy sea of bliss. You collapse back onto the bed.

I hear you utter one more time




I look up along the lines and curves of your bursa sınırsız escort choice body, your chest heaving with effort.

Before me, the flower of your vagina is in full bloom, flush with red and dripping with nectar.

I lower my mouth again to gently suck the whole flower without disrupting your reverie. You release a long moan.

That feels good, you say.

I want you. My first words to you.

You sit up on your elbows.

Take me, you return with a devilish grin.

I stand and drop my clothes and step to the edge.

My cock, long throbbing now, craves to feel your heated flesh wrapped around it.

Your tongue wets your lips into a smile as I place the head at your flower.




Gripping your thighs in each hand, I fix my eyes to yours. And, unable to resist your allure any longer, I possess your most precious place.

I sink all the way in. Completely. We stare into one another, hints of humor and illicit lust mirroring between us. For now, we are joined, right or not, but for now we taste the forbidden. Together. Sharing our needs, sharing ourselves.

I pull out slowly and begin again to assail your hot slick void, trying to fill it, trying to reach as deep as I can go. My shaft tingles more electric with each stroke.

I want to go harder faster. I need to go harder faster. I must go harder faster.

Until my breath rages hard in my lungs, my grip holds you vise-like to the bed and my cock pistons in your tunnel furious.

You hold the backs of my arms and your legs splay wide around me. I am riding your body now.




I cry out when the electric triggers shock across my body. Spasmic intensity that flows outward then reverses with an unstoppable inward flow, centers like a dwarf star in my testicles…There is that momentary pause in a man when he knows he is about to come hard and there is nothing he can do to stop it. Everything is centered on the magna flow of sperm that has accumulated in his balls. The pressure is intensely focused there for that brief moment in time. Then with explosive fury that pressure is released and the hot lava flow of sperm races through the shaft with blinding speed as it erupts deep inside your warm pussy…

Tremendous joy,



To finally cum inside you. To coat your insides with my seed. My head falls to yours, leaning one against the other.




My ragged breath fades into slow measured breathing. For a moment, all is right with the world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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