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Her hands pressed my head tightly to her bosom and at the same time pushing it downwards from her cleavage towards her right breast, causing my lips to brush across her erect and hard nipple. She let out a growl.

At that point, I wanted to resist her pushing my head further, but it was not necessary as she herself stabilized my head there by clutching my hair in such a way that my lips were on her nipple. It was hot and hard even thro the cloth of her top, I could not resist catching her clothed nipple between my lips and giving it a squeeze.

The woman in my arms shuddered and moaned at the same time and clutched my head further to her bosom and my mouth to her breast. I rewarded her with opening my mouth and taking the breast in my mouth and nibbling it with my teeth.

In the position that we were in, our lower bodies were finding it difficult to remain flushed. I moved my lower body away from hers, she giving protesting sounds through her half-opened mouth and teeth, her head now in contact with the top of mine in a sort of tight embrace. My moving back also necessitated my relaxing the kneading of her buttocks, she started protesting sounds again which turned to gasps as I slithered my hands round to her sides at the hips and traced both my thumbs to her groin, feeling the heat there with them that which was being felt till recently by my genitals.

I moved my hands further to the front causing my thumbs to meet each other on her lower belly where the apex of her pubic mound would be. She shuffled her legs, my hands feeling the firmness and the tremor in her thighs as she moved bursa escort them further apart.

I took the cue and slid my left hand down further till I had cupped her entire mound with the palm of my hand and gave her a squeeze there. She brought her thighs closed so as to not lose my hand from there. She was literally burning with heat there and I could hardly wait to satiate her there with ministrations of my hands, fingers, mouth, lips, tongue and finally my phallus.

But I controlled myself with a deep breath wanting to keep glorious thing going on for as much time as possible knowing that that was what she also wanted. But both of us had given in to this desire mentally momentarily, this resulting in spasms going thro both our taut bodies and small ejaculations taking place in us.

I could feel the sudden wetness in the heat that I had cupped in my palm and also the squirt that effected from my phallus into my brief. She sensed my orgasm and understanding it moved one of her hands from my head to the zipper of my pant and squeezed firmly with her strong hands. She ran her fingers along the length of my clothed phallus, and gave a squeal after she realized the length and thickness.

For my part, I sucked her erect tissue namely her nipple into my mouth and more than nibbled and less than bit it. A shudder traversed her body. Reluctantly, we drew apart fully knowing that we would be going into another phase of lovemaking soon, this time skin-to-skin and flesh-to-flesh.

Both our hearts were beating wildly and our breaths deep and full in the anticipation of watching escort bursa each other unclothe and sight the hitherto covered treasures of each other’s bodies.

I watched her deep breathing heave her bosom up and down, the top straining to contain her swelling breasts, her nipples erect and pushing through the fabric. She was not wearing any kind of bra underneath the blouse, indicating that she had planned to make the most of this opportunity of us being by ourselves today.

I wondered whether the same was the case under her sari and whether this was what between my palm and her mound. The near-yet-so-far scenario coursed more blood into my phallus making it grow further in length and thickness.

It was becoming painful to keep my engorged penis caged in the undergarment and she seeing my discomfort moved towards me and once again cupped my swollen pant crotch and weighted it. Her lustful eyes looked at me in anticipation and her breath grew more hoarse. Her hand unbuckled my belt, undid my pant and drew the zip down. My tented brief was freed and she marveled at the size. She went down on her knees and with trembling hands slipped her fingers around the band of elastic and pulled it down slowly. My phallus was released from its prison, uncoiled like a spring released. It swung within inches of her face as she looked at it transfixed. The proximity to her face, mouth and lips made my penis grow even more so as to bridge the gap. In the event, the prepuce was pulled back over the hardened shaft exposing the deep-red glans/helmet, with a small whitish glob of seminal fluid at escort bursa the orifice.

She seemed to have frozen at the sight of the large and voluminous phallus, its reddish hue, the seeping of semen and the involuntary throbbing it underwent because of the desire.

When she did not move for some moments,I decided to take the matter into my hands by simultaneously moving towards her and taking hold of her head and bringing her face forward. My glans touched her parted, moist and burning lips. The contact made a paroxysm seize my body. I brought my hands to the side of her face, pressed her cheeks and coaxed her to open her mouth further. She looked up and at the same time opened her lips further to allow the head of phallus inside.

The encompassing of the glans by her hot mouth coupled with the silkiness of her tongue and the sharpness of her teeth was too much for me and I ejaculated. To her credit that she realized the situation and made sure that she did not lose a drop of semen by swallowing the same and milked for more by sucking the head.. I slowly and steadily pushed more of my penis into her mouth until I hit the roof of her throat. I once again cupped her cheek making her open her mouth more so that a little more headway can be made into her muscular throat.

I saw to it that she did not gag and left it to her as to how far to go. She sensed this and relaxed her throat muscles for a moment, took my phallus in as far as possible and then once again brought the muscles back to normal tension. They clasped my penis and squeezed it. I was beyond myself at the sensations this lovely, desirable and voluptuous woman was giving me that I thrust my groin further forward towards her mouth till my pubic hair was in her face. I ever so gently thrust and withdrew my penis in and out of her throat making love to her mouth with my penis.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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