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Peggy hung up her flight attendant uniform a while back, but she still travels frequently as an insurance claims representative. The 46-year-old Peggy has a hot body and that helps her when it comes to receiving a few perks of the trade as well as a few exciting times during her travels.

One of the perks of being a claims insurance rep are the conventions and workshops Peggy gets to attend. She loves attending them because she gets to leave her husband and children at home and be the flirty woman that she is.

Peggy always makes sure to pack her skimpiest and tightest-fitting outfits when she attends these events. Being a brunette means Peggy is out to prove that blondes are not the only ones who have fun.

She takes pride in her petite and sexy figure. She may stand only 5-foot-3 and weigh 105 pounds, but she has a body with bite. She boasts measurements of 35C-23-36 and the short skirts and tight fitting blouses she wears leave little to the imagination.

This particular week Peggy is on her way out of town to a car show, but not just any car show. Peggy will be attending the 2004 International Import Automobile Show where the latest models and concept cars will be unveiled by the top automakers from around the globe, including those from Europe and Asia.

Peggy is supposed to be attending a workshop for insurance claims reps, but she has been rather friendly to one show promoter. He isn’t her type at all, but a few sexy smiles and her sexy outfits earned her an all-access pass from the greasy-haired promoter with the personality of a used car salesman.

Her plan is to pick up her pass at will call and avoid the man as she enjoys the show and all the hot new cars.

Peggy arrives without a glitch in her plan and gets her pass. It is encased in clear plastic on a plastic necklace. Peggy slips it on over her neck so it can be viewed by everyone allowing her to roam the floor of the arena freely.

Peggy quickly notices that the new cars are not the only hot items on the arena floor being showcased. Every new model and concept car is accompanied by at least one gorgeous model wearing a tight little outfit that hug their curves in the same way the performance tires on the cars hug the road.

All of the models are gorgeous and Peggy finds herself staring at their all too visible cleavage and long, slender legs. She is quickly aroused by the showcase of muscle cars and hot young models.

As she makes her away around the arena floor, Peggy finds herself at one automaker’s display of three sleek, brightly-colored cars. Each car is being pampered by a sexy model wearing an outfit the same color of the car she is presenting. A computerized voice announces the features of each car including its top speed, weight, handling abilities, etc …

The cars and models are obviously from the mind of someone who has seen the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious more than a few times.

The sexy computerized voice seems to cue the models on what to do next. When the voice begins to talk about the cars horsepower the models lean over the hood with their longs legs stretched tight as they bend at the waist until their breasts are buffing the car’s hood.

Peggy walks up to the velvet rope to get as close as possible to the first car. It is cobalt blue with a blonde model wearing hot pants of the same color with a tight mid-driff tank top that barely covers her ample breasts.

Peggy glances at the model’s name tag and reads Chrissy before letting her eyes stare at her full breasts. Peggy stares hard at her young breasts and is able to make out the points of her erect nipples in the tight fitting tank top. Chrissy just stares over Peggy’s head like a runway model too important to be bothered. She has an air of arrogance about her.

Peggy lets her eyes roam down Chrissy’s body until she comes to her tanned hard abs and then Chrissy squats by the tires as the computerized voice begins to explain how the car handles like a race car with high-performance tires.

Peggy’s eyes instantly dart to Chrissy’s heavenly ass in the tight fighting shorts. It is obvious she is not wearing panties and Peggy can feel herself beginning to become moist between her own muscular thighs.

Something catches Peggy’s eye and she moves to her right to check out the next car. It is a faded hot pink two-door convertible with an Asian model in a very short mini-skirt made out of what appears to be shinny plastic or latex. The model seems to be unusually tall for an Asian standing about 5-foot-6 with about five-feet long Asian brown legs.

Peggy’s eyes start at the model’s pink heels and scan up her slender legs taking in her firm taunt calves until they come to the hem of her super mini-skirt just inches below her waist. The model does a quick turn dancing to the techno music that accompanies the computerized voice in short explosive intervals.

The model stands tall with her hands stretched high above her head reaching for the ceiling as the song’s lyrics talk about casino şirketleri the heavenly feeling that comes from driving this remarkable machine. The model begins to lift her knees high in quick movements in some sort of dance that looks like running in place. The pumping of her legs cause the skirt to slide up revealing that she too is not wearing panties as Peggy catches a glimpse of her shaved bush.

Peggy feels her face blushing at the sight of the young model’s bush and she quickly looks up only to have her eyes fall directly onto the bouncing breasts of the model. Peggy quickly looks at the name tag and reads Junki before moving her eyes back to her perky young breasts.

Junki is wearing a faded hot pink mid-driff top that matches the color of the car and zips down the middle. Peggy wonders why there is a zipper at all since the top is zipped all the way down barely staying clasped just above Junki’s abs.

Her gorgeous skin tone has no tan lines and her nipples push into the latex-like material. She is apparently cold or as turned on as Peggy is becoming because her nipples are pressing hard into the fabric leaving hard points in the top.

Peggy looks up at Junki’s face and can’t believe how hot this young model is. She looks to be about 18 with high cheekbones and a killer smile along with the lightest brown eyes she has ever seen. Her thick jet black hair is short, stopping just above her shoulders and has been curled leaving waves in it which help her hair frame her sexy face perfectly. Peggy is even more aroused when she notices Junki’s pink lipstick on her full lips that seem to be begging to be kissed.

Peggy stares into her light brown eyes trying to make eye contact, but Junki is staring past her as if she is not even there. Peggy can feel herself becoming wetter from watching these models and casually rubs the palm of her hand over her breast. She can feel her own erect nipples pushing against her blouse and into her hand when she hears a yell from her right.

A tall brunette model wearing bright neon green pants made from the same latex-like fabric as Junki’s outfit is screaming as she dances around a compact bright neon green pick-up truck.

The truck is a low rider with tons of speakers in the bed blasting out more bass than a rap concert. The brunette’s name tag reads Heather and Peggy is now completely in lust. Heather stands at least 6 six tall with thick muscular legs, strong arms with well-define biceps and breasts so full and perfectly round they are too perfect to be the work of any plastic surgeon. Peggy knows they are real, as all women are able to somehow know, as she stares into Heather’s green eyes with lust and passion.

Peggy is lost in a craving for sex after viewing these three models and is about to step over the velvet ropes and kiss them each deeply when the arena’s lights flicker on and off followed by an announcement that the show is over and everyone should leave.

Peggy knows she should leave along with everyone else, but she can’t make herself move. She stands there staring at the models, her eyes going from Chrissy to Junki to Heather trying to make eye contact so she can begin a conversation and hopefully invite them out for a drink or anything to stay in their presence.

The models, however, are too busy handing out free T-shirts and packing away parts of the display to notice her. Peggy watches them move and fantasizing about being with one or all of them. Her imagination is halted and she comes crashing back to reality when Eddie, the greasy-haired auto show promoter, steps in front of her sticking out his hand.

They shake hands and Peggy stares past him at the models as he talks about going out for a drink. He won’t take no for an answer as Peggy tries every excuse in the book.

Finally, Peggy is rescued by an unlikely hero.

Heather, with her strong arm, gives Eddie a stiff arm almost knocking him down as she pushes him back. She quickly tells him to leave that … Peggy (she says after stealing a quick glance at her all-access pass) is an old friend and will be staying to catch up on old times.

Eddie looks at Heather and opens his mouth ready to try his used car salesman pitch but he thinks better of it, turns and leaves in a huff.

Peggy can’t believe her good fortune.

“Thanks,” Peggy says. “I can’t stand that guy.”

“None of us can,” Heather says walking away. “He is such a jerk and a pervert too! I can’t believe he bought that ‘we’re old friends’ line.”

“Me neither, but I’m glad he did,” Peggy replies.

With that, Peggy just stands there as Heather walks away and begins to pack up more stuff from the display. Peggy can’t take her eyes off the muscular Heather, especially her juicy ass as she slowly bends and then rises as if doing squat exercises as she picks up a display and moves it off the platform floor.

Heather notices Peggy is still there and says, “Well, you are free to go now.”

Peggy bites her lower lip nervously as she measures casino firmaları her next words, wanting them to be perfect.

“Thanks, but I’d really rather stay. If that’s OK,” she manages to say as her cheeks turn bright red. “I must say these new cars are hot, but not near as hot as the three of you.”

Heather, Chrissy and Junki all quickly jerk their heads around with a snap and stare directly at Peggy.

“Oh, is that so,” Heather says sternly as Chrissy walks over to Junki and they begin to whisper. They smile as they look at Peggy’s conservative black heels, short gray wool skirt suit and glasses with her dark hair up in a bun. “Well, why not stick around for a bit while we pack up and wait for all the horny arena maintenance workers to leave for the night.”

Peggy isn’t sure if the models are waiting for the so-called maintenance workers to leave or teasing her with a sexy show as she waits. She watches them pack up a few things and then realizes Chrissy is pressing her tight firm ass into the fender of one car with her blonde hair glistening in the light as Junki struts by in her skimpy pink skirt. Junki takes long strides, stretching them out with each tantalizing step. Chrissy reaches out and slaps Junki on her tight little ass as the arena lights are turned off.

Junki freezes, turns and attacks Chrissy with her mouth. She kisses her deeply, running her hands through her blonde hair. She shoves her perky tits into Chrissy pushing her back over the hood of the cobalt blue speedster. Junki stands up, undoes the zipper on her top, squeezes her breasts together and then forces them into Chrissy’s eagerly awaiting mouth.

Junki lets out deep breathless moans as Chrissy tongues her breasts and nipples before taking a mouthful of tit and biting down slowly with her teeth leaving her lips spread open as saliva squirts out of her mouth and off Junki’s now red breasts.

Peggy rubs her own breasts through her blouse and then undoes it after tossing her blazer onto the showroom floor. She unhooks her bra and pinches her erect nipples as she watches this Asian goddess being pleasured orally by the sexy blonde.

Heather walks over toward Peggy carefully stepping off the platform and unhooks the velvet rope creating a clear path for Peggy to the cars and models. Heather then turns, unzips her pants and tugs the tight fitting green pants down her legs. She reaches out and hits a switch illuminating the cars from underneath as a series of neon under-car lights flicker on.

Heather then stands, turns and walks toward Peggy as she removes her top revealing her muscular figure and firm huge breasts. As soon as she is close enough, Heather reaches out and pulls Peggy toward her and kisses her deeply. Their tongues dance as she rips off Peggy’s blouse. She presses her firm huge breasts into Peggy’s bare soft globes while she kisses her.

Peggy’s eyes are closed as they kiss and when she opens them she is stunned and turned on to see Chrissy and Junki both nude.

Chrissy is sitting down on the platform with her hard ass pressed into the tire of the blue car with her legs spread wide as she plays with her pussy while licking Junki’s hot and wet Asian pussy. Junki is standing on one long leg with the other stretching down the front fender of the car with her foot on the hood just above the headlight.

Chrissy’s tongue is diving into Junki’s bright pink pussy with her head tilted back as the Asian squeezes and pinches her own nipples while letting out moans and screams of passion.

Heather reaches up and pulls the pins out of Peggy’s hair letting her brunette locks fall down over her shoulders. She takes Peggy’s skirt and panties in her hands and jerks them down her body so she too is nude before standing to face her.

“So, you think we’re hot? We’ll see about that,” Heather hisses as she grabs Peggy by the hair and yanks it while walking away, pulling her up onto the platform.

“Cut that out and get over here,” Heather demands.

Chrissy and Junki are quick to obey and sprint over to join Heather as she pushes Peggy down onto the hood of the pink convertible.

“This preppy little bitch thinks we’re hot,” Heather announces. “Isn’t that right Peggy?”

Peggy nods her head and begins to speak before she is cut off.

“Shut up,” Heather orders. “You think we’re hot and now you have to prove it by making each of us cum. You got that you uppity little tease!?”

“Yes,” Peggy says with her lips quivering.

“Good!” Heather replies. “But, if you cum before all three of us are satisfied you will have Hell to pay!”

Chrissy and Junki giggle briefly before Heather’s icy stare silences them.

Heather nods to the other two models and walks toward the green car where she reaches into the glove box and pulls out a thick 10-inch long vibrating dildo and holds it up for everyone to see.

Right on cue, Junki pounces up on the hood like a cat looking for a warm spot to take an afternoon nap. She spreads her legs güvenilir casino and lowers her pussy onto Peggy’s mouth.

Peggy begins to lick her hot pussy and can taste Chrissy’s lipstick as her tongue begins to dart in and out of her. Chrissy joins in on the action attacking Peggy’s breasts with her tongue while squeezing and pinching her erect nipples.

Heather arrives back at the car and begins to tease Peggy’s now soaking wet pussy with the tip of the long dildo. Peggy reaches up and squeezes Junki’s ass cheeks as she tongues her pussy deeper while reaching up to fondle her beautiful bouncing tits.

Junki begins to bounce up and down on Peggy’s face begging for more as she begins to play with her own breasts pushing Peggy’s hands away. Peggy moves her hands to Junki’s ass and squeezes her full ass cheeks digging her fingernails in as she watches Junki pull her tits up to her own mouth.

The moans become louder and Peggy can feel her pussy becoming wetter and slippery as Heather turns on the vibrator and presses the tip against her clit. She begins to finger Junki’s pussy with one hand and her ass with the other. Peggy’s tongue moves quick and fast in and out of Junki’s hot wet pussy as she begins to slide two fingers deep inside her while ramming one finger into her ass.

Junki’s tits heave up and down as she begins to pant with desire and lust before finally cumming all over Peggy’s soft warm tongue.

Satisfied, Junki climbs off Peggy’s cum-covered lips and face.

Heather grabs Peggy by the hips and flips her over causing Peggy to stand on her tippy toes with her juicy ass cheeks sticking high in the air in the neon lights from under the cars.

Chrissy climbs up onto the hood of the car and spreads her legs revealing a line trail of pubic hair that leads to her puffy wet pussy lips just inches from Peggy’s eager mouth. She rubs her clit and then lifts her hood up causing her young tight pussy lips to fall open. Peggy dives in face first and buries her face between the blonde’s slender legs. Chrissy gasps before falling back on the hood of the car.

Junki dashes to the driver’s seat and cranks up the engine. As the engine rumbles it causes the hood of the car to vibrate as Peggy devours Chrissy’s wet pussy.

Heather is behind Peggy and thrusts the dildo into her hard and fast — doggie style — causing her body to jerk with pleasure as all 10 inches roughly slam deep inside of her.

Junki leaves the car running and comes back to Chrissy’s side and begins to tongue her big breasts and swollen nipples as Peggy finger fucks her with two fingers while pressing her tongue against her slippery clit.

It does not take long, thanks to Junki’s expert tongue work on Chrissy’s nipples and the fast thrust of Peggy’s fingers and tongue, to make Chrissy cum. She lets out a scream of pleasure as her pussy erupts sending woman cum showering down all over Peggy’s hot and tired tongue.

Peggy leans forward and kisses Chrissy. Junki joins them in a three-way kiss. Chrissy and Junki lick Chrissy’s cum off Peggy’s lips.

Heather continues to impale Peggy’s pussy from behind as the vibrator hums loudly. She thrusts all 10 inches in and out of Peggy’s swollen, wet, bright pink pussy lips.

“Enough celebrating,” Heather scolds.

Chrissy and Junki quickly break off the three-way kiss and push themselves away from Heather sliding back on the hood of the car.

“Now, she has to make me cum,” Heather yells as she climbs up on the hood of the car leaving the vibrating dildo firmly planted deep inside Peggy’s aching pussy.

Heather grabs Peggy’s hair roughly and pulls her face to her shaved pussy. She grinds her hips into Peggy’s face demanding her to make her cum or suffer the consequences.

Chrissy and Junki run around the car and begin to tongue Peggy’s clit simultaneously as the dildo revs deep inside her folds.

Peggy takes her mouth off Heather’s pussy and kisses the hardcore lesbian on the mouth. She teases her breasts and nipples with her fingers as she kisses her. Peggy then licks her ear and whispers, “You will cum for me baby.”

Peggy can feel her own pussy about to explode as the dildo vibrates deep inside her and the two young models tongue her swollen clit. She slowly kisses her way down Heather’s hard body paying special attention to her nipples and belly button before reaching around her to squeeze her firm ass while burying her tongue in this dominant woman’s slick pussy.

Heather begins to moan almost instantly as Peggy’s soft tongue caresses her clit and then penetrates deep inside her pussy. She begins to grind her hips into Peggy’s face as she arches her back sending her gorgeous huge tits bouncing. Heather begins to squeeze and suck her own tits as Peggy eats her deliciously wet snatch.

Peggy looks up into Heather’s horny eyes and locks in on them as she eats her out while rubbing and pinching her own breasts.

Peggy lets her hands fall away from her breasts and sticks three fingers deep inside Heather’s burning hot pussy as she tongues her clit roughly. She pumps her fingers in and out of her new hot lesbian lover as she tastes her love juices flow down into her mouth and down her face onto her chin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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