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I grew up in Suburbia lite. By that I mean out home was located on the outskirts of a large city, but we were far enough away for there still to be farmland in our community.

My father took the train to work while mom stayed at home to look after the kids until we entered high school when she took a part time job. My sister Jennifer and I attended the same pre-school and elementary school before heading to the side-by-side male and female parochial high schools. The high schools had different names, but were connected by an unobstructed hallway…unless you counted Sister Teresa Joseph.

The good nun acted as a barricade, and word of mouth warnings came to all freshmen not to cross the line on the floor which divided the boys from the girls. Oh, every once in a while there was an intrusion, but that normally led to a paddling which made its mark on our minds and the intruder’s backside.

Jennifer was 14 months older than me, a year ahead throughout school, but since we were in different high schools I never had to put up with the comments from teachers about my perfect-in-every-way sister. Several of my friends in public school with older siblings often told of their being judged against what their older brother or sister had done, but it wasn’t something I had to worry about.

At least not from friends. Of course my parents were always holding Jennifer — she of excellent grades, athletic honors and outstanding looks — up as a role model for my barely getting by grades. Jenny was a picture of perfection in their eyes, while my meager accomplishments paled by comparison.

Many of my friends were in love with Jennifer, but she didn’t give them the time of day. She was into older guys, she dated seniors when she was a sophomore, so the guys I hung around with had absolutely no chance at her. Not that she didn’t mind the attention, as she’d often joke with me that some of my friends were “cute in the way they behave” around her. I think she was referring to how they’d stammer, fumble, or generally act stupid around her or how they’d sneak longing looks at her shapely legs when she’d cruise through the house in a mini-skirt and tight-fitting sweater on the way out the door.

My sister Jennifer was a looker, and I have to admit that several times I’d sneak a gaze at her shapely appearance myself, especially when she was running from the bathroom to her bedroom clad only in a towel after a shower. Once I came home early from school and noticed her door slightly ajar and caught a glimpse of her stunning bare behind while she was changing.

After that view, I used Jennifer as the object of my masturbatory affection for several weeks until first Heather and then Tiffany came into my life. I dated the latter two girls — at different times — for a spell, and my late night sessions had them as the focal point for my fantasies. Tiffany was especially strong in mind as she had allowed me to fondle her pert breasts on numerous occasions.

For months I wondered if any of Jennifer’s paramours were getting far with my lovely sister. My guess was not, because my parents were strict and constantly reminded her that sex escort kartal before marriage was a no no. I’d hear their lectures as she readied for dates, and I know my father grilled and sternly announced to guys stopping by to pick Jennifer up that they had better keep their hands to themselves or he might take matters into his own hands. Clearly it was a message that if one was naughty with his daughter that he’d knock their block off or something.

Once I was startled to run downstairs from my room after hearing a loud scream, only to be greeted by a closed study door. I couldn’t see, but I could hear, and what I heard was Jennifer crying and my father berating her for acting like a slut. Apparently he had caught her and a beau necking — clothes on — but as he told her it was just one step along the road to hell.

The next night dad pulled me aside and emphatically said he expected my grades to improve….or else. With that he dropped a dozen Poloroids on the desk right next to a wooden paddle. He walked into the kitchen and I looked at a series of photos of (I thought) my sisters beet red ass. But several photos displayed an obviously different red rear end. Later that night I realized he paddled not only my sister but my mother.

Dad walked back into the room and reminded me once again about my grades. “You stand to receive what they got,” he said, tapping the paddle on his hand, “unless you shape up. And if that doesn’t work, then you won’t be driving any more either.”

His threats rang strong in my brain, and I became Mr. Goody Goody.

I expected Jennifer learned her lesson, as she never again was caught in any lover’s embrace, and I fully expected she not only headed off to college a virgin but untouched as well. We never spoke about her spankings — I believe there might have been three occasions when she visited the study to receive correction from our father — but I do remember her taking dinner in her room when her buns were obviously burnt.

She called from college several times, telling of strong grades and not a lot more, but nothing suggested she had become a looser girl when away from home.

That thought was shattered when I unexpectedly came home early from school one November afternoon. Dad was working and I knew mom would be working on the my school’s charity auction when I rounded the corner near my home and noticed Jennifer’s bright red Civic in the driveway, home a little early from her freshman year at the state university for Thanksgiving break.

I entered my house and zipped up to my room to change, looking around to see if Jennifer was home. She didn’t seem to be, the house was quiet and I surmised she’d gone over to friend’s home down the street. Heading downstairs to hit the computer, I heard a loud groan from the basement. At first I was shaken, thinking a burglar was in the house, but after hearing several other sounds I realized it was a woman’s moans…Jennifer?

Yes, I knew it was wrong, I should have left the house. But the moans were too enticing. They called me to come closer. Was she masturbating? Was she there with a boyfriend?

Removing my shoes maltepe escort I slowly crept down the basement steps, glancing around the corner.

I thought my eyes would pop at the sight. There, on the pool table with her legs spread wide and mini-skirt around her mid-section, was lovely Jennifer. She was lying back on the table in the throws of excitement, moaning and groaning as a faceless guy worked his mouth on my sister’s core. His head was glued to and feverously working on her sloppy wet pussy.

Frozen on the spot, keeping back in the shadows, my eyes widened as Jennifer’s groans became louder as her sexual being was worked higher and higher. I was no expert, but it would have been idiotic to think she wasn’t enjoying it. Her head was thrown back and a series of grunts and moans escaped from her lips. It wasn’t long before I heard her approaching and finally hitting, an orgasmic state.

The man kept at it though, his head bobbing in a sort of “yes” motion, up and down Jennifer’s slit. “Oh, no, no more Colin,” she moaned. “No more.”

The guy backed off, stood, and calmly said two words to Jennifer.

“Let’s fuck!”

As if on a seven-second delay, Jennifer’s response wasn’t quick but was an emphatic “No, Colin.”

Colin didn’t want to take no for an answer, but Jennifer was firm in her reply.

“No…and I mean no!”

Then she startled me. Instead of sending him on his way she called him closer.

“Take your pants off and we can have some fun,” were the startling words from my sister to her lover. “Hurry honey.”

I watched as Jennifer swirled all the way around, pushing her head over the edge of the pool table. Jimmy unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants, then moved closer to my sister and began rubbing his boxer covered midsection against my sister’s face.

“Um, what have we here? I think he likes me,” cooed Jennifer, speaking directly into the undies. “Take him out.”

This guy was no dummy. He had my sister right where he wanted her, and he quickly lowered his underwear and popped his dick onto Jennifer’s soft, lovely face. I couldn’t believe by eyes or ears. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined Jennifer as “that” kind of girl. She was acting like a loose hussy and anything but the prim and proper sister I knew.

The erotic sight nearly caused me to gasp, but I somehow managed to breathe normally and not let out a loud gasp.

Jennifer was clearly skilled at what she was doing. The guy lowered his boxers and out popped his dick. While I couldn’t get a good look at from my angle, I could clearly tell my sister was working his throbbing dick all over her face. He held his cock and rubbed it along her cheeks before leaning back and holding it straight out. From her upside down position I could see Jenny progress from receiving a face rub to opening her mouth and having the guy insert the tip of his manhood into her wet and willing oral cavity.

“Umm,” groaned Jennifer while sucking the throbbing cock. “Murfsjamah.”

Well, I had no idea what she was saying, but I think it was something like, “what a big tasty cock you have” or something pendik escort bayan like that. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but clearly my eyes weren’t lying. Jennifer was blowing a guy, sucking his shank like a wanton slut.

“Oh yea, go Jennifer, suck it,” said the strained boy whose dick was receiving a tongue-lashing from my sister. He held the back of her head and slowly rocked his body against Jennifer’s open mouth.

I had seen some pornos, but nothing approached what I saw that afternoon. It was erotic, it was sensual, and it was, well, unbelievable. I simply stared at Jennifer licking and sucking cock. At first slowly, then with more passion, almost as if she was glued to the dick. Her mouth was amazing, I watched as he rocked in and out of her mouth and couldn’t imagine seeing anything hotter.

My mind went to my dad’s Polaroid, and I knew I could snap at least one photo before being caught by the two lovebirds, maybe more if luck was on my side. There was background music and whenever the heater went on I knew the sounds of the camera might be disguised.

I ran upstairs and into the study and grabbed the camera, checking for film and ensuring the flash was off. Striding back to the steps I froze in my tracks as the front door opened and in walked mom.

Now, I don’t claim to know how my brain works, surely it didn’t work quickly on school work, but somehow on this occasion I had the presence to think fast. Mom had a glow on her face, her little girl was home from college, and she merely said: “Hi, where’s your sister.”

“Wait here, I’ll let her know you are home!”

Bounding the stairs, two by two, I hit the bottom, clicked a photo, and called to my sister: “Mom’s home, she’s coming down.”

Never had I seen such a slapstick comedy. Jennifer pulled down her blouse (it must have ridden up when I went upstairs) and jumped off the pool table, shooing her boyfriend toward the basement door.

The guy tripped over his pants, fell to the floor, but in a flash jumped up, pulled up the jeans and hit the back door running. “Hi honey,” said my mom, halfway down the stairs. I slipped the Polaroid shot into my pants and sort of blocked the bottom of the stairs while Jennifer smoothed down her skirt and took a deep breath. That’s when I noticed she was not only out of breath but beet red.

“What’s all the commotion?” asked mom, striding down the stairway.

Standing in front of her at the bottom of the landing, I blocked not only entrance to the basement but view. This allowed for a couple seconds for Jennifer to finish her recovery. “Hi mom!”

Mom pushed past me and hugged Jennifer. “You’re sweating, what have you been doing.”

“Just some push ups,” came her reply. “You know, working out a little so I have seconds of your turkey.”

“Yea, mom, Jen and I were working out, I was showing her some one-handed pushups. She’s in good shape, college life must be good!” said I, managing a major smile.

“Well come upstairs and let’s all catch up on things. I’ll make hot chocolate.”

Mom turned and started upstairs, I began to follow, but Jennifer tugged at my arm.

“You caught us? Jesus, that was close, but thanks.”

“No problem, sis, I was just thinking about the consequences and I know you’d do the same for me.”

Jennifer gave me a weird look and a wry smile, and I knew we’d be talking later.

(To be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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