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Their first semester of college had ended and the twins were home for the holidays. It was now the Thursday after Christmas and the twins had been enjoying the break, although they had not had any opportunity to have sex since they had been home. John and Sandy had been home for Christmas. They had left Wednesday morning to return to Indianapolis. Becky had been home for more than a week. Paul had been relegated to sleeping on the couch for almost a week while John and Sandy occupied his bedroom. He had been happy last night when he got to sleep in his own bed again.

Susan was sitting on the edge of Paul’s bed talking to him. She said, “Paul, we have got to find a way to be alone this week. We have to get Becky out of the house for a while.”

“Yeah. Last summer, she was seldom at home more than two or three nights a week. She hasn’t gone out all week.”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s the cold weather that is keeping her from going out. Something has got to give. To be honest, I am horny as hell.”

“Don’t feel lonesome, sis. Remember, I had a date last night with Karen. That just added to my frustration.”

“I would suggest that you dump her if she leaves you so frustrated. If I did that, though, I would have to suggest the same thing to myself.”

“Yeah. For two people who love sex as much as we do, to stay with people who don’t seem to have that much interest in it; we must love them.”

“That is probably true, Paul. It just doesn’t make it any easier to take.”

“I know. We’ll find a time and a place to get together. Hopefully today or tonight.”

“I had better get out of here. That urge is too strong to just jump your bones. I know that if we try it with Becky in the house, we will get caught.”

Paul just nodded his head and Susan walked out of his room. She went to the kitchen to fix herself something to eat.

Since Mr. Ward was usually busy all summer interviewing prospective new teachers and planning for the new school year, he and his wife seldom took a vacation during the summer months. As was their custom, they were taking a short trip over the holidays. They had left this morning for the airport. They were spending five days in New Orleans this winter.

Susan and Becky were in the room that they normally shared when they were both at home. Becky was now in her junior year at St. Elizabeth and this trip home was the first time that the two of them had been together since the twins started college, except for the weekend of John’s wedding. Susan had been sitting in her room since she had left Paul’s room and gotten something to eat. She was wearing her favorite ‘sit-in-her room’ attire — a T-shirt and nothing else. Becky had just come from the shower and was wearing only a robe. While looking in her dresser drawers for clean clothes to wear, she asked, “How is everything going at school?”

“Pretty good. How about you?”

“Schools going pretty good. My sex life sucks though.”

“The club gets bigger every day.”

“You? You’ve been going with the same guy for over a year. Can’t he keep you satisfied? What’s his name … Bill?”

“Yeah, it’s Bill. It not a matter of can’t. I think that if I walked in to the room naked and sat on his lap that he’d run away.”

“God. I hope that you have a friendly roommate in that dorm.”

“What do you mean?”

“Damn, Susan. You’re not that naïve, are you? You know a roommate that helps ease your sexual frustration. I did, my first two years. But this year, I got a super-religious fanatic that is so shy she changes clothes in the bathroom and wears ankle length nightgowns to bed. That’s why I asked for a new roommate for next semester. But what about you; is your roommate helping you to take the edge off.”

“Well, yeah. We have taken care of each other a few times. But neither one of us is gay.”

“Hell, I’m not either. But if you can’t get your pussy filled with a cock, it helps to have a friendly tongue around to take care of it.”

“Without a ‘friendly roommate’ as you call it, what are you doing to keep satisfied this year.”

“A couple of guys that I went out with this year were interesting enough that I managed to get screwed once in a while. Then my roommate from last year has an apartment with a couple of other girls; I’ve managed to visit her a few times during the semester. But for the last month or so — well, it’s been just my trusty fingers, my vibrator and my pussy.”

When Becky tossed her robe on the bed, Susan looked admiringly at her sister’s naked body. Becky was about two inches shorter than Susan and weighed about five pounds more. She sported a nice set of 36C tits. Becky was taking clean underwear out of her drawer when Susan asked, “Are you trying to tell me that you want some help that way?”

Becky responded, “No. That’s not what I am trying to say. But I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity.” She rubbed her pussy and added, “If you’re interested, get that T-shirt off.” The words were barely out of her mouth and the T-shirt was on the floor and Susan was in Becky’s arms. The two of them kissed ardently and Susan reached for one of her sister’s breasts. kartal escort bayan As Susan fondled Becky’s tit, Becky reached between them and rubbed her sister’s pussy. Becky said, “Hey, I like this. How long have you had it trimmed like this?”

The two continued to play with each others’ boobs and finger the others’ pussy as Susan said, “Since earlier in the school year. Andrea, my roommate, did it for me. I’ve kept it trimmed since then.” The two of them sat on the edge of Becky’s bed and continued playing with each other until Susan pushed her sister to her back and placed her head between her sister’s legs and started to lap at her pussy. Having been so long without any sex, it did not take Becky long to cum. She then rolled Susan to her back and started to eat her. She kept running her tongue in and out of Susan’s twat until the familiar moans and then screams came as Susan had her orgasm. The two of them kissed and held each other close for some time.

When her breathing returned to normal, Becky asked, “If that guy you’re going with isn’t plugging this hole, he’s gotta be nuts. Paul has been going with that Karen girl about as long as you’ve been going with Bill. He must be getting some from her.”

“Not from what he tells me,” said Susan. “My understanding is that he gets his hand in there once in a while, but that’s it. I guess that when he tries to get her hand on his cock, even through his pants, she freaks out. No, from what he tells me, he’s using his hand quite a bit.”

“Poor guy. He’s too good a looking guy to be walking around with ‘blue balls’ all of the time. If that girl doesn’t start putting out pretty quick, he had better find another girl.”

“I don’t know. He thinks that he loves her and because of that he is willing to wait. He’s a lot like me; my love for Bill makes me willing to wait for him. I think that Paul is in the same boat.”

“I guess that I have never been in love. I go out with a guy and see if I want to fuck him. If I don’t think that I want to fuck him, I don’t go out with him again. The problem is the few that I do want to fuck; afterward I don’t want to go out with them again. I guess that I’m just too picky. As a result, I only get laid about three times a month out of about fifteen or twenty guys that I go out with.

“Fifteen or twenty guys a month that you go out with. Shit, when do you study?”

“That’s only about every other day. A lot of them are ‘balance my budget dates — you know, let them take me to a movie or out for a meal. That way my allowance lasts longer”

“Do you protect yourself when you go to bed with these guys?”

“Well, I’m on the pill to keep from getting pregnant. And I don’t know what these guys have been doing sexually, so none of them gets his pecker wet without a condom.”

“That’s smart. You know, earlier you were talking about all you have had in the last couple of months are your fingers and your vibrator. What’s it like to use a vibrator? I’ve never used one.”

“Well, we can solve that. Let me get mine.”

Becky walked over to the dresser and reached in her purse and pulled out a long plastic item. She walked back to her bed and said, “Lesson time. This may be the most important thing that you learn in the next six months.” Becky reached down and parted the lips of Susan’s pussy and inserted the tip between them. After moving it around inside of Susan for a few seconds, she flicked a switch and the device started humming. An exhilarated look crossed Susan’s face and she began a low murmur. Becky moved the vibrator and it contacted the younger sister’s clit. The volume and intensity of the moans increased and soon Susan was screaming. Susan was at the height of her orgasm when the door to their room suddenly opened. The two girls naked on the bed looked up to see Paul standing in the doorway, clad only in his briefs. Both girls immediately noticed that the view was causing his cock to harden.

Paul said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to barge in on you like this. But I heard the screams and thought that something was wrong. I thought that I had heard them earlier. I was asleep and it woke me up. When I didn’t hear anything else, I thought that I was dreaming. Everything seems to be okay in here, so I guess that I’ll go back to my room.”

Becky moved the vibrator deeper into her sister’s pussy and said, “No, Paul, you don’t have to leave. You’ve seen this much. Stay for the rest. How do you like the way your sister’s pussy hair is trimmed?”

Walking toward the bed, Paul said, “I like it. Especially the way that little ball of hair stands out all alone above her pussy.”

Becky quickly asked, “How did you know that, Paul? I’ve had her pussy covered with my hand the whole time that you have been in here.”

Susan had now turned beet-red and Paul was stammering for an answer, as he said, “Well, I guess that I did see it earlier . . . when she was coming out of the shower.”

Becky laughed and said, “Or when you were fucking.”

Susan finally spoke, “Why would you think something like that?”

Becky quickly retorted, “I don’t think so, I know so. You escort maltepe two were too nonchalant when he walked in here and found us naked and playing with each other. Oh, don’t worry. I won’t spoil you secret and tell anyone else. John and I started fucking each other when I was just out of high school and kept it up when we had the opportunity until last summer. Now that he’s married, I don’t think we will get the chance again.” Looking at Susan, she said, “Now you’re going to share.” She got up from the bed and walked toward the dresser and added, “How long has it been since you two got together.”

Holding the vibrator in place, Susan said, “Just before Christmas, why?”

Becky answered, “That means that I get to go first. Paul, get your shorts off and get on your back on the bed.” As she walked over to the bed, she said, “Susan, why don’t you sit on his face. You haven’t had your pussy eaten in almost half an hour.” She grasped Paul’s hard cock and slid a condom over it and straddled her younger brother. She raised herself in the air and slid her pussy down over his cock, taking it all in one stroke. Paul was already busy with his tongue probing the pussy above his face. Paul kept his steady attack on that nearly bare pussy, not forgetting his sister’s pulsing clitoris. Meanwhile, Becky was sliding up and down on Paul’s throbbing cock. Susan was beginning to moan and everyone knew that the noise would be nearly deafening very soon. What Paul and Susan didn’t know, however, was the intensity of Becky’s orgasms. As Becky neared her orgasm she moved just a little to change the angle of Paul’s rod entering her cunt. The pace of her strokes had now picked up and her clit was being stimulated on each stroke. As Susan started to scream, Becky started matching her decibel for decibel. The two girls were just about to collapse in each other’s arms when Paul began to cum profusely. The three of them relaxed together until Becky said, “Susan, have you ever eaten a freshly fucked pussy.”

Maneuvering on to all fours, Susan said, “No, but I think that I am about to.” Turning to Paul, she asked, “Is that thing almost hard yet?”

Paul responded, “Almost. But I am sure that watching you eat her pussy will finish the job.” Susan then began to munch on her older sister’s pussy. Paul watched his two sisters for a short while until his shaft had reached full erection. Sliding behind the younger of his two sisters, He slid his slick cock into her gaping hole. Susan kept lapping at Becky’s slit and Paul drove his member in and out of that inviting twat. Susan was relishing the just fucked taste of her sister’s pussy as she continued to eat it. Her tongue darted in and out of Becky’s pussy, regularly pausing to lick and chew on the clitoris. As Paul continued to pump his cock in and out of that pussy, he reached around Susan to fondle and squeeze her boobs. As they neared orgasm, both girls started to moan, but Susan was the only one who screamed this time. Paul finally unloaded into his sister and the three of them fell into a heap on the bed.

The three of them laid there together getting their breath and regaining their composure. After several minutes, Becky sat up and started to get out of bed announcing that she had to go pee. As she stood up she spotted a used condom on the floor. She bent to pick it up and looked at her brother. Holding the condom up, she asked, Paul, “Didn’t you wear anything when you fucked Susan?”

Paul said, “No, only when I was with you.”

Susan quickly said, “We agreed when we started that it wasn’t necessary until one of us fucked someone without using a condom.”

Becky looked at Paul and asked, “Do you mean to tell me that you have never fucked anyone except Susan without a condom?”

Paul answered, “Since you two are the only ones that I have ever fucked, I guess so.”

Becky then looked at Susan and said, “Have you always used a condom whenever you fucked someone else.”

Susan looked at her like she was being a meddlesome mother and said, “Duh. He’s the only guy that I have ever fucked.”

Becky looked at them and said, “I’m sorry if I’m coming across like a worry-wart, but I care about you two. It’s just a little incredulous to believe that two people who seem to like sex as much as you two and not getting any from their boy friend or girl friend would not be getting sex somewhere else.” She then walked out the door to the bathroom.

When he heard the bathroom door close, Paul said, “Earlier today, we were worried about how we were going to get some time alone while Mom and Dad are gone. Now, I guess that is not a problem.”

Susan frowned and said, “Paul. Am I wrong to think this way? I don’t want to share.”

“When you started out earlier this afternoon, I was the one who was going to have to share. That didn’t seem to bother you. She’s our sister. It’s only going to be for a few more days. Then it will be just us again.”

“Yeah. You’re right.” She kissed him and gave him a hug.

Becky came back into the room and said, “Paul, we need to get dressed to go pick up something for supper.”

Susan said, “Why don’t pendik escort we just order and have it delivered. Or don’t they do that in Fairchild.”

Becky gave her a dirty look and said, “Yes. They do that in Fairchild. … It’s just that … well, I only have two condoms left in my purse and I hope I need more than that.”

Susan laughed and said, “Don’t worry. I have a fresh box in my dresser drawer. I bought them in case Paul got lucky and we had to start using them.”

Paul was laughing by now, also. He said, “And I have another box in my dresser. I thought that Susan would get tired of waiting for Bill and would go find another guy to have sex with. Then I would need them.”

Becky said, “Shit and I was worried about you two being careful. Hell, you have all of the bases covered. Whoever knows the number, order the pizza? I’m buying. Maybe we won’t get dressed until New Year’s Eve.”

The three of them came close to accomplishing Becky’s prophesy. Except for putting on a robe to answer the door when food was delivered, they had stayed naked virtually the entire time until Saturday evening when Paul and Susan had dates. Becky did get dressed one day because she wanted to go to the store to get some beer. When she was gone she stopped at the grocery store to stock up on food. That cut down the amount of times that they had to order food to be delivered. They did manage to put a significant hole in the condom supply that Susan and Paul had. To Becky’s way of thinking, they didn’t use enough of them. When their parents came home from New Orleans, Becky didn’t even start getting dressed until they were already in the house.

On New Year’s Eve, they had slept most of the day and began to party at about eight o’clock. It had been Becky’s plan that they would all three be about half drunk and be engaged in a three-way fuck at the stroke of midnight. Susan had never been one to drink very much and the amount of alcohol that she consumed that night had her drunk by midnight. It was just as well because after they finished their ‘two-year-fuck,’ as Becky called it, Susan passed out. Paul, although not as drunk as Susan, had consumed more than he should have. The alcohol had a definite negative effect on him. He was having an extremely difficult time attaining an erection. By fifteen minutes after midnight, Susan was passed out on the floor in front of the television and Becky was busy trying to raise the dead, namely Paul’s cock, with her mouth. She spent more than twenty minutes sucking that limp dick and the best that she could do was get him about half hard. She straddled his legs and tried to force that half-hard cock into her well-used, wet snatch. She got him all of the way in but after riding him for half of an hour, neither of them was any way near ready to cum. She finally gave up and they both fell asleep.

It was now the first Thursday of the New Year and Paul was looking forward to Saturday when he would return to school. The amount of sex that he had experienced in the last week had exhausted him and he could use some rest. Today was not the day that he was going to get that much needed rest.

Paul and Becky were out of bed and dressed at seven o’clock. Mr. Ward had just left for work. It was the second day back after the holiday break at his high school. Mrs. Ward was fixing breakfast for her children. Becky was returning to Fairchild today and Paul was going to drive her. When they finished eating, they started loading Becky’s bags into their mother’s car. Becky made one last trip back to her room to make sure that she hadn’t left anything behind. Paul followed her to her room. Becky checked her dresser drawers, the closet and under the bed. She was satisfied that she had not left anything behind. As she turned to leave, she noticed that Susan was awake. She walked over to her sister’s bed and gave her a kiss. She said, “I’ll see you later, Susan. I am looking forward to spring break. This last week has been really enjoyable.” She turned to leave and said to Paul, “We had better get going. It’s a long drive.”

Paul said, “I’ll be right there.” Then, he went to Susan and gave her a kiss. He reached under the covers and felt her pussy and said, “Keep this warm for me until I get back.” Susan smiled at him and nodded her head. Paul left the room and followed Becky to the car.

In about fifteen minutes, Paul had reached the toll way and was driving east. The two of them engaged in innocuous conversations during their uneventful trip to Indiana. A few miles west of Fairchild they stopped for lunch. After a quick meal, they completed the trip to Becky’s new dormitory. Paul felt lucky to find a parking space right near the front door of the building. As they were walking toward the front door, Becky said, “Today is the first day that we can get into the dorm. This week-end, cars will be lined up around the block trying to unload.” They walked into the dorm and approached the main desk. Becky informed them that she was checking into a new room. After checking her file, they gave her a key to her room and the name of the roommate who was assigned to her room. Becky knew from experience that the only people who checked into the dorms on the Thursday before classes begin were new students and those who were changing dorm rooms. Since she knew that her roommate had been in that room the first semester, she didn’t expect to meet her until the weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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