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…Please read my other stories if the references in this one don’t make sense.
-The Author

* * * * *

Well, the house is full of kids!!! Just what I always wanted!

That was the reason Amber and I had picked out this big sprawling estate; we wanted a big family.

Although, this isn’t quite what either of us had in mind when we bought the place.

Whoever said, “Be careful what you wish for…” might have been thinking about us.

Amber, my wife of six years, (and still the most beautiful girl in the world) was getting along great with Melissa and our children. Actually, since “Mel” had moved in to the guest house of our sprawling estate, Amber and Mel have become best friends. You could even say they are like “sisters,” the way they carry on. And when Amber’s cousin, Nathalie, is with them… Well, forget about ever trying to get a word in edgewise; because, they NEVER shut up! And they spend all day together, just talking each others’ ears off. But, it is great having three beautiful, young women around the house. They each take care of all the kids. (Amber had given birth to Megan, who was now three. “Nat” had a daughter, Nora, now a year old. Mel had given me a son, Christopher Jr., also a year old.) Its like, each of my little children has three “Mom’s.”

Nat’s the only one who breast feeds the babies, so she is more than just the nanny, obviously. She is the “Earth-Mother” of our extended-family.

So, when my parents offered to take their grand-children to their house for the week, my wife and I agreed that it might be fun for the adults in the house to have some time alone.

Amber, Nat and Mel went to go see a “chick-flick” in town, leaving me to fend for myself, for the evening. I decided to watch a porn video that I’d rented from Tom’s Porn Shoppe. He’d told me it would surely get me, Amber and anyone else, in the mood for some wild sex. I never really need help in that department; what with three perpetually horny women in the house, always ready/eager to screw my brains out:

Amber is 25 years old. 32-22-32. Dirty-blond hair. Five feet tall. She still looks like a 15 year-old, when she wears her hair in pig-tails. She still has the tightest body I’ve ever fucked. And we still fuck on a daily basis. OK, so maybe “fuck” isn’t quite the right word. “Make Love” is a good way to describe it, too. But, every once in a while, we just like to get right into the meat of the matter. You know, skip the forplay, rip off our clothes (or not,) stick my dick in her cunt and grunt like pigs in heat, til we cum. Amber is so orgasmic, I just have to put my penis into her shaved vagina and she cums before I’m in all the way!

Nathalie (Nat)is 23. 34-24-33. Light brown hair. Four-foot-eleven. Nat is Amber’s younger cousin. She has also been our “sex slave” for the past five years. (A title she prefers over “maid.”) Nat has a real anal fixation: She can only get off when she has something shoved deeply into her anus. She still loves to be spanked, too. So, whenever Amber, Mel, or I feel particularly aggressive, Nat is the one we all turn to.

Melissa (Mel)is 30. 35c-24-34. Blond. Five-eight. Mel was my second lover. I was her first. We’d met at her college and, sort of, hit it off right away. Mel came into my life during a very sad time. Luckily, it didn’t stay that way… Mel just loves to fuck. Any way. Any time. Any where! Mel and I have had sex in many strange and exotic locations. Usually outside, where we’ll likely get caught, arrested, and put in jail. We’ve, so far, never been caught. But, I think she really digs the thrill of screwing in public places. Especially when someone is watching!!!

Anyway, back to my night alone…

The video had piqued my interest. So much so, that “Henry” was hard as a rock.

Then I heard a noise at the front door. The girls were home from their movie.

I decided to pretend I was asleep. When Amber came in and saw that I was “sleeping,” she asked Mel and Nat to be quiet. Mel looked in on me and noticed my 7 inch erection. She told Amber, who told the girls that I was probably having a dream about them.(Luckily, I had taken a little, blue Viagrow tablet, earlier. I had wanted to stroke myself to an orgasm while watching the video. But, this was good, too!!!)

I was laying on the couch in only a red velour robe and a pair of boxers. The robe was open, so anyone could see my hard-on from fifty feet away. And since the girls were only ten feet away, well, I could hear the kurtköy escort drool building up in their mouths with each passing second.

Mel was the first to approach my “sleeping” body. She started rubbing my groin through my shorts. I didn’t move a muscle. It was difficult not to moan when I felt Nat slide my shorts down my thighs and off my feet, but I just lied there, with my eyes closed, trying, desperately, to keep my breathing at a slow and steady pace.

The three of them giggled when they saw Henry throb involuntarily. Then the little sadists started licking my penis. Quick, little licks at first, like a popsicle, then long, ssslllooowww licks; delighting in my discomfort. But, I was able to keep my composure. I kept my eyes shut and my breathing steady.

Then, just as I was ready to pop my cork… they stopped.

When I opened my eyes, they were gone. Just like that. I heard them saying goodnight to each other upstairs, then three doors closed, then nothing…

I sat there, watching poor Henry throb, extremely frustrated, for twenty minutes. Pondering what to do next, I came up with a plan. I’d show them that its not nice to fuck with me. (Unless, of course, they actually fucked me, that is!)

I waited another fifteen minutes and, quietly, snuck up the stairs. I left my robe on the couch (I don’t know what happened to my shorts,) so I was naked as a Jay bird, as I crept into the guest room that Mel was sleeping in.

All the girls are sound sleepers, so I figured I’d be able to pull this off pretty easily. Plus, we’ve all, always slept in the nude, together and/or apart.

Mel was sleeping away, unaware of the “peril” her body was in. I pulled the covers off of Mel’s delicious body and looked at her for a minute. Henry had softened a bit, but was now at his full seven inches, again and ready for action!

I’d grabbed a tube of K-Y from the bathroom and spread a thin layer all over my cock before entering Mel’s room. I didn’t want to wake her up with any forplay. She was sleeping on her side, facing the door. I just climbed into bed with her, careful not to wake her up. I lifted her left leg, slowly, and moved my pelvis against hers. Then I smoothly inserted Henry into her sleeping box. “OOOhhh,” she groaned, as I sank the full length of my rod into the depths of her womanhood. I put my hand over her mouth, so she wouldn’t scream and wake the others, and proceeded to fuck Mel. In and out. In and out, I went, sawing away at her cunt. Just as she was about to cum, I stopped. I pulled my dick out and got up from her bed and left her room, closing the door behind me, leaving her panting in the moonlight…

Nat was next.

I grabbed “Big Burt,” Nat’s favorite vibrator, from the toy closet in the hallway. I knew that Nat always sleeps on her stomache, so I greased the phallus up, using a lot of vaselline and quietly entered Nat’s room. There she was… sleeping face down, with her bare ass up towards the ceiling. She seldom sleeps with covers over her delectable, nude body… A carry over from her days as our sex slave, when Amber and/or I would take her whenever we pleased.

I tiptoed across her floor, tied her wrists and feet to the corners of her bed (another throwback to her sex-slave days,) placed Big Burt against her buttocks, and slowly pushed it into the opening of her back-door. This caused her to whince. I’d used a damp washcloth to wipe off the K-Y and Mel’s sex juices from my penis. I used the same cloth to stuff into Nat’s mouth to keep her quiet, knowing full well that Nat always gets off on the smell and taste of another’s sex.

I pushed Burt in all the way, then turned it on to the highest setting and stood back and watched the poor slut turn to Jello. I then left her there, moaning and groaning thru numerous orgasms, pulsating from within her rectum!

I silently entered the bedroom I share with Amber.

I looked at my lovely wife, sleeping in our bed. I then looked down at poor Henry and realized— I still needed to cum. Henry was still hard as granite, so I yanked the covers off my wife, grabbed her sleeping legs, and pulled her body to the edge of the bed. I then plunged my erection into my wife’s hairless cunt before she could even protest!

“OOHHHH, shit, Chris!!!” she managed to grunt out, just before she had her first orgasm.

“That’s for teasing me, downstairs, you little cunt!” I said to her. “And there’s more where that came from!”

She was trying to get the sleep out of her malatya escort eyes when I pulled out of her twat and flipped her over on her belly. I slapped her ass a few times. She started grunting as I spanked her. This just turned me on more. The Dom in me took over, again, as I grabbed my wife and pulled her over my knee. I started to haul into her ass in earnest, now. I just kept smacking away at her ass flesh, and it just got redder and redder! Ten, twenty, thirty? I lost count after that. Amber was crying and cumming! Cumming and crying!

I stopped just before she was about to have her third orgasm and told her to get up on her knees and spread her ass cheeks! I grabbed a tube of sex lube that we keep on the nightstand, next to the bed (for emergencies) and slathered some all over my wifes hairless asshole, and plunged my raging cock in, all the way, to the hilt! My balls slapped against Amber’s clit, which set her off on a climax that shook her to her core!! Her convulsions caused me to blow my wad, deep in her bowels, which only made her cum again!!!

We were both panting and breathing so hard, neither of us could talk. I pulled my penis from my wife’s anus. It was still hard, thanks to the little, blue Viagrow pill. Amber wanted to suck me off. I asked her if she’d do it later, saying someone else needed it more. Then I remembered…

Nat! Oh, God! Poor Nat!! I’d left the big vibe in her ass!!! She’d probably be turned to soup by now, I worried!

I ran down the hall to her bedroom to help her, but I was too late!! She was unconscious from the pleasures emanating from within her rectum!!!

“I’m sorry, Nat. I’m sorry,” I said, over and over, as I turned the vibrator off. Nat didn’t hear a thing I said. She just laid there with a far-off look in her half-closed eyes.

I figured the only thing that could bring her back was something stiff up her pussy!

I untied her arms and feet, flipped her over and wiped my wifes sex from my dick with the cloth that was stuffed in Nat’s mouth. I then eased my erection into Nat’s very juicy pussy! I turned Big Burt on “low” and started to play with Nat’s erect, inch long nipples. This woke her up, quickly! Her eyes widened to the size of tennis balls when Henry was completely inside her vagina!

I rolled over, with her on top and kept still, as Nat came back to life!! She started screaming, “Fuck me, Master! Fuck me! Make me cum, please, Sir! Make me cum, now!!!”

So I made her cum.

I stuck a thumb on her clitoris and sucked her left nipple into my mouth. This was a new experience for me, as I was rewarded with a mouth full of sweet, creamy, breast milk; something I’d never tried before! Nat moaned and stuck her other nipple up to her own mouth and started sucking the milk out of that one. This was too much for me and I told Nat that I was going to lose it, soon! Instead of pulling my dick out of her cunt and shoving it up her ass, which is what she usually did, she just clamped her twat harder onto my cock, and turned the vibrator in her ass up higher! The vibrations in her vagina were incredible! I blew my second wad of the night, up into her steaming honey-pot, screaming, “Take it, Slut! I love you, you fucking cunt, you!!!”

Panting, Nat rolled over, kissed me, tenderly on the lips, and whispered, “I love you, too, Chris.”

Then she fell asleep.

I got out of Nat’s bed and decided to check on Mel, again.

Mel had tried to go back to sleep, but I knew that she’d have no luck. Once aroused, Mel can do nothing else until she receives total sexual gratification.

Well, tonite was no different. I peeked in to see Mel, diddling herself in utter frustration. It was priceless.

“That’s what you get for messing with me,” I said, stupidly. I say stupidly, because when she heard me and saw me, with my cock still hard, she jumped out of bed, grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me onto the bed, with a strength that belied her small frame. (Whoever called women the “weaker sex,” never got in the way of my Mel when she’s horny!)

Mel leapt up into the air, literally, and landed her cunt directly onto my erection, with such precision, it took my breath away!!!

She started rocking her pelvis, back and forth, slowly, at first. She increased the tempo after a minute or two, progressively getting faster, until neither of us could take any more and we both came, in simultaneous, mind shattering orgasms!!!

I thanked her for a lovely time and limped off to my own bed, completely kayseri escort forgetting that I’d wanted to get back at Mel for her earlier torture, until Mel said, “Sorry about tonight, Luv. But, thanks for the use of Henry! G’nite, Chris. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Mel. And any time Henry and I can be of service… Well, you know…But, next time, please, just ask. OK?”

And, with that said, I waddled off to bed. I hadn’t cum so much in months!!!

Henry, The Magic Penis, was finally, happily, soft! And nothing, but NOTHING could revive him for the rest of the night…


Amber looked at my poor little fellow and smiled. And when Amber smiles, Henry always rises. Even now. (My wife must be a voodoo queen, or something. Because, she was able to raise the dead on that night, that’s for sure!) Henry, actually got hard for my wife. Lord knows, he wouldn’t’a done it for anyone else but Amber.

She started to suckle my poor flaccid penis. Then she started talking to it, while rubbing it, tenderly. Then she got it all hot with her saliva.

Once it was all wet, she started to blow on it. The sensations of hot, then cold, practically drove me out of my mind! And sure enuff, Henry started to gain back some of his earlier vigor! But, I knew Amber would not be satisfied until Henry was at his full seven inches…

What to do… What to do…

Amber jumped out of bed, ran out of the bedroom and down the stairs. She returned two minutes later with a smile on her face (Henry, again, started to jump from that) and a glass of ice water in her hands.

When I inquired about the water, Amber just asked me to lay back, close my eyes, and let her do the rest!

OK. I did as I was told. I then felt her hot mouth engulf my half-hard penis. She took me all the way into her mouth, then out again. This went on for a few minutes. Then she stopped. I heard the clank of the ice cubes in the glass, as Amber drank the water. I just thought she was thirsty.

Silly me, for when her mouth returned to my cock, it was really, fuckin’ cold! Amber was rolling my dick around in her mouth, with an ice cube on her tongue!!!

Talk about conflicting sensations… YEEOW!!!

My wife’s, normally, hot mouth now felt like the outside of an igloo! Henry was diggin’ it, tho’, and started to regain his full luster, as he banged in to my wife’s throat!

Once, finally, up to his rigid best, Amber sat up and slid her tight pussy down the length of my re-awakened penis. God! More conflicting sensations! Hot mouth to cold mouth to boiling, hot cunt… I was going crazy!!! Amber was, as usual, off in a world of her own orgasmic-making. She was babbling, incoherently, not making any sense, just one continuous orgasm… And I just love to watch her when she gets in a trance like this!! Her face takes on a really healthy glow, that extends all the way down to her toes! I’m telling you, Amber has an out of body experience every time she has an orgasm!!!

I didn’t know if Henry had anything left in him, at this point, so I figured that he’d stay hard for hours. But, I really needed to sleep. I’m not a young kid any more, plus, I’d been fucking all night…!

The only way to get Amber back to the real world is to make her cum, and by “cum,” I mean hit her G-spot!

Fortunately, Amber’s pleasure node is easy for me to stimulate. Thanks to the shape and angle of my penis, all I really need to do is get on top, with her knees over my shoulders and plunge in at a certain angle… Which I did!!! With predictable results.

I sank my penis into my wifes tight, sticky vagina.

One stroke. Two strokes. Three strokes.**BANG!!**

That third stroke gets her every time!

I must have really hit it hard, this time, ’cause she screamed, as if in pain, then let out with a groan that, I was sure, was going to wake Mel and Nat from their fuck induced coma’s! Then, her juices started squirting—all over the bed, me, and six feet across the floor!!!

Amber, God bless her, was finally satisfied. I didn’t even mind not cumming. Truth to tell, Henry only got hard by the sheer force of my wife’s will. And now that Amber was unconscious, so was Henry! As if by magic, when I rolled off my wife, my erection rapidly diminished, to it’s one inch-by-one inch, relaxed size!!!

Amber was happy. Melissa was happy. Nat was happy. Henry was definitely happy. I was completely happy. All our sexual appetites had been sated, for the time being!!!

All was right with the world.

I finally drifted off to sleep, dreaming of my beautiful girls, and what kind of sexual adventures we would have— tomorrow!

Good night, dear reader…

I love you, too.

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