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This is the story of Patty and her Adventures in the city. Be sure to check out the profile to read the foreword to her story. Enjoy!

Chapter Nineteen, The Belle vs. The Captain and Jaina vs. Brandi!

When Alicia joined the rest, they all smiled and waved as Danny said, “That’s quite a line-up! Who will walk away with that Five K? Ladies, Let’s Get This Tourney Underway and Find Out! First Match is, Lisa Silverstone, Our Belle of the Ball vs. Captain Morgan, Queen of the High Seas!

Some of the others, including Alicia and Sarah went to the performers area as the tenders helped the first two fighters into their corners of the ring while most of the other fighters stayed ringside. Danny did a promo for a charity lingerie car wash Katz was putting on the following weekend as the ladies readied themselves. Lisa moved to and stood in the center of the ring, with a stern look on her face while The Captain was leaning on the turnbuckles with her arms on the top rope, flashing some French Flirts lace until, Ding, Ding, Ding and the match is on!

The ladies ran at each other with Captain Morgan putting The Belle on the mat with a hip toss back into the center of the ring. Lisa’s satin gown fluttered with her slip’s lace spilling out as Danny narrated the action, adding in comments. When Morgan jumped on and rolled up top, Lisa had her way with The Captain’s uniform from underneath her as Morgan bounced on Lisa’s tummy. “Our Belle is going for the flag as she should!” Danny announced.

Buttons flew in all directions as Lisa opened her jacket, then shirt exposing Morgan’s impressive breasts in a charming snow-white French Flirts camisole with no brassiere under. Danny exclaimed, “I believe one of those buttons landed on this table, but WOW, what a pair! Encased in gorgeous lace! What could be better?

The Captain held Lisa to the mat for a few moments shagging her then Morgan reached behind her grabbing the red satin skirt of Lisa’s gown. Morgan jerked Lisa’s gown up over her knees showing off the captivating formal slip Lisa was wearing under while she shimmied from under Morgan. Danny shouted into the microphone, “What a stunning slip Our Belle has on! I sure hope nothing happens to it!”

Morgan backed Lisa into the turnbuckles holding her in the corner pulling up her gown, trying to rip it as the crowd cheered. After a few moments with no success, she took a step back, gave it a hard jerk and shoved Lisa into the corner then returned to the center of the ring waving at The Belle, as she shouted “C’mon, Let’s GO!”

Lisa just looked at Morgan for a moment, then looked around at the crowd as a dazzling smile came to her lips, The Belle took a couple steps forward and exploded, running at The Captain, putting her to the canvas with a head lock takedown, then another when both popped back to their feet.

“Our demure Belle has gone crazy!” Danny shouted as Lisa put Morgan on the canvas once more when both popped back up. Danny shouted, “Our Belle has made it to her Sweet Spot! She’s in the pocket and The Captain needs to be wary of The Belle!” Both popped to their feet and Lisa just looked at Morgan.

Taking a step forward, Morgan then staggered back into the corner, and back on the ropes. The Captain seemed to be disorientated while she straightened her skirt somewhat as Lisa shouted at her, working the crowd, but also giving The Captain a breather. There was no stutter in Lisa’s voice now as her shouts thundered throughout the venue.

Lisa turned counterclockwise in a boxing stance with her hands up protecting her face as Morgan left the corner, circling her. When Morgan ran in, Lisa leaned in, putting The Captain on the canvas by grabbing and lifting her at the back of her knees with her legs flailing about making her skirt and slip ride up to the top of her thighs as Lisa held the back of her ankles. “WOW, What a Takedown and What a Hot Slip Our Captain has on! I sure hope nothing happens to it!”

The Captain shoved The Belle away with her feet, but Lisa turned back in, shoving Morgan back to the canvas, standing over her and shouting. The Captain took this opportunity to rip the front of the Lisa’s gown most of the way up to her waist. Lisa jumped on her, but Morgan countered by grabbing her leg and flipping The Belle on her back. The ripped part of Lisa’s gown fell open putting her eye-catching formal slip on display. Morgan sat on The Belle’s stomach facing away from her then pulled Lisa’s slip up and seemed to just play with the captivating slip’s lace, instead of try to destroy it as Danny asked, “What is The Good Captain doing?”

Lisa had other ideas as she went to work on The Captain’s skirt jerking it from between them taking her slip with it then pulling straight up ripped the back of the skirt to the waist. Just for good measure, Lisa made one more rip to the side of the first all the way up, and another partial tear in a matter of moments. “Our Belle of the Ball is really taking care of Business! The Business of getting bahis şirketleri to The Captain’s flag!” Danny commented.

The Captain made it to her feet with the rear of her skirt in tatters and lovable slip lace on display. Her jacket and shirt hung open revealing the luxuriant lace that encased her abundant boobs.

Lisa bounced back to her feet and before her dress could settle, the crowd cheered as The Captain pulled Lisa’s dress to the side exposing her silky soft and lacy formal half-slip again. Holding one side of the gown up with a hand as her other shredded the satin, Morgan made two large holes in Lisa’s gown.

Danny commented, “Captain Morgan is going for The Belle’s Flag! WOW! What a beautiful formal slip Our Belle has on. What kind do you think it is? The crowd shouted back “Van Raalte!” Then The Captain slammed The Belle to the canvas.

Lisa stood up as The Captain pulled her up by her hair in the center of the ring then both took a run to a corner with The Captain slamming Lisa’s face into a turnbuckle. Lisa fell to the mat like a rag doll, and The Captain strutted around the ring shouting at Belle and The Crowd, giving Lisa a breather.

The Captain was leaning over the ropes shouting at some guy in the audience behind the barricade, something about her slip as Lisa slowly started to stand up.

Taking a step back The Captain jerked the front of her skirt up as she pulled her slip down by its lace then shouted at the guy, “YOU WANT THIS?” and jerked her slip’s gorgeous lace.

He shouted back, “YES!”

Morgan shouted at him again as she pulled her skirt up more, “YOU REALLY WANT MY SLIP?” and jerked the slip’s lace hard this time, as The Belle was back on her feet just looking at The Captain and around at the crowd.

Danny announced, “That is one sexy slip, Captain! Check out her Sensuous French Lace!” as the guy and a few others shouted at Morgan, “YES!”

The Captain looked at Danny, smiled, and checked slip’s lace out by giving it another hard pull then used it on herself as she shouted at them, “OHHH, THIS FEELS SO GOOD! YOU REALLY WANT THIS SEXY SLIP?”

One guy was just about pleading with The Captain as the others shouted, “YES!”

A sinister smile came to Morgan’s lips as her playing with the sensual slip tuned to mistreatment of it, while she shouted “WELL, YOU CAN’T HAVE HER!” jerking her slip’s lace so hard she just about ripped it.

Lisa just stood behind her looking around, then at Morgan, then back at the crowd. A smile came to The Belle’s lips as she shrugged her shoulders and took a run at Morgan.

Grabbing her arm, The Belle spun The Captain around ending the conversation. Lisa pulled The Captains uniform jacket off of her and went for her shirt, but The Good Captain got away and pulled her shirt back over her shoulders as she bounced back from the ropes on the opposite side of the ring from where the shouting match about her slip took place. Danny commented, “Oooops! The Captain is out of uniform!” as Lisa threw the jacket into The Captain’s chest and it fell to the floor with Morgan stepping on it a couple of times as she advanced, so she stopped, kicked her shoes off, then kicked the jacket out of the way.

The Belle took this opportunity and advanced on The Captain taking her down with a leg sweep. Patty was paying attention and noticed some signals the fighters gave each other, and thought she saw more but didn’t recognize them. Danny shouted into the microphone, “Ohhhh, The Captain went down hard!” Morgan rolled back and forth on the canvas with her skirt bunched around her waist and slip on display, flapping as Lisa circled her, blowing kisses to the crowd. Danny put his hand up making a motion like he caught a kiss as he said, “Thanks Belle!” into the microphone.

Lisa casually walked up to and stood over Morgan giggling as she shredded The Captain’s skirt giving the front of it the same treatment as she gave the back. She opened a hole in the white skirt, ripped one side all the way up, put another hole in it and a couple of more tears.

The Captain’s slip underneath remained untouched and in pristine condition, as The Belle shredded the front of her skirt. Morgan grabbed her wrist and Lisa rips the skirt off her and tosses it over her shoulder as Danny shouted into the microphone, “Now The Good Captain is really out of uniform with that sexy slip on permanent display!”

Jerking Morgan’s slip up by its lace, The Belle took her sweet time with The Captain’s knickers ripping a little lace here, tearing them up one side slashing holes into them and ripping a little more lace there. Morgan grabbed The Belle’s wrist and Lisa took the tattered knickers from her, exposing her flag as Danny commented. “Well, those knickers were nice!” while the crowd cheered louder when Lisa tossed them over her shoulder.

Patty thought this may be a signal and was amazed at how her Sissie operated. The Belle pulled on and played with The Captain’s snazzy slip for the moment twisting bahis firmaları it’s lace in her grip and stroking her silky nylon body following the “put on a good show rule.”

The Captain stood while The Belle played and snatched her slip from Lisa as they started hand wrestling with The Captain’s slip bouncing and swirling around her shapely legs while they moved around the ring. Danny kept commenting about how beautiful Morgan’s half-slip and camisole set is as the crowd cheered and whistled louder.

Lisa twisted a hand and Morgan went to her knees then in a power move, slowly stood back up as her slip twitched and bounced, with the crowd chanting, Cap-tain, Cap-tain until she was back on her feet. Danny commented asking a question to nobody, “Such a gorgeous lacy slip The Captain has, I wonder who made it?” The cheering crowd shouted back “Van Raalte!”

Back on her feet, The Captain released The Belle’s hands and shoved Lisa hard in the chest making her fall to the mat. The Good Captain bounced off the ropes and was on The Belle in a heartbeat sitting on her boobs with her fine round ass in Lisa’s face as Danny shouted, “Looks like The Belle is down and The Captain is going straight for her flag!” while Morgan was ripping and tearing at her gown.

The Captain reached into a hole in The Belle’s gown grabbing Lisa’s slip pulling some of it out of the hole by it’s lace. As The Belle made it back to her feet, Captain Morgan jerked Lisa’s sensuous slip down over her ass to her thighs as Danny commented “There is another beautiful slip worn by Our Own, Belle of the Ball!” and with another yank to her lace, Lisa’s slip fell to her ankles pooling around her feet.

With her feet tangled in her slip, The Belle went back down to the canvas. Lisa’s flailing feet kicked out of her slip, sending it across the ring, over the side and out to the floor, as she jerked the back of The Captain’s slip tearing some lace loose. Danny commented, “Looks like The Belle’s beautiful slip got away! One step closer to the flag for The Captain!”

Pulling her ankle, The Captain went down as The Belle stood up. Lisa grabbed The Captain by a foot as she tried to crawl away dragging her back to the center of the ring on her stomach making her slip ride up and bunch around her thighs, then rolled Morgan over on her back and stood over her, giggling.

The end was near for The Captain’s slip when The Belle ran her hand under the torn lace with a wide smile on her face, bunched it up even more over the top of Morgan’s thighs grabbing the half-slip by it’s waist band pulling up stretching the slip to the max until she lifted The Captain’s hips off the mat a few inches. Jerking the slip, Lisa bounced Morgan up and down as Danny and the crowd counted the times The Captain was bounced off the canvas. The French Flirts finally gave up tearing a seam most of the way up after a dozen pulls, as Danny commented, “Well, that was a nice slip too!”

Lisa’s slip landed in a pile of silky nylon and lace on the concrete floor with only a little lace torn loose at the top of her cathedral slit. Lisa’s slip had no real damage that would keep her from fighting another day, as The Belle pulled, then ripped The Captain’s slip again before retreating to a corner because she was tired after all that pulling and jerking on the French Flirts.

The Captain made it to her feet and shouted at Lisa from the center of the ring in her once drop-dead gorgeous but now destroyed half-slip giving The Belle a breather. The other part of her set, the snow white camisole was still in perfect condition under her open shirt.

Patty thought she saw them give discreet winks to each other, she would have to ask later. First Lisa winked, then when Morgan winked back, Lisa ran at her and into a discus clothesline which dropped Lisa to the mat.

The Captain stood over The Belle shouting at her, until Lisa reached up and with a laugh ripped the lace panel of The Captain’s Camisole down the front. Morgan’s tits spilled out and Lisa grabbed then tweaked them. Danny shouted into the microphone. “There goes The Captain’s Camisole, but WOW! What a Nice Pair!

The Captain was now taking her turn making quick work of The Belle’s gown. Patty could see she was pro also demonstrating how quickly she could shred a satin gown finally ripping the front wide open to Lisa’s waist, exposing her lavish lace trimmed taps. Danny commented about how much he liked Red Satin and the crowd shouted back, “WE DO TOO!”

Tossing each side of the gown over, Morgan played with Lisa’s fully exposed taps a little, as Danny asked, “What is the Good Captain doing with those fabulous taps? Then Morgan started slashing holes, and ripping their silky body, while tearing away the beautiful lace as Danny commented, “I guess she was doing whatever she wanted to do with them! The Captain knows she is in command!” Lisa arched her back slightly and grabbed Morgan’s wrist who in turn took Lisa’s taps exposing her flag, as Danny shouted, “She kaçak bahis siteleri was taking them, that’s what!” as Morgan threw the destroyed lingerie back into Lisa’s face.

Lisa bounced back to her feet and the once alluring taps fell to the floor as Morgan grabbed Lisa’s gown tearing away a third of the skirt. Throwing the red satin into Lisa’s face, as they both circled each other. The Belle then pays The Captain back by completely shredding her slip set. Lisa rips the lace of The Captain’s slip even more and shreds it’s silky nylon body with tears and holes until the half-slip is very badly damaged her torn lace hanging down and silky body riddled with holes front and back.

Lisa then finishes off the camisole slashing and jerking it breaking the straps until the camisole just falls off of The Captain to the canvas. The crowd cheers at the sight of Morgan’s boobs as Danny shouts into the Microphone, “The Captain’s Camisole may be out of the game, but The Captain is Not!”

All The Captain has left of her costume now is a open white shirt with no buttons, a completely destroyed half-slip with torn lace hanging down and shredded stockings. Lisa finishes the job, reaching under what is left of Morgan’s slip and with a quick rip to each side she captures The Captain’s flag holding it up just moments before her flag is taken. The bell rings and Lisa moves on to the next bracket, but The Captain is finished for the night.

The Good Captain and The Belle step to the center of the ring, then Morgan holds up Lisa’s hand in Victory. Lisa’s slip is gone, but her dress is mostly there. The only thing Morgan has left is her shredded slip, shirt, and stockings. The Captain holds the ropes for The Belle as they exit the ring to the cheers of the crowd while Danny announces the next match then calls a seven minute intermission.

A trash cart is wheeled out and the destroyed clothing left behind littering the ring is removed by the tenders and tossed in the cart. Then the cart is wheeled back to it’s place. Music plays for a few minutes until Danny turns the music down, opens the microphone, does a promo spot, for the other side of Katz, where “Gentlemen’s Club Stuff Happens”. Patty giggled at this, wondering if Quinn may have told him to say that watching her as she climbed back into the ring to the cheers of the crowd.

With Quinn and a referee back in the ring, the lights dimmed in the venue as the fog machines came on. We Got the Beat started playing then Brandi stepped out and skipped most of the way down the runway.

Quinn started speaking as the spotlights brightened introducing Brandi, like this as she appeared, Our Belle of the Ball has moved on to round two, but who will win this match? I am pleased to Introduce to You, Brandi Freeman, hailing from just up the five in Buttonwillow, California! Will Brandi move on? Quinn was flashing a dazzling smile, as she turned a circle in the ring, working the crowd to give it up for Brandi.

Brandi was really putting on a show stopping at the end of the runway, throwing her hands up then placing them on her backside, rotating her hips as her hands moved to her knees then sliding her skirt up showing off that gorgeous golden satin slip with black lace.

Skipping the last few steps to the cheers of the crowd, she slowly walked up the ring steps slowly swishing her skirt, showing a lot of that alluring black lace then the apron, and climbed into the ring between the center and top rope then hugged Quinn.

The arena went quiet as Freehold Battle Music thundered, and Jaina stepped out. The spotlights focused and brightened as she stood in hooded robes holding a large ornate staff. The crowd cheered when she let her hood down and started walking down the runway moving side to side to shake or hi-fived the fans lined up along the barricade.

Lisa was waiting for Jaina at the end of the runway, looking drop-dead gorgeous wearing a blue sequined cocktail dress that fell to about mid-thigh. Jaina handed Lisa her staff, then removed her robes showing off the gorgeous, scalloped lace of her Shadowline slip through the split in the front of her lavender wrap midi dress. The lace of a matching camisole could be seen in the plunging neckline of the top of the dress.

Quinn introduced her like this, May I introduce to you, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jaina Patton! Will it be Our Jaina who moves on? Jaina, (Sarah) walked to the edge of the ring and up the steps in a way that put a lot of her slip on display to the cheering crowd, climbed through the ropes, then hugged Quinn and the referee called the ladies to the center of the ring.

Quinn left the ring and stood between Linda and Patty. Linda asked Quinn where the Valkyrie were, and Quinn answered as the fighters met in the center of the ring. “None of them signed up for tonight, which was surprising, but Sigrdrífa is signed on for tomorrow.” Brandi and Jaina went to their corners and a few moments later, ding ding, ding, the match was on!

The ladies ran at each other, and Jaina slid into home plate grabbing Brandi’s button up denim skirt taking a few buttons off of it exposing Brandi’s black lace as her skirt rode up showing off a lot of white scalloped lace.

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